Google offers tools such as Google webmaster or Google Analytics to monitor the performance of the website. Google search console provides information regarding the crawling websites. It also provides information like which query push the website traffic. Keywords can be the long tail or short tail and it depends upon the product reach. URL should be in short form and relevant to promote the website. Let me discuss in detail about How to Improve your Rankings in the Google Search Engine

Content Marketing

Content marketing is used by leading brands like P&G, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems to promote their brand. Content is the present and the future of the marketing. In the world of today’s marketing, the stuff and the spam messages are very important to reach the targeted customers. Fix up an proper plan before writing the content first think about the relevant topic which matches your brand name, tell the history or story of your brand in your content, understand the taste and preference of the audience, analyze the spam messages, understand the channels, understand the process, and know the reach of your content through digital marketing tools. Use the heading tags properly to make it easy for the search engine to crawl the website. Content marketing is written from the user perspective not from the Google perspective. Update the content regularly. Use the headings, lists, and bullets in your content to show it as presentable and natural. Use the ALT tag for the image or video as it is easy for the Google to rank your website. Update your content regularly; add a proper Meta description, write proper heading, add proper SEO title, to market your website in the huge competition. Some of the ranking factors are search visits, total visits, direct visits, global rank, time on site, bounce rate, and page views. Some of the unnatural things in SEO are Keyword stuffing and using the bold tag with big size. Try to keep your website naturally. Digital Marketing Training will provide interesting facts about how to get the desired results with the help of the marketing techniques. Content marketing helps to improve the regular visitors and increases the number of clicks to the website.

SEO Techniques

The three types of SEO marketing are white hat SEO, Black hat SEO, and Grey hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques consist of quality content, link building, optimizing the website. Black hat SEO are techniques which are not followed by the Google. Black hat techniques are keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text, hidden link, and cloaking. Grey hat SEO is the combination of both the white and black hat technique. Guests post, public relations, and competitor analysis are some of the SEO techniques used to make the page ranking better. If the ranking is good then it increases the impression of the website.

Best Marketing Trends In The Year 2018

Instagram stories, real-time connect, influential marketing with real-time stories, content marketing, chat bots, video marketing, Rise of artificial intelligence, and blog writing are some of the best techniques in marketing. The life stories posted in the Instagram are very helpful to catch the tech-savvy population. Storytelling about the brand or product is very helpful to engage the regular user. The relationship between the user and the company increases with regular updates through storytelling. Artificial intelligence helps to engage the customers with the help of software and algorithms.

Tools Used For SEO

Google page speed insights, MOZ local listing score, keyword tool, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, open site explorer, Google keyword planner, in an incognito window, Google trends, quick sprout website analyzer, schema creator, similar web, SERPs rank checker, XML sitemaps, browser, SEO site checkup, search metrics website analyzer, MOZ toolbar, robots.txt generator, and structured data testing tool are some of the free tools for SEO. Majestic SEO, SEO Moz PRO, Raven tools, advanced web ranking, SEM rush, word tracker, and SEO power suite are some of the paid tools used for the SEO.

Which Sort Of Companies Needs Digital Marketing?

E-commerce Company, personal finance company, travel companies, schools, colleges, cloth shops, beauty parlor, and catering companies are the examples of the companies where the need for digital marketing exists. When compared with traditional marketing the only cost needed for the Digital Marketing is time.


Digital marketing is practiced for both branded companies and new companies. To improve the global presence and online presence digital marketing is trending in the software industry.