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In the current age of the internet, every company needs websites to reach their customers. More and more web applications are developed using programming languages like PHP. Programming languages like PHP support complex design and architecture like Facebook. In Web Design industry, the standards and architecture change frequently which is why you should attend Web Design Training at an institute where real time professionals teach. Web designing training in Chennai at FITA includes designing using Photoshop and programming using a combination of programming and markup languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and MySQL.

Why Students Prefer FITA Web Designing Course?

FITA offers services for web designing related programs. We provide our immensive graduates with 100% Placement assistance, training, and opportunities that improve knowledge and skills. We give you training based on current industry standards. Building a strong portfolio with highly built resume for Web Designing Training. FITA academy the leading Website Designing Training Institute in Chennai offers classroom sessions which are fully based on practical session.

We have made multiple batches with limited students so that the tutor can keep an eye on individual attention to every student. FITA sessions are more interactive and well structured seeking to the convenience of our students. Our experts of FITA are high-level graduates who work in top MNCs. One to one classroom session is also conducted for the sake of students. FITA trainers are dynamic and have good command in communication which helps to deliver the best methodologies in our Web Designing Course in Chennai.

High Level Web Design Training Course Syllabus


HTML is an acronym for hyper text mark up language which is a major mark up language to create web pages. HTML is easy to learn and it can run on any browser. Websites created in HTML are search engine friendly and loads faster than a site created in CMS. There are many advantages of HTML and getting your self familiar in HTML is key.

HTML Syllabus

Introduction to HTML
Structural Elements and Attributes
Working with Layouts
Formatting HTML documents
Linking Web Pages
Special effects
Managing forms


HTML5 is the new standard for web development and it has many advantages over the traditional HTML. With the increasing penetration of mobiles for accessing internet, HTML5 bridges the gap between desktop and mobile.

HTML5 Syllabus

Overview of HTML5
HTML5 Components
Animation using HTML5


CSS is cascading Style sheet which is used to change the text appearance and layout in the web pages during website designing. It is written in mark up language which decides the style of the web pages that are inscribed using HTML and XHTML. It changes the colours, fonts, layout in web pages but the language can contain any type of XML document which includes plain xml file, SVG and XUL.

CSS Syllabus

Introduction to CSS
Inheritance and cascading order
Exploring CSS class and ID attributes
Block eleven elements
Various types of styles sheets
Formatting text, fonts, colours and Background
Fundamentals of Document Object Model(DOM)

Javascript Syllabus

Javascript is used to create interactive effect in web browsers.
Statements Syntax
Values & Variables
Event Handling
Timing Events


Jquery is a Javascript library designed to reduce the coding effort.
Jquery - DOM
Jquery Events


It is a server side script language which is started for website designing and is also used for general purpose programming languages.

PHP Syllabus

Fundamentals of PHP Development
Advanced PHP Functions
Various Database concepts
How to work with forms and system file
Secure PHP Programming
Cake PHP
Model View Controller (MVC)
Various Data Types
Advanced OOPS in PHP
Cookies and Session Management
Error Handling
Performance Optimization of PHP Applications


MySql is a widely used Relational database management system which runs on multiuser access database. It is often used for database in web applications. MYSQL consists of various databases which are related with content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal and other softwares. It is often used in high profile and extensive websites which includes face book twitter, flickr, you tube etc


Introduction to MYSQL
Relational database Models
Entity Relationship modelling
Database design
Distribution Database Management System
Data Warehouse
File systems and databases
Normalization of database tables
Transaction Management and Concurrency
Database in e-commerce
Data Base Administration

Part Time & Full Time Web Designing Course In Chennai

If you are looking for part time or full-time, we will give you the training as per your convenience. Weekends and weekday batches are available for students and working professional to get efficient training on web design.

FITA is a training institute which offer web design training in Chennai in accordance with latest industry trends - trainings are offered by well experienced IT professionals. We provide high quality website designing training in Chennai which improves your knowledge and gives an edge to start your career as Web designer.

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Web Designing Industry Updates

Cutting edge designs as of 2019

The digital products are taking the center stage to attract the public with the design and the content. The design and the content is the first thing which attracts the learners to learn more and explore more. Those who are flair to designing suggest the career choice as web designer, fashion designer, interior designer and game designer. Let me see some recent trends in web designing. Voice based interfaces, augmented reality, grid, CSS variables, authentication patterns, recognition of bias, design ops, story-telling and artificial intelligence are some of hot topics which are expected to boom in the year 2019. Join the Web Development Courses to take up a passionate profession which provokes the creativity.

