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The Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA is rendered by Programming Experts from the industry and they provide hands-on training of the applications and practical exposure to the Java programming language in real-time. By the end of this training program, you become well-versed with the essential concepts namely Access Control, Operators and Control Flow, Exceptions, Arrays, Inheritance, Multithreading, and other advanced concepts like Java Serverlet, JDBC, and Java EE which should be mastered by a Java Programmer.

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Course Highlights and Why Core Java Training In Chennai at FITA Academy?

Core Java Training In Chennai Meticulously designed Core Java Course Curriculum to cater to the market requirements at a global level.
Core Java Training In Chennai Courseware that is tailored by Certified Industrial Java Programming Experts to have a firm understanding of the foundational topics such as Arrays, Operators, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exceptions, to advanced concepts such as Java Servlets and JDBC.
Core Java Training In Chennai Efficient & Certified Core Java Tutors at FITA Academy who has a decade of experience in training the students to master the Core Java Concepts.
Core Java Training In Chennai Immersive Core Java Training to get you acquainted with Java codes to cohere with the Object-Oriented Programming principles.
Core Java Training In Chennai Lively & Engaging and Mentor-led Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA.
Core Java Training In Chennai Regular Summing-up of the previous Core Java Classes are given to strengthen the memory of the learning participants.
Core Java Training In Chennai Enhanced Classrooms with Experiential Method of Core Java Classes in Chennai at FITA Institute.
Core Java Training In Chennai Professional Core Java Training in Chennai at a cost-efficient range with accomplishment certification on the successful completion of the Core Java Training.
Core Java Training In Chennai Convenient Core Java Batch timings - Weekend, Fast track, and Weekday Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA Training Institute.
Core Java Training In Chennai FITA Academy enables the students with 100% of Placement Support to all the participants who have completed the Core Java Training successfully.
Core Java Training In Chennai FITA Training Academy has Placement tie-ups with above 600+ Corporate and Non Corporate companies of all scales.
Core Java Training In Chennai The Placement Cell at FITA Training Academy endeavors the students to ace their career in the desired path.

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Core Java Training In Chennai Batches

Classroom Training

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA branches near you
  • Why Wait? Jump Start your Career by taking the Core Java Training in Chennai!

Instructor-Led Live Online Training

  • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
  • Travelling is a Constraint? Jump Start your Career by taking the Core Java Course Online!

Introduction To Java

  • Object-oriented programming Fundamentals
  • Structure of a java program

Data Types

  • Primitive data types
  • Reference data types
  • Keywords, Identifiers, Expressions


  • Arithmetic operators
  • Logical operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Relational operators


  • Declaration, Definition, Types


  • Syntax, Types


  • Object Creation, Reference, Reference Variables


  • Pass by value and Pass by reference
  • Access Specifiers
  • Access Levels
  • Decision Making and Control Structures


  • Decision Making and Control Structures

Java Beans - Arrays

  • Declaring and defining arrays
  • Object Arrays
  • Has-A relationship
  • Inheritance using the implements keyword
  • Primitive Arrays
  • Is-A relationship
  • Inheritance using extends keyword


  • Abstraction using abstract classes
  • Abstraction using interfaces

Encapsulation - Interfaces

  • Interfaces vs Classes
  • Nested Interfaces
  • The interface is a type


  • Overloading
  • Overloading between classes
  • Constructor overloading
  • Overriding

Exception Handling

  • Exception
  • Throw and throws keywords
  • Categories of Exception, Exception hierarchy
  • Try catch and finally keywords

Collection Framework

  • Core interfaces
  • Iterator
  • Core Classes
  • Comparable & Comparator


  • Autoboxing
  • Unboxing


  • Primitive casting
  • Reference casting
  • Upcasting and downcasting

File Handling

  • File Handling in java
  • Files, Streams, Types of streams



  • Thread life cycle
  • Creating Threads
  • Thread group
  • Thread States
  • Thread priorities
  • Synchronization

Inner Classes

  • Nested Classes
  • Anonymous Classes

Trainer Profile

  • Core Java Trainers at FITA Academy elucidates Java concepts to the students with the correct Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Object-Oriented programming language.
  • Core Java Mentors at FITA Training Institute are Certified Java Experts from the Programming community.
  • Core Java Instructors at FITA Training Academy are Real-time Java Programming Professionals from the IT industry, and they bestows the students with hands-on learning practices that are applied in the industry.
  • Core Java Mentors at FITA Training Institute broaden the knowledge of the students and make them code efficiently by training them with numerous real-time practices of Java programming language.
  • Core Java Tutors at FITA Training Institute makes you proficient in implementing the key techniques namely Exceptional handling, String handling, and Multi-threading that are essential knowledge required for a Java programmer.
  • Core Java Trainers at FITA Institute provides mentorship in building the professional resumes of the learning participants.
  • The Core Java Trainers at FITA Academy bolsters the confidence in the students by training them with numerous mock interview practice sessions and useful tips to face the interview with confidence.

