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Android is a Linux based operating system developed by Google mainly for smartphones and tablets. Due to the powerful features of Android, it is now used for developing apps in television, digital cameras and other electronic devices. Android is the most popular mobile app development platform used by more than 71% of the smartphone app developers. Android is used in more than 1 billion mobile devices. Due to the immense reach of Android, there is a high demand for Android Programmers. Android Training in Chennai at FITA will provide an in-depth knowledge on Android App development using JAVA.

Android mobile development platform offers complete software for mobile devices that includes an operating system, key mobile applications and middleware. This platform is used for developing core applications, utility applications and third-party software. The android platform offers access to wide range of resources, libraries and tools that can be incorporated to create rich applications for mobile platforms. Android is an open source platform, it can be can easily be integrated with new cutting edge technologies as they emerge. This platform continues to progress as the developers work together to creative innovative and rich mobile applications. Thus, it increases the career prospects of skilled mobile developers across the world.

In recent years, mobile application development industry has gained massive growth as the world is moving towards android smartphones. Taking Android Training Chennai from experts will help you to flourish in challenging mobile development industry.

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Introduction to Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development Platforms
Native App Development
Cross-Platform App Development
Android Vs iOS
What is Android?
Android Versioning
Android Development Platforms
Android Architecture


Installation of Android Studio
Installation of Eclipse and ADT Plugin
Setting up Android Project
Android Project Structure


Java Programming Fundamentals
Control Structures
OOPS CONCEPTS –  Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
Exception Handling
Packages & Interfaces
Vector Class


Intent Filters
Broadcast receivers


Widget Control
Working with Single Screen Design
Working with Multiple Screen Design
Handling Pages with Scrollable Design
Reusing Existing forms
Material Design
Button and Checkbox
Progress Bar and Seek Bar
Text View and Edit Text
Views(Grid View, List View, Image View)


Linear Layout
Relative Layout
Table Layout
Frame Layout
What is layout in Android?
Design Layout Using XML for UI layout


Understanding the Life cycle methods
Working example of life cycle


Understanding the XML layout files structure
Values XML files
TextView and EditText
Understanding the LDPI, MDPI and HDPI
Understanding Mipmap folders
Mipmap V/s drawable folders


Creating Android application
Launching Emulator
Working with Various settings in Emulator
Logcat Operations
Debugging an Application
Understanding DDMS
DDMS and log results


Implicit intents
Launching native application using Intent
Explicit Intent
Switch between activities using Explicit Intent
Data transferring between activities using Intents
Role of intent Filters
Intent Filters in your manifest


Bound Services
Running in Foreground


DML Queries
DDL Queries
SQL Syntax
SQL functions
Date & time functions
Aggregate functions
JSON functions


Content providers and preferences
Storing in Flat files
SQLite – Database Usage
Data storage using the preferences
Database Operations
Realm Database Connectivity
Permission Systems


Volley Library
Retrofit Library


Broadcast Receivers


Building an Audio App
Building a Video App


Handling Wifi Connectivity
Handling Bluetooth Connectivity
Working with Sensors
Send SMS
Send Email


Android Material Design
Sliding Navigation Menu Drawer
View Page Indicator
Card View
Recycler View
Tool Bar
Floating Action Button


Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Android PHP/MySQL Connection.
Social Media Integration (Facebook,Google Plus, Twitter& LinkedIn)
Third Party Library Integration
Android PHP/MySQL Connection.


Testing your Android App
Prerequisites for Launching you Android App
Publishing your App

What Will You Learn From Android Training In Chennai?

Get Trained With Expert Android Application Developers

Hired faculties with years of experience in Android application development, which is quite helpful to learn course content effectively. You can gain experienced knowledge of your Android app training courses.

Hands On Training With Real Time Projects

Our Android Training are planned to find you on track in Android application development. We give industrial live project in this Android course for practice. Our tutors will help you to implement your own idea into an app during the course.

Course Materials

You can get the course material as soft copy during the course.

Android Course Completion Certificate

On completion of this Android Training in Chennai, we will provide the prestigious Android app development course certificate.