Voice based interfaces

Internet of things opened the door to the voice based interface. The voice sensors and read outs are used for the process of work. The technologies like automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text to speech are making the voice based interfaces more powerful. The usage of artificial intelligence along with VUIs is making it smarter. Apple home pod, Google home, Microsoft, Amazon, and apple and face book are using the voice user interface to improve the user experience. The five big tech companies are using the voice based user interface to improve the user experience with their big client base. Web Design Classes in Chennai is conducted with the motto to place many students per year and bring out the best talents in the students.

Amazon uses the voice based devices like echo smart speaker and kindle fire tablet. This technology is used for the entertainment, translation of language, pronunciation of language, music through apps like spotify skill, shopping through domino’s skill and book a taxi through uber skill. So, the voice based apps are used for the music, shopping, and booking a taxi with less effort of typing. The interesting thing about this app is it is used in banks also like the capital one skill in Alexa for checking the details from the bank and even payments are processed through voice assistants in PayPal. Join the Best Web Design Institute in Chennai at FITA and become an expert in web designing.

In the hectic schedule of these days or when multi-tasking our regular schedule then the voice search are used. Mapping the customers search in the voice as channel is catches in the user experience research. The users flow clearly states that where the need for the voice supports is demanded. If the customer is demanding for a chat or live chat then that can be incorporated with the voice app for further improvisation.The competitor analysis, the customer map and the research gives an idea about the requirement for the voice based interface. The Best Web Designing Course in Chennai enhances the skills and highlights the bio-data among the huge competition.

Augmented reality

The dialogue in the design and content are important as it is the caption tag for the voice based service. The keywords of the business, the process of the conversation, and the relevant information for the user are mentioned in the dialogue. Join the Web Design Classes and clear the interviews with full confidence. The three steps in the voice based interaction are the anatomy of a voice command is intent, utterance and the slot. The low utility and high utility interactions are represented with the intent. High utility is for the specific task and it involves the integration of IOT like switching off the shower and fixing the temperature in an air conditioner. Low utility is collection of information from the website or listening to music from the downloaded songs etc. There are so many phrases for the same question like to hear music it can be said as play music, i want to hear music, want to listen to the music. So, the multiple variations are called as utterance. The artificial intelligence use the utterance to process the request and link the request to the actions. Slot is like a form which fills the information needed for the client request. Web Designing Training Centers in Chennai know about the industry standards and the students level of knowledge to bring out the best in the students.


The structure of the design is the main thing which needs to be organized. The grid system helps for the multi-screen. Grid divides the page in to verticals and intersecting. The division of columns is helpful for the designing aspect. Text, images, decorations, and call to action are separately formatted using the Grid.

CSS variables

CSS is declarative syntax to guide the HTML page to display the page. The value of the CSS variable is changed using the programming language java script. CSS element can be added to any web element for the customization. It is very popular technology in the web designing and it is ruling majority of projects in the web designing. They allow nesting selectors in the designing project, the import function becomes easy, and they give you the variables which are commonly known as CSS variables. CSS can be used with the internet explorer and it also supports the old versions of the browser. Post CSS or Myth is the libraries used if the browser is not supporting.

Authentication patterns

The World Wide Web collects the information regarding the user agent from the user for the identity or membership. To build up a network or circle of registered users the usage of authorization is essential. The interaction through the navigation experience of the user or collecting the social network details of the user is important for the remarketing purposes. Cookies, tokens, sessions and signatures are some of the formats for collecting the user information. OpenID 2.0 is the authentication layer build on the top of the OAuth2. JWT or RESTful tokens are used to know the details of the user. Thir party authorization is beneficial as it saves time.

Recognition of bias

Cognitive bias, attention bias, availability of services, run blind test on web sites, the belief bias, confirmation bias, and contrast effect are some of the problems related to the user experience on the design of the website. Analyzing all these factors improves the concept and also contribute to the web design.

Design OPS

Design ops are nothing but the team of designers who contribute to the designs. There is no fixed path for the designer career and web designers are treated at par with the web developers. The design process, team coordination, design culture and the design tools are the four important processes in the team of the designers.