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Core Java Training In Chennai Details

Features of Core Java Training In Chennai at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

Why Learn Core Java Training In Chennai at FITA Academy?

Live Capstone Projects

Real time Industry Experts as Trainers

Placement Support till you get your Dream Job offer!

Free Interview Clearing Workshops

Free Resume Preparation & Aptitude Workshops

Core Java Training In Chennai Certification

Core Java Certification Training in Chennai

Core Java Course Certification is the authentic accreditation that illustrated the participants has gained extensive knowledge of the Core Java concepts and its applications. With a real-time Java project Experience given at the end of the Core Java course, this certificate mentions that the participant has incorporated the required professional skill sets and technical competence to work as a Java Developer/ Programmer. Affixing this accomplishment certificate along with your resume while the interview aids in boosting the credibility of your profile and also allows you to open the gate for wider career opportunities.

Core Java Certification Course in Chennai at FITA Academy instills the required coveted professional skill sets that are important for a Java Developer/ Programmer under the mentorship of the Programming Experts. Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA is rendered by Coding Professionals who have 10 years of experience as Java Programmer. The Core Java Instructors at FITA upskills and trains you to code efficiently.

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Placement Session & Job Opportunities after completing Core Java Training In Chennai

Core Java Training In Chennai with Placement Support

Even with the entrant of more and more programming language in the IT domain, the fame of the Java Programming language has never been seized since it entered into the industry. In contradict, Java is stated to be the most demanded programming language in the field of Android App Development, Web Development, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Machine Learning. The key reason behind its burgeoning growth is because this language is compiled in a way that whose Object Codes are not confined to a specific computer or processor and thus making it the best choice for the Cross-Platform applications in addition to the Server-side coding and Web Applications. 

Further, based on the reports submitted by the TIOBE Index it is stated that Java ranks 2nd place in the world’s most popular programming language, and based on StacOver Flow reports Java occupies 3rd position for popular technologies in the world. Apart from this, according to the reports submitted by Oracle Technologies, it is stated that Java alone has enabled applications to run on over 7 billion devices. The top-notch companies that hire Java Developers are Cognizant, TCS, IBM, HCL, HP, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, and Capgemini. The common job titles that are offered in these companies are Java Developer or Java Programmer. The other titles that are offered in these companies on obtaining the job-specific skillsets are Java Spring Developer, Java Hibernate Developer, and Java Struts Developer

The median remuneration offered for an entry-level Java Developer is Rs.3,30,000 to Rs.4,15,000 per annum. Globally, the median remuneration offered for a Java Developer is $ 125,000 per annum. Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA train and equip the students with the most sought after skillsets in the industry. The Core Java Trainers at FITA Academy guides and support the students to excel in their career.

Student's Success Story of Core Java Training In Chennai


Dharshini Ravi

I did my Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA. I gained a strong understanding of the foundations of the Java programming language. Excellent Course curriculum and Experienced Training Faculty at FITA made the learning session an interesting one. My sincere thanks to my Core Java Trainer who was so nice and cleared all my doubts in coding without any hesitation. I will recommend the FITA Training platform to all the beginners to gain a good understanding of Java.


Srikanth V

I joined FITA for the Core Java Course. The complete training session went on well. A very good training approach is followed at FITA! A right amount of training with assessment sessions were held within the given time frame. I am truly happy about doing my Core Java Course at FITA. Good Work FITA!


Samuel Alwyn

The overall experience at FITA's Core Java Training was fantastic. I mean I had a very nice platform to understand the real use of Core Java concepts and its application. A special appreciation to my trainer who taught the applets and application in-depth. Also, the Classes were assigned flexibly to our convenience at FITA! Very Good Work FITA! I will suggest this platform to all my friends!


Lavanya Sri Raman

I completed my Core Java Course in Chennai at FITA. It was such a wonderful training program. I mean it. I am a complete novice to coding and programming. I joined this course to head-start my career in the IT field. FITA Training Academy guided me with proper guidance. A heartfelt thanks to them and to my Core Java Trainer. If time permits further, I will do my Java Training at FITA!

