All the cloud application is inbuilt with python and Java, Dot net is used comparatively less when compared to python. Java is statistically typed whereas python is dynamically typed. Python is a high-level programming language used for complex business solutions and it is used highly to set up the Linux server environments. The demand for python for the year 2017 was 20.6 percent, which is comparatively higher than the other languages like Javascript, C++, Java, Typescript, swift, ruby, rust, and SQL. Python is the culminate language with a huge set of libraries. For an open stack environment, the parts of Linux operating system are written in ‘C’ language and MySQL. Java has been used initially for the AWS and it is substituted for Python’s boto over the past two years. Python is also used for the IBM cloud services. The API of python and cloud services are the same. Python can be reused using the Cython and jython. Cython and Jython are used to reuse the c, c++ and Java codes by creating the python prototype. Join the Python Training in Chennai to get your dream job. Let us have a clear discussion on Why Python is a Versatile Language?

Machine Learning And Data Analysis Using Python

Machine learning is about teaching a machine with a recognized pattern of data to take an accurate decision as like humans. Kafta cluster works well with the help of python programming. Apache Kafta is helpful for the big data analysis and Google analytics. The data analysis and Google analysis are set up in a company for the purpose of event tracking, application logs, application messages and application monitoring data. Python is used to hypothetically to do everything in Haskell or Scala or rust or Julia. R is used more than python in data analysis because of its extraordinary toolkit. R is comparatively good for data analysis whereas python stands on the top among the machine learning languages.

Python And Web Development

Python is used for web development and Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora are some of the big companies using the python language. Django is the famous python web framework. Zopa, thought machine, tech stack, Robinhood, stockspot, newable business finance, iwoca, figo, affirm, vyze, stripe, dwolla, venmo, bond street, kabbage, qonto, and holvi are list of the finance companies worldwide which use the Python programming language for its transactional functional programming.

Hacking And Python

The code of python is disposable and it is a giant standard library used for the hacking techniques. Python has a good number of frameworks and tools to hack the existence of the other network. It takes less than 30 minutes to develop the hacking tool. It has extensive third party libraries which are very useful do hacking. Python Course in Chennai trains the candidate with practical oriented training to win over the difficult questions in the interviews.

Automation And Python

Python is becoming famous with automation tools like Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. The tremendous stuff in the automation task is completed with help of the Python programming language. Some of the tasks in the automation process are setting the environment for the tests, preparing the test data, analyzing the data, and analyzing the performance. Some of the frameworks and tools used for the unit testing are unittest, unittest2, pytest, nosetests, slash, proboscis, grail, testify, trial, subunit, test resources, test tools, Sancho, zope. testing, pythoscope, testlib, dutest, green, ddt, and pytractor.

Common Mistakes In Python

Wrong variable, improper function, syntax errors, forget to add the decorator for the class function members, array index, corner case are some of the common errors when using the python coding.


Apple swift, coffee script, cobra and Ocaml are some of the languages where the syntax is the same as in the python language. Open source languages, cross-platform languages and the cloud-based languages are the future of the software industry. Open source language and cloud-based technologies reduce the cost. netflix, IBM, AWS, and Dropbox are some of the famous companies using python. The data science programmers and the developers are increasing in numbers which shows that the followers of python are tremendously increasing. The lines of python are simple, readable and modifiable which drag the attraction to the language.

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