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UNIX is an evergreen operating system used around the globe on workstations, servers and mobile devices. UNIX was an essential element for the development of internet and played a vital role in restructuring the standard stand-alone systems to computing networks. Unix is one of the oldest operating systems with many flavours that are still used in more than 80% of servers in the market. Unix is preferred for the security and the performance it offers. All Linux distributions like HP-UX by Hewlett Packard, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, and Mac OSX are UNIX based operating systems. Tedious tasks that require many lines of coding in other operating systems like Windows can be easily performed using Unix Shell Scripting.

Who Should Learn Unix Training?

Whether you are a Developer or Tester or Support Engineer or a Project Manager, if you are an IT professional, knowing Unix is important for your career growth, so learn Shell scripting. Whether you work in Big data technologies like Hadoop or emerging industries like Robotic process automation (RPA) or Networking Industry, undertaking Unix Shell Scripting Training has become more essential and it is an added advantage in most of the job interviews. In a Nutshell, Unix is for Everyone!


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Prerequisite For Taking Unix Training & Unix Shell Scripting Training In Chennai At FITA

Anyone who is interested to Learn Unix Shell Programming can take up the Shell Scripting Course in Chennai at FITA.

Course Objectives

After completing the Unix Training in Chennai at FITA students will be able to

Work with the Unix operating system comfortably
Work on all file related tasks
Work on Security and Permission related tasks
Interact with User Input
Work with Basic and Advanced Shell Programming
Perform basic System Administration activities like Scheduling Cron jobs, performing backup activities and manage Disk space

Introduction to the UNIX commands

The operating system takes care of the management of the hardware of the device, manages the memory, and the files of the system. The different files in the UNIX file system are ordinary files, pipes, sockets, directories, special files and symbolic links. We would like to enhance the knowledge of the students to create a strong foundation in the UNIX operating system.

Command line interface with the UNIX is more flexible than the graphical or button based operating system in Windows. Let us provide the students with some of the commands to learn UNIX from the basics. Join the Unix Training in Chennai to become an expert in the technology with practical knowledge. Let us see some of the basic commands in the UNIX.


Shell is the program in the UNIX OS which is used for the primary functions of reading the commands and running the programs. Shell depends upon the text-based operations, the repetitive tasks are automated, the network connection with the machines is created and the ratio of action to the key is high. UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Chennai at FITA is conducted by the industry experts with detailed knowledge base with the technology.

Files and directories

There are three types of divisions in the structure of the file system they are Directories, ordinary files and special files. The directories and ordinary files are the same but the program used in the directory is controlled by the system. Ordinary files are the place where the user keeps all his files. The special files are the files with access to the associated devices. The read and write option is activated through the associated devices. A directory is mentioned as a tree as it saves the details of the other directories also. ‘cd’ path is the command which deals with the changes in the working directory which is used currently. CD is the short form of the change directory. The 1s path is used to take print of the specific file or directory with the listing. 1s shows the working directory which is used currently. pwd’ is the short form for printing the working directory of the user. ‘/’ is the directory which works as root to the whole file system. The relative path is the path for the location from the current location and absolute path shows the path from the root of the file system. Separation among the directories is symbolized with/on Unix and in case of the windows, it is \. ‘.’ stands for the current directory and ‘..’ stands for the directory which is located above the current directory. UNIX Training in Chennai is the best training to gain basic knowledge in the respective technology.

Filters and the pipes

‘cat’ is the command for the inputs, head is for getting the first 10 lines of the input, tail is for the last 10 lines of the input, sort is the command to sort the available inputs, WC is to make the functions of counting lines, characters and words with the inputs, command > file is for overwriting the content with the output of the command, command >> file is to append the file with the output from the command, < stands for redirecting the input to the command by the operator, first | second is the command with pipeline to get the output from the first command and use the output as the input for the second one. Pipelines make the shell as a simple one. UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Chennai provides real-time examples with simple projects which makes the learning as an interesting task.


