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French is 9th most spoken language in the world, with 200 million speakers over 5 continents. France is the land of multiple employment opportunities, education hub and prime tourist destination in the world. Apart from English, French is a widely spoken language in United Kingdom. Learning French language would improve your ability to communicate with French speakers easily.

FITA language center aims at providing high quality language training for kids, students & professionals. We do offer training at different levels ranging from beginner to professionals. Faculties are professional French trainers working in various leading corporate sectors. Learning French is made easy at FITA-The best French Institute in Chennai, with experienced staff, friendly environment and unbeatable infrastructure. The course mainly focuses on conversational skill and understanding of the language with lots of live examples, video clippings, Audio aids and other creative mode of learning.

Learning a foreign language will definitely bring fun for kids, hobby for schools goers and job opportunity for college goers and professionalism for corporate employees. The course structure can be tailored according to individuals need. We are committed to provide high-quality FRENCH Training in Chennai with right blend of knowledge, technology and expertise.

What Makes FITA French Classes Unique?

FITA is a well-reputed institute for French Class in Chennai. Our tutors have a great passion towards teaching with fun. Learning a foreign language is good especially for people looking for global opportunities. Our tutors are professionally trained and certified in French. Learn French in a fun filled environment with lot of practise sessions. Our native speakers transfer their knowledge with interactive techniques. We deliver world class communication in learning solutions. Our priority is to provide you with the best training that ultimately contributes towards your desired goal. Our course syllabus is designed by our international experts.

Benefits Of Taking French Training

Learning French language will benefit you in many ways, which include

For Business
For Work
Living Aboard
Brain Training
Learn French and Belgian culture

Why French Language Classes In Chennai At FITA

Learning French at FITA Academy is very affordable and offered by team of language experts. So, top quality learning experience will be guaranteed.
Covers aspects in French language training - listening, reading, writing and speaking with highly interactive training.
Our customized training program will help you to learn at your own pace.
Course material and regular experience to learn French language easy.

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  • Above 15000+ students trust FITA.
  • Smart classes with updated coursewares.
  • Flexible Course timings for students and working professionals.
  • FITA is present in the training field for more than a decade.
  • Extensive coverage of syllabus for all the courses with 60+ hours of training.
  • An Affordable fee structure for both students and IT professionals.

Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Provides Interview training and tips to the students.
  • Supports the students in Resume building.

Contact our support number 98404 11333 and enroll for training. You can also directly walk into our branch and enroll yourself.

The world is becoming small due to the education and internet purport around the world. The community followers and the learning attitude create the demand for any language in the business and the educational branches. The importance of any language is valued with par to the demand and usage of the language. Join the French Classes in Chennai to travel to the European countries and its weird fact that French is spoken in 53 countries around the world. The different channels in the internet and professional courses from the global universities around the world are leaning the minds of young people to learn multiple foreign languages from the schools or else during the college days to prepare themselves for the society around the world. Join the French Language Classes in Chennai to become an expert in the French language.

Let us see some of the training methodologies which help the individual to arrive fluency in the language. To bring the fluency the first step is to be familiar with the slang the French people speak. Let us see some interesting slang to provoke the French language skills and these sentences are proved as postulate sentences by the language speakers. French Courses in Chennai have practical oriented approach and they train the students with the role play, group discussion, movies and videos to bring the correct pronunciation and perfection in the French language.

The content with the books, TV, audio visual materials, music and videos create the enthusiasm to learn the language. So, the sentences we come across dominate the mind and become the picture of our language. So, see below the list of words with sentences to use in the day to day life and these simple sentences are your visual dictionary to start learning the language. We wrap the gift of beautiful dictionary with interesting facts to foster the interest to learn the French language at FITA.

Dictionary for informal words

Bordel is the French word which means the large mess around the place. This is the sentence often used towards a teen ager or a student to clean the room and clear the mess around there. The sentence for this word is Range ta chambre. C’est le bordel et le rendre beau. Join the French Classes to clear the beginner and advanced level examination in the French language.

Balle is the word used for the old currency in France. After the introduction of euro the usage of Balle has become less and still it forms the traditional or local French language.

