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Why Do People Go For Linux Certification?

Linux is one of the best and popular operating systems. Professionals feel comfortable and fluent in Linux is in high demand. Give a search Linux on the internet, you will find many blogs. Linux is an excellent operating system that comes in many variations. The OS is used for high powers machines, penetration testing, servers and Smartphone. Linux certifications are in high demand. There are several reasons to go for Linux certification. Compared with others it is a lifetime certification that needs no renewal. Earn three certifications with two passing exams in Linux!

Linux Course Agenda

Linux Basic Concepts & Installations

Installation in Standalone Machine, NFS, FTP, HTTP and KICKSTART

File System Management:

Creation of File Systems
Understanding, Reverting and converting of EXT2, EXT3& EXT4 File Systems
Understanding fdisk, mount, e2label, umount commands

User Management

Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
Creation of users in different groups
Creation of quotas for user’s groups and files systems
Understanding user security files
The different commands for monitoring the users

Network Files System (NFS)

Understanding NFS server and NFS clients
Understanding daemons and files in NFS of boot phases
Configuring NFS server and different NFS clients, autofs, NFS security

File Transfer Protocol

Understanding the features and advantages of FTP server and FTP Basic Commands
Configuring FTP server and FTP clients, autofs, NFS security


Understanding TCP WRAPPER
Configuring TCP WRAPPER for services


Understanding xinetd based and non xinetd based services
Configuring xinetd based services
Xinetd security

Domain Naming Service

Understanding different types of files when the system is booting
Understanding DNS service and different types of DNS servers
Configuring DNS (master) DNS (Slave)
Understanding & Configuring forward (DNS) and cache (DNS) of boot phases

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Package Manager (RPM)

Backup And Recovery

Network Information Service

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol




Raid Levels

Why Should You Go For FITA Linux Training In Chennai?

Choose our the Linux Training in Chennai to achieve your career goal! Students getting trained with us to have been placed in MNCs. FITA offers the Best Linux Training in Chennai with placement assistance. Tutors provide with practical knowledge and concepts in Linux. Industry-based projects are given to students to master the techniques in Linux. We help students in cracking interview. Weekend and Weekday classes are also provided. Candidates should get through all the testy and presentation process. The main cause for Linux Course is to give competency as a beginner user. At the end of this course, you will be able to perform routine file management and much more.

Career Benefits Of Linux Training

FITA is the Best Linux Training Center in Chennai! Training is based on industry-based standards. Secure placements that help to attain your dream job. We the credited Linux Training in Chennai offer hands-on experience and full job assistance from basic to advanced level. Trainers implement a blend of academic learning and practical sessions to students. Students are trained in such ways that are easily recruited by the industry. Learn with FITA for Linux Training in Chennai using a variety of tools. The course content is full of industry-based requirements.

Linux is the operating system with vast opportunities as the problems that arise in the system cannot be solved with a Google search. Linux is used for the windows, Mac and UNIX. Linux manages the different services of the operating system like task management, disk management, memory management, security management, network management and OS management. The career benefits of the candidates with Linux are listed below. Novell, Oracle, Google, Red Hat, Facebook, IBM, DELL, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung are the ten companies which use the Linux operating system. Join the Linux Training in Chennai at FITA to promote the skills and to advertise the technical skills with confidence.

Linux candidates work as a problem solver and they work with a different job description. Developer and solution provider has different types of the job description. Linux Course in Chennai will take your career to the next level with the guidance of the expert trainers.

Linux candidate can enter into the cloud computing courses like IBM, red hat and data center. 90 percent of the public cloud is operated with the Linux operating system. So, there are huge opportunities in cloud computing for Linux professionals.

Linux candidates can work in a company where the SharePoint infrastructure is implemented. Join the Linux Training in Chennai to hone the basic skills which are highly needed to win over the competition in the job industry.

FITA Linux Training assists you to have an awesome career! Our Training is guided by highly qualifies trainers. Students get excellent skill and knowledge!

Gain skills to execute commands, manage data and customize your programming environment. FITA Linux Training in Chennai will provide you with in-depth knowledge!

Industrial Updates For Linux

Explore the concept of Arch Linux

Arch Linux is different from Linux and lets me explore some of the advantages of using Linux. Arch is installed with the command-line-driven. If Ubuntu is used then the GUI assembly is done from the basic level which consumes the time. In the case of Ubuntu, the Arch installer will use the custom system along with the sequence of command. The sub-team of the Arch receives the optimized package and sends it to run the operations smoothly. Arch provides the setups for the package downgrades and distribution which makes the process easy. Linux Training in Chennai will help the learners to know the latest concepts like Arch Linux in the big subject of the Linux.

The packages are relatively less in numbers in case of the Arch. The official repositories are also small when compared to the red hat distribution or debian. The manual installation of the Arch gives manual control and improves the security in the review of the software. The software like the Virtual Box allows the system to handle easily the hard drive and the blocks of memory. The sandbox can be constructed with the Arch Linux. Join the best Linux Course in Chennai at FITA and the learners get the privilege of the best environment from FITA Institute.

Know about the shell scripts for temporary files and directories

The rm command is used to clean the details of the temporary files. If there is any error then the long scripts are designed with exit points to end the script. These exit points consist of the cleanup command. Some of the learned best practices for the temporary files are check for the execution before to the creation, check whether it is created, set the permissions with some restrictions, use the name as unique one or unknown one for the convention, and delete the files when on the exit process. The checks created for the creation of the temporary file will help for saving the error conditions like permissions or the full file system. The umask changes and the chmod usage will lead to the error or the race condition. Hence the mktemp utility uses the settings with reading or writes permissions for the owner. Linux Training in Chennai is the best training to understand the temporary files and directories.

Role of Linux in the big data analysis

The docker in the cloud environment uses Linux as the docker is used for Linux. To do the experiments in the cloud environment the knowledge of the docker or virtual machine or the other types of environment is essential. Linux made the process of deployment or running cluster as easy. Integration, visualization, data export and import, scalability and collaboration are some of the key points for using the right tool for the analysis part. The guide from the datamation provides the eight best tools for big data analysis. Join the Linux Training in Chennai to use multiple tools like big data tools.

Cloudera, Oracle analytics cloud, SAS software, Tableau, Splunk, Microsoft Power BI, Pentaho big data integration and analysis are the top services provided by the companies. The knowledge of Linux will help an individual to do the Linux administration for the structured and the unstructured data in the arena of the big data analysis. When the data is in the server learning Linux will help the individual to solve the complex problems. GIT the version control tool is also the command line tool and it provides the flexibility for the GUI based tool. Linux Course in Chennai at FITA is named as the best course as it offers training with all the required latest topics.


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