Our Students Work at

Core Java Training In Chennai Reviews

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Core Java Training In Chennai

  • The Core Java Course in Chennai at FITA Academy is crafted & conducted by Java Programming experts with 10+ experience in the Frontend and Web Application Development domain. 
  • FITA is the only coaching center in Chennai that trains the students with the right blend of practical and theoretical knowledge of the Core Java concepts.
  • Wider coverage of the Core Java Course with 60+ hours of Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA
  •  75,000+ students trust FITA
  • The Core Java Course fee is framed in a manner that can be afforded by both the students and the working professionals
  • The Core Java Course timings in Chennai at FITA is devised in a manner to suit the flexibility of the students and the working professionals.
  • Soft Skills Training and Interview Tips
  • Real-time Case studied and Projects
  • Corporate Training in Chennai
  • Resume Building Support
  • FITA Training Center has a strong Placement Network with 600+ Corporate Businesses and these companies have regular recruitment for Java programmers and Java developers. 
  • FITA Training Center has a Committed Placement Advisor to support the students with the Placement needs. 
  • The Placement Portal at the FITA Academy supports the student's rigorous mock interview and group discussion training session to boost their confidence. 
  • You can enroll for the Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA by contacting our Support Number 93450 45466.
  • You can also directly step into any of our branches in Chennai - OMR, Velacherry, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, and T Nagar to enroll for the Core Java Training. 
  • FITA Training Academy was set up in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to provide world-class IT Training. We have been actively present in the training field for close to a decade now.
  • We have trained more than 75,000+ students till now and it includes the headcount of numerous working professionals as well.
  • We provide maximum personalized attention to all the students. The Core Java Training batch size is optimized for 5 - 6 members per batch. The Core Java batch size has been curtailed for individual attention and to clear the doubts of the students in complex topics clearly with tutors. 
  • FITA Training Academy renders the students with necessary practical training and helps them to understand the concepts seamlessly by training them with numerous Industry case studies and real-time projects.

The Core Java Instructors are Certified Experts who have at least 10+ years of experience in the Java Programming language. The Java Training Faculty at FITA Academy is the Real-time Working professionals from the Frontend field and they train the students extensively on the Core Java concepts. 

The various payments mode accepted at FITA Academy is Cash, Card, Net Transfer, Bank Transfer, and G Pay. 

Core Java Training In Chennai

Want to become a Java professional? Join FITA Academy for the Best Core Java Training in Chennai at an affordable price! A beginner-friendly for basic Core Java Training in Chennai offered with 100% Placement Assessment with practical sessions and live examples with Core Java course certification.

FITA offers Core Java training with a more practical approach rather than studying theoretically. The Core Java Training is conducted by Professional Experts. The Core Java Trainers at FITA provides in-depth training with maximum practical examples to make the student understand the concept at ease. FITA ranks top among the leading Core Java Training Institutes in Chennai. Get your coding skills checked by your mentor daily so that you can excel well in your career. We built professionals giving them appropriate training which makes them work directly on real-time projects.

Purpose Of Core Java Training

Java is a popular programming language that evolved from the language named Oak. It was designed with flexibility which would run on any platform. Before going to advanced Java, learning the basic concepts from Core Java Training is very essential. Core Java is the basics of the language and the fundamental which will be used in Java technology. No one can jump to an advanced level without the knowledge of core java concepts. The reason why core java should be learned first is, the concepts in it will be used throughout the Java platform. It is used for developing general Java applications and is also called a standalone application. In case of job opportunities in tier one companies, candidates should have sound knowledge in Core Java. The Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA is the best platform to understand the Java programming concepts proficiently.

Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria for the Core Java Course in Chennai

Prerequisites: The Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA doesn’t ask for any requisites as the Core Java Course can be taken by any fresher graduates who want to start their career as Java Programmer/Developer.

Eligibility Criteria: The Core Java Course in Chennai at FITA can be chosen by any Fresh Grads who desire to jump-start their career as a Java Programmer. Yet, the Core Java Training program is also suitable for Programming Enthusiasts, Web Developers, and Project Managers who want to have an upliftment in their careers.

What Will You Learn From Core Java Certification?

The basic concepts in Java start from Core Java Course. Firstly you will come to know the reason why we need programming languages and what is the use of them. The mentor will explain to you clearly in detail about the Core Java Concepts on Variables, Operations, Classes and Objects, Interfaces, and packages. Under Classes and Objects, you will come to know about Constructors, Fields, and Methods.