Baraque means the small home made up of planks and this is the life style of the people of old tradition in France. The word is still in existence and used to describe the muscular beauty. To express the feeling of muscular like the close friend from my school days said that “she loves my face, sense of humor and the muscular body of mine”. French Language Course in Chennai satisfies the multiple needs of the students and brightens up their future for getting visa to travel to the foreign countries.

BG is the word used to describe the “hot guy” in French language and the meaning of this word is different in different countries. For example when speaking french in canada and the usage of BG sounds different to them. The laughter is used as “haha” in English and in French it is “MDR which is mort de rire”. Usage of language is differs depending upon the location and the scenario in which it is used. Join the Best French Classes in Chennaito learn with the apt examples and remember the language very easily.

Ble is the word which means wheat in English and this is used to express the term money also. Fric or pognon are the words used for the replacement of the word money.

Bobo is the word in French language which is used to express the minor injuries and this is used typically in humorous conversations in an informal way. French Institute in Chennai offers flexible timings and reasonable fees to train in the French language.

Kiffer is the informal word used for the day to day expression in the French language. Kiffer means to like something like I like to go for long travel, I like your mother very much. J’aime aller pour les longs voyages and J’aime beaucoup ta mère are the literal sentences from the word kiffer.

Meuf is the word used to represent the female gender. Femme is also another word in the french language which means the female gender. “Sexe féminin de la niece” is the sentence which means the female gender for the niece relationship. Join the French Coaching Classes in Chennai and pursue a career as translator which has wide range of opportunities.

Dictionary of formal words

Formal words and informal words have mild variations in the usage. In English can you give the pen is casual way of asking pen whereas could you give your pen is the formal way of asking the pen. pouvez-vous me donner le stylo is the sentence for asking the pen casually in the French language. pourriez-vous me donner le stylo is the word to convey the sentence could you give me your pen in French language.

For the word car there are three types of words like Bagnole, voiture and vehicule in the French language. Bagnole and voiture are the informal words whereas vehicule is the formal word. Spoken French Classes in Chennaiimpart quality training to make the students to get the perfect pronunciation in the language which is helpful to communicate with them.

When writing the letter the last line in the letter will be Dans l’attente de votre retour, which says that expecting a feedback regarding the letter or looking forward for the reply from you.

Some of the formal sentences which are used rarely are like would you be available tomorrow or would it bother you horrible to. “seriez-vous disponible demain” and “cela dérangerait-il horriblement” are the words to express this meaning in French language.

Manifesto for gaining knowledge in French

DILF, DELF and DALF are the three exams for the French language which are internationally recognized and accepted globally for the language standards. Do not hold off learning French language as it has enormous benefits with the individual learners. French language opens your door to the foreign countries and it is like a card to travel to multiple other foreign countries also. Join the French Classes in Chennai at FITA to learn with passion and dedication towards learning. The language skills are measured with speaking, reading, writing, listening as the parameters and it is written only with the authorized exam centers or with in the territory of the French language. The aspirant learners should know how to prepare for the exam and what are the facilities available at your place to write the exams.

Modules of the examination

DILF exam consists of one level which is called as A1, DELF consists of A1, A2, B1 and B2, for DELF it is DELF junior, DELF pro, DELF prim, and DELF scolaire. The different levels of examination are demanded for the multiple needs to judge the language skills. To make your search easy and to enlighten your skills in the French language we provide you the questions which are frequently asked in the French examination. Join the French Language Classes in Chennai to bring transformation in the language skills.

Desirable questions

Speaking part is designed with activity base to make the language as a transparent one and move the students to the comfort zone. The first part is about the expression of the interest towards the questions asked and the second part is about the sequence of activities to complete with the language knowledge. It gives an idea to the learner about how to use language in different places. It is like the activity happen in the shop, the language used to explain the third party about a place or people, language used to get appointment from a doctor, and express the complaints you have with the doctor in the French language. French Courses in Chennai is available in the flexible timings and with personal care to help the students to clear the exams.

In the listening test 5 messages will be given with the sequential order to explain about something. “Attention aux problèmes de santé” is the sentence which says about to be cautious about the health problems.

In the reading section four messages will be given with the image to read and follow the language.

In the writing test there will be paragraph and the paragraph is followed by a sequence of questions related to the given paragraph. In the French language “temps de train” means the train time, temps de voyage means travel time, and prix des billets is the sentence used to express about the ticket rates in French language.

