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Looking for the best AngularJS Training in Chennai? Learn Angular 4 or Angular 5 or Angular 6 from FITA a leading Angular Training Institute in Chennai offering industry oriented practical training by experienced UI developers. Call 93450 45466 for details on AngularJS Course. Courses on the latest version of Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 6 Training in Chennai are offered.

AngularJS is one of the most powerful and popular open-source Javascript framework currently available in the market. AngularJS is currently maintained and monitored by Google and the open- source AngularJS community. Though Angular was created in 2009, it has gained more popularity in the past few years. AngularJS Certification Training at FITA is conducted by Expert Trainers who come with many years of experience working on Javascript Frameworks like Angular. Learning AngularJS can be tough, that's why at FITA we make the learning process easy by having extensive hands-on sessions enabling the students to create end-to-end angular applications. As the Angular 4 training is delivered, students will be given numerous practical examples and case studies. Students will build a complete Angular 4 application as the course is being delivered by our expert trainers.

FITA is recommended as the Best Angular training institute in Chennai by Professionals and Students alike!

Angular 6 comes with a lot of major developments compared to the previous versions. Angular 6 Training in Chennai at FITA teaches you everything you need to master this open-source JavaScript framework with a focus on practical scenarios and creating real applications. At FITA, we teach you how to build scalable apps in Angular 6 following best practices we have learned from our vast experience working on client projects.

Why FITA For AngularJS Training In Chennai:

Trainers at FITA come with more than 12+ years of experience creating hundreds of robust web applications using advanced frameworks like Angular & React. Get the in-depth hands-on knowledge by learning from professionals from MNCs.
Rated as No 1 AngularJS Training Institutes in Chennai by Professionals & Students.
Choose Among a branch in Velachery, OMR or T Nagar or Anna Nagar or Tambaram to learn Angular and take up your career to next level.
In-depth Course Coverage covering topics on Performance Optimization, Testing Angular Apps and Security.
Complimentary JavaScript Training.
Placement Opportunities after the course.

AngularJS And Related Technologies

Understanding the Javascript programming is very helpful to explore the knowledge in front-end technologies.
Understand the PHP programming and web development after completing the training in AngularJS.
As a part of the course, the aspirants learn about the JQuery programming at FITA.
It is easy to understand the Node JS concepts with the guidance of AngularJS experts.
Perl scripting is a part of the Angular JS course.
AngularJS and ReactJS both are concurrently popular technologies. So, learning AngularJS and ReactJS strengthen the knowledge of Javascript programming.

Who Can Learn AngularJS Training In Chennai:

Web Designers or Web Developers or Anyone who is looking to jumpstart their Career in Angular can take up AngularJS Training

Other top Javascript frameworks in the market are ReactJS, Knockout and Ember. If you are looking to take up Angular 6 or AngularJS 7 Training in Chennai, walk-in to one of the FITA branches to understand what course will be more suitable for you.

Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 6 are completely different from AngularJS 1.X and there is a huge upsurge in the demand for Angular 2 and Angular 4 Developers in the market. NOW is the good time to learn Angular. If you are already familiar with Javascript, you can directly start with Angular 4 training without taking up AngularJS Training in Chennai. If you are looking for Angular Certification in Chennai, talk to our trainer to understand the opportunities after taking up the Angular Certification in Chennai with FITA.

The different roles which Angular JS developers search after completing the full-fledged training are the web developer, web app developer, UI developer, UI engineer, MVC web developer, front-end developer, front-end web developer, and javascript developer. The wide ranges of opportunities in the domestic and global front are comparatively high. Companies, where the Angular JS is used, are Teradyne, clientsolv technologies, loot crate, unity technologies, major league gaming, Sogeti, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Elance, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Randstad India Ltd, iGate Global Solutions, Wipro, and Capgemini.