Variables, assignments, and reading of values come under this topic. Loops like for loop, while loop, if statement, if-else statement, switch statement, and calling of methods. Packages are another central concept in Java. It is a directory that contains Java classes and interfaces. Some of the other concepts are inheritance; collections, access modifiers, strings, arrays, etc. are covered by Best Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA.

Industrial Updates

Core java provides the basic knowledge of programming to the learner. Auto-boxing, lambda expressions, java annotations, pre-main method, var-args, Enum, method references, and functional interface are some of the new features from the history of evergreen technology Java. Versions five, six, seven, and eight are the different versions of Java. Join the Core Java Training in Chennai at FITA to become a learner and follower of the Java updates.

Some of the other technologies in which the Java developer can excel are Microservices, Angular JS, React JS, Software Testing, Web Designing, Big data, Machine learning, and AI, Blockchain, etc. Java developers or server-side developers have a bright future as it is integrated with many other technologies. Join the Java Course in Chennai at FITA and measure every step of your success with us. Java 11 is the latest technology in the software world which demands well-designed attributes to the old version. Here we provide the new changes with respect to java 11 for the learners. Search for the best Core Java Training Institutes in Chennai and your search will take you to the ultimate learning center FITA.

JDK 11

JDK 11 is designed with elimination of list of supported configuration, elimination of the applets and the web application, the translation of language to support the languages like French, Korean, German, Portuguese, Brazilian, Swedish and Spanish are removed from java version, Server JRE and JRE is depreciated from Java. Join the BestCore Java Training in Chennai to hone technical skills with practical knowledge.


The Boolean method of the new string is added which returns if a string is empty with a true statement. Line() says about the strings divided by the terminators of the line. Repeat (n) is the string used for the repeat of the original string. String leading () is for erasing the whitespace near the string. Strip() is the statement used for removing the white spaces in the front and back of the string. Core Java Training is the basic course to provoke the programming skills and it creates the enthusiasm to proceed further with the advanced level courses.


Write string() is used to add the content in a file. reading() is the comment for reading the content of a file. The same file is the comment to check the location of files with the path.

Pattern recognizing

If the pattern matches the input string then the asmatchpredicate() is used to the predicate.

New garbage collector

If the heap in the java is over then it will not reclaim the memory. The JVM will shut down after the performance. It is for the enhancement of performance testing, memory testing, and also for the improvements in the drop latency. CORBA modules, thread functions, time unit conversions, Empty objects, the syntax for the lambda parameters in the local variable are some of the other features in Java 11. CORBA modules and thread functions have been removed from the features of the JAVA.

Time conversion

Time unit conversion is used to convert the time to the units which are required.

Empty objects

The statement of Option.isEmpty() is used for the values from the empty object and it returns as false.

Lambda parameters

The ‘Var’ of lambda expressions is used and ‘Var’ syntax is used here.

Java solves real-time problems like multi-threading, loading, and overriding. It is obvious in recent days java is becoming robust technology for huge and complex processes. Join the Core JavaCourse at FITA to become an identified person with a good skill set by the employer. Java creates job opportunities and powerful products in the software industry which leads the community followers of java to explore new things in java.

Core Java Interview Questions

Java is the basic and popular course to learn and explore new concepts in the arena of programming languages. Interview preparation with popular questions is a tedious task which the students happily take up to position themselves in good positions. We would like to travel with the students and level them up through knowledge and practical knowledge with efficient training. Let us shed light on the topic of Core Java Training in Chennai and provide you the questions related to interviews.

List out the characteristics of Java?

Object-oriented language, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction are the four characteristics of Java. independent by nature with different platforms, used for the products which need high performance, and JVM aids for creating the thread for a user to implement the run interface. Core Java Classes will enlighten the skills required to clear the interviews.

List the names of the IDE’s in Java?

Net beans and Eclipse are the two types of IDE’s in Java.

What do you infer by the term Platform in Java?

The two types of platforms in the software domain are software-based and hardware-based. For the execution of the software, the two types of platforms are used.

List out the different types of memory areas in the JVM?

Class area, program counter register, Heap, native method stack, and program counter register are the different types of memory areas in the JVM.

Inscribe the term Object in Java?

The object is called a new keyword in the behavior of the application. If a new() keyword is read by JVM then it will create an object with that class.

Join the best Core Java Training Institute in Chennai at FITA to have a blissful future and to pursue a career in the Web Development field.

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