Clinical SAS Training in Chennai

Clinical SAS Training in Chennai

If you are in an oscillation in choosing a career, then Clinical SAS Training in Chennai is worth for consideration due to its enormous openings in the market. Join FITA for best Clinical SAS Training.


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Our training material is prepared based on global standards by our specialized team of MNC experts. Hence, it will be easy for you to being placed in MNC after the completion of Clinical SAS Training in Chennai.

It is estimated that SAS analytics skills will be the most valuable skills to have in today’s job market by various reports provided by the experts. Thus, choice of enrolling into our Clinical SAS Training in Chennai.

Clinical SAS Course description

SAS is a software, which helps in the business analytics that developed and deployed by SAS Institute. In order to use SAS, the data has to be fed priory in the Excel or SAS format and output is the delivered in PDF, HTML and Excel format. Getting enough knowledge in Clinical SAS will help you to become an expert in retrieving and manipulation of any data.

SAS is known for its robustness and swift functionality in data management, data mining, statistical analysis, report writing and data warehousing.  SAS features the graphical user interface for the non-technical users and advanced features through SAS programming language. Some of the typical components included in SAS:

SAS Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
SAS Basic procedures and data management
SAS Statistical analysis
SAS Graphics and presentation
SAS Operations research
SAS Clinical trial analysis
SAS Quality control
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Data mining
SAS Applications facility
SAS Interactive matrix language
SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS Grid Manager
SAS Suite of Business Intelligence Applications
Getting Started Using SAS Software
Getting Your Data into SAS
Working with Your Data
Sorting, Printing, and Summarizing Your Data
Enhancing Your Output with ODS
Enhancing Your Output with ODS
Enhancing Your Output with ODS
Using Basic Statistical Procedures
Exporting Your Data
Debugging Your SAS Programs


What is SAS

SAS stands for Statistical Analytics System is a software collection for advanced analytics, data management, multivariate analyses, business intelligence and predictive analytics that is developed by SAS Institute. SAS provides a graphical point-and-click UI for non-technical users through the SAS language.

Mention the statements that function at both compile and execution time.

Options, title, footnote

What is the function of the trace option

ODS Trace is used in finding the names of particular output objects when several of them are created by some procedure.

Name some of the SAS functions


What are the five ways to do a “table lookup” in SAS

Match Merging
Direct Access
Format Tables

Industrial exposure to Clinical SAS

SAS is the analysis software with two types of processes that is basic analysis and research analysis. Clinical SAS is used by research companies like pharmaceutical companies for clinical trial data analysis. SAS has been widely used for the data analysis and it consists of a proven record for the data analysis. Companies with a requirement for data management, report writing, business modeling, data warehousing, applications development, and statistical analysis use clinical SAS for the analysis. Examples of the companies using the SAS software are Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, and Novartis use SAS. The stronghold of clinical SAS continues with the pharmaceutical companies due to its accuracy. Join the Clinical SAS Training in Chennai to become an expert in the data analysis.

The skills needed to become a SAS professional

SAS professionals work for the departments like financial, customer care, research analyst, fraud detection and security intelligence. Analytical skill, problem-solving skill, proficiency in using SAS, mathematical skill, knowledge on UNIX, Linux and other SAS programs are the skills required for a SAS professional. The qualification demanded a SAS analyst job is a degree with computer science, certification in statistics, finance or other graduates. R, Python, and big data are the other software used in the place of SAS. Still, SAS is the leading software as it provides accuracy. SAS professionals can hold positions like risk analytics, HR analytics, marketing analytics, and research analyst. Clinical SAS Training makes your career path as a topmost one. SAS produces accurate results in the finance, pharmaceutical and healthcare domain. Some of the skills required for a SAS professional apply the conceptual analysis, build strategies to complete the analysis, take appropriate decisions and use techniques to analyze the data.

Different areas of analysis

Descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and prescriptive analysis are the three areas which need substantial focus when conducting the analysis. Descriptive analysis is the concept of arriving at the conclusion with the sample data. Clinical SAS Course is the best course to apply the conceptual knowledge in the real world scenarios. Mean median, standard deviation, and reports are used to arrive at the decision. In this digital era where a huge volume of sample data is available, it is potential to conduct the analysis before taking decision or planning for the future.

Predictive analysis is the second most needed analysis which is built on the basis of the descriptive analysis. This analysis provides the models, strategies and helps for the decision making process.

Prescriptive analytics is used as the final step to use all the options to arrive at the decision. Optimization and simulation are some of the techniques used for predictive analysis.

Benefits of learning SAS

After completing the SAS course students find it easy to clear the SAS certification. Join the Clinical SAS Training in Chennai to get the time to time help to clear the certification with the expert trainers.

In the digital world, data analysis has been given paramount importance in many of the top companies. So, job opportunities are huge in the SAS domain.

SAS is one of the courses which require no programming language. It is the right course for students with interest over analysis. Clinical SAS Training in Chennai at FITA is conducted with industry experts to impart education to all types of students.

It gives accurate results and it is easy to debug as it is comprehensive language.

SAS is the program for analysis with high standards. Hence by acquiring the certification one can live the dream of flying abroad for the good job role. Send a query to us regarding the Clinical SAS Training Fees in Chennai and talk to our coordinators to know about the quality of training extended to the students of FITA.

Future of SAS

The report from statistics says that most of the analytics jobs are completed with the help of SAS. Banks and Insurance companies are using a huge range of SAS analysis. SAS provides accuracy and safety than the other data analysis open sources tools like R or big data. SAS programmer, SAS analyst, decision analyst, and analytics manager are the wide range of posts held by the SAS employees. Join the Clinical SAS Training at FITA and pursue a valuable career as an analyst.