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Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language developed by a Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum and came into existence in 1991, two decades ago. Python allows programmers to code even complex processes with ease and clarity by supporting object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming. Interpreters in Python are compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Python is developed as a general-purpose programming language with a small core and huge standard libraries to support a wide range of coding requirements.

Python is an open-source programming language managed by the Python Software Foundation, a non-profit organisation. The latest release is Python 3.7 with updated syntax features, library modules, data models, standard library, CPython features, and documentation translations ( Japanese, French, Korean ). 

The Python community is huge and widespread across the globe, helping Python programmers to discuss the challenges and transfer vast knowledge to budding Python Developers. Python is most preferred for its readability, simplicity in coding and its ability to integrate with various other programming languages like C, C++, and Java. Python comprises multiple modules that aid in reusability of Script with features such as dynamic typing and automatic memory management.

Python can also be called the language of the future due to its immense compatibility to modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Data Science, Machine learning, Internet of Things(IoT), etc.

FITA provides best-in-class Python Training in Bangalore for aspiring Python Programmers to make an excellent career as a Professional Python programmer. With more than a decade of service in bridging the skill gaps of the workforce, FITA has been instrumental in shaping the future of thousands of students in the right direction. FITA has more than 600 tie-ups with a wide range of companies from startups to MNC and provides 100% placement assistance.


Basics of Python
List and Ranges
Tuples in Python
Python Dictionaries
Sets in Python
Input & Output in Python
Useful Additions
Object Oriented
Exceptions Handling
Regular Expressions

Why Python?

  • Python is renowned for its standard library that helps in better integration on multiple platforms.
  • Python is an open-source programming language with a simple and understandable syntax for ease of coding experience.
  • Python is playing a crucial role in Data Analytics, web-development, automation, embedded programming, Robotics, and Big data.
  • Python is noted for its best cross-platform performance since Python functions effectively on various Operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Candidates with excellent Python Programming skills are preferred in top companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, PayPal, Instagram, Dropbox, and Netflix.

Candidates interested in Data Science can learn through Data Science Course in Bangalore at FITA.

According to recent surveys, the salary of an entry level Python developer is between Rs. 5-6 Lakhs per annum on an average. With increase in experience and skill set Profesional Python Programmers can earn above Rs. 12-13 Lakhs per annum.

Benefits of Python

  • Easy to learn Python due to its simplified syntax and readability of codes.
  • Python contains an extensive standard library to aid flexible and convenient coding.
  • In-built data structures (list and dictionary) aid dynamic typing and shortens the support code length.
  • The presence of the Python Package Index comprising various third-party modules for better integration with other programming languages and multiple platforms.
  • A vast active user base helps in the development of enriched internet source that in turn caters to continued development and adoption of Python.

Career Opportunities in Python

The demand for skilled Python Programmer is increasing at a high rate due to increased applicability of latest technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. Top organisations utilise Python in their software development processes due to its cross-platform flexibility. Various Job Roles in Python are listed below.

  • Python Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Python Programmers
  • Machine learning Architect

Python is revolutionising the IT sector by its adaptability to modern technologies such as Data Science, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Job opportunities are expanding across various horizontals and verticals in the IT industry for skilled Python Professionals. Join Python Training in Bangalore at FITA to become a certified Python Programmer.

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Top Companies hiring Python Developers

Business enterprises are actively adapting Python in their workflow to keep in pace with the growing competition around the globe. Various MNC have already incorporated Python as the prime software development Programming language. A few of the top companies are listed below:

  • Mobiweb technologies
  • AlgoTech Solutions
  • Mindfire Solutions 
  • Fusionbox
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • ThinkSys
  • Dropbox
  • Avanton
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Quora
  • Uber

Gaps in the Python Skills in the workforce is a major factor for low employability in Python-based jobs. FITA’s Python Training in Bangalore addresses these lapses by skilling the young minds with industry relevant skills to make a successful career.

Roles and Responsibilities of Python Developer

  • Python developers are tasked with writing efficient and reusable codes for developing effective software.
  • Designing best performing applications with low-latency.
  • Developing programmes for integrating user-interface elements with the main servers using various Application Programming Interfaces(API).
  • Responsible for the effective deployment of Data security and robust cybersecurity features in the software.
  • Python Programmers are tasked with ensuring the implementation of various data storage solutions such as Database, SQL, etc.

Candidate interested in learning database querying language like SQL can join SQL Training in Bangalore at FITA.

Key Skills for Professional Python Developers

  • Excellent Programming skills and strong fundamentals in the latest Python 3.
  • Hands-on experience in popular Django Framework and GitHub.
  • Sound knowledge on object-related mappers to link the application to the database swiftly.
  • Deep understanding of RESTful APIs to integrate the software with multiple components.
  • Strengthened fundamentals in Python Flask Framework for developing back-end elements.
  • Front-end development skills with rooted basics on HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Holistic knowledge of Database and Data Management Systems such as MongoDB.
  • Management of servers with excellent capability to write Shell scripts.
  • Overall knowledge of Machine Learning methods and algorithms.
  • Ability to code for various programming paradigms.