Career Support

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts after the training program, feel free to contact us to clarify your doubts on Android app development. Our experts will guide you for your growth in Android app development.

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  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies

We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for Android App Developer. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

You can contact our support number at 93450 45466 or directly walkin to one of the FITA branches in Chennai or Coimbatore

The syllabus and teaching methodology is standardized across all our branches in Chennai. We also have a FITA branch in Coimbatore. However, the batch timings may differ according to the type of students who present themselves.

We are proud to state that in the last 7+ years of our operations we have trained over 20,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training.

We at FITA believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Android batch to 5 or 6 members.

Our Android faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in completing mega real-time projects in related areas like Java in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the Android industry.

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Android. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

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FITA provides the best Android Training in Chennai with the help of MNC professionals. Spend your valuable time to visit our branches in Chennai. FITA Academy is located at main areas of Chennai, Velachery, T Nagar, Anna Nagar, Tambaram and OMR. People also search for

Android development course in Chennai

Android is the technology used for the development of apps in the mobile phones and tab for the functions performed at the basic level and advanced level. Customization is the core focus of the Google to make the android development as the creative platform to the developers. Here we provide the Android Interview question and answer to keep the learners with prelude about the market knowledge. Join the Android Training in Chennai at FITA to learn intensively about the Android development.

Define the meaning of Android SDK?

Tools used for the development of the apps are grouped and named as Android SDK. It consists of the graphical interface for the developers to test and debug their codes in the android development environment.

Which programming language is widely used for the Android Development?

Java is the language which is used widely for the Android development. Android Course in Chennai is helpful for the beginners to enter in to the programming field.

List the pros of using the operating system called android?

Linux based operating system which is widely used for mobile application is called as the Android system. It is the open source platform which supports the platforms like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Mention the layers in the Android Architecture?

Linux kernel, libraries, Android Runtime, Hardware abstraction layer, API framework and Android application layer are the different layers in the android architecture.

What do you infer by the term Java API framework?

API provides all the functions of the android like the activity manager, notification manager, and resource manager. These functions are grouped as the environments for the development of android applications. FITA provides the best App Development Course in Chennai with the expert trainers to support for the learning community.

What are the tools available with the Android frameworks?

The tools of the framework are used for creating the image pane, buttons and text fields for the mobile phones. The activities and the services are also updated with the help of the frameworks. Intents, content providers and broadcast receivers are the different components of the Android framework.

Describe the term AAPT?

Android Asset Packaging tool is called as AAPT. This is used to create, extract and view the content from the zip compatible files and this tool is used by the android developers.

Define emulator in Android environment?

The emulator is the interface which is used for testing the codes and writing the codes in a safe place. It helps the developers to play with the interface if the design phase is like the old one.

Join the Android Training in Chennai at FITA to groom the knowledge and gain the practical knowledge to handle the challenging tasks in the interviews.

What do you infer by the word services in Android?

Services are the elements in the android which are used to run the long operations at the back ground. These long operations do not require the user interface. Join the Android Training in Chennai at FITA to know the easiest way to groom the skills in to the practical skills which is highly targeted in the interviews.

What is the meaning of intent in the Android framework?

There are two types of intents in the Android framework and they are explicit intent and implicit intent. Explicit intent comes from within the program and implicit intent comes from the software placed in the device.

What do you understand by the term activity in the Android?

The base to deploy intends are called as the activities and it is the place where the screens to interact with the objects and actions of the android system. Android Course in Chennai is the best course to enter in to the android development.

Mention the names of the content providers in the Android system which is used by the users?

Audio, video, images and contact information are the elements which help for the access to the data and it is called as the content provider in the Android.

Differentiate the file, activity and the class in the Android?

File is used for the storage of the information. APK execution is produced with the help of the APK execution. Activity is used to view the loaded UI elements.

Describe the term APK format?

The compressed file format is called as APK and it aid for the distribution and installation of the software. These types of files are known by the .apk extension and it has the code, certificates, and files in a compressed format. App Development Course in Chennai is the best course to build a powerful career in the software industry.