Story telling

In the field of science and technology the story telling makes the content live and informative. The design is all about the big image with small details. The product experience or the product demand is converted as story-telling to make the design still more powerful. Join Web Designing Training in Velachery and land in the dream job.

Artificial intelligence in web designing

Wix, GoDaddy, Bookmark, Adobe sensai, Firedrop and the grid are some of the websites who follow the artificial intelligence for the web site design. Artificial intelligence can be used to know about the user engagement, user preferences, and it is the base line to win over the competence in the highly competitive world. The self-learning algorithms, virtual assistants from artificial intelligence, using web analytics of SEO with artificial intelligence, automating the process of information gathering, and making the quality assurance are some of the elements of the artificial intelligence collaborated with the web designing.


  • Web designing training at FITA is designed & conducted by Web designing training experts with 12+ years of experience in UI developers domain
  • Only institution in Chennai with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 20,000+ students trust FITA
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies

We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for Web designer. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

You can contact our support number at 93450 45466 or directly walkin to one of the FITA branches in Chennai or Coimbatore

The syllabus and teaching methodology is standardized across all our branches in Chennai. We also have a FITA branch in Coimbatore. However, the batch timings may differ according to the type of students who present themselves.

We are proud to state that in the last 7+ years of our operations we have trained over 20,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training.

We at FITA believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Web designing training batch to 5 or 6 members.

Our Web designing training faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in the field handing real-life scenario and completing mega real-time projects in related areas in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the Web designing training industry.

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Web designing training. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.

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Web Designing Interview questions

Even though there are numerous courses available in the IT sector, the scope for Web Designing Course in Chennai will be consistent. Thus, join our institute and make a blissful career.

  1. List out some of the leading languages that are used for the technique of website design.

PHPPersonal Home Page for Server-side scripting

HTMLHyperText Markup Language for Base template

JS JavaScript for Functionality

CSSCascading Style Sheet for Styling

  1. Differentiate between XHtml and html.

XHTML is nothing but Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language and is similar to that of HTML 4.  This is considered to be more clear version when compared with HTML. HTML is supported only by specific browsers whereas it is not the case with  XHTML, it is supported by al the browsers. HTML is not case sensitive whereas XHTML considers case. Hence, enroll yourself into our Web Designing Training in Chennai.

  1. How is CSS important and mention its purpose?

CSS is nothing but Cascading Style Sheet that aids in managing font styles, sizes along with color combinations that are enforced over the web pages. It is the prime reason for the complete look of any website.

As CSS modifies the appearance of website that are global in nature. Hence, any minute change in this file will lead to the total modification of website. In addition, web pages always retrieve data prior to display every time

  1. Differentiate between quirks and standard mode.

The quirks is considered to be the default mode that is compatible in nature. In addition, it varies for every browser. Moreover, this may lead to lack of regular appearance on all the browser. Thus, Web Designing Classes in Chennai will definitely lead you to your destination.

  1. What do you infer from Responsive design on any web page?

This is used for the creation of sites in order to provide excellent view along with interaction experience to the user. In addition, this focuses over the simple navigation along with least effort of scrolling and resizing over any device.

Bootstrap is among the most familiar HTML, CSS, and JS structure that is deployed in order to develop a responsive web design.

  1. What is the major difference between “visibility: hidden” and “display: none”?

Both of them are part of style properties.

display: none: It will not allocate space along with the removal of element that is absolutely from page that means it won’t appear and remains in source code.

visibility: hidden: This tag is hidden on page but space is assigned unlike display:none.

  1. List some of bad examples of web design.
  • Flashing, Blinking, or spinning images
  • Black backgrounds along with dark text
  • List of links
  • Busy tiled background images with any color text
  • Black background with pale, white, or light text
  • Too many Blinking text
  • Everything is to be centered
  • Huge images
  1. What do you mean by doctype?

This is an instruction that is given to browser in order to inform about HTML version and is not a case sensitive element. It is generally written prior to the html tag. Its importance can be witnessed in the older versions of HTML. Become a professional by joining Web Designing Course in Chennai at FITA.

  1. What do you infer from Dreamweaver Template?

This allows webmasters in defininig both “non-editable” and “editable” area present in any webpage. In addition, only in this template “non-editable” areas can be edited by the user.  Further, any changes enabled to Dreamweaver Template will definitely update HTML pages, which make use of the template.

