Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

BigData Training in ChennaiLearn Hadoop Training in Chennai at FITA – No 1 Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai. Call 98404-11333 for more details.

What is Big Data and Hadoop?

Big data refers to the large and complex set of data that are difficult to process using traditional processing systems. Stock exchanges like NYSE and BSE generates Terabytes of data every day. Social media sites like Facebook generates data that are approximately 500 times bigger than stock exchanges.

Hadoop is an open source project by Apache used for storage and processing of large volume of unstructured data in a distributed environment. Hadoop can scale up from single server to thousands of servers. Hadoop framework is used by large giants like Amazon, IBM, New York Times, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the list is growing every day. Due to the larger investments companies make for Big Data the need for Hadoop Developers and Data Scientists who can analyse the data increases day by day.

Who Should Join Hadoop Training Chennai?

Big Data industry has gained significant growth in recent years and recent surveys have estimated that the Big Data market is more than a $50 billion industry. Gartner survey has confirmed that 64% companies have invested in Big Data in 2013 and the number keeps increasing every year. With the challenges in handling and arriving at meaningful insights from Bigdata, opportunities are boundless for everyone who wants to get into Big data Hadoop ecosystem. Software Professionals working in outdated technologies, JAVA Professionals, Analytics Professionals, ETL Professionals, Data warehousing Professionals, Testing Professionals, Project Managers can undergo our Hadoop training in Chennai and make a career shift. Our Big Data Training in Chennai will give hands-on experience to you to meet the demands of industry needs.

Why Big data Training in Chennai at FITA

Complimentary Training on Core JAVA
Hadoop Experts from industry with ample teaching Experience take Hadoop training in Chennai at FITA
Practical Training with Many Real time projects and Case studies
Big Data Hadoop Training enables you to expertise the Hadoop framework concepts.
Course Created for Professionals by Professionals
Free Cloudera Certification Guidance as part of the Course
Rated as Best Hadoop Training Center in Chennai by Professionals and Industry Experts!
Master the tricks of data and analytics trade by pursuing a Big Data Certification.

Course Tracks

Big Data Hadoop Admin
Big Data Hadoop Developer
Big Data Analytics

High Level Hadoop Training Syllabus

Big Data – Challenges & Opportunities
Installation and Setup of Hadoop Cluster
Mastering HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
MapReduce Hands-on using JAVA
Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive
HBase and Hive Integration
Understanding of ZooKeeper
YARN Architecture
Understanding Hadoop framework
Linux Essentials for Hadoop
Mastering MapReduce
Using Java, Pig and Hive
Mastering HBase
Data loading using Sqoop and Flume
Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie
Hands-on Real time Project

A survey from FastCompany reveals that for every 100 open Big Data jobs, there are only two qualified candidates. Are you ready for the Shift?

By the end of Hadoop Training in Chennai at FITA you will Learn

Familiar with Installation and Working Environment of Bigdata Hadoop
Integration with SQL databases and movement of Data from Traditional Database to Hadoop and Vice versa
Be an expertise in the several components of Big Data Hadoop. Core Hadoop Components like HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, PIG, Sqoop and Flume with examples
Understand the various Hadoop Flavors
Gain knowledge in handling the techniques and tools of the Hadoop stack.
To learn how to Pattern matching with Apache Mahout & Machine learning

Advantages of Big Data Hadoop

Cost-Open source—commodity Hardware
Scalability- Huge data is divided to multiple machines and processed parallel
Flexibility- Suitable for processing all types of data sets
– structured –unstructured (images, videos)
Speed – HDFS—massive parallel processing
Fault Tolerance- Data is replicated on various machines and read from one machine.

Scope of Hadoop in Future

Big Data Analytics job has become a trending one currently and it is believed to have a great scope in future as well. There is a survey which states Big Data Management and Analytics job opportunities has been increased in 2017 when compared to the past 2 years. This leads many IT professionals to switch their career to Hadoop by taking up Hadoop Training in Chennai. Many organizations prefer Big Data Analytics as it is necessary to store their large amount of data and retrieve the information when it is wanted. After this, many other organizations that have not used Big Data have also started using it in their organization which makes the demand for Big Data Analytics in town. One of the main advantages of Hadoop is the salary aspects, when you become Big Data Analyst with a proper training you may have a very good package over a year of experience, this is the main reason for people preferring Big Data Training in Chennai. Adding to it, there are lots of job opportunities available in India as well as abroad which gives you the hope of onsite jobs too. Putting upon all these factors in a count, Big Data Hadoop is trusted to have the stable platform in future. If you are in a dilemma in taking up Hadoop Training Chennai then it is the right time to make your move.

FITA Academy is located in Prime location in Chennai at Velachery and T Nagar. We offer both weekend and weekdays courses to facilitate job seekers, fresh graduates and working professionals. Interested in our Hadoop Training in Chennai, call 98404-11333 or walk-in to our office to have a discussion with our student counsellor43 to know about Hadoop course syllabus, duration and fee structure.

It’s the right time to upgrade your knowledge with Hadoop Training in Chennai, don’t get left behind the bend. The Hadoop expert’s professional program delivers the most precise and standard big data credential.

Looking for Hadoop Training in Chennai? Join FITA and Get Trained from the Big Data Leaders! Hadoop Training Chennai at FITA is rated as the best by Professionals!

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Trends of Big data Hadoop

Big data is a vast field to get into and data is considered the next precious asset for human race. There are many innovations done in and around Big data in the market. The experts rate FITA as no.1 Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai. The top trending features are listed below:

Bots replacing individuals making it simple!

In this fast moving world, it is necessary to be smarter with the evolution of technology. It is human nature to make mistakes and thus some of the leading companies has made the usage of Robots for support services.

Siri may be the lead for this innovative idea out forth amidst the MNCs. Another well-known example is the deployment of Chatbots for taking orders over text and MasterCard replies to the queries related to the transaction.

There is already a good preservation of amount for every interaction, which is $0.70 and is expected to increase in the forth-coming year.

Artificial Intelligence more accessible

The usage of integration AI enabled functionality is to estimate to reach 75% by the end of the year 2018.

The Glucon Network Project, of Microsoft has been merged with Amazon. This project allows the developers to build and deploy their models in the cloud.

Swift online purchase

E-commerce has a great impact on our daily life, as people prefer digitalization to traditional shopping methods. IBM’s Watson is a great example for that provides slew of order administration. In the year 2016, an AI gift concierge namely Gifts When You Need (GWYN) was launched by It was a huge success in the market. In this the information provided by customers about a specific gift beneficiary, software tailors recommend gift after the comparison of purchased specification provided by similar recipients.

FITA rated as No: 1 Training Institute for Big Data Hadoop Training in Velachery.

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