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High Training and Affordable Training Courses by FITA in JavaScript Training in Chennai! Attend our JavaScript Class of limited batch size to focus on your learning! Enhance your knowledge with us for employability!

What Do You Learn As A JavaScript Developer?

Create existing JavaScript skills. Learn how to code with more efficient and manageable. You will come to know through our practise sessions. Our instructors will clearly illustrate, to teach the core concept and technique. Gain concrete understanding of JavaScript concepts such as Dependency Injection, Objects, Promises, Design Patterns and much more! FITA makes you familiar with the perspective of modern web application and how to write flexible coding.

JavaScript Course Outline

JavaScript Fundamentals

Types in JavaScript
Truthy vs. Falsey
Event Loop & Asynchronous JavaScript - Learn about async programming
concepts and why they matter.
Object Creation Patterns


Anonymous Functions
Function Declarations versus Function Expressions
Functions as Data

Functions As Data

Software Architecture best practices
Loose Coupling & Maintainability
Avoid collisions
SOLID principles
IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
The module pattern
Principles in modularity
Strict Mode
Inheritance in JavaScript

Design Patterns & Architecture

Dependency Injection
Prototype Pattern
Revealing Module Pattern
What are design patterns?

Functional Programming

Imperative vs. Functional Programming
Partial Applications
Higher Order Functions
Function Composition
Real world recursion

FUnit Testing

Testing using Karma
Continuous Integration with Travis
Test Driven Development
Test Frameworks (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit
E2E Testing using Nightwatch

JavaScript course fees in Chennai can offer you the best price for Java related courses.

Course Delivery Methods

FITA follow many ways of course delivery methods according to the convenience of students. We provide hands-on experience and workshop classes during the training. Our classes are live online courses which are taught by real-time professionals who work in MNCs. Here we are for nearly 5 years. Our tutors with more than 8+ years of experience! We fulfil your exceptional through our training programs!

Our JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai explores the language in detail to beef up & develop life-cycle and other cunning ways to improves your coding skills. Students need not worry about our training. Our experts will be there throughout the program for actively encouraging you with a lot of questions. Make training more relevant as possible. Learn and improve your coding ability with test-driven techniques and tools.

Why Students Prefer JavaScript Training In Chennai?

FITA offers live online, on-site and offsite JavaScript training in Chennai. Are you a novice or experienced JavaScript user? Join us for a variety of JavaScript Course in Chennai which can help you to utilize JavaScript more effectively. Our courses offer

Top-rated courseware with practice files to use during class
Our trainers offer post-class email support even after the completion of course
Hands-on Training assurance by professionals in live classrooms

Attend JavaScript Certification in Chennai to learn fundamental concepts of the language. Design, platform-independent and client-side solutions! It provides you with the power to add functionality, effects and animation to HTML pages, validate forms and communicate with servers.

FITA offers instructor-led JavaScript Training Classes in Chennai for JavaScript with jQuery.

Career Growth Of JavaScript Professionals

Javascript is the server-side programming language which makes the web sites as interactive, provides visual richness, and consists of appropriate frameworks like Angular JS, react JS, Node JS, Backbone JS and Ember JS for different purposes. Learning the basics and selecting the core from the personal interest of candidate help to love the job which they pursue after learning JavaScript Training in Chennai at FITA. Here we provide the list of the combinations which Javascript developers can try to maximize the job opportunities in the realm of technology.

Javascript professionals can become UI developers with knowledge of back end processes. The combinations of technologies like HTML, CSS, Jquery or Javascript will make an aspirant work with bootstrap and UI along with the back end process.
The JavaScript developers can transform them as single page developers with the help of the JavaScript Course in Chennai. The combination of knowledge into JavaScript with angular, react, Vue, backbone and Ember will help for understanding the frameworks and libraries related to the interactive websites.
To start the journey as a back end developer with Javascript knowledge the best choice is to learn Node JS. Node JS is the best choice to take up the tasks related to server-side programming.
Mean stack developer with knowledge of MVC framework.
Javascript candidates can proliferate with their skills by becoming a UI designer. Meteor is the solution for the UI with back end processes. Blaze, Angular JS, and React JS are the best courses to procure the knowledge and progress as a UI designer.
After the completion of the Course at JavaScript Training Institute in Chennaiif the candidates have a passion towards the mobile development then there are a wide range of demand for the mobile development with Ionic, react native and phone gap.

Future of Javascript

Learning a basic level language and selecting the technologies appropriate to the basic language is the practice followed by the developers for a long time. Java is the basic skill to get into android development, Selenium testing, Angular JS, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data and blockchain. JavaScript Training Center in Chennai will personalize the skills of the candidate and make them industry ready professionals to face the high competition. Dot net is the basic skill to step into technologies which support the front end technologies. Dot net professional can learn JavaScript with C# language, Angular JS with bootstrap, Azure, learn the debugging part with tools like Firebug and fiddler and can enter into the designing as web API design.

PHP developers can build their career with a blend of PHP towards front end and back end process if they learn frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, and Symfony. The content management systems used for the easy creation of interactive websites use PHP. PHP developers can transform themselves as Word press developers, Joomla developers, Magneto developers, Drupal developers and open cart developers. JavaScript Course Fees in Chennai is the investment with a projected future.

