Manual Testing Training in Chennai

Manual Testing Training in Chennai

manual testing training in chennaiLearn Manual Testing Training in Chennai at FITA – No 1 Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai with Placement. Call 98404-11333 for more details.

Manual testing is the process of testing the software to identify the defects without the usage of any automation tools. There are various stages of manual testing like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing and User acceptance or customer acceptance testing. Manual Testing Training in Chennai at FITA aims at mastering the students with the terminologies and the process of manual testing.

Manual Testing Course Syllabus

Introduction To Testing

  • Why Testing
  • Verification And Validation


  • WaterFall Model
  • V-Model Of Testing
  • Agile Model

Test Strategy & Planning

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Test Design
  • Test Execution
  • Test Reporting

Defect Tracking
Defect Life Cycle
Defect Types
Defect Categorization

  • Guidelines On Deciding The Security Of A Defect
  • Guidelines On Deciding The Priority Of Bug

Cost Of Quality
Defect Management Tools
Software Testing Techniques

  • Static Testing
  • Dynamic Testing
    • Static Testing
    • White Box Testing/ Structure Testing
    • Black Box Testing

Types Of Testing

  • Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Smoke Testing
    • System Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Globalization Testing
    • Localization Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Data Migration Testing
    • Data Conversion Testing
    • Security/Penetration Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Install/Un-Install Testing

Automation Testing

  • Introduction
  • Why Test Automation
    • Automation Feasibility Analysis
    • Planning And Design
    • Test Environment Setup
    • Automation Script Generation
    • Test Execution
    • Defect Analysis & Fixing
  • Cost Involved In Automation
  • Automation Applied To Different Types Of Testing

Testing Terminology
Common Terms In Software Testing


At FITA we explain the manual testing is explained with a real-time example from the products we chose them as a challenging task. Join the Manual Testing Training in Chennai at FITA to become a software tester by profession.

We train the students with a practical oriented laborious activity to sharpen the qualities like the patience, innovation, creativity and observant. Manual Testing Course in Chennai is the best course framed for the beginners to enter into the automation testing.

At FITA we train the candidates with differences between the manual testing and automation testing with apt examples. Manual testing has short life cycles and the differentiation is essential to decide about the technique to be applied. FITA is the best Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai to start your leaning and we are happy to gain a good review from every student of FITA.

Manual testing can be used in big and small projects. Before learning any automation tool it is essential to learn the manual testing.

The industry experts partner with FITA to render service to the learning community. The constant learning is always encouraged in FITA and students can approach the trainers or the coordinators for any help irrespective of time constraints.

Importance of manual testing

The visual issues are handled well in manual testing. Automation testing sometimes is less accurate. The best way to explore the application is to check it manually. The automation testing is the action based system whereas the manual testing works with the conceptual understanding of the application. Manual testing helps to reduce the error and reduces the cost spent for the automation tool. The technicality demands manual testing and it is not possible to apply automation testing to all the applications. Testing is given more importance to maintain the quality and complete the deliverables within the given time frame. Testing is done to satisfy the developer and enhance the user experience. ISTQB is the authorized certificate for manual testing.   In the realm of software testing, manual testing is the legendary technology which helps to understand the concerns with the application and gives detailed knowledge of the requirement from the client. FITA offers the Manual Testing Courses in Chennai which is conducted by the experienced professionals with a practical exposure towards the testing process.

Benefits of learning manual testing

Knowledge of manual testing is like basic knowledge to understand the big processes. Manual Testing Course Fees in Chennai is the right to value for getting placed in top companies.

If the applications are frequently exposed to changes and dynamic by nature then it is good to apply manual testing with the application.

Manual testing is good in terms of reliability and flexibility. So, learning manual testing will bring huge job opportunities to every individual.

Manual testing is of less cost and hence many small companies are using manual testing. So, it is easy to enter into the software industry if there is testing knowledge. Join the Testing Courses in Chennai at FITA to give a good foundation to the testing knowledge. The basic knowledge is essential to learn the advance level automation tools or learn the cloud technology like DevOps.

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