Angular Course Syllabus:


Introduction to Javascript
Control Structures
Loops in Javascript
Operators in Javascript
Handling functions
Objects and Functions in Javascript
Javascript DOM
Javascript Events and Event Handling


Angular Advantages
Opportunities for Angular
Angular Versions
AngularJS to Angular 6
Semantic Versioning


Understanding TypeScript
Basic Types
Working with Variables
Working with Arrays
Working with Classes
Working with Objects
Working with Interfaces
Working with Constructors
Type Definitions
Compiling TypeScript


Understanding Let and Const
Working with Template Strings
Mastering Lambda Functions
Working with Generics
Working with Modules


Node / NPM
Module Bundler (Webpack)
Code Linting
Test Setup
Application File Structure
Code Editors


Why and when to use Modules
Understanding NgModule
Working with Declarations in Modules
Using Providers
Managing Imports
How to use Bootstrapping
The Core Module
Shared Modules


Introduction to Components
Working with Component Architecture Patterns
Decorator Metadata
State & Behaviour in Angular
Inputs and Outputs


Inline vs External
Mastering Template Expressions
Data Bindings
Data Bindings Syntax
Working with Data & Event Bindings
Working with Built-in Structural Directives
Working with Built-in Attribute Directives


Directives Overview
Types of Directive
Create your own Attribute Directive
Writing Attribute Directive Code
Respond to User Initiated Events
Pass values into the directive with an @Input data binding
Binding to an @Input property
Bind to an @Inputalias
Write a harness to try it
Create your own Structural Directive
NgIf case study
Inside *ngFor
Inside NgSwitch directives
The <ng-template>
Working with <ng-container>
TemplateRef and ViewContainerRef


Using pipes
Built-in pipes
Parameterizing a pipe
Chaining pipes
Custom pipes
The Pipe Transform interface
Power Boost Calculator
Pipes and change detection
Pure and impure pipes
Next steps


Getting familiar with Services
Building a Service
Getting familiar with Dependency Injection
Working with Injectors
Working with Providers
Registering Providers with real time examples


Understanding Component LifeCycle
Using ngOnInit
All lifecycle Hooks
Understanding Change Detection
Working with Zone.js


The Component Router
Defining Routes
Working with Navigation
Understanding Route Params
Child Routes
Route Guards
Route Resolves


Introduction to forms
Overview of Template-driven forms
Understanding Validations
Introduction to ‘Reactive’ forms
Form Group & Form Control Class
Validators Class


Introduction to Async
Working with Observables
Async Pipes
Handling HTTP Request / Response
Headers & Request Settings
Providing HTTP


Introduction to Angular Styling
Using Component Styling
Style Scope
Shadow DOM
Loading Component Styles


Introduction to Animations
Animations Setup
Understanding States & Transitions
Entering and Leaving from States
Animatable Units
Automatic property calculation
Understanding Animation Timing
Multistep Animation using Keyframes


Introduction to Testing
Unit Testing
E2E Testing & Protractor
Setup Jasmine Framework
Component Test Basics
Component Test Scenarios


Importance of Security
Security in Angular
Sanitize the Dangerous Values
Trusting Values
Cross-site Request Forgery
Pre-compiled and runtime
Using ng2-Translate


Change Detection Strategy
Running outside the Zone
Production Mode
Understanding Web Workers
Precompiling (AoT)
Lazy Loading
Deployment Best Practices

Angular Jobs In Chennai – What To Expect:

Looking for Angular Jobs in Chennai? Check if you are strong in the below areas before you look for Angular openings in Chennai.

Good working knowledge in Angular 4 or Angular 5
Strong knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Experience in NodeJS would be an added Advantage
Professional Attitude and precise communication skills
Experience in creating re-usable code
Experience in Unit Testing the Angular Applications
Experience in testing using Karma
Experience in working on Securing the applications
Ability to provide SEO solutions to single page applications would be an added advantage
Good knowledge in Web Forms and Web APIs
Good programming knowledge in Java or Dot Net or PHP would be an added advantage

AngularJs Industry Updates

AngularJS trendsetter of the year

The trends in the IT sector keeps on changing due to its continuous evolution. Thus, it is crucial to be updated and evolve along with the trends. The demand for AngularJS is on an upsurge in recent years.