‘For’ is the command for repetition in the list, for command requires a variable to use a thing which is currently working, $name is used to expand a variable, The variable expansion becomes complex if the wild card characters like “*, ?” is used. For the purpose of editing and repeating the up arrow keys are used from the scroll up to the previous command, use the option of history to see the recent commands and ! number for command with a number.

Shell scripts

The commands are stored in the files for the purpose of repetitive actions and this file is called a shell script. The commands which are saved in a file are called a bash file name. ‘$@’ says about the arguments with the command line in the shell script, $1 means the argument with a command line in the first line, $2 refers to the argument in the second line. If the values consist of spaces then quotes are placed in a variable in UNIX. The flexibility with the UNIX is the users decide about the file to be processed.

The latest version of UNIX is PDP-11/70 and the important aspect of this version is its simplicity. The core memory of the system is 768K bytes inclusive of code and tables for the data. Join the UNIX Training in Chennai at FITA to learn the latest changes with an insight into the industrial knowledge to excel in the respective job role.



Understanding the Unix Architecture
Understanding the Unix Basics
Features of Unix
Unix Vs Other Operating Systems
Using Putty Tool


Terminal Commands
Changing Terminal Color and Cursor
Displaying a Message
Understanding Wildcards
Working with Processes
Working with Directories in Unix
Getting Help using man


Understanding Files, Directories and Sub Directories
Files & Directories naming convention
Creating Files
Displaying Files
Deleting Files
Commands to Managing Files:
Sorting Files
Working with Redirection
Input/output Redirection


Splitting File Horizontally and Vertically
Important File Related Commands:
How to Search in Files
Compressing and Archiving Files
Linking Files
Filter related Commands:


Users and Permissions basics
Working with File Permission
Working with File Ownerships
Understanding Superuser
UMASK Command
Important Communication Commands in Network
Transferring files between Local and Server
Copy files from one another server to server


Various types of Editors
Various modes of the vi editor
Basic operations in Editor:
Screen Control
Cursor Movement
Commands for saving and exit
Insert and Delete operation in vi
Searching for a pattern
Joining Lines
Copy and Paste
Block Copy
Move and Delete
Special features of vim editor
Stream Editor
Use of XARGS command


Different types of Shells
Fundamentals of Shell Scripting
Scripting Language vs Programming Language
Understanding Environment Variables
Understanding Relative and Absolute Paths
Writing a Shell script file
Executing a Shell script file
Understanding Interpolation
Types of variables
Shell Operators
Read variables and Exit status
Shell initialization files
Common commands used in Shell script:
Quoting characters
Shell expansion


Escape and Quoting Mechanism
Batch Script vs Shell Script
Shell Function
Decision Making Statement
Shell Loops
Control flow
Running jobs in the Background
Running jobs in the Foreground
Scheduling Job using:
Terminate Process Environment Variable
Local and Global Variables
Positional Parameter


Industry sample scripts debugging
Debugging the Scripts
Compress and archive the files


Common Interview Questions
Important Sample Shell Script Programs
Extracting data from various sources – HTML & XML
Connect to Database like Oracle/MySQL
Working with SQL Queries within Shell
Connect to third party applications like FTP

Unix Course in Chennai at FITA provides a focused and in-depth knowledge of Unix Commands and Advanced Shell Scripting topics. Interested to learn the essential system concepts, Unix commands and tasks? Then your choice should definitely be FITA – No 1 Unix Training in Chennai. Mastering UNIX Commands, Process and Unix Shell Scripting can help you to shape your future better by securing a good career and scaling up faster in the IT industry.Thus Unix Certification Courses help you enhance your career growth.

We at FITA deliver a world-class training on Unix by IT experts having more than 12 years of experience in Unix Programming. Participants at all levels can have an appreciation and gain deep knowledge on this evergreen OS. UNIX course at FITA will enable the trainees to make sound decisions about possible implementation of a UNIX system.

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