Machine Learning Course in Chennai

Machine Learning Course in Chennai

Are you fascinated in learning Machine Learning Course? Your wait is over. Unite with FITA for Machine Learning Course in Chennai. Flexible Timings! Most Affordable Rate with 100% Placement! Stick with us for Machine Learning Training in Chennai and obtain Machine Learning Certification.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that authorize software applications to be more exact in predicting outcomes without programmed explicitly. Machine learning is a procedure of data analysis that automates analytical model building which is a branch of AI. The idea is based on which computers should adapt learn and gain experience. Machine Learning focuses on computer applications to access data and use it by themselves.

Why do students prefer Machine Learning Course in Chennai?

You can attain an advanced level of Machine Learning Algorithm and application like clustering, classification, regression and prediction through Machine learning Certification Training. The training covers deep learning and Spark Machine Learning. The chief aim is to allow computers to automatically learn without intervention and balanced actions accordingly.

What will students get if they pay for the course?

Course schedules are flexible and you will have to access all the features and content to earn a course certificate. You will require session-based courses that acquire you to meet deadlines to stay on track. Even if you fail in it, later sessions will be conducted so that you can complete the work.

What does FITA do?

With more practical session by our well-versed tutors, students obtain more knowledge. Students are made to do real time projects under the guidance of our trainers. Our commitment doesn’t get concluded within the classes, but we do provide extra classes for the sake of slow-going scholars.

Machine Learning Syllabus


What is ML?
Data, Problems and tools
Linear Classification
Perceptron update rule
Perceptron convergence
Maximum margin classification
Classification errors
Logistic regression
Linear regression, estimator bias and variance, active learning
Kernal regression
Support vector machine (SVM) and kernels
Kernel optimization
Model selection
Model selection criteria
Description length, feature selection
Combining classifiers, boosting
Boosting, margin, and complexity
Margin and generalization, mixture models
Mixtures and the expectation maximization (EM) algorithm
EM, regularization, clustering
Spectral clustering, Markov models
Hidden Markov models (HMMs)
Bayesian networks
Learning Bayesian networks
Probabilistic inference
Guest lecture on collaborative filtering
Current problems in machine learning, wrap up

Future Scope of Machine Learning

Machine learning is still a complex demon. The husky form of Machine Learning Chennai is “deep learning” which forms a mathematical structure called neutral network based on vast quantities of data. The future of Machine learning is very bright. It is considered as an incredibly powerful tool because Machine Learning can solve problems which couldn’t be solved.

Become a Machine Learning Professional. Explore the New Technology by getting connected with FITA for Machine Learning Course in Chennai. For more information enroll with FITA.

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