The future of Web development is mapped with javascript technology. More than 99 percent of web development has been supported by Javascript. JavaScript language is under the inspection by Google as the result for mobile accelerated pages from the JavaScript provides lacking performance. So, a new ES9 language is under production to support the web and mobile front end technology. Google’s research on JavaScript contributed to the node JS server-side language and now the research is prolonged with the ES9. ES9 will rule the web development as a part of Javascript. Join the JavaScript Training in Chennai at FITA to grow extensively with the aforesaid changes in the technology world.

Industrial Updates Of Javascript

JavaScript is the language with ECMA Script as the official name. This was invented by the Brendan Eich in the year 1995 and the following changes in the year 1997, 1998, 1999, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and proposed to release another one by 2019. Google Chrome, Safari 6 and IE 10 were the browsers which supported the JavaScript for the first time. ES8 is the new version of JavaScript and ES9 is the expected version of the JavaScript. Let us deep dive into the ES8 and follow the changes in the Javascript language. Join the JavaScript Training in Chennai at FITA to know the recent trends in the Javascript programming language.

Arrow functions, Classes, asynchronous functions, variable declaration and de-structuring are some of the functions which to keep updated with the latest version. Let us see the functions added to the ES8 and there are proposed functions to be added for the ES9 version.

Dealing with the objects

The method called object values will provide the enumerable property values, returns the array and it provides the same order as provided in the loop. The function is declared with the trivial declaration.

Descriptors of a specified object

The own properties of the descriptors are defined directly and not with the object’s prototype. The returned descriptor is enumerable, configurable, get, set, value and writable.

Dealing with commas

Function parameter has trailing comma and it is the ability to minimize the error if there is unwanted comma towards the end of the list. Join the best JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai to have a bright future in terms of knowledge and salary.

Async functions

Async function is used for the declaration of the asynchronous function. Asyn functions operate like the generators and used to return an object with async function. Translation of generator functions in case of an async function is not possible. Now we can handle the loop with await declaration.

Memory and atomics

The memory of the Javascript is used by the threads to read and write the data. Atomic is the concept which takes care of the operation and checks the operation before starting the next one. Static methods are integrated with the atomics. Atomics are not used as a constructor.

Regex changes

The Unicode character is used to search the properties. The two versions of the look behind assertions are positive and negative.

Rest operator

The rest operator is used to copy the unexplained properties. JavaScript Training Classes is conducted with one to one attention and real-time practice which makes the classes as the best classes.

Prototype called promise

If a catch is not used then the new call back will be executed. This is the function of the promising prototype.

Javascript is the latest technology for the designers, front end developers, and back end developers. JavaScript course fees spent with the institute is the affirmative value for the future salary as there will be potential growth to the student. Many technologies are integrated with the Javascript for the web development, mobile development and analysis of the business. Javascript optimizes the performance and renders the perfect result for the huge number of users of the application for the big branded companies. Learning Javascript is a wise decision to scale up the skills for future technologies.

Javascript Tutorial

Javascript is an interesting front end technology with vast demand on recent days due to specifications in the web development. After learning the JavaScript Training in Chennai the students have many types of open projects to check the power of the Javascript programming language. Many devices consist of a clock with its settings for these days and it can be taken as an example to use the technology. A clock can be integrated with the website you learn regularly. So, clocks, Maps, calculator and games are the best examples to get the desired results from the power of the technology. Let us see the step by step incremental tutorial with a comprehensive explanation to learn javascript language. Join the JavaScript Course in Chennai at FITA to enter into the new arena of training with comprehensive practical training.


JS shows the separation between the code and the HTML which improves the display and performance. The functions and events in the JS code are used when a particular event occurs. The functions and events are interrelated. JS is the language used in the web with HTML tag. The head and body of the HTML consist of the scripts. The head function operates when a button is clicked. For the body function if the scripts are placed towards the bottom then it will increase the speed of the website. The script makes the display slow if placed in the starting. FITA is the best institute for the JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai and produces high level performing students with effective training.


The references to the script are created with the path or the full URL. Inner HTML is used for access to the HTML element. The method document.write is used for checking purposes. If this is used it will delete the HTML and help for the testing purposes. The method of window.alert() is used in case of alerting the display data. Console.log() is used for data display with the debugging purpose. These are the ways followed to display effective data with the right timing and speed. JavaScript Classes in Chennai will take your knowledge to the next level and help for getting placed in the reputed company.


The components like values, expressions, operators, comments and keywords are explained in the statements. Semicolon helps to add multiple statements in one line and makes it executable. Multiple spaces are not allowed in case of coding but white space is allowed to make the web site as readable. The code lines more than 80 characters will show the less readability. So, the developers maintain the limit of 80 characters. To execute the elements together the code blocks are used which is represented by the curly brackets. In the Javascript functions, the statements are grouped to execute in groups. The keywords are used to perform the actions in the statements. Break, debugger, continue, function, for and switch are some of the examples of the keywords used in JavaScript. JavaScript Class at FITA will help for the in-depth knowledge with a real-time practical environment which helps for the future attainments of the students.


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