It is based on JavaScript and is preferred over PHP due to some of the advantages mentioned below:

Server-side scripting
User experience is static
Back-end codes are dependent

The clients prefer the usage of AngularJS as it completes the work at a faster rate. It is late in 2016, the release of AngularJS 1.6 happened which was a game changer and got a complete attention. In addition, the latest release is AngularJS 1.7 for gaining the attention, which was on Angular 6. There is always a healthy competition prevailing between Angular and AngularJS in the market, which enhances the technology further in a short span of time.

This latest release, which was launched on 30th June 2018 will only get minor patch work done on its upcoming releases such as AngularJS 1.7.1 or AngularJS 1.7.2. Thus, joining our AngularJS Training in Chennai will really be beneficial for you.

Angular 7 optimizes security and performance

The Angular JS has evolved from angular 1 version to angular 6 versions. The dynamic aspect with the front end development demands for the frequency in the advancements. Patch release for every week and major release for every 6 months period is planned by the giant producers of Angular JS. Angular 1 is written in JavaScript whereas angular 2 are written in typescript to handle the major concerns with the angular JS 1. The compiler in the Angular 2 works well with the code, output and the java virtual machine to improve the performance. The new addition in Angular 4 is it is easy to create HTTP request with the help of the library. Angular 5 is focused towards the development of the progressive web apps. Dependency injection is the concept in the Angular JS which makes the platform as flexible and popular over the other front end technologies. Join the Angular 8 Certification to get noticed through knowledge in the highly competitive job market.

Angular 6 from the Google brought changes in the NG update, Angular Material, Animations performance improvements, CDK component, NG add, CLI workspaces and the other angular elements. It is time to know the angular 7 with its changes and advancements. Let us deep dive in to the topic and know about the new features. Angular JS Course in Chennai is the best course for the candidates with interest in designing and front end management.


The CLI prompts are otherwise called as schematics prompts. The automatic updating in the previous version is controlled in this version. When creating a new component for the web page or new project for the application or creating a library for the third party then the dynamic aspects are not handled by default rather it is handled by a set of questions in between the user and the CLI. CLI is not for adding the functions but it is for the interface to bring the changes in to the page. These prompts are easily added to the schematics used for the project. This new feature has to be added to the Angular Console, IDE for the making the job of developer still more easy. This new option is used when the developers use the commands like angular NG-new, angular/material and NG-add which support for the routing operations. Search for the best Angular JS Training Institute in Chennai and your search will thrust you to different names which end with FITA Institute.


CDK is the improvement in the development and in the Angular 7 version the advancements are focused to development than to designing. Data management for large list, scroll the virtual things, refresh the data, load the dynamic aspects, some of the parts of DOM are not loaded in the application are the enhancements in the data management or content development of the angular JS. Angular 2 Training in Chennai with typescript is designed with hi-tech trainers and detailed syllabus to benefit the students Angular deals with the web elements or components and angular material deals with the UI component or the designing part in the web application. The portability with the browser and the independent nature of the devices are taken in to account in the Angular material. Raise an enquiry at FITA to know about the Angular JS Course Fees and the career guidance which is focused towards the potential growth of every student.

Scroll performance

Virtual scrolling is for the display of elements needed for the user. For instance, if there is huge element to display then the virtual scroll will take the viewport of the user and display accordingly. Ripple is the button which takes the user to the contact details or gives feed back to the user regarding the receipt of the element. It creates ripples to give visual experience to the user. To monitor the text and text inputs in the page the text field option is used. With this option the usage of the auto fill forms by the user is clearly analyzed in the angular JS. Angular JS Course is the best training to dream high and attain great heights in the career.

Drag then drop

The animations, list items transferring elements from the lists, place holders, and previews are easily used with the drag and drop interface option in the new version. If the users search for different items then it is relocated with this option.

Thus Angular has been added many new features to improve the design and the performance with dynamic aspect. Join the Angular JS Course in Chennai at FITA to hold a noble profession with adequate insight in to the technology which fascinates tech savvy people.

AngularJS Tutorial

Angular consist of three important release namely Angular1, Angular2 and Angular4. The first and foremost version is also referred as AngularJS. There is not much difference between Angular 2 and Angular 4. For more clarification in this topic get yourself enrolled in our AngularJS Training in Chennai at FITA.

Why to prefer Angular4 to Angular3?

