The architecture of Selenium WebDriver tells about the Working process of Selenium internally. Selenium is one of the browser’s automation framework, with which we can communicate with the browser and automate the end to end tests of web applications. In this blog, we detailed about Selenium WebDriver Architecture.

Before looking at Selenium WebDriver Architecture, we should know about the WebDriver API. The API of selenium WebDriver helps in connecting between browser and languages. Every Browser has several logical executions on the browser. The above image represents multiple elements of Selenium WebDriver Architecture. 

The main four components of Selenium WebDriver are:

  1. Selenium Client Library or Language Bindings
  2. Browser Driver
  3. Browsers.

Let’s have a look at these components. 

  1. Selenium Client Library or Language Bindings.

Selenium can maintain various libraries like Ruby, Python, Java, etc. The developers of Selenium can promote language binding to permit Selenium to support various languages. If you wish to know more about Libraries and to know more about the selenium concepts and development join Selenium Training in Bangalore at FITA

  1. JSON Wire Protocol Over HTTP Client

JSON– Javascript Object Notation. It is generally used to convey the data between the client to the server on the web. JSON Wire protocol is a REST API that can convey data between the HTTP server. The Browser Driver such as FireFoxDriver, ChromeDriver, each has its individual HTTP server.

  1. Browser Drivers

Every browser can contain an individual browser driver. Without showing the interior logic of the functionality of the browser, and the browser driver can cooperate with the respective browser. When the browser receives any commands it will execute on the individual browser. The reply will be in the form of an HTTP response.

  1. Browsers

The selenium can manage multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.

This is the Selenium WebDriver Architecture. Let’s learn deeper about the Architecture of Selenium. Join Selenium Training in Chennai to gain more knowledge of selenium Architecture.

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