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  • DevOps Training in Pune

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    DevOps is a rapidly developing field that links the gap between software developers and operation professionals. The DevOps Training in Pune at FITA Academy will enable our trainees to develop proficiency in DevOps tools and methodologies in order to excel as a DevOps practitioner. The precisely structured and designed course of DevOps will help our trainees to procure expertise in the principles of persistent development and deployment, inter team cooperation, automation of configuration management, and IT service agility by efficiently utilising the DevOps tools like Jenkins, Cucumber, Git, Docker, Ansible, Team city, as well as Nagios. Along with getting equipped with numerous aspects of DevOps delivery model. The well designed AWS training with improvised curriculum as per the current industry requirement and effective practices will enable our students to thrive for their desired job.

    Course Highlights & Why DevOps Training in Pune at FITA Academy?

    The well structured course incorporates in depth understanding of concepts and practices of DevOps and its relation with Agile, lean and It service management.
    The DevOps course at FITA Academy will enhance the communication and understanding of feedback loops in DevOps.
    The proficient faculty of FITA Academy will endeavour to impart the practical training of implementing DevOps in an enterprise environment.
    To create an understanding of the importance of DevOps in growth of business.
    To impart comprehensive knowledge of critical success factors along with fundamental performance indicators.
    DevOps training in Pune at FITA Academy renders an integrated learning programme which incorporates instructor led training, field based projects, along with practical hands on experience of DevOps.
    The meticulously designed curriculum of DevOps incorporates participation of trainees in distinctive exercises.
    The DevOps course in Chennai at FITA Academy aims to provide an explicit understanding of DevOps, its professional as well as cultural movement that puts its attention on collaboration, communication, automation and integration.
    The DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy will enhance our trainee’s ability to design, develop, and deploy and operate software thereby delivering fast services.
    The course of DevOps has planned numerous assessments, cases and projects to evaluate the skills, knowledge and practical understanding of our trainees thereby making them industry ready.
    To render a competitive edge to the trainees in distinctive aspects, tools and skills of DevOps to outshine the professional competition of the market.

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    DevOps Training in Pune Details

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    Trainer Profile

      • The DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy Is designed and delivered by professional trainers having experience of more than 10 years.
      • The professional experts of DevOps aim to impart both theoretical knowledge and practical training to provide utmost exposure to the trainees.
      • Our mentors seek to render an in-depth understanding and hands on experience in creating, building and deploying software applications using numerous DevOps tools.
      • The mentors of FITA Academy possess expert level subject knowledge and are completely up to date on practical industry applications.
      • The professional experts of FITA Academy will equip our trainers with key skills of Version control, GIT, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet and Terraform.
      • Our professional trainers will provide numerous real world scenarios with job oriented projects and case studies.
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    DevOps Certification Training in Pune

    About DevOps Certification Training in Pune at FITA Academy

    DevOps Training in Pune Certification

    DevOps Certification Training in Pune

    DevOps has been transforming software development as deployment in numerous organisations by eradicating the issues between development and operation teams. The organisations who are adopting the practices of DevOps are achieving growth at a faster pace in the industry. Executing an efficient DevOp strategy helps the organisation to render appropriate software solutions at a quick speed. On successfully completing the course of DevOps certification, the trainee will be provided a certification from FITA Academy which will be considered as a testimony of in-depth knowledge and practical training procured in the course of DevOps. The attestation granted will stand out as a professional recognition of their in depth knowledge and skills.

    Certification of DevOps holds immense value in the market. Moreover, the addition of this certification in your resume will greatly boost up the prospect of your career. The DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy is renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive training with the proper utilisation of advanced technology, modified concepts and industry oriented tools. The in-depth study of effective tooling will help the trainees to quickly and reliably deploy innovations for their customers. Moreover, the tools will support our trainees to manage complicated environments and situations in the industry. Furthermore, upon successful completion of this course, our trainees will be able to develop their capabilities and enhance their instinctive skills. Including this certification in your CV will improvise your expert profile ensuring the extension of your professional career opportunities. The remuneration of a fresher in the field of DevOps is from Rs. 6,00,000 per annum to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. DevOps certification course in Pune at FITA Academy has meticulously designed the training sessions along with prime motive of equipping the trainees with in depth knowledge and industry based skills enabling them to excel in extremely competitive market.

    DevOps Training in Pune Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing DevOps Training in Pune

    DevOps Training in Pune with Placement Support

    Engineers of DevOps are one of the highest paid IT experts in today’s world. Numerous organisations and industries who have followed the effective practices of DevOps have manifested great performance with immense growth. With procurement of extensive knowledge and practical experience from DevOps certification in Pune at FITA Academy, our trainees can opt for various professional job roles like DevOps architect, whereby you will be responsible for analysing and implementing DevOps practices within the industry with a team. The position holder will be expected to architect the complete environment. Another job position prominent in this field is of Release manager where you will be responsible for planning, scheduling, monitoring along with managing the software development and process of deployment. Security engineer is another renowned position in the field of DevOps. The responsibilities a DevSecOp holds is utilisation of numerous tools like log management, along with configuration management in order to ensure security.