Python Course in Bengaluru at FITA enables candidates to imbibe all the industry-relevant Python skills from experienced professional Python Developers. FITA allows students to learn with ease by conducting classes in flexible timings. Candidates interested in HTML, JavaScript and Oracle can join HTML Training in Bangalore, JavaScript Training in Bangalore and Oracle Training in Bangalore at FITA.


Candidates with BCA, BE/ B.Tech degree with a specialisation in Computer Science and Information Technology is most preferred by a majority of the organisations. Post Graduate students can also become Python Developers if their skill sets match the business requirements. Candidates upskilled through any certification course are most likely to be hired by recruiters. Python Training in Bengaluru at FITA transforms aspiring Python Programmers Into Certified Python Developers by hands-on training in Python.

Future & Beyond

Python has evolved at the right time when there is a huge demand for flexible object-oriented programming languages suiting the requirements of modern technologies. Python overcomes the limitations of previous programming languages that were focused on having a huge core with complex syntax. Developers of Python adhere to their minimalistic approach by having a small core and an enriched standard library for better cross-platform performance. 

Based on various reports the growth of Python Skills in the labour force is slow compared to the growth of Python-related job opportunities in India. Empowering of Python aspirants with market-relevant skills is the prime objective of FITA through its Python Training in Bangalore. Apart from private entities governmental agencies responsible for tackling breach of Cybersecurity are also on the hunt for talented Python developers.

Artificial Intelligence utilises Python due to its ease of coding and preset standard libraries that cater to the dynamic requirements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Based on the search results from - Python tops the list of most preferred languages for AI and ML. Python also aids Big Data with its codability and scalability to write Hadoop MapReduce Programs using PyDoop package. Utilising PyDoop advanced MapReduce concepts like Record readers and counters can be implemented in Python. Python can be used to create explanatory and predictive models using the processed data for the integration of the models with actual production systems. Numerous Python-based libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas, IPython, SymPy simplifies complex coding and provides better results; thus Python stands out from other programming languages in Data Science field.

Skyscanner, a travel and tourism organisation utilises Python-based unsupervised ML algorithms to analyse new aeroplane routes. Uber’s Michelangelo PyML, developed using Python - for prediction on the shortest destination, cab availability, and daily activities related to the application. Magenta, a Python library as well as a research project - aims at the creation of music and art using AI. Workflow automation systems built using Python Scripts are operational in NASA. TensorFlow, an open-source library for utilisation in Machine Learning concepts such as Neural Networks was developed by Google Brain Team using Python. Netflix utilizes a Python framework named Metaflow for executing various ML Projects from Prototyping to Production. Metaflow helps in handling innumerable data points and computing on thousands of CPU cores.

DevOps practices advocates for better integration and collaboration in the software development lifecycle. Python has an inclusive nature to be flexible to different platforms and integrates well with other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc. The ability to code according to various programming paradigms is an added advantage of Python, considering the DevOps nature of workflow with continuous integration and continuous deployment. Candidates interested in learning DevOps practices from Professional DevOps Engineers can join DevOps Training in Bangalore at FITA.

Python is easy to learn with hassle-free syntax enabling freshers to acquire a quick understanding of the language. Python allows developers to foray into unexplored source codes and learn swiftly. Python’s dynamic typing reducing the time for coding complex applications with simple, user-friendly syntax. It has been evolving for nearly 25 years overturning the limitations of previous editions with a constant minimalistic and fluidic approach for Developers convenience and better integration. 

Python Developers can venture into various streams in the IT sector and advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, Data Science, etc. Freshers enthusiastic to become a software engineer can choose Python because of the growing Python-based Projects in the vast majority of organisations. A Python Programmer can update themselves with skills in software deployment and testing for career opportunities in DevOps. In the current scenario, the world is increasingly in favour of automation-thus Python will serve as an effective tool to code a variety of automation based applications and software. Python Developers community across the globe has a huge online presence to share knowledge and discuss the challenges faced in coding. Python community is a major determining factor for the phenomenal growth of Python across various platforms. 

Python Course in Bangalore at FITA serves its purpose of skilling the aspiring Python developers for making an excellent career in programming. FITA has been instrumental in guiding the students in the appropriate path for success in career. Professional Python Developers with a decade of experience train the students in every Python skills on demand in the market and enrich the students with the practical challenges and nuances to tackle such issues. With 100% placement assistance and continued guidance even after course completion, FITA serves all-round needs of aspiring Python developers.


  • Python is an interpreted language, which doesn’t need to be compiled.
  • Python is dynamically typed, this means that you don’t need to state the types of variables when you declare them or anything like that
  • Python is an object orientated programmingallows a definition of classes along with inheritance and composition.
  • Abstract Base Classes
  • Multi-table Inheritance
  • Proxy models

Immutable built-in types:

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • List
  • Sets
  • Python consists of an enormous standard library for many Internet platforms such as Email, HTML.
  • There is no need for any explicit memory since interpreter allocates memory new variables.
  • It is simple to learn.
  • It has built-in data types for saving programming time and effort.

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