How do you inscribe the word ANR in android?

Application not responding is the expansion of the term ANR. If there is no display after 5 seconds of the input then this feature is used. If the broadcast is not executing within 10 seconds then the ANR is used. Join the Android Training in Chennai at FITA to project your skills to the employer with a comprehensive knowledge.

Job title: Android Developer

Responsibility: Candidates with BE or MS in the computer science, knowledge in oops concept, proficiency in java, Xcode, JSON, HTML and C++, the candidate should have 5 to 9 years of experience in handling the android projects. Android Course in Chennai at FITA will help for the beginner and experienced professionals.

Job description: He or she should have knowledge in multi threading, do the unit testing and possess knowledge in the GUI design, knowledge on the protocols of the network like TCP, UDP and IP, and familiar with the embedded software. Join the App Development Course in Chennai and gain a blissful future with the potential career growth.

Company name: Lennox India Technology Centre Private Limited

Location: Chennai

Contact details: Contact Ms. Hema Mani

Date of the interview Apply to the job vacancy through the company website and the contact person from the company will provide the details of the interview.

The job of the Android developer gets into frequent changes due to the version change and advancements. So, when preparing the resumes it is essential to list the emerging technologies to run in the race of big competition incorporated by the big companies. Being the pioneer training institute we know about the performance metrics and the industry standards. So, the trainers at FITA will guide the students after the completion of the course for the interviews and the resume building. The personalized help after the course completion makes the student happy and become a life changer. The apps are used for the wide range of businesses like restaurants, gaming, sports, finance and fashion etc. Join the Android Training in Chennai and know about the personalized service for the resume building and interview tips.

Android developers work at junior level and senior level. Let us see the resume model for Android developer. The career objective and the technical experience are an essential part of the junior level resume as the employer sought for this information. In the job portals, the technical details are used as keyword and during the final HR round the career objective is emphasized as it shows the attitude of the applicant towards the job. Join the Android Course in Chennai and make your job search easy with knowledge and practical knowledge.

Junior Android Developer

Name: A. Senthil

E-mail id:


  • BE-Electronics from Anna University with 70 marks in the year 2003.
  • HSC in the year 1999 with 80 percentage marks.
  • SSLC exam in the year 1997 with 70 percentages of marks.


I have worked as an Android developer for a period of 5 years. I had experience as an Android developer with info crafts web solutions and walkover web solutions private limited for a time period of 2 years and 3 years respectively. App Development Course in Chennai will change your knowledge and experience as a stepping stone to become successful in the job.

Project details

I have created android applications which are popularly known for the user friendly experience and the aesthetic values. I have participated in the life cycle management for the android development, testing and the deployment. I have played an eminent role in the team for writing the logic for the application with Android SDK and Eclipse IDE. I have experience in handling the user interface with the satisfaction from the client. FITA is the best center for the Android Training in Chennai.

Address for communication


Mariappan street,



Please find below the resume of the android developer who had worked with the senior level. This applicant has nearly 11 years of experience in the android development. All the other personal details are the same and the focus is required when providing the technical details. Join the Android Training in Chennai to prepare the resume which is appealing to the employer for the interview call.


I have worked as a android developer for a period of 11 years in two major companies such as IMobile3 and Infosys company. Android Training in Chennai will enhance the job opportunities and make the learners as knowledgeable in the respective technology.

Project details

  • Taken care of the design, bug fixing, and deployment of android application for the Google Play,
  • I have done testing of the application for the multiple types of devices and checked the compatibility factor.
  • I have worked with the sound systems to enhance the sound library
  • I have worked with social media open applications also and integrated the application with facebook, twitter, Tumblr, and Map V2.

I have worked on all different types of the user interface.

Android 9 and upsurge of the user experience

The smart phones are performing very smartly in the Android market with a heap number of models. The hardware and the software requirement for the phones are changing as the taste and the market demand are changing. The demand solely depends upon the users. Join the Android Training in Chennai at FITA to have a blissful future.

