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FITA has flexible timings in order to facilitate students for Python Training in Bangalore. The course content is designed in such a manner that even beginners will learn without any difficulty.

Our trainers help you with placement training and all the necessary details until you are placed in a reputed company. Our teaching methodologies depend on practical training rather than relying only on theoretical content.

The experts from the industry train the students on Python Course in Bangalore at FITA. We equip our students with all the necessary information regarding the course.

Course Description

It's a known factor that programming is the most happening thing related to the world of a computer's as these are the ones, which builds up websites and applications in a professional manner. Python is one among them on the programming language used in the market. FITA is recognized as the Python Classes in Bangalore.

Python is a multifunction language used for the accomplishment of various tasks, such as data science and web development.

The recent report published by Forbes declares Python with the highest growth as 456. Python is used in various leading products namely IBM, Netflix, and Dropbox. Python is a great choice of a career in the market these days. There are numerous Python Training Institute in Bangalore and FITA tops the list. Python is widely used in well-known websites such as:

Yahoo Maps


Basics of Python
List and Ranges
Tuples in Python
Python Dictionaries
Sets in Python
Input & Output in Python
Useful Additions
Object Oriented
Exceptions Handling
Regular Expressions


  • Python is an interpreted language, which doesn’t need to be compiled.
  • Python is dynamically typed, this means that you don’t need to state the types of variables when you declare them or anything like that
  • Python is an object orientated programmingallows a definition of classes along with inheritance and composition.
  • Abstract Base Classes
  • Multi-table Inheritance
  • Proxy models

Immutable built-in types:

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • List
  • Sets
  • Python consists of an enormous standard library for many Internet platforms such as Email, HTML.
  • There is no need for any explicit memory since interpreter allocates memory new variables.
  • It is simple to learn.
  • It has built-in data types for saving programming time and effort.

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