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Social media marketing is among the most rapidly growing sectors in Digital Marketing around the world. A high level of skills in the social media marketing sector is sought after by major corporates. We at FITA, teach you the strategies and best practices in our Social Media Marketing Courses in Chennai. This training will come in handy to expand your knowledge in online marketing and also help to advance your career in that direction.


Social Media Courses has no eligibility criteria as such. However, Social Media Marketing Training will be beneficial for the following persons:

Individuals from the advertising and marketing domains that want to get into digital marketing
Entrepreneurs and business owners that want to grow their business
IT professionals that liaise with clients and who have to pitch digital marketing solutions
Students and freelancers aspiring to build a career in digital marketing

Detailed Course Curriculum - Social Media Marketing Courses

Social Media Training Course consists of lectures, discussions, assignments, Audio-visual presentations, real-life projects, and classroom assessments .


Introduction to Social Media
What is Social Media
History of Social Media
Managing Information In Social Media
Google Alerts

Getting Ready

Social Media and your Company
Content Management - What is it
Creating Content
Management of Content
Touchpoint Analysis
Worksheet Planning

Social Media And Law

Company Guidelines
Trademark and copyright Implications

Introduction To Blogs

Wordpress Setup
Wordpress Services

All About Influencers

Who are Influencers
How to Find Influencers
How to Make Your Brand Benefit from Influencers


What is Podcasting
How to Create Podcasts
Hardware for Podcasts
Software for Podcasts
Where to find Podcasts


How to Create Pages and Groups
All about Posts
Paid Promotions
Tips and Guidelines


What is SEO
How to Determine
Google's Role in SEO
Organic Search


Setting up a YouTube Channel
Managing Content
Long-form Video Platforms
Monetization in YouTube


How to Set Up Twitter Account
How to Use
Tips and Guidelines


How to Set Up LinkedIn Account
How to Use
Tips and Guidelines
Review of Profiles


How to Set up Pinterest
How to Manage Pinterest
How to get to Target Audience
Social Media and Bookmarking

Crowdsourcing And Collaborative Marketing

Basic Lessons

Metrics And ROI

How to set up metrics and measure returns

New And Upcoming Social Media

Job Opportunities

Social media marketing is only one portion of the huge social media industry, but important nevertheless. Businesses are now viewing social media as a platform for engaging with prospective clients to inform them about new products and services. This shows how important is Social Media Marketing Courses in Chennai for all businesses. In the last few years, social media positions are being offered by most large corporates. This is because of their need to stay connected to online communities for long-term benefits.

Job Titles For Those Specialized In Social Media Marketing

SEO Specialist
Social Media Strategist
Content Strategist
Content Manager
Brand Manager
Social Media Marketing Manager
Digital Content Manager
Online Community Manager
Social Media Copywriter

Employer Expectations

Social media marketers are expected to create marketing campaigns that are interactive shareable and which bring results.
A Social Media Manager is expected to create the organization's social media strategy and execute the same. They are held responsible for representing the company brand on the social media.
Social media personnel are likely to be in writing social media copy, answer questions from the online community and replying to comments.
A Social Media Strategist will be expected to identify the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the company's social media strategy. They are expected to promote contests, events or new products on the social channels. They are expected to be aware of the latest social media trends that are taking place. All these expectations will be satisfied with the help of Social Media Training in Chennai at FITA.

Course Objectives

The Objectives of the Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai at FITA would teach you the following:

History of Social media and recognize the different social media platforms
Manage media input within guidelines and become aware of Copyright and other regulations
Use SEO to market through social media
Social media and Content Management
Use social media platforms and tools to help you grow your business profitably
Learn to match the different markets with social strategies to make your business profitable
Enable you to design and manage and further optimize social media campaigns that will help you to place your brand in the digital marketplace
Establish metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns
Develop targeted content in order to generate new leads and engage existing clientele and different social communities
Create and evaluate detailed social marketing strategies

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