The funny story which is associated with the naming reasons for the android version makes easy to remember the version. The name of every version is clubbed with the dessert or confectionaries name. As like the storm are named with the predictions and sentiment as girl’s name. Because the girls name will cause less damage is the sentiment behind the naming for the storm in India.

The android version names end with Éclair, cupcake, donut, honeycomb, Froyo, gingerbread, ice-cream sandwich, lollipop, jelly bean, kit Kat, marshmallow, nougat, Oreo and finally now the latest version 9 ends with pie. Let us take a look at the new additions to the new version of android 9.0, pie. Android Course in Chennai is the best course for the beginners who are passionate of the features of the smart phones.

New Gestures

The new gestures in the Android are used to see the screen used previously and access to the app with ease. It is easy to view, open and removes the app and the traditional model of navigational bar is out dated now.

Over view of apps and browser movements

The horizontal listing of the apps helps for the movement of the apps easily and easy to use two apps simultaneously. Easy copy paste or sharing option help for sharing any content easily from the app. The Google search for the selected text also help to get clear idea about the content in the app and helps for the incremental action of sharing or saving the content to the phone. The new version supports for the usage of apps with speed, share the content or image, save the content or image, and do the search for the words at Google search. Smart text selection in the pixel phone help for the context based learning and suggests the actions followed with smart process. App Development Course in Chennai trains the candidates with real time projects and in-depth syllabus to attain growth in the job as android developer.

Management of notifications

The smart phones are the best way of giving the information on the right time from the emails and apps that we use. To turn off the notifications there is option in the latest version which is there in the settings. For those who are active with the app usage and giving reply to the apps this phone suits well. Android Training in Chennai is helpful for developing apps and publishing it in the app store of the Google. The smart reply option help for the using multiple screens and the inline replies are saved when navigating to the other apps. This option is helpful for using the apps with less time and more information are gathered from the apps.

Native notch support

This integrates the Google assistant usage in the phones with native apps. Similar to iPhone X this new version supports for the different designs, the panels are used to fold in this model, and different screens are used. The search bar and the Google assistant is planned to use together for the developers. The native apps are allowed to develop with the support of the Google assistant is the proposed change in the android development which is yet to come. For the native apps and the UI enhancements this new feature will definitely boost the market. Android Course in Chennai makes your career path as rich and passionate with the knowledge in the app development.

Android phones are becoming predictive about the actions which the users perform on the screen. The thread collection through the websites you see, you tube channel you use, the apps which you use, audio book which the users use, map navigation which the users use and the support from the Google assistant help for predicting the actions of the users.

Expected functions to be added

There are some functions which are not added yet but it is expected in the next incremental version of android. The slices are the option which is predictive feature for the search option in the android phones. It gives options but keeps away from the final step of booking or keeping the order. To make the operations fast and handy the smart phones are enriched with multiple features towards the advancements.

The digital wellbeing is the new option to be added to the android phone which says about the usage pattern to the users. The phone provides the information about the usage of the user over the apps and it also set time limits for the alerts in the phone. There is option called wind down which is yet to be added which helps for closing the usage for a particular time span. This option is used to take a regular break or periodical break from using the phones. Join the App Development Course and enlarge your career opportunities through practical knowledge.

It takes time span for the android producers to use the Android 9 and introduce the new types of phones to the users. Advanced phones like the pixel 3 and pixel 3XL will use the options and produce the new models with one day of time. But in the case of Huawei and Nokia it takes time to bring the changes to the practical form and release the new models of the phones. The version change with periodical advancements is essential to safe guard the phones from hackers and amplifies the user experience from the phones. Join the Android Development Course in Chennai to know about the latest changes in the market and expected future growth in the software industry.

EMM from Android

Android phones are not only used for the personal purposes but also used for the business development. We would like to take the subject of Android enterprise which is the initiative from the Google for the business to support the API and other tools. Let us learn about the Enterprise Mobility management which is the hot topic in the Android world. Join FITA the best institute for the Android Training in Chennai and explore the latest concepts in the Android development.