  1. Mention the number of H1 tags that you have on any single web page?

This tag is used for the main heading, and any webpage may have only one H1 element. In addition, except for the ARTICLE or SECTION. It is indeed essential for the search engines in order to understand the content over the web page’s coding. With the help of H1 elements it is possible to impact the performance of any SEO.

  1. Mention some of JQuery function that are used for the webpage designing?
  • Image replacement gallery
  • Simple slide panel
  • Simple disappearing effect
  • Entire block clickable
  • Chainable transition effect
  • Styling different link types
  • Accordion#1 and Accordion#2
  • Animated hover effect
  • Collapsible panels


  1. What do you understand from Web Design?

It can be defined as the process that is used for the imagination of any web layout along with its planning and extended to the creation in the form of e-files that aids in order to navigate the proper images, fonts, graphics and color together in an interactive and attractive web format.

  1. Differentiate between HTML tags and elements?

HTML elements interact with the browser in order to check how to render the text. In addition, when it is surrounded by angular brackets, it form HTML tags.

  1. What do you mean by external style sheet?

This is a document that consists of the style information that is linked with a number of HTML files. Usually, the external CSS is connected with the help of LINK tag beneath the HEAD element. The files containing CSS elements must have a relevant extension.

  1. Is CSS case sensitive?

CSS is not case sensitive.

  1. How is it possible for developer to learn about web design?

The following steps will be useful for the developer to learn about web design:

  • Visiting of website like “Smashing Magazine” in order to gather better idea related to web design.
  • Another website namely “ Best Web Gallery” will also be useful in getting the insight of quality layouts and design.
  • Tools such as Adobe Illustrator will also be helpful.
  • Creation of dynamic website with the help of MySQL and PHP.
  • Learn more about basic languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery or PHP.


  1. What do you infer from negative infinity in JavaScript?

This is a number present in JavaScript that is formed by the split up of negative number by zero. This number will return undefined and if used by the negative infinity.

  1. When can be CSS float used in CSS?

Its quite normal to make use of property. As it specifies how element could be placed – either right  or left of any container making text and rest of the elements wrap around it.

  1. Differentiate between the interaction carried out for HMTL 5 in both Sencha and Twitter/Bootstrap.

Both Twitter/Bootstrap and Sencha are frameworks deployed in the HTML development, which integrates JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. The very crucial difference is in Sencha , all the above mentioned languages are combined together in any code whereas in Bootstrap only HMTL and CSS are decoupled. Hence, join our Web Designing Course in Chennai and get the thorough knowledge regarding this.

  1. Why is mouse cursor kind of tilted and not straight?

Initially, it was found the were given low resolution in which both drawing straight line and line at a 45 degree was quite easy with the help of mouse. In addition, tilted arrow will be helpful in clicking the position for making the process of calculation easy. Moreover, it saved tracking of mouse subroutine easy on every click.

  1. What all things should be considered while writing error message?
  • Avoid the usage of negative words
  • Mention the error clearly so that user knows what to correct
  • Give the user a clue for solving the error
  • Blame yourself and not the user
  1. Explain what is Grid system?

It is a system that comprises a series of both horizontal and vertical lines that intersect and are used for arranging the content.  It is also a way of giving system that can be worked on by the designers with the present content. In case web design beginners, it is suggested that they make use of the various pre-made framework in web design in order to make the whole process easy.

  1. What is the difference between both HTML and HTML5?

HTML5 is the most recent version of HTML that has some new features such as audio, canvas, video, date select function, local SQL database, placeholder, 2D/3D graphics, that does not require any external plugin.


The difference between Web designers and web developers

The designing and development are the two different aspect required to make a website as user specific and business specific. Web designers analyze the different architecture and the different business models before designing the website. Developers on the other hand make this design or architecture as functional or active to reach the end customers.

Web developers use HTML or PHP to develop various pages in the website and make the website as a dynamic one. Let us analyze in detail about the Different concepts in Web design. The effective web design should satisfy the multiple business needs like the branding, engaging, messaging, simplicity, functionality, and usability. Let us see about the different concepts of Web designing. Web developers work for the back end functionalities whereas the web designers work for the front end design and the information. Join the Web Design Course in Chennai to enjoy the job of the web designers which more dealt with the passion.

