Selenium – An open-source compact framework that is used to automate web application testing. The test script of selenium is written in Python, Java, C#, and many other programming languages. It also runs in different browser platforms like Firefox, Safari, Opera, chrome, and also in Mac OS, Window, Linux, Solaris. Now let’s look at the various tools in the Selenium Suite. Join Selenium Training in Bangalore to learn deeply about the Selenium tools.

Tools of Selenium

Selenium is composed of tools. It consists of :

  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE- Selenium Integrated Development Environment. Selenium is a Firefox plugin. Selenium IDE is the easiest framework in the Selenium tools. It helps to record the script and to playback it. By using Selenium IDE, we can make a Script. We should use Selenium Webdriver and Selenium RC to create more advanced and robust test cases.

Selenium RC

Selenium RC is commonly known as Selenium 1. This was one of the important Selenium projects and before the merger of WebDrive was bought up in Selenium 2. It lies in the mode of JavaScript for Automation. It supports Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java. It can also support every browser.

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Selenium WebDriver

It is an automation framework, which can accept and send the commands to a browser. It always communicates with the browser to manage it. It can maintain Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid-It is one of the tools, which is used commonly with Selenium RC. In different machines, it used to run tests against different browsers in parallel. Meanwhile, multiple tests run against different machines, browsers, and operating systems using the Selenium Grid.

The above-mentioned are the different Selenium Suites of Tools. To more about the Architecture of Selenium Web Driver, Join Selenium Training in Chennai to gain more knowledge of selenium tools.