Web Designing Course in Chennai

Web Designing Course in Chennai

Web Designing Course in ChennaiLearn Web Designing Course in Chennai from the Web Design and Development Experts at FITA.

In the current age of the internet, every company needs websites to reach their customers. More and more web applications are developed using programming languages like PHP. Programming languages like PHP support complex design and architecture like Facebook. In Web Design industry, the standards and architecture change frequently which is why you should attend Web Design Training at an institute where real time professionals teach. Web designing training in Chennai at FITA includes designing using Photoshop and programming using a combination of programming and markup languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and MySQL.

Why students prefer FITA Web Designing Course?

FITA offers services for web designing related programs. We provide our immensive graduates with 100% Placement assistance, training, and opportunities that improve knowledge and skills. We give you training based on current industry standards. Building a strong portfolio with highly built resume for Web Designing Training. FITA academy the leading Website Designing Training Institute in Chennai offers classroom sessions which are fully based on practical session.

We have made multiple batches with limited students so that the tutor can keep an eye on individual attention to every student. FITA sessions are more interactive and well structured seeking to the convenience of our students. Our experts of FITA are high-level graduates who work in top MNCs. One to one classroom session is also conducted for the sake of students. FITA trainers are dynamic and have good command in communication which helps to deliver the best methodologies in our Web Designing Course in Chennai.

High level Web Design Training Course Syllabus


HTML is an acronym for hyper text mark up language which is a major mark up language to create web pages. HTML is easy to learn and it can run on any browser. Websites created in HTML are search engine friendly and loads faster than a site created in CMS. There are many advantages of HTML and getting your self familiar in HTML is key.

HTML Syllabus

Introduction to HTML
Structural Elements and Attributes
Working with Layouts
Formatting HTML documents
Linking Web Pages
Special effects
Managing forms


HTML5 is the new standard for web development and it has many advantages over the traditional HTML. With the increasing penetration of mobiles for accessing internet, HTML5 bridges the gap between desktop and mobile.

HTML5 Syllabus

Overview of HTML5
HTML5 Components
Animation using HTML5


CSS is cascading Style sheet which is used to change the text appearance and layout in the web pages during website designing. It is written in mark up language which decides the style of the web pages that are inscribed using HTML and XHTML. It changes the colours, fonts, layout in web pages but the language can contain any type of XML document which includes plain xml file, SVG and XUL.

CSS Syllabus

Introduction to CSS
Inheritance and cascading order
Exploring CSS class and ID attributes
Block eleven elements
Various types of styles sheets
Formatting text, fonts, colours and Background
Fundamentals of Document Object Model(DOM)

Javascript Syllabus

Javascript is used to create interactive effect in web browsers.

Statements Syntax
Values & Variables
Event Handling
Timing Events


Jquery is a Javascript library designed to reduce the coding effort.

Jquery – DOM
Jquery Events


It is a server side script language which is started for website designing and is also used for general purpose programming languages.

PHP Syllabus

Fundamentals of PHP Development
Advanced PHP Functions
Various Database concepts
How to work with forms and system file
Secure PHP Programming
Cake PHP
Model View Controller (MVC)
Various Data Types
Advanced OOPS in PHP
Cookies and Session Management
Error Handling
Performance Optimization of PHP Applications


MySql is a widely used Relational database management system which runs on multiuser access database. It is often used for database in web applications. MYSQL consists of various databases which are related with content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal and other softwares. It is often used in high profile and extensive websites which includes face book twitter, flickr, you tube etc


Introduction to MYSQL
Relational database Models
Entity Relationship modelling
Database design
Distribution Database Management System
Data Warehouse
File systems and databases
Normalization of database tables
Transaction Management and Concurrency
Database in e-commerce
Data Base Administration

Part time & Full time Web Designing Course in Chennai

If you are looking for part time or full-time, we will give you the training as per your convenience. Weekends and weekday batches are available for students and working professional to get efficient training on web design.

FITA is a training institute which offer web design training in Chennai in accordance with latest industry trends – trainings are offered by well experienced IT professionals. We provide high quality website designing training in Chennai which improves your knowledge and gives an edge to start your career as Web designer.

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Recommended as no.1 website designing training institute in Chennai.

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Current flow in Web Designing

As Digitalization is making a predominant place in the business, it is necessary to build up a website for the sustainability in the market. There is heavy competition in every field thus, it is very essential to make your own website. Web designing has been on a continuous evolution in the digitalized world. Thus, choosing a career in this will make your future blissful and this is the appropriate time for you enroll into our Web Designing Course in Chennai. Some of the emerging trends in the web designing industry are:

Integrated animation

Website developers are finding innovative ways of engaging their users. Some use graphics when the page is loading and at times when user hover’s on a particular field. Thus, making their experience fully refreshed.

Custom illustration

Illustrations are flexible media for the creation of images that can be used as a fun element on the webpage. It makes a brand more visible in a friendly manner. It can be made on different styles according to the need.

Particle backgrounds

This helps majorly for the website, which has a video playing on the background by resolving the issues related to performance. Moreover, is aligned with JavaScript for better movements. This fetches you the enormous number of viewer’s which in turn makes the profit.

Dynamic gradients

The trends keep on changing and lead to the comeback of numerous old styles. And one among them is gradients, which is preferred over photos as a filter, even a simple background with gradient will make the look complete.

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