Wire frame

The appearance, structure, linking between two web pages, and the lay out of the visual element are guided by the wireframe. Join the Web Designing Classes in Chennai to focus the interview with the creative mind and updated knowledge. The web elements like the primary graphical elements, appearance of the headlines, appearance of the sub headings, the lay out structure with simplicity; text blocks and call to action like the phone number or the enquiry form are decided by the web frame. The creation of the wireframe is done sometimes with the visio and sometimes manually.

Web elements in the web page

Some of the elements of the web site which helps for building the block are container block, logo, navigation footer, content, and white space. The content of the web pages are kept in the container. HTML means the hypertext markup language consists of two components and they are block level element and the inline element. Join the Best Web Designing Institute in Chennai and position yourself with the good profession in the software industry.

Container block

The difference between the block level element and the in-line element lays in some of the elements like the model of the content and the format of the content. The size of the block elements is comparatively bigger than that of the inline element in the web designing. The format of the block level elements begins with the new lines whereas the format of the in-line element is from any part of the line. The flow of content is seen in HTML5 and prior to HTML5 the version HTML 4.01 uses the exact option of the block level and inline elements for the designing. The Best Web Designing Course in Chennai helps the learners with the distinctive needs and makes them as industry experts.

Some of the block level elements in HTML are the address bar in the website, the article content in the website, the media content in the website with caption, long quotation in the website, the widgets in the website, the dialogue box available for the website, heading from one to six, description list, description list term, field set label, central content unique to every page, contains navigation links, ordered list of the web page, table and the unordered list. These elements have changed in the HTML 5. The anchor, emphasis and the image are called as the inline elements in the PHP. Join the Web Designing Training in Velachery to become the part of the good learning community.

The block elements are generally designed as rectangular in size and do not break across lines. The height and width of the block element can be regulated. Manual changes cannot be done in case of the inline elements. The inline elements are considered as the part of the flow of the document. In HTML5 quotation marks are omitted and value does not include a character. The attribute to the alt tag and alt text should be clear so that the web page will not break. Join the Web Designing Training in Adyar to sharpen the knowledge and broaden the career path in the software industry.


Headings are used to create the structure of the page and it improves the readability of the user. The name of the attributes in the HTML page must be unique and should not be used anywhere in the page. There are many elements in the web page which look like the same and these elements are grouped under the class. They have same sort of general properties. The formatting part is grouped under the CSS file in the web designing. The Web Designing Training in Tambaram is designed with an intension to bridge the gap between the learning curve and the knowledge curve.


Link is used to jump to another document or web page. There are two types of link in the web page one is internal link and the other one is external link. The links are just like the abbreviation and it is added with the hypertext.  Web Designing Training in Porur help the designers to know about the different models and structure in the web designing.


The image link is given from the URL from the server. The src and alt are the two attributes required for the image. The URL and keyword are given as the src tag and alt tag.

Order list

There are two types of list in the web designing one is ordered list and the other one is the unordered list. The opening tag for the unordered list is <ul> and it is also mentioned as <li> which means list item. The tag for the ordered list is <ol> which means ordered list.


Logos are used for the identification of the company name as well as for the branding purpose. These logos are used in the business cards, letterhead, broachers and so on.


The navigation structure or the site map organizes the web elements in the web page. The main menu is designed which consist of the link to all the web pages in the website and this is called as the navigation in the web page. Primary navigation is making the design attractive to the reader and responsive navigation is making the menu flexible in all types of devices. Web Designing Training in Anna Nagar help the individuals to project the designing knowledge and pursue in the web designing industry.


The content of the website should be relevant and java script is used to store new information to the existing web site. Collecting the information of the website visitor through the web page is one of the examples for how java script is used by the front end developers. Join the Web Designing Training in T.Nagar to gain the practical and logical training from the experts.

Footer is designed to give information at the bottom of the page. The Footer designed with the CSS or the HTML. Links to the relevant websites are given in the footer link. The copy right information, call to action is given in the footer link. Keep the design simple and use proper spacing in the footer design.

White space:

The white space is the space not covered by any web element. The space between the columns or figures in the white space makes the web site as interesting and improves the visitors to the web site. Join the Web Designing Training in OMR at FITA and know about your value in the job industry of today.

The website should be responsive and must work in all types of browser and all type of internet explorer. The audio or video in the website should not open without a click or link. 100 percent flash content is also not good the web design should be pleasant and natural. The heading tag, keywords and internal linking should be natural and normal in size to make the readability factor more in the website.

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