Thus the different tests make you flair with the language and boost the confidence to handle critical scenarios in the country. French Classes are handled by the group of professionals and it is the highly needed for the students to pursue higher education or to take up the onsite jobs.

Interesting tips to score high in the French examination

Learning in a natural way is the best thing ever which stagnate the mind in to a regular reader of the language. To start self-learning the first idea is the media there are so many French serials, French TV news channels and French food blogs to make you engaged in a natural way. These French new channels, French radio channels or French food blogs help to leap and learn the language independently. If you have the passion then anything is easy to arrive. Do the job with the interest within you and take it as a hobby. Because language is not like the other subject which can be memorized and then understood? Here in the language the understanding gives the memory and in subjects the memory gives the understanding. To learn effectively it’s good to have a social media account or a partner with the French language knowledge. Let us see some sources where you can inculcate the habit of reading with the personal interest you have. French Language Course in Chennai is the best course to boost the confidence when speaking the French language with different types of people.

French serials to watch and practice

The French serial 7 days on the planet which is “7 jours sur la planète” and by seeing this serial the awareness of French news is also gained. The discussion topics with the world news are provided along with the serial for the French learners.

The second serial is “Plus belle la vie” which says about the neighborhood and the day to day lives of the French people. The scenes are rich in nature, it revolves around the love, friendship and detectives in the way of life of the inhabitants of mistral and the humor in the French serials are slow and the comedy part is glorified with the culture and the history of the country. “Plus belle la vie” roughly conveys the meaning as the life is more beautiful. The Best French Classes in Chennai is known by the materials used for the teaching and the teaching methodology of the trainer.

If you are bored of news and love then go for crime thriller serial. Here is the choice for you “Engrenages” which means spiral. This serial show cases the judgmental minds of the French people. It says about the crime and the justice system which marked its market in the 70 countries. It is rumored that it is not depicting the exact system of the French society.

French News websites to learn regularly

If you don’t understand a word in the French website then refer the online French dictionary to get the precise meanings. There are so many online French dictionaries like systran, LingvoSoft, and Reverso are some of the French online dictionaries to solve problem of the lack of language sense. France 24 is the channel which is available 24/7 and it provides the world news in the French language. Expatica is the website for the French news portal and it provides the local as well as the international news. The local France’s news in English is the local channel in the France with English. The Paris star is the popular website which consists of the news related to Paris and consists of plenty number of pictures and opinions about the events of Paris. When searching for the best French Institute in Chennai the reviews will take you to the FITA training and by joining the training one gains huge advantage through the quality training.

French food blogs for learning French with passion

Bon Appetit is the food blog which covers the recipes for the occasions and it gives information about the travel, technology, and designs also. Ultimately, food is all about the taste and presentation. So, this blog is the right blog to know about the food and the lifestyle of the French people with less effort. Chocolate and Zucchini is the famous blog of the French which says about the best places in Paris and also the best recipes to learn. Thyme for cooking blog is the famous blog for the food and life style of the people in France. This is updating the regular posts since 2006. French coaching Classes in Chennai train the candidates not only in the language but also in the culture, history and the lifestyle of the people in France.

Getting along with the serials, learning news websites and watching the food blogs are natural way of learning but that is not sufficient to meet out the authorized examination. To take up the authorized examination the natural learning should be accompanied with the expert advices or tips to fine tune the mistakes and focus on the perfection. As the phonetics of the French is little bit confusing it requires training to capture the right pronunciation. Join the Spoken French Classes in Chennai and become an expert in the French language.

Perfection in the language

The phonetics improves the language skills and it lays the difference in the usage of two different languages. They will boost the confidence and make the learner as an expert in the language. The French vowels are spoken from the nasal as nasal sounds. There are three types of vowels in the French language one is pure vowels, semi vowels and the nasal sounds. The “R” pronunciation in French is different and the words from the start, middle and end of the sentence has variations. The stress or emphasize with the words are the important factor which makes the speaker as the native speaker. So, be like a French Man and stress properly. English words are stressed along with the usage whereas French words stress the final syllable of a word. So, perfection is very important factor in scoring more marks and clearing the authorized certification. So, join the French Classes in Chennai at FITA and become an expert in the language. Join the French Course and gain the values of knowing different languages.


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