QTP- Quick Test Professional. It is the product of Micro Focus. QTP is test automation for Hybrid, Mobile, Web, API, etc. QTP is also known as UFT. The UFT- stands for Unified Functional Testing.

For software applications and business quality assurance UFT affords function, regression, and API test automation.

The three layers of an application:

  • The service layer
  • The database layer
  • An interface layer


Selenium is a series of tools, It is applied to automate only web-based automation. In precise, the front end of web applications over various platforms and browsers. It can be used with different testing frameworks and programming languages. Join Selenium Training in Bangalore, to learn more about the frameworks and programming languages.

Four Tools selenium consists of:

  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium RC

Comparison of Selenium Web Driver and UFT

After seeing the introduction about Selenium and UFT, you may be slightly confused in choosing the tool. A comparison of both the tools is given below and you may choose the tool that satisfies your requirements.

ComparisonSelenium UFT
Software TypeSelenium is a set of APIs.UFT is Based on Desktop Application.
Type of ApplicationSelenium is used to automate only for Web-based applications. It is one of the important drawbacks of selenium over QTP.UFT supports Mobile, Hybrid, RPA, API, Web, etc.
CostSelenium is open-source and it is a free tool, you can download and use it for free.For using UFT you need to purchase a license because it is a paid tool for using it.
Application LayerSelenium is applied to test only two layers
  1. the interface layer
  2. the front end.
UFT is applied to test three layers of applications:
  1. service layers
  2. Database layer and
  3. Interface layer
Supported BrowsersOpera, Safari, Chrome, Headless browsers, Firefox, IEFirefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, IE.
Supported LanguagesRuby, Python, C#, Java, Perl PHP, Javascript, R, etcVBS( Visual Basic Script)
Supported Operating SystemsSelenium Supports Apple OS X, Microsoft Window, Linux.Microsoft Windows
Supported TechnologyIt struggles while automating SAP, mainframes applications, Salesforce.UFT supports environment, Software application, including SAP, Salesforce, mainframes, browser.
Coding SkillsGood knowledge of the programming language is required.You need only less programming knowledge, UFT allows keyword-driven testing that clarifies maintenance and test creation.
Integration of ToolsSelenium can be combined with many paid or free tools.Tools are mostly paid and limited.
Test ReportTo produce reports Selenium wants to be linked with reporting tools.UFT Generated the Test reports.
SupportSelenium is an open-source tool, So there is no professional support is providedUFT gives proper support because it is a paid tool.
Career GrowthMore growth, scope, and more Jobs.Limited scope and Fewer jobs.

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