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If you are planning to work in the graphic or web design area or plan to take a design degree, then it is important to learn Photoshop Classes in Chennai. Photoshop is the most versatile image editing software that is available on the market today. However, as it is very comprehensive, for a beginner, learning Photoshop may seem very intimidating. FITA Photoshop Training in Chennai makes the whole exercise a simple one by hiring some of the most experienced tutors, with clear and methodical teaching styles, that know to make the correct use of Photoshop's premium features and help students to learn to create web pages, video stories and custom-branded graphics in minutes.

Why Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is among the oldest graphic designing software and is currently one of the most popular among image editors and web designers. It is software that can be used by beginners as well experienced design enthusiasts. The reason for its popularity is its user-friendliness. More than 25 years old, Photoshop helps to create iconic images by those who have a flair for designs. From restoring old photos to creating graphics layouts, combining pictures with text, creating artworks with brush tools, correcting photography mistakes, Photoshop is a must-learn image editing software, enroll into the Best Photoshop Training Institute in Chennai to enhance your designing skills.

With images becoming the most important component of social media and unique graphic designs telling stories, Photoshop is likely to be used for all design purposes and printing and related career fields in the near future.


Any individual with a flair for digital design and familiarity with a PC is free to attend the certificate course. They may be required to submit proof of their artistic ability. However, if you want to pursue digital marketing as a profession there may be some prerequisites like having to complete a graduate program in related subjects. Photo Editing courses in Chennai will be more useful in knowing more about Photoshop editing.

Other Digital Design Tools And Photoshop's Key Differentiator

Illustrator, Corel Draw and Photoshop are the most popular tools used for computer design and graphics. However, the best among them all is Photoshop. Illustrator was created before Photoshop and is vector-based designing software. That it there is no concept of pixels in Illustrator. Corel Draw an Illustrator are used more in mainstream advertising artwork.

Photoshop is considered to be the best software that can be used to edit images. You can edit the whole or part of an image and also share it easily on social media (Facebook, Twitter). The editing can be done faster with Photoshop than with other tools. Photoshop is the best tool that can be used for website design, presentations, infographics, touch-ups, photo edits, etc., all of which form the cornerstone of digital marketing of today. Want to know fees allotment for Photoshop course fees in Chennai, FITA will help you to know more about Photoshop courses and its rates.

Detailed Course Curriculum - Photoshop

Basic Acquaintance

Environment of Photoshop
Palettes, Palette Well
Customized Workspace Creation
File Browser
Magnification of Images
Moving Images
Document Information View
Undo and History Palette
Drawing Guides Display
Set Preferences

Image Manipulation

Bitmap Images
Vector Images
Size and Resolution settings
Scanning Images
New image Creation
Placing Files

Basics of Color

Colour Modes, Models
Colour Mode Conversion
Colour Differences in Different OS
Management of Color
Background, Foreground Colors
Colour Picker
Selecting Colours with Color Palette, Eyedropper Tool and Swatches Palette

Painting Tools

Brush Tool
Blending Modes
Pencil Tool
Eraser, Magic Eraser, Background Eraser Tools
Using History, Art History Brush

Brush Settings

Brushes Palette
Select Custom Brush Tips, in Brushes Palette
Set Shape Dynamics, Brush Scattering, Brush Texture, Dual Brushes, Colour Dynamics, Other Dynamics
Miscellaneous Brush Settings and Clearing
Customized Brush
Saving Customized Brush Library


Pixel Selections
Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand Tools
Colour Range
Extract Command
Adjust, Copy, Paste, Save, and Load Selections

Fills and Stroking

Applying Fills
Paint Bucket Tool
Gradient Tool
Gradient Editor, Patterns, Patternmaker

Layers, Advanced Layers

Creating Layers and Layer sets
Stacking, Linking, Locking, Merging, Flattering Layers
Layer management Tasks
Layer Styles
Adjusting and Filling Layers


Entering, Selecting and Editing Text
Type Selection
Type Layer Effects
Character Palette
Spell Check
Paragraph Palette


Raster and Vector Drawing
Shape, Pen and Anchor Point tools
Shape layers, Options
Paths Pallete and Working with Paths

Channels And Masking

Channels Palette
Spot Colours
Blending Layers and Channels
Alpha Channels

Other Advanced Topics That Are Handled Include:

Work Area Environment
Adobe ImageReady
Using Adobe Bridge
Photo Corrections
Retouching and Repair
Working with Selections
Links within an Image
Masks, Channels, Layers
Correction, Enhancement of Digital Photographs
Typographic Design
Advanced Vector Drawing Techniques
Vector Compositing
Advanced Layer Techniques
Links within an Image
Rollover Web Images
Animation of GIF Images
Printing Consistent Colour

A variety of teaching strategies are used in our Photoshop course in Chennai including lectures, discussions, notes, written exercises in the classroom, lab exercises, demonstrations, quizzes and examinations. The students who complete the Adobe Photoshop Training in Chennai are awarded a course completion certificate.

Job Opportunities

There are a number of job openings for those that care to master Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Image Specialists
Digital Design Intern (just completed)
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Content Specialist
Social Media Coordinator
Digital Imaging - Faculty
Digital Editor
Design Assistant
Story-Telling Editor
Design Assistant
Digital Content Coordinator
Production Artist, etc.

Company Expectations

Any company that decides to hire a graphic designer wants the candidate to have all of these skills:

Good knowledge of Photoshop
Become familiar with HTML commands
UI/UX experience helps
The additional skills expected of a graphic designer are typography, Adobe CS, branding, photography, MS Office, web design, PowerPoint and print design.
To get a well-paying job, employers expect graphic designers with a couple of years' prior experience.

Course Objectives

The students who complete the Photoshop Training Course will be able to:

Appreciate the primary role of Photoshop as a premier image editing and graphic design tool. They would be productive able to make use of the Photoshop environment and be able to create artwork or manipulate existing artwork. They would clearly understand the differences between vector and raster graphics, multiple types of images, and the best application for every type graphic design, the Web and print. The students would have an idea of graphic design and animation. They would be able to use Flash to create Internet presentations. They would be in a position to use Adobe Premier and create digital audio and video files. They would know how to use 3D Studio Max and create 3D images as well as animations. They would be able to build multimedia presentations using Macromedia Director and create interactive websites as well. Learn Photoshop Classes in Chennai to become expertise photo designing.

Job opportunities after completing a photoshop

Photoshop help to edit the photo with the enhancement, background, 3D, color combination, shadow view, create paths and create masks. The job roles which are suitable for a professional with Photoshop knowledge are listed below. Photographer, digital marketing professional, freelance advertiser, social media manager and web printer for the publishing company are the wide range of job roles for the candidates with photoshop knowledge. Creativity and experience are essential for a designer with photoshop knowledge. Photoshop is widely used with digital marketing companies, advertising agencies, publishing companies and newspapers.


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