IoT Training in Chennai

IoT Training in Chennai

IoT Training in ChennaiDevelop your career from the Best IoT Training in Chennai with the foremost authorized mentors for the Internet of Things Course! Rank a degree which will open opportunities that will doom your career. Educate with FITA for IoT Certification for certification exams.

Define Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is how all the objects get connected together to create a smart world. It’s about how devices are getting connected to the internet, letting them speak about applications and each other. Internet of Things is more than smart homes and connected appliances. The term refers to network connectivity and computing capabilities extend to the sensor and everyday items.

Internet of Things is widely spreading in everything from home security systems to early flood detection. The main concept of IoT is interconnecting various sensor built-in devices with internet in order to make every work easy and efficient. To get more ideas about IoT, enroll today into IoT Training in Chennai. Various companies use this technology and a wide range of products are being developed on a daily basis. Even Amazon Echo is a great example of IoT hub product in the market. This concept also has a major impact on Industrial applications. It increases the manufacturing efficiency by resulting in more production in less time. In the coming generation, our environment will be filled with smart devices.

Why choose FITA for Internet of Things Class?

Students get superior training with FITA for IoT Certification Course in Chennai. We understand the era of your subscription. Sessions are fully practical based for the satisfaction of our students. Our tutors guide them in such a way that, when they step out of FITA they immediately get job opportunities. Flexible timings are maintained according to our graduates. Weekend and weekday classes are also conducted for students. Choose FITA the Best IoT Training Institute in Chennai. We analyze each student and train them according to their capability.

IoT Platforms

The platform uses internet transfer protocols for IoT devices to connect with another IoT devices and applications. Some of the IoT platforms are as follows

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure IoT
ThingWorx IoT platform
IBM Watson
Samsung Electronic launched Artik
Cisco IoT Cloud Connect and much more

Certification Resources

FITA also provides a certificate in IoT certifications. The certificate provided by us worth more. Ranked #1by students among IoT Training Center in Chennai we are always the foremost in the technology industry.

Curriculum for Internet of Things

M2M to IoT-The Vision-Introduction

  • From M2M to IoT,
  • M2M towards IoT-the global context
  • A use case example
  • Differing Characteristics.

M2M to IoT – A Market Perspective– Introduction

  • Some Definitions
  • M2M Value Chains
  • IoT Value Chains
  • An emerging industrial structure for IoT
  • The international driven global value chain and global information monopolies

M2M to IoT-An Architectural Overview

  • Building an architecture
  • Main design principles and needed capabilities
  • An IoT architecture outline, standards considerations.

M2M and IoT Technology Fundamentals

  • Devices and gateways
  • Local and wide area networking
  • Data management
  • Business processes in IoT
  • Everything as a Service(XaaS),
  • M2M and IoT Analytics
  • Knowledge Management

IoT Architecture-State of the Art

  • Introduction
  • State of the art

Architecture Reference Model

  • Introduction
  • Reference Model and architecture
  • IoT reference Mode

IoT Reference Architecture- Introduction

  • Functional View
  • Information View
  • Deployment and Operational View
  • Other Relevant architectural views

Real-World Design Constraints- Introduction

  • Technical Design constraints-hardware is popular again
  • Data representation and visualization
  • Interaction and remote control.

Industrial Automation

  • Service-oriented architecture-based device integration
  • SOCRADES: realizing the enterprise integrated Web of Things
  • IMC-AESOP: from the Web of Things to the Cloud of Things
  • Commercial Building Automation- Introduction

Case study-Phase one

  • Commercial building automation today

Case study: phase two

  • Commercial building automation in the future

Destiny of IOT

The future belongs to the Internet of Things. It’s an emerging topic of social, economic and technical significance. It lifts significant challenges that could within realizing its potential benefits.

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