For every technology, there might be some issue with the previous version and in order to fix this a revised version is launched into the market. It is the same case with Angular technology, which has its version updated from time to time. Angular is developed and managed by Google with the help of developers.

At the beginning, the platform was established on JavaScript during its first release and later on moved to TypeScript for its later versions, due to its more critical features. It can also be said that Angular is a on a whole rewrite version of AngularJS that was created by the same team.

In the month of March, 2017 the team of Angular launched its next version named as Angular 4 and it was after Angular 2. The version 3 was jump over due to constant prevalence of confusion with router package.

Latest features in Angular 4

It is always evident that there are many new features added to Angular 4, which makes it more efficient than the previous versions. AngularJS Course in Chennai will make you get ahead in this field. The features included in Angular 4 are:

Angular Universal

It is a library that enables the creation of Universal apps much easier, which was introduced in Angular 2 because of contributing towards any virtual DOM from server requests. This was managed as an independent matter under the Angular 2. However, in Angular 4 it is considered as a part of Angular module.

Animation package

The contribution of animation in Angular is immense. When it comes to the comparison of its usage in both Angular 2 and 4, it was provided in Angular module for the first one and for the latter it is considered as an independent one, which means for Angular 2 the code is present within the application whereas it has to be imported for Angular 4.

Template changes

There may be many improvisation included in Angular 4 and template in the foremost thing. The template tag is depreciated into a new tag “ng-template”, in order to reduce the occurrence of confusion. Then comes the usage of “else” with “nglf” which is the latest development in the version 4 of angular.

Performance speed

Speed is always considered as a point of significance for any technology. Angular 4 is appropriate with its speed along with performance and the key reason behind this is View Engine.

The Angular team has done tremendous work in order to make the View Engine better in every aspect, which produces minimal code for the compilations of AoT along with the reduction in the size of application naturally without any compromise with the performance, which ultimately increases the speed of application to a greater extent.

Module-ID Removed:

There is a new addition of SystemJS plugin, which enables manual writing in module-id for the version 4 of Angular.


When the process of development is considered it is closely associated with components in Angular 4. They are nothing but classes for commencing the interaction with .html files that is displayed on browser. If you look into the file structure in components they consist of app and are listed below:



Module is nothing but working in order to group directives, components, pipes along with the services available that are connected, so that they can be combined with additional modules for the creation of an application.

The other important factor in Angular modules are class. The various methods present can be classified into either private or public methods. These public methods are considered as the API for building up the interaction with the rest of the part of code whereas in the private method details of implementation are kept secluded.

It is possible for module to either hide or even export the various components or pipes in order to make them available for other elements. AngularJS Training will definitely aid you to get ahead in your career.

Data binding

It is considered as the basis concept included in the Angular technique. It is very crucial as it helps in the establishing the communication amidst component and DOM. Thus, this concept occurs very simple in an overall manner.

This has a very long journey starting from the AngularJS, then Angular 2 to till Angular 4.

Event binding

Event is created only when the user is interacting with any application, which can be in form of mouse click, keyboard movement or even mouse hover. They are very crucial to be managed in order to perform certain actions.

It is a type of data binding in which information is sent to component class from view. It is completely different from the property binding. There is a lot of scope for candidates trained in Angular Training in Chennai in the market.


In Angular4 the template <ng-template> is most commonly used as tag rather than deploying of <template>, which is made use in Angular 2. Every modification has a reason behind it and for the change in the template is due to arise of the conflict among html and normal template tag name.


They are part of js class, and are declared as directive. The important directives included in Angular are enlisted below:

Component directives- They consist of the important form.

Attribute directives- They are deployed for the entire modification of the DOM element.

Structural directives- They deal with the manipulation of the various DOM elements.


In earlier period pipes were known as filters. After the evolution of Angular 2 and 4 they are renamed as pipes. This makes use of ‘|’ symbol for the separation of input data that can be string, date, array or even integers and is displayed in the browser. AngularJS Certification Training will get you the in-depth knowledge in this subject.

There are few pipes that are built-in pipes enlisted below:



Routing is nothing but the process of navigation amidst pages. The pages that are said here will occur as components.


At times it is necessary for the user to use the same code in various places on the same page. This can be deployed for data connection that are to be shared across various components.

