Appium Training in Chennai

Appium Training in Chennai

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in Appium Training in Chennai. Then FITA will the appropriate place for you to excel in the IT sector.


Appium Training in ChennaiFITA has well knowledgeable faculties to cherish your career. Appium course will be advantageous for the individual who is in search of enhancing their automation skills. It will be helpful for people who are knowledgeable about the mobile web application. Appium Course in Chennai is really a boon for the candidates, who are anxious in the analyzing of automation results.

At FITA, we consider certain pre-requisite necessary for the enrollment of students into Best Appium Training Institute in Chennai. Students who know basics in Oops and Java along with the knowledge in mobile and web-based applications. We provide you with all the necessary study materials and interview preparation training during the training period.

Our trainers will be just giving away the knowledge they have gained during their industrial experience but it completely lies in your hands to grab it and succeed in your life.

Course description

It is been evident that people are very specific over choosing a career and studies have shown us only a few courses are noticed and endeavored whereas the rest are left behind just because of lack of knowledge.

Here we are spreading awareness among students and organizations to pick students with exceptional quality. Thus, we are offering Appium Training at FITA for our students to become unique in the market.

Appium is a core of open-source test automation for the mobile apps based on the web. Both iOS and Android apps are driven by the respective web driver protocols. Appium is present on the device that listens from the main Appium process.   It aids in the handling of web-driver sessions.


Mention some of the advantages of Appium?

  • Usage of any programming language can be done
  • Testing of Hybrid, Native and Web Apps is achievable using Appium
  • Supports multiple frameworks
  • Open source and cross-platform tool
  • Compatible with CI tool like
  • Uses selenium API thus there is no need for scratch

List out the languages supported by Appium?

  • Javascript with Node.js
  • Python
  • C#
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Clojure

Mention the types of Mobile apps that can be automated using Appium?

  • Native, Web and Hybrid mobile applications

What are the pre- requisites considered to use Appium?

  • JDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • TestNG
  • Web driver language binding library
  • Appium for Windows
  • JS
  • APK App Info on Google play
  • Selenium server jar

What are the types of errors that occur in Appium?

  • Error type oneoccurs during the need of desired capabilities still they are not provided.
  • Error type twooccurs when you are unable to find adb.
  • Errors type three – which will not allow you to create a new session.