Hadoop Administration Training in Chennai

Hadoop Admin Training in Chennai

FITA provides Instructor led classes on Hadoop Administrator Training in Chennai. This Administration course certification planned for DBA’s, Linux Admins, System Administrators and Software Engineers responsible for maintaining and managing Hadoop Cluster’s. Our Training program has designed to give you knowledge to become a successful Hadoop Administrator. This Hadoop Admin Training in Chennai will help candidates to understand the Hadoop File system, Storage Management, creation and Management of Hadoop cluster.

Our Hadoop Administrator Course program covers the entire tools which are useful for attaining Hadoop Admin Certification. Individuals can easily learn the required concepts to introduce Hadoop into a business and you will learn from the configuration and installation to load balancing and modification to solving and identifying problems in the deployment.

Who can learn Hadoop Administration?

This Cloudera Hadoop Administration program is best suited for Database Administrator, IT managers, Operation systems Linux/Windows/UNIX administrators with best understanding of Linux commands and systems administrators. No prerequisite of Apache Hadoop is needed for students to learn Hadoop Admin Course in Chennai.

What you learn from Hadoop Administration?

Hadoop Admin Course at FITA will cover the concepts of Apache Hadoop and Hadoop Cluster. Trainees will learn how to deploy, configure, manage, monitor and secure a Hadoop Cluster. In-depth focus will be given to troubleshooting based on trainer’s vast experience in Hadoop Administration.

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

Different types of Data
Opportunities and Challenges in Big Data
Big Data Applications in major Domains
Hadoop Ecosystem
Different Hadoop flavors

Hadoop Installation & Configuration

Hadoop Installation pre-requisites
Linux Ubuntu Installation
Single Node Vs Multi-node
Single Node Cluster Setup
Multi-node cluster Setup

Hadoop Cluster

Planning a Hadoop Cluster
Hadoop Cluster Architecture
Workflow of Hadoop Cluster
Configuring Name Node, Master and Slave
Cluster Management Commands

HDFS Admin Operations

HDFS Architecture
NameNode, Secondary NameNode, HA Standby NameNode, DataNode
Horizontal scaling, replication, data locality and rack awareness in HDFS
HDFS Storage – Adding storage and replacing defective drives
HDFS Read & Writes
HDFS User and Admin Commands


Sqoop Installation
Configuring Sqoop
Importing Data from Database
Sqoop Commands

MapReduce Admin Operations

MapReduce Framework
Map and Reduce
Failure and Recovery in MapReduce
Job config & schedulers
Optimizing MapReduce
MapReduce cluster loads
MapReduce best practices for Administrators
Why YARN & YARN Architecture
YARN Daemons
YARN Installation & Configuration

Hive and Pig

Hive Architecture
Hive Installation & Configuration
Log files in Hive
Hive Configuration Variables
Pig Installation & Configuration

Advanced Administration Activities

Hardware monitoring
System software monitoring
Hadoop cluster monitoring
Adding and removing nodes in cluster
Cluster configuration tweaks
Upgrading Hadoop
Meta Data and Data Backup
Recovery and business continuity planning
Hardware Maintenance Plan & Schedule
Scheduling using Oozie
Securing Hadoop cluster using Kerberos

 If you want to go one step ahead in Hadoop Technology learn Big Data Administrator Training in Chennai at FITA academy. FITA provides the best Hadoop Admin Training in Chennai by experienced faculties which makes the students get more knowledge on the syllabus in depth.

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