The usage of corporate data in the private phones demands for the security options to be perfect. Android 5.1 gives the option for the BYOD device to set the work profile separately. The personal profile and the work profile are separated with the control. The privacy and the security are the aspects needed to maintain the personal data and corporate data in a single device with access. Android Course in Chennai is proud to make the students as industry ready with the comprehensive knowledge.

The two types of deployment models in the Android phones are handled by the android 5.0 and android 8.0.These deployment models go with the full level management and full level management with work profile.

Fully Managed systems

Deployments are unavailable to the work profiles. The device control is fully designed for the business management. The web activity, security and data sharing are handled in a corporate environment with full control. Data separation and app separation aid for the improved security. Join the App Development Course in Chennai at FITA to know more about the fully managed systems of the Android.

Fully managed systems

Under this method strong policies are used for the work apps and data. Lightweight policies are assigned for the personal profile.

Three components of EMM solution

Console, Google play and the device policy controller are the three components of the EMM solution.

Android EMM

Android policy of the devices handles the API with device support and the app management with the life cycle support. Coding or integration is not needed for the communication between the management and android device. The enrollment tokens are used to blind the devices. Google play is also added to the device. The policies are created to manage the knowledge of the employees. The policy with minimum requirement for the password, install the app with the help of the Google play for the employees with remote access, and finally the updates are kept at the window. For the shared use the policy can be framed as the locking facility with single app or group of app. The other details of mobile like the location, camera and notification are disabled in the phone.

Knox feature of Samsung Android

The OEM configuration is the new option to create the features for the EMM. Recently Samsung mobiles used this option. Instead of using the build support for all the option the usage of OEM configuration leverages the management of the configurations. The Android Training in Chennai at FITA is noted by many students as a remarkable change in the learning journey of a student. Students enjoy the practicality with a peer approach at FITA.

Development In The Android Sector

Even though there are many popular platforms available for the deployment of mobile, Android is becoming the emperor in the mobile sector. The mobile industry is more into our day-to-day life.

This was not the case a few years back, but it is nearly impossible for us to find a person who is unaware of mobile phones. It is estimated that about 85 % share in the OS market is shared by Android, which is comparatively very high then iOS.

The usage of Android has been tremendously increased due to its easily customizable features. There is a steady evolution of Android in the market thus; it will be a great choice to enroll yourself in our Android Training in Chennai at FITA.

As the lifestyle of people is keep on changing there is necessary for the technology to evolve to sustain in this competitive world. The latest release in Android OS was released on August 6 of this year. And the users are waiting for the next release.

Android is the top most Operating system prevailing around the globe just next to iOS. Hence, many organizations are showing interest towards Android development, which in turn give away a large scope for professionals entering this field. This a whole cluster of software for various devices namely tablet computers, electronic book readers, notebooks, and smartphones. The key components of Android are middleware, operating system based on Linux along with key mobile applications. For any further clarifications, do visit our Android Training Institute in Chennai.

What do you infer from Android?

It is an open source operating system for various mobile-based devices. It was a creation done by Open Handset Alliance that was primarily led by Google along with many other companies. Google launched the earliest in order of this Software development kit in the year 2007 followed by the release of first commercial version in 2008 September.

It does not stop with this one but has extended to various level, which started by the announcement of the next Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean in the year 2012. IT has gained immense popularity in just few years due to its free and open source license. For getting in-depth information on Android, join our Android Training in Chennai.

Why to deploy Android?

Android Training is famous due to its best features for the deployment of Android that are specified below:

  1. Open source
  2. Easily customizable platform
  3. Inclusive of numerous features such as opening screen, weather
  4. Supports messaging service as well.

Categorization Of Android Applications

The various applications related to android that are available in the market are categorized below:

  1. Personalization
  2. Tools
  3. Communication
  4. Entertainment
  5. Travel and Local
  6. Media and Video
  7. Productivity
  8. Music and Audio
  9. Social

Brief history of Android

There are many interesting facts related to the evolution of Android versions. All the code names are desserts named in alphabetic order. The latest release is Pie 9.0 version of android. Google acquired Android in the year 2005 from the founder Andy Rubin who made the drastic invention in 2003. Android Classes in Chennai will fetch you the needful information.

