JavaScript Training in Chennai

JavaScript Training in Chennai

JavaScript TrainingHigh Training and Affordable Training Courses by FITA in JavaScript Training in Chennai! Attend our JavaScript Class of limited batch size to focus on your learning! Enhance your knowledge with us for employability!

What do you learn as a JavaScript Developer?

Create existing JavaScript skills. Learn how to code with more efficient and manageable. You will come to know through our practise sessions. Our instructors will clearly illustrate, to teach the core concept and technique. Gain concrete understanding of JavaScript concepts such as Dependency Injection, Objects, Promises, Design Patterns and much more! FITA makes you familiar with the perspective of modern web application and how to write flexible coding.

JavaScript Course Outline

JavaScript Fundamentals

Types in JavaScript
Truthy vs. Falsey
Event Loop & Asynchronous JavaScript – Learn about async programming
concepts and why they matter.
Object Creation Patterns


Anonymous Functions
Function Declarations versus Function Expressions
Functions as Data

Functions as Data

Software Architecture best practices

  • Loose Coupling & Maintainability
  • Avoid collisions
  • SOLID principles
  • DRY

IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)

  • The module pattern
  • Principles in modularity
  • Interfaces

Strict Mode
Inheritance in JavaScript

Design Patterns & Architecture

Dependency Injection
Prototype Pattern
Revealing Module Pattern
What are design patterns?

Functional Programming

Imperative vs. Functional Programming
Partial Applications
Higher Order Functions
Function Composition
Real world recursion

FUnit Testing

Testing using Karma
Continuous Integration with Travis
Test Driven Development
Test Frameworks (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit
E2E Testing using Nightwatch

JavaScript course fees in Chennai can offer you the best price for Java related courses.

Course Delivery Methods

FITA follow many ways of course delivery methods according to the convenience of students. We provide hands-on experience and workshop classes during the training.  Our classes are live online courses which are taught by real-time professionals who work in MNCs. Here we are for nearly 5 years. Our tutors with more than 8+ years of experience! We fulfil your exceptional through our training programs!

Our JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai explores the language in detail to beef up & develop life-cycle and other cunning ways to improves your coding skills. Students need not worry about our training. Our experts will be there throughout the program for actively encouraging you with a lot of questions. Make training more relevant as possible. Learn and improve your coding ability with test-driven techniques and tools.

Why students prefer JavaScript Training in Chennai?

FITA offers live online, on-site and offsite JavaScript training in Chennai. Are you a novice or experienced JavaScript user? Join us for a variety of JavaScript Course in Chennai which can help you to utilize JavaScript more effectively. Our courses offer

  • Top-rated courseware with practice files to use during class
  • Our trainers offer post-class email support even after the completion of course
  • Hands-on Training assurance by professionals in live classrooms

Attend JavaScript Certification in Chennai to learn fundamental concepts of the language. Design, platform-independent and client-side solutions! It provides you with the power to add functionality, effects and animation to HTML pages, validate forms and communicate with servers.

FITA offers instructor-led JavaScript Training Classes in Chennai for JavaScript with jQuery.

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