Python is broadly used in several environments. It is one of the highly flexible programming languages. By using Python the developers can develop and maintain projects of various complexities.

Python has been a major part of the Google company right from its beginning stage. In fact, Python is the authentic official language of Google, Besides, Java and C++. Python has significantly supported Google and in turn, they promote and support the language actively. Also, in most of Google’s internal systems, the Python runs successfully and it is visible in many Google APIs. Learn Python Training in Bangalore at FITA, to know more about the Python language, which is the widely used language in Google.

From the beginning till now, Python is one of the important sections of Google. Since Google developers are using Python as the main language, they are looking for candidates with good knowledge in Python. So, learn Python Course in Bangalore at FITA and develop your programming and coding skills under working professionals.

Python applications in various Google apps

Google App Engine-Originally the Google App was designed in Python Language. Google App Engine is one of the best examples of Python applications. With the support of Python Programming language, it helps in web application building by using their rich collection of frameworks, tools and libraries.


Youtube is using Python widely for various purposes like Control Video, Control templates for websites, access to canonical data, view video, and many others.

Open-source libraries:

  • Google Data Python Client Library

Library and source code are provided to make secure data access over the Google Data API.

  • Google APIs Client Library 

For Obtaining Google API’s they provide small, adaptable and powerful Python Client Library.

  • Google AdWords API Python Client Library 

Python Developers can access the AdWords accounts easily with API Python Client Library

Programmers of Google, use Python for Google build system, and various system administration tools like log analysis, report generation, binary data pusher, code review tool, Google internet packing format, A/Q and testing, and other Google App Engines Apps.

Python’s biggest strengths are its rapid development and scalable performance. Because of these reasons, Python is actively applied at Google. Join Python Training in Chennai at FITA, to learn more about Python language and its applications.