Http Service

This enables the user in fetching external data, which can be done by importing http module.


Forms are classified as:

Template Driven Form- With the deployment of template driven form, work is accomplished in the format of template.

Model driven form- In this unlike template driven form work is done in component class.


Animations accomplishes the interaction between various html elements, which is also accessible with Angular2.


This offer many built-in modules for various project featuring grids, autocomplete, date picker, toolbar, menus, and slider are accessible for its use with the materials in Angular 4.

In order to make use of materials, it is necessary to import package. Angular 2 consists of all the above features but they are present as a part of @angular/core module.


CLI has made it simple for the user to initiate Angular project. It consists of several commands, which aids the user in creating any project in a faster pace. Few commands associated with them are:

ng new
ng generate
ng serve

If you wish to learn AngularJS, then join our AngularJS Training in Chennaiat FITA.

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  • AngularJS Training Course at FITA is designed & conducted by AngularJS Training experts with 12+ years of experience in UI developers domain
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We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for AngularJS experts. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

You can contact our support number at 93450 45466 or directly walkin to one of the FITA branches in Chennai or Coimbatore

The syllabus and teaching methodology is standardized across all our branches in Chennai. We also have a FITA branch in Coimbatore. However, the batch timings may differ according to the type of students who present themselves.

We are proud to state that in the last 7+ years of our operations we have trained over 20,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training.

We at FITA believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each AngularJS Training batch to 5 or 6 members.

Our AngularJS Training faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in the field handing real-life scenario and completing mega real-time projects in related areas like NodeJS & ReactJS in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the AngularJS Training industry.

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in AngularJS Training. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.


FITA offers the best AngularJS Training in Chennai along with specialist guidance. Visit FITA Academy and gain the required skill in order to become a successful professional. We are located at T-Nagar, OMR, Tambaram and Velachery in Chennai nearby you.

Angular JS is the highly demanded language among the front end technologies in the job industry as of the recent projects in the software industry. After completing the course learn the interview questions or the handout material to hone the skills and prepare for the interviews with high confidence. Join the AngularJS Training at FITA to become an constant learner and professional expert.

  1. List out the difference between angularjs and angular2?

MVC architecture is used in both Angular js and Angular 2. Angular js needs java script and angular 2 need typescript which is a superset of the java script. For the angular js controllers are used to control the logic and interact whereas components are used in Angular 2 to control. Angular 2 is used for the mobile application with react native as well as interactive. Angular js is easy to install with the help of the library whereas angular 2 is dependent on other modules and packages. Angular 2 is little difficult to install. The angular 2 use bootstrap method to bootstrap the application. Join the Angular JS Course in Chennai where the industry experts are contributing their knowledge to shape the professionals.

  1. What do you understand by the term Angular js?

To provide the rich and extensible web applications angular js is used and it is based out of java script. Javascript and HTML are the two technical backings used for the platform angular JS. This platform works well for the single page applications. The java script objects and HTML UI elements are bonded together in the angular js programming. Join the Angular JS Training Institute in Chennai to highlight the bio-data among the highly competitive professionals in the industry.

  1. Describe the architecture of Angular JS?

Angular JS consists of three components the template which is called as view, the scope which is named as the model and the controller which is named as the controller. Angular JS binds the data to the HTML and extends the directives with HTML attributes. For binding and directing it follows the MVC architecture. Angular Training in Chennai postulates the need for the learning in the software industry and provides the constant learning environment for the students and professionals.

  1. Describe the template of angular JS?

Angular js is just like the HTML page and the static in nature. The template of the angular js contains an additional template to inject the customized user experience.

  1. Explain the scope of Angular JS?

Scope is otherwise the model of the application which contains the data to present to the user. This scope consists of the data and function which the user operates for getting the information or personal information. Angular 2 Training in Chennai will place the students in the reputed big corporations and bridge the gap between employment and unemployment.

  1. Explain the controller in Angular JS?

The empty scope object is the parameter for the fields and it adds this to the fields and functions for the control. This control part is exposed to the user through the view option.

