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If you are looking to master Primavera Training in Chennai, stop by at FITA, the one-stop-shop for advanced Primavera Training in all aspects of the latest enterprise project management software package. As an Oracle Approved Training Centre, FITA delivers Primavera P6 Courses of the highest quality standards with the help of experienced consultants in the management of projects, their implementation and integration.

Why Primavera?

Primavera P6 stands out as one of the most effective tools for project management at both individual and enterprise levels. It gives unmatched control, insight and monitoring to project planners, stakeholders, managers, job schedulers, employers and all others involved in a project. Using this software package to its full potential will help the stakeholder achieve a capitalized return on the investment.

According to statistics, Primavera is used by as many as 375 companies out of 400 engineering companies in the US. It is used across different industries to manage projects, both big and small. Any project engineer/planner today is expected to be conversant with Primavera as companies see it to be the most cost-efficient way of completing a project with reduced risks and no cost or time overflow.

As a Primavera trained professional, you would be in a position to access better career opportunities or move to a higher position in your present job. Whereas Primavera trained project control managers to earn close to over USD 100000 per annum as salary, a lower level project manager can earn up to USD 75000 per annum.


The Primavera Course is available in different formats (Fundamental and Advanced). The fundamental Primavera course in Chennai is available to students who have completed their study in engineering as well as professionals who want an introduction to the software.

The advanced Primavera course is appropriate for senior managers and schedulers who already have considerable experience in project management and implementation.

Other Project Management Tools And Primavera's Key Differentiator

Some of the other project-scheduling software packages available in the market are Microsoft Project, Zoho Projects, Asana, Smartsheet, Basecamp, and FastTrack Schedule 9. The key differentiator that makes Primavera the most outstanding is the ability of the software to handle the most complex projects by allowing the user to computerize every facet of the project. The software helps to manage projects of any size and can be customized for different industries: IT, Telecom, Aerospace, Civil construction, Manufacturing, Energy, Automobile, etc., among others. The backing provided by Oracle also helps to integrate Primavera with its other SAP and ERP software at enterprise levels.

High-Level Curriculum

Introduction to Primavera
5 Different Process Groups in Project management
Starting up Primavera and Navigation
Structure of Enterprise Project, Calendars and Organisational Breakdown Structure
Creation of Sample Project
Overview of Project Details
Concept of Work Breakdown
Create Work Breakdown Structure
WBS Overview
Detail and Add Different Activities
Activities Overview
Activities and the 4 Relationships
Add Relationships to Activities
Critical Path Method (CPM)
Schedule a project
Resource Analysis
Create and maintain the Project Documentary Library
Schedule data formatting (timescale, columns, bars, filters, group and sort)
Activity and Activity Codes
Roles and Resources definition
Assignment of Roles
Assign Resources
Assign Expenses
Resource Analysis
Project Plan Optimization
Baselining Project Plan
Project Execution and Control
Performance reports
Risk Reduction aspects
Other Miscellaneous features

The Best Primavera Training in Chennai is handled by faculty members with experience in completing mega projects. The practice sessions are intense and are conducted on Oracle Primavera servers.

High-quality course material provided to the candidates function as useful reference material for working on future assignments in their professional career.

Hands-on exercises for the candidates include real-life scenarios that will help them to hone their project management skills.

The candidate will be given a completion certificate at the end of the course in our Primavera Training Institute in Chennai

Job Opportunities

There are numerous job opportunities that exist for those trained in our Primavera Training in Chennai. Some of the openings include:

Planning Manager
Cost Control Engineer
Sector Planning Engineer
Civil Engineers
Project Engineers
Project Coordinator
Quantity Surveyors
Primavera Trainers/Faculty
Construction Planner
Project Scheduler
Oracle Unifier Consultant

Company Expectations

If the candidate has a course completion certificate at our Primavera Training Centre in Chennai, companies that operate using Primavera are given to understand that the candidate possesses the skills and sufficient knowledge of the software system to be able to use all of its functions and tools efficiently to create, manage and execute their projects.

As projects across the different industries have increasingly complex requirements in the present times, there is a demand for Primavera certified professionals that have the ability to manage and implement, schedule such projects and also help to integrate with the other enterprise-level requirements (SAP and ERP systems). Small businesses also respond enthusiastically to professionals having Primavera certification.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of the Primavera course in Chennai is to help the candidates gain a thorough understanding of the Enterprise project structure. We also ensure that the certified candidates have enough knowledge to meet industry expectations. The course is designed in a manner that elaborates the basic principles for a strong foundation and also provides a comprehensive overview of easy application in real life. The course provides sufficient training for the candidates to do the following:

Create performance reports that have to be shared with different individuals
Manage multiple mega projects simultaneously
Apply best practices in project management across any industry
Become fully conversant with all tools and techniques of Primavera
Efficiently allocate resources and assign roles and responsibilities
Establish time and budget constraints
Plan control and execute project activities
Work out project schedules
Create performance reports that have to be shared with different individuals
Work out risk reduction measures
Integrate with other ERP, SAP software at enterprise levels

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Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
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