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Informatica MDM Training in Chennai at FITA will enable you to Develop, Test and Monitor critical data processing using automated, scalable and auditable approach. Course will start with the fundamentals of Informatica MDM and later deep dive into advanced concepts like Service Integration Framework, Message Queue and Informatica Data Director. Informatica Training will be handled by real-time Informatica MDM working professionals with 12+ years of Datawarehouse expertise.

Master data management also popularly called as MDM is one single master reference source for all critical business data, leading to lesser errors and almost zero redundancy in business processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Informatica MDM?

Since there is just one reference of the critical information, companies save huge money by avoiding redundant data that usually occurs when there are multiple data sources. For example, MDM will ensure that when a customer's contact information changes, the organization will not unnecessarily attempt sales or marketing outreach using both the old and new information. Having multiple data sources is a bigger problem in many companies and the costs associated with it can be very high.

Informatica Mdm Course In Chennai Agenda

Module 1: Informatica Mdm Overview

Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)
Understanding Master Reference Data
Core Components of MDM Hub
Application Server Tier and Database Server Tier
Batch Data Process Flow
Trust Framework
Consolidation Flag

Module 2: Mastering Data Models And Lookups In Mdm

Data Mode Elements
Understanding Data Models
Relationships and Relationship Types
Global Business Identifier (GBID)

Module 3: Configuring Stage Process In Mdm

Learn Basic Mappings
Cleansing and Transforming Data
Testing your Mappings
Performing External Data Cleansing
Rejects in Informatica
High-Level Stage Process Flow
Working on Complex Mappings
Execution Component
Reusable Cleanse Components
Delta Detection & Audit Trail
Cleanse Match Servers
Detailed Stage Process Flow

Module 4: Configuring Load Process In Mdm

Trust & Validation Rules
Allow NULL Update
Performing the Load process
Perform Cell Level Update
Allow NULL Foreign Key

Module 5: Configuring Merge Process In Mdm

Understanding Match & Merge
Match/Search Strategy for Base Object
Match Path, Columns and Match Key
Primary Key Match Rules
Match Keys Distribution
Match/ Merge Properties: Merge Style Base Object
Match Server Architecture
Configuring Rules
How to work on Population
Match Rules and Rule Sets
Match Rules using Primary Key Match
Working with Merge Settings
Working with External Match

Module 6: Configuring Data Access In Mdm

Understanding Queries & Packages
How to use Package
How to use Query

Module 7: Working With Batch Processes

Batch Viewer
Executing Stored Procedures
Job Status & Job Statistics
Batch Group
Scheduling Considerations

Module 8: Data Management Tools

Data Stewardship
Data Manager
Merge Manager
Unmerge and Tree Unmerge

Modul 9: Handling User Exits

Working with User Object and Registry Tool
Working with User Exits in the STAGE, LOAD, MATCH, MERGE and UNMERGE Process
Working with User Exits in Java

Module 10: Mastering Log Files

Importance of Log files
Enterprise Manager
Hub Server Tab
Cleanse Servers Tab
Environment Report Tab
ORS Databases Tab
Types of Log files:
Application Server
Cleanse/ Match Server
Console Log

Module 11: Hierarchy Management In Mdm

Entities & Entity Types
Relation ships
Importance of Hierarchy Management

Module 12: Security Access Manager (Sam)

Users, Resources, Privileges & Roles
Resource Groups

Module 13: Services Integration Framework (Sif)

Introduction to Siperian SIF
SIF Features & Benefits
Interacting with SIF
SIF Request Object with Examples
About Record
ORS Specific APIs
SIF Framework
SIF & Integration
SIF Architecture & Protocols
Processing Responses
SIF APIs with Examples
Introduction to SIF Manager

Module 14: Informatica Data Director

Informatica Data Director Configuration
Data Model Elements
Subject Area and its Groups
Application Validation
Match Paths
Create, Manage, Consume and Monitor
Configuration File
Importing an Application
Resources and Privileges

Module 15: Message Queue

Introduction to Message Queues
Creating a Message Queue in Application server
Configure the MRM to the Queue
Publish Message to the Queues
Mastering Message Queues
Test the Queue
Checking Message Queue count in App server

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