  1. What are directives in Angular JS?

The directives of Angular js consist of the prefix ng. Join the Angular JS Training in Chennai for the comprehensive knowledge in to the concepts of the Angular JS.

  1. Explain Directives in Angular Js?

Angular directives are extended HTML attributes with the prefix ng-app. The root element of the application is called as directives which are used to flag the HTML element. The custom attributes are done with the spinal case whereas the corresponding directives are done with the camel case. The HTML controls such as the input, select and text area are directed towards the ng-model. The changes in the scope are reflected in the view and the changes in the view are reflected in the scope. The ng bind is the modal data to the HTML view.

  1. Name some of the tools which are used for the testing of the angular js?

Karma, jasmine and angular mocks are some of the tools used for the testing in the angular js.

  1. Explain in detail about the tools for testing Angular JS applications?

Testing the web application particularly with angular js application made the testing easy with karma, jasmine and angular mocks. Karma loads the source code of the application through web server and then executes the tests. The application works on all types of browsers and karma is used to configure with a number of browsers for testing. Command line is used to run the test and then display the results on the browser. The full installation is available on the karma website and it is a node js application. Karma can be installed through NPM or YARN. Jasmine is also based out of java script and it is the most popular choice for testing as it is behavior driven development framework. AngularJS Course in Chennaiwidens the job opportunity and help the students to get a good advancement in the career.

Jasmine is perfect for doing the structuring part and documentation part which is essential process in the testing process. There are so many types of assertions in Testing and jasmine is the right tool to do the multiple numbers of matches for the assertions. Karma-jasmine test runner is used if there is necessity to use both the type of testing tool. ngMock module is used to do the mock test. During unit test the mock tests are injected using the mock Angular JS services. The test synchronous is easy to work and the most useful function in the ngMock is $httpBackend. The $httpBackend lets the mock XHR requests in tests and return the sample data.

  1. Explain the methods followed to share the data between controllers in Angular JS?

Services are used to share the data in the angular JS. These services are the easiest, fastest and cleaner way to share the data between the controllers in Angular JS.

  1. Explain the Angular JS digest cycle?

For binding the data Angular JS digest cycle is used. To trigger the data cycle manually the $apply() is used. The old and new version of the scope model values are compared and then triggered in the Angular JS digest cycle.

  1. Explain the term internationalization in Angular JS?

Internationalization is used in the Angular js to provide the multilingual language websites. To localize or to internationalize specific information in a website internationalization is used. Angular JS Training Institute in Chennai provides the courses for the fresher and experienced.

  1. What are the differences in the Java script expressions and angular js expressions?

The angular JS and java script expressions contain literals, operators and variables. HTML is used only in the Angular JS and it is not used in Java script expressions. The support conditionals, loops, and exceptions are available in the java script expressions where as it is not available in the angular js. Java script expressions do not support the angular js expressions which Angular JS expressions support filters.

  1. What are the basic steps to create Angular App?

The process involved in creating an angular app is creating an angular module, allocate controller to the created module, link the module and the ng-app using HTML, and link the controller and the ng-controller directive with the help of HTML. Angular JS Course in Chennai creates the professionals needed for the industry with curated knowledge to excel in the industry.

  1. Describe Angular modules?

The codes in the angular application are written in the Angular modules. The dependencies of the app are defined in the modules and writing modules make our code maintainable, testable and readable. Join the Angular JS Course at FITA and enrich your knowledge with the practical oriented training.

  1. What do you infer by $route provider in Angular JS?

Inside the Angular JS application the $route provider helps to configure the roots with in an application. The URL, HTML page and controller is used to connect using the $route provider.

  1. Explain the process of dependency injection in Angular JS?

Instead of hard coding, angular JS was designed to highlight the power of dependency injection and the components are given the dependencies instead of hardcoding. In angular js the values, factories, services, providers and constants are injected.

  1. Differentiate the link and compile in Angular JS?

The compile function is used to template the DOM manipulation and gathers all the directives whereas the link function is used to register DOM listeners and manipulate the DOM. Join the Angular Training in Chennaito get placed in the top companies.

