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FITA plays an apparent role in bringing together the young talent with the booming IT sector. DevOps Training in Bangalore will be a constructive course for professionals.


At FITA, we nurture student’s creativity, during rigorous base in both technical and practical skills. At FITA, we train our students with real-time experiment blended with their innovative ideas hence, DevOps Training Institutes in Bangalore will be more informative.

Our trainers are well trained and knowledgeable with the subject. The study materials provided to students are prepared by the industrial expertise with global standards.

FITA aids students to be more confident during their interview sessions by providing the soft skill training inclusive of the technical training. FITA is considered as the Best DevOps Training in Bangalore due to its unique teaching techniques.

Course Description

DevOps is amidst the list of skills demanded by many organizations for their expansion. There are certain pre-requisite kept forward for students to note prior to the enrollment into the Best DevOps Training in Bangalore:

Tool knowledge for automation
Coding knowledge
Soft skills

The candidates trained in DevOps Course in Bangalore are highest paid in the industry. As the dominance of testing and automation is acquiring the cliff in the IT sector, pursuing DevOps will be helpful.

DevOps Training in Bangalore can be beneficial for the candidates to take-off their career flight towards sky. This can be pursued by the below mentioned candidates:

Network Administrators
Project Leads
Business Managers
Automation Architects
Software Tester
Business Analyst
System Administrators
Project Managers
Application Developer
QA Engineers

As per the reports from Capgemini, DevOps Training in Bangalore is on its verge to be adopted by almost all the companies irrespective of its size. By the end of the year 2018, 60% of the global companies are estimated to embrace this for their improvisation.

The scope of deployment of DevOps is been very useful in the loading of Java server. The app developer use this for the pre-testing that is done prior to the delivery of app. DevOps is also used for the rapid deployment of JavaScript SPA on Amazon S3. Scaling up of web testing on an automatic platform with the use of selenium.


  • Endless software delivery to clients
  • Minimal complexity
  • Stable operating environments
  • Swift resolution of issues
  • Quick transfer of features

DevOps aids in the promotion of communication along with collaboration of business, which is encouraged by the inspired of Agile process. It helps in the fast delivery of applications to the client. It is about the constant improvisation that helps in learning through feedback.

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Bamboo
  • Jira
  • Nagios
  • Jenkins
  • GIT
  • Docker
  • SonarQube
  • Used in the reversion of files back earlier state.
  • Comparison over time
  • Check the person who made the last change

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