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If you are looking to Ionic Framework in Chennai, right from the basics to advanced techniques, check out FITA at Chennai. FITA Ionic Training in Chennai is the best resource that teaches you Ionic through step-by-step coding lessons gives you hands-on projects to work on and takes you to form an app from zero to the App Store. At the end of the course, you would have become expert enough to develop both web and mobile apps.

Why Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework is an HTML5 based mobile app builder. Ionic has everything that you need to know about building apps. Unlike other mobile-building frameworks, Ionic is fairly simple to use at the basic level. Ionic is a free and Open Source framework that helps anyone to create mobile apps and websites. Built on top of the Angular JS (a JavaScript Framework) and backed by Google, building apps with Ionics is a safe bet. Ionic is fast, responsive and smooth, and performs efficiently on a mobile device. The User Interface is easy to customize and the default styles that are provided by Ionic are simple. Ionic caters to the UX differences between iOS and Android. Ionic has a whole set of tools and services that make app-building a breeze. Know more about this through our Best Ionic Courses.

When compared to other frameworks like React Native, Sencha, KendoUI or framework7, the learning curve is much shorter for Ionic, and consequently reduced project time. The community size is big with a good support team.


You Can Do Ionic Training In Chennai If

If you are a web developer wanting to build mobile apps with your skills
If you want to make money quickly by building some great apps for your clients
If you are a mobile developer for iOS/Androidbut you want to develop apps for all platforms
You are looking at the easiest way to build mobile apps on your own
You want to learn new technologies and want to stay ahead in the learning/technology curve
If you are an Angular developer and want to develop new apps based on your Angular knowledge
You have some basic development experience
You have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
You have Basic familiarity with command line interfaces

Detailed Ionic Course Curriculum

Get Started

Types of Mobile Apps
Ionic - Introduction
Fundamentals of Angular

Tools And Setup

Installation Node.js & Git
Ionic installation & Cordova in CLI
Android Studio & SDK Installation
Ionic Lab - Desktop App
Ionic Web App Creator

Ionic UI

Form and Input
Tabs and navigation

Angular And JavaScript Components

Controllers and Scope
Forms and Events
‘ing a Service
Scope Functions

Building An App - Steps

States and Routing
Home screen and Template
Angularfire & Firebase

Building An App - Steps Part 2

Add and List Notes
Single Note and Delete Function
Edit and Update Notes
Testing and Finalizing a .apk

The Ionic 2 training is handled by certified experts who have in-depth knowledge of Ionic's tools and services. The instruction will be customized to fit the student's needs. The students who complete the course are awarded a course completion certificate.

Job Opportunities

The common openings for those seeking a career after completing Ionic Corporate Training in Chennai are:

Ionic Framework Developer
Ionic Framework Expert
Angular Developer
Ionic/Cordova Developer
Hybrid App Developer
UI Developer
Hybrid Mobile App Developer
Senior Software Developer (Ionic)
Senior Mobile App Security Analyst
Hybrid App Consultant

A person who has mastered Ionic Training can also do freelance projects that can be very financially fetching.

Company Expectations

The candidates that have completed the Ionic Framework course are likely to be employed by mobile app development companies or start-ups. They will be expected to deploy hybrid (for different platforms) apps, both robust and optimized, in the shortest time duration. Ionic Framework is used by those companies that have lower budgets; therefore they would expect their apps to hit the stores in the least time possible.

Companies would want their Ionic app developers to gain skills in upcoming technologies to suit the needs of the constantly-changing mobile app scenario.

Course Objectives

The Ionic TrainingCourse is designed to achieve the following objectives:
Master the basic Ionic concepts and learn the app development process
Learn to build mobile apps using Ionic framework
Learn to use HTML and JavaScript skills to create better quality apps
Learn and build a complete app as part of the course
With customized Ionic Training in Chennai, you will also learn
Fundamentals of Framework along with best practices
End-to-end app-building strategies
API & backend integration methods
Security & Implementation Guide
How to exploit Ionic's Tools and services

Join Ionic Training Institute in Chennai and enrich your industry skills and knowledge. FITA provides customized training which accelerates the learning power of our students.

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