    DevOps specialists and team prospers in industries built for speed, persistent integration, delivery as well as enhancement. Becoming a DevOps specialist will enable the promotion of balance needed between the requirements of business and IT alterations. The course contemporary DevOps engineers focuses on the aim of improving customer experience along with business probility. After successful completion of this course, our trainees can even thrive to become an automation engineer .Such a job profile holds the responsibility of generating and maintaining the CI/CD process for every application and their structure using development tools like Maven, Gradel, Gerrit, Git and many more. In today’s advancing world, DevOps has come out to be one of the most rewarding career paths. With extensive experience and improvised skills, the positions and responsibilities, the job positions and responsibilities will increase creating a fruitful career path for the trainee.

    Student Testimonials

    Tushar Singhal

    In depth coverage and comprehensive nature of The DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy has equipped me with industry oriented skills that are trending in the IT industry. I would really recommend this course to my acquaintances for creating a fruitful career path.

    Varun Sharma

    The DevOps training in Pune at FITA Academy renders a series of hand on demonstrations. The professional experts explicitly delineate the theoretical concepts along with their practical demonstration.

    Shruti Goel

    Currently I am working as a cloud developer at Tech Mahindra. I completed my DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy. Both the faculty and supportive team were very helpful and provided accurate industry based skills.

    DevOps Training in Pune FAQ

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    DevOps Training in Pune Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    DevOps is a combination of practices and tools that enhances an organisation’s potential to deliver software applications as well as services at a quick rate.
    The DevOps course demands no such prerequisites to get enrolled for this course. However basic knowledge of Linux is required, other than that any graduate fresher or a professional worker belonging to IT background can opt for the course of DevOps certification training.
    DevOps certification training comprises numerous aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, automated build, test and deployment along with various DevOps tools.
    After successfully completing the DevOps Training in Pune at FITA Academy our trainees can pursue numerous demanding job profiles including DevOps architect, Security engineer, Release manager and other prominent jobs.
    The DevOps course in Pune at FITA Academy provides intense flexibility in both course schedule and structure. Options of both online and offline instructed based sessions are served by our faculty. Our trainees can opt for either of the options as per their convenience.
    Yes, the DevOps training in Pune at FITA Academy renders the liberty of modifying the class schedule and timings by opting for self paced sessions.
    FITA Academy conducts a multistage recruitment process in order to hire the finest trainers for our trainees. Minimum 10 years of experience in an eminent industry as a DevOps specialist along with required educational qualifications is mandatory. Moreover, the candidates go through multiple interviews and evaluations in order to get hired as a permanent professional faculty in FITA Academy.
    Yes, FITA Academy conducts both online and offline sessions on weekdays as well as on weekends so that trainees can learn as per their convenient timings and pace.
    The expected remuneration for a fresher in the field of DevOps is from Rs. 6,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000. With procurement of extensive experience and proficiency in skills, one can earn remuneration upto Rs. 1,000,000 per annum.
    DevOps Training in Pune at FITA Academy provides assistance and guidance support to all the students of FITA Academy. Students can put up their queries for rescheduling their fixed class.
    FITA Academy has an established site rebbe trainees can find our helpline number and put across their queries or even request for a callback. Our support team will revert back to you at the earliest.

    Additional Information

    Software in collaboration with the internet has revolutionised the world and its industry, from entertainment to banking. DevOps is primarily creating an environment that puts its focus on collaborating both development and operational teams. It endeavours to aim at all the development operations which will help to contract the life cycle of system development. This will further render a persistent delivery along with high software quality. The in depth knowledge and practical training procured through DevOps Training in Pune at FITA Academy will develop our trainees modified changes in the field of software development. After a thorough study of this course, our students will be able to enhance the velocity of predictability, efficiency, maintainability as well as secured delivery of the software. DevOps enhances productivity by automating infrastructure and persistently assessing software performance.

    The course of DevOps certification training incorporates learning of version controlling, code automation, continuous integration, configuration management, and monitoring of software applications. Emphasis on DevOps methodologies will be provided focusing on the need of regular changes and modifications which will drive the production and maintenance of software application. DevOps training in Pune at FITA Academy has been designed keeping in mind the current requirements of industry. Our professional experts will train our trainees the skills which have been curated based on job descriptions posted by various industries seeking a professional DevOps Engineer. Moreover, our professional faculty has precisely designed the practical sessions, projects and case studies which will be executed on AWS cloud.

    Numerous DevOps practices will be taught to equip our trainees with communication and collaboration, monitoring and logging, infrastructure as code, micro services, continuous delivery along with continuous integration. Understanding of such practices will assist our trainees in developing such a software that will help their organisation to deliver quick, authentic and reliable updates to the customer. According to world’s leading advisory company, Gartner, the industry of DevOps is predicted to develop six times by the end of 2022. The statistics highlight that DevOps and Cloud jobs will come up as the highest paying job in future time. FITA Academy’s DevOps certification course will make our trainees industry ready to strive for the most prominent job positions in the IT industry.

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