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The number of consumer and enterprise based mobile applications have grown significantly over the past few years. Software companies that develop mobile applications need to ensure that the developed Mobile apps meet the requirements of customer. Mobile application testing process is different from the desktop and web based application testing process as there are diverse hardware platforms, Operating systems, device sizes and network specifications. Mobile testing is also complex and time consuming than a desktop or web based testing. Learn Mobile Application testing training in Chennai at FITA - Leaders in Testing Training.

Typically, the functionality, performance, network, security, compatibilty and usability of a mobile app are tested as part of mobile app testing. Students will be learning about the Emulators and Tools required for Mobile testing. Students will also learn the mobile automation testing frameworks like Appium.

There are numerous technologies related to digital world but mobile testing is something very demanding in this era. As this is considered to be the next super power that will definitely revolutionize the world. Its importance will never fade away as it has become the necessity of every human being on the earth. Mobile has replaced over 20 gadgets overall in the past few decades. Hence, taking up Mobile Testing Training in Chennai will assure you with greater opportunities.

There may be certain sector whose existence may end-up in a question mark whereas mobile testing industry will always be of great scope. Moreover, there are numerous updates released by several day-in and day-out due I n order to mark their presence in the market. Thus, heavy demand is prevailing for the mobile testers amidst the various leading organizations. Mobile Testing Course in Chennai is getting tremendous reach amidst college students.


We have chosen the best trainers from industry with industrial experience. We have a specialized team for placement assistance especially for Mobile Testing Course in Chennai. We consider no pre-requisites for students who are willing to join Mobile Testing Training in Chennai. Their interest is the only expectation from them by our trainers. Even after the completion of course they will be getting guidance from the trainers.

At FITA, we provide special coaching before the commencement of interview for students. Our faculties always update the students regarding the industrial trends. Enroll yourself into our Mobile Testing Classes in Chennai and make your career bright.

Mobile Application Testing Training Course Agenda

Module 1 : Introduction to mobile app world
Module 2 : Mobile Manual Testing
Module 3 : Introduction to mobile Automation
Module 4 : Core JAVA
Module 5 : Selenium
Module 6 : Mobile automation products & tools

FITA is a leading training institute that offers Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai in accordance with latest industry trends. Trainings are offered by well experienced Mobile App Testing professionals with rich experience in manual mobile testing and automation mobile testing like Robotium and Appium.

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Importance Of Mobile Testing

Mobile testing enhances app downloads through customer satisfaction. Hence it is important to test mobile applications to increase the business opportunity. Join the Mobile Automation Testing Training in Chennai from FITA for understanding the value of the automation.
The usage of mobile phones has become ubiquitous and mobile phones are used for online purchases, online payment, and online training courses. Hence the quality standards are essential to check in the platform of mobile phones.
There are so many aspects to be checked for the quality which cannot be done in-house. Seamlessly the tools maintain the quality needed through professional testing.
The ratings of the apps increases which increase the referrals for downloads in the future.
Functional test, performance test, compatibility test, and usability test are the different types of tests in mobile testing. The testing tools are designed to cover all types of testing to promote quality standards. Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai is the best training for entering into the automation industry.
As per the report from the statistics, 90 percent of the applications possess good competition and many apps look like the same. So, from the user point of view 3 to 5 seconds of time spent on the application has greater influence. If the application crashes or the interface is not satisfactory or the download time is slow then the performance becomes a big factor to use the application. Users stick on to the performance of the application. To win over the competition it is essential to keep the performance up. File an inquiry with the FITA inquiry number to know more details about the Mobile Appium Training in Chennai.
As the mobile apps consist of all the personal data of the user it is essential to maintain the security in the mobile apps. Testing is the best way to optimize the security with the app.
Finally, mobile phones are not the sign of luxury but it is the basic need in today’s life. Obviously, the time constraints and the availability of the resources demand the automation tools in the arena of mobile testing. Mobile App Testing Training is the best training to increase the user experience through a mobile platform in any business.

Different types of mobile testing

Unit testing, system testing, Integration testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, regression testing, interface testing, acceptance testing, load testing, stress testing, performance testing, volume testing, compatibility testing, security testing, recovery testing, install testing, recovery testing, usability testing, reliability testing, localization testing, and compliance testing are the different types of testing in general. Mobile Testing Training in Chennai will be a career guide to take you to the next top level in your journey for the job. Let us take a deeper look into the conceptual testing types used for the mobile application. Before using the mobile application check whether it is connected to the internet and if the app connects to youtube or Facebook then check the antivirus. Mobile applications are vulnerable to the attacks and it is essential to check the multiple aspects of the usage. Functional test, performance test, compatibility test, usability test, security testing, memory leakage testing, installation testing, interrupt testing, and operational testing are some of the test conducted over the mobile platform.

Functional testing

Different types of the mobile operating system, different types of applications, different models of the applications and different functions constitute a wide range of testing which is difficult to do manually and automation tools are used to do this functional testing. In the case of functional testing, some scenarios are used with manual testing and some scenarios are used with automation testing. Join the Mobile Testing Course in Chennai to improve the productivity and quality of any business.

Performance Test

Issues related to performance are the battery consumption, network availability, the mode of changes in the different internet connections like 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi, the poor performance of the bandwidth, file transferring, poor memory and large users connected to the application server. The performance testers test both the client-server and the application server for optimizing the performance. Mobile Testing Training provides detailed practical training with real-time projects for learners to gain comprehensive knowledge.

Compatibility Test

App developers should test the compatibility of the app with the operating systems, environments, devices, and web browser. The audience for the app can be from different devices to print or share or view the information from the app for different purposes.

Usability test

This test deals with the use of the app like the interaction part or the user interface. Hit of the wrong key, usage of fingers wrongly, poor eyesight and misunderstanding a command are some of the error creation factors. These factors are understood with some usage test and then corrected.

Security test

Network security and data security are tested with the required guidelines for the standards of quality.

Memory leakage test

If the memory of the mobile application is huge then it stops the working of the phone. The memory of mobile phones is comparatively less than the memory of the computers. The slow processing in times of the transfer of files, slow download of the applications in the mobile phones and the power switch off of the mobile due to memory leakage. Optimized memory is essential to use the app in all types of devices. So, check the memory with the memory leakage test.

Installation testing

There are two types of installation they are the apps which come by default with the phone model and the other one which is downloaded. The test for the installation checks the concerns with the installation concerns when updating the information and concerns with the uninstallation.

Interrupt test

The interruptions can be in the form of SMS, calls, MMS or notifications from the app. Notification for the low battery, media player functions and other connected devices are tested as they interrupt the performance of the mobile application.

Operational test

This test is conducted to check the recovery options available with the app. For the banking apps or the shopping apps if the mobile phone is missing then the alternative options are checked. The supporting options with the desktop OS and the mobile OS are checked with the operational testing. Join the Mobile Application Testing Training at FITA to meet out the skills required in the industry as of now.

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