  1. Explain the method to enable the cache in Angular 1.x?

By setting the config.cache value the caching enabled in the angular 1.x. The other ways to enable the cache are to set the default cache value to TRUE and to catch a cache object which is create with the $cache factory. If all the response is needed then the cache value is TRUE. If the cache is for specific purpose then config.cache is set as value with TRUE. Angular Training in Chennai is the best training for the beginners.

  1. Describe the methods to start and end symbols in Angular JS expressions?

To change start and to end symbols in angular JS expressions the $interpolate provider in the config is passed. Join the Angular 2 Training in Chennai which understands the industry needs and prepare the students with practical knowledge which match the industry standards.

  1. Explain the method to validate an URL with Angular JS?

For validating the URL in Angular JS the regex is directly added to ng pattern as attribute.

  1. Explain the transclusion in Angular JS?

Inside a new template to move the original children of a directive to a specified location the transclusion is used. The insertion point is marked by the ng-directives and the parent directive uses the transclusion. The slot attribute directive ng-transclude is used for the transclusion.

  1. Mention the methods used with $http services?

HEAD, POST, Delete, Get, options, connect, etc are some of the methods in $http services

  1. What do you infer by .config() and run() in Angular JS?

To add the configuration blocks on the module the .config() is used and to add the run blocks on the module the .run() is used.

  1. Explain the two methods used to mock the service in Angular JS?

By implementing a mock service using the $ provide and by getting an instance of actual service using an inject block the service can be mocked in the Angular JS application. It is the most common type of dependency in Angular JS. Angular JS Course in Chennai offers the best tailored course for the experts and beginners.

  1. Describe the method to implement caching in angular 1.x?

The cache stores and retrieves data and is primarily used by $templaterequest. The cache object is used to implement the cache and the script directive is to cache the templates.

Date Posted

Job Title

UI and Front end Developer


This role is for the client of creative hands HR consultancy and the desired candidate should have 3 to 6 years of experience in Angular 2 and 4. This responsibility consists of taking care of java script development.

Job Description

The candidate should join within 15 days of notice period. Knowledge in node JS, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, is essential for the candidate.

Company Name

Creative Hands HR Consultancy


Chennai, Vellore, Pondicherry

Contact Details

Contact Varsha 6379415284

Date of Interview

Send bio-data to and then wait for the interview schedule from the Company.

JavaScript is the legendary technology, which is transformed into J query and now the same tasks are completed by the AngularJS framework. Companies which impose various functions in the front end technology and on the dynamic nature emphasize on the company profile, competitive analysis, lead generation, business intelligence, analytics, and e-commerce data. Thus to handle such processes AngularJS professionals are trained with detailed AngularJS Training in Chennai with a reputed Training center like FITA. The development of websites and mobile application are handled in a professional way with AngularJS knowledge.

If you analyze the question that what are the frameworks that are used for web development the answer goes with PHP, AngularJS, ruby on rails, Laravel, and Django. PHP is used for the back end optimization and AngularJS is used for the client side scripting. The interactive single page application with less usage of JavaScript is possible with the usage of the ravishing AngularJS.

Most of the giant companies are using AngularJS technology or similar front end technologies. The renowned social media Facebook uses React JS and Twitter uses the Bootstrap for the front end management. JavaScript is taught as part of the syllabus in AngularJS Training and those who learn angularJS can easily understand the systems like Node JS, React JS, and backbone with self-learning.

The versions of AngularJS start from 1 to 7 and Angular 7 is the latest version with advancements. Each version is bringing in so many changes in the web development with proximity to the earlier versions. MVC, Data binding, routing, cache data offline, connectivity status etc. is the advancements in the first version to the seventh version. AngularJS Course in Chennai provides the latest version with a focus on the real-time challenges in the industry.

Those who know angular can easily learn the ionic framework which is used for mobile development. After its notable revisions in the web development, mobile development and testing AngularJS is widening its wings into the IOT technology. So, learning AngularJS is the wise choice to enter into a big arena of blooming technologies. Professionals with AngularJS knowledge can work with upfront technologies like web development, mobile development, testing, and IOT. The usage is wide and so as the training is at AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai at FITA. We as a pioneer in providing the training in the emerging technologies feel immense happiness in shaping the master brains which are needed for the corporate industry.