This was initially designed for camera but later on was switched to smartphones. The name of Android was derived by one of the coworker of Andy Rubin due to his love towards robots. In addition, Google made the announcement of Android OS development in the year 2007, which encouraged HTC to release its first Android based mobile in the year 2008.

Versions of Android

  1. 5- Cupcake
  2. 6- Donut
  3. 1- Éclair
  4. 2- Froyo
  5. 3- Gingerbread
  6. 1 and 3.3- Honeycomb
  7. 0- Ice Cream Sandwic
  8. 1, 4.2 and 4.3- Jelly Bean
  9. 4- KitKat
  10. 0- Lollipop
  11. 0- Marshmallow
  12. 0- Nougat
  13. 0- Oreo
  14. 0- Pie

Android Applications

Generally, Android applications as developed with the help of Java along with Android Software development kit (SDK). Thereafter, followed by its packaging and sale over various mediums namely SlideME, Opera Mobile store, Google Play or even on Amazon Appstore. This is considered as the highest installed mobile operating systems around the world.

Android Architecture

Android Course in Chennai will be beneficial for you at a later stage of your career. The Android architecture, which is also known as Android software stack is classified into various parts that are mentioned below:

  1. Android Runtime
  2. linux kernel
  3. Application Framework
  4. native libraries
  5. Applications

Linux Kernel

This is the last layer present in Android architecture that provides abstraction level amidst the various device hardware, which contains the fundamental hardware drivers such as keypad, camera, display and many more. It also handles all the possessions that Linux is better in networking and a vast array of drivers that are associated with device that takes the difficulty of interfacing with peripheral hardware.


It is present right on top of the Kernel that includes group of open-source browser WebKit.

Android libraries

It envelopes Java based libraries, which are very specific with Android development. Some of the key core Android libraries that are available to Android developer are mentioned below− −It enables the application to be more accessible.

android.content – This facilitates publishing, content access, along with messaging among the various applications and components.

android.database – It is used in order to access data that is published by the content providers along with the inclusion of SQLite database management.

Android Runtime

This section of architecture is feasible on the second tier from the bottom. It provides an important component known as Dalvik Virtual Machine that is a type of Virtual Machine associated with Java especially designed and are optimized for Android.

The so-called Dalvik VM implements Linux core characteristics such as memory management along with multi-threading that is intrinsic in Java language. It enables all the Android application to be executed in its own process.

The Android runtime also supports a cluster of the core libraries that enables the developers of various Android application to script them by deploying standard Java language.

Application framework

The Android application developers can make use of these frameworks in their work. Some of the key services included in this are:

Resource manager– Non-code embedded resources are accessible using this like color settings, strings along with user interface layouts.

Activity manager– This is responsible for controlling the overall aspects of the lifecycle of any application.

Notifications manager– It is responsible in displaying notifications along with alerts to the user.

View system– It is the set of view in order to create an application user interfaces.

Content providers- Publishing and sharing of data are allowed along with various other applications.

Usage of content providers in the Android system

The SQlite data base of the android consists of the data that is needed for the content. For some types of application centralization of the content is required and by this method the content is connected to multiple applications. The content provider in the android system is similar to the data base management system where the functions like insert, delete, update and query are performed. The system for the content is added as the sub class and has standard APIs. This system allows the other applications to perform and it works with the functions. The prefix for the query is content://, the field of authority should be filled with the content provider details like the browser or the third party details, the data type should have the details of the data like the format of the data like the contact data or the comment data etc., the id should have the details of query or the specifications demanded. Join the Android Training in Chennai with FITA and reach the great heights in the career with the domestic and the global opportunities in the field of android development. Content providers are used to share the data and the abstraction in the system aid for making the changes in the data without affecting the other applications. Cursor adapter, curser loader and the abstractThreadedSyncAdapter are the different classes used for the content management in the android system. The content option is uses only in the below mentioned three cases and they are if there is necessity to transfer the data from your application to the other application or if the data is exposed to the widgets or the search with customization is implemented with the application.

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