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FITA offers a Tableau Training in Chennai that stands head and shoulders above others. At FITA, the Tableau trainers see to it that the students get equipped to see above the fundamentals and develop a keen insight into using the data analytics functions of Tableau. The Tableau Course in Chennai is designed to arm you with specialized knowledge to meet the demands of your data analysis job and is delivered to you by the best industry professionals.

Why Tableau Training

Tableau is a software package that helps the users to ‘see and understand' data, meaning, and users are able to solve business problems by using data in specific ways. Tableau is fast emerging as one of the hottest trends in data visualization and business intelligence. It is easy to learn and can be quickly deployed. Both big and small companies use Tableau for the purpose of data visualization and Business Intelligence (BI) and therefore the demand for Tableau experts is on the rise. Tableau software enables the users to visualise the insights from huge volumes of Data and aids in developing or modifying business strategies. Aspirants interested to learn Data Science can also join Data Science Course in Chennai at FITA.


Ideally, there are no prerequisites for learning Tableau Developer Training. However, to get the best out of it, a basic knowledge of the following would help:

SQL for framing custom queries
Basic concepts of dimensions
Data Visualization – basic concepts
The following professionals would gain from doing a Tableau Certification in Chennai:
Graduates interested in Big Data analytics
Business Intelligence professionals
ETL, data warehouse, SQL, and analytics professionals

Job Opportunities

The following job opportunities are open to certified SAS professionals:

Tableau Consultant
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Business Intelligence Developer
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Manager

Employer Expectations

Data skills are assuming more importance and are being listed among base skills by every major enterprise that has adopted self-service analytical tools to move forward in the industry. The employer expects an aspirant to have data skills with an edge in case they have completed Tableau training.

The Tableau-qualified applicant is expected to add value and make a difference in the organization. Such personnel are expected to get the maximum value out of the organization's analytics tools. You are expected to derive insights from data with tableau and also effectively communicate all the relevant information with the stakeholders.

Tableau Course Objectives

The objectives of the Tableau Training in Chennai at FITA are the following:

Understand the Tableau interface, components, data elements, terminology for visualization
Basic calculations with string manipulation, arithmetic calculations, aggregations, ratios, date and time math, logic statements in Tableau Tool
Build data visualizations and their different types
Build data dashboards and publish on the web
Use Trend lines, Reference lines and Statistical techniques
Reshape data
Format data
Show trends graphically
Use maps, spatial analysis
Learn best practices, analytical techniques with Tableau Courses

New features of Tableau 2019.1

Tableau provides different options for the analysis like graphs, structured data, and data from the cloud and aids for taking major business decisions. Tableau 2019.1 is the new version in the tableau product. Let us provide the learners with some latest feature of the product. Google ads connector, URL action improvement, vector maps, secure R serve connections, device layout preview on the web, and ask data are some of the previous popular functions which added the demand for the product. The improvisations and advancements are essential to keep a pace of the demand equivalent to the market. The new feature provokes the learners to join the Tableau Training in Chennai at FITA. We prepare the user to intend content to know about the interest of the students towards the course.

Tableau prep

Tableau prep is the tool for the analysis and the process of combining the data, cleaning the data makes the process of data analysis as easy. The flow of data and the Tableau prep conductor are the two products used for the analysis of the data and management of the flows. The data is prepared by the specialist as the sources of the data and the storage of the data requires special knowledge. The volume of data is huge and hence the data specialist needs to be the speed with the revolving requirement of the business. Tableau Course in Chennai is designed with an appropriate syllabus for the beginners, data scientists and business analysts.

Views of data

Data view from the rows, columns of data, and the entire data process are grouped under the three types of views of the data. The task to be performed is connected to the data and the picture of the data help for the easy analysis.

Editing option

The editing option and the changes introduced to the data give output very quickly. The speed is important in case of the data analysis which is arrived in the Tableau prep. The millions of data are checked and repetitive actions are performed with high speed in the tableau. Tableau Training in Chennai will open the door to huge opportunities in the job industry.

Smart features

There are smart features with the tool like the cluster usage for the repetitive tasks, and the data saved as a group with the pronunciation are used with the tableau.


There will be connectivity with the cloud or online access for the database and the spreadsheet. Without using the code base the data can be connected to the other environments and combined for the analysis of the data. The connectivity factored also help to use the existing data with the fast flow which shows the high performance. Tableau Course in Chennai trains the students with real-time examples and the practical output for the different tasks.

Different channels

Different channels like the tableau desktop, tableau server and tableau through online increases the flexibility for the flow of data and sharing the data. It helps in preparing the data and analyzing the data for the different types of businesses like the finance business or the health care business.


The Tableau aids for the sharing of the data and trains the employees of the office to get the details of the data from time to time. Schedule the flow and automate the data to keep freshness with the data. The status page in the server provides the details of the history of the runs, the speed of the flows, the health of the flows and the movement of the data inside the server. The proactive alerts from the admin view make the task of preparation of the data with ease. Tableau Training Chennai produces the best candidates for the needs of the software industry.

Ask data

Ask data is the service for the analytics with the natural language capability. The result can be in the form of visualization and speed in the data execution. Regardless of the roles that the employees hold every employee can have or explore the management data. Tableau Course in Chennai offers quality training to empower the business decision through data analysis.


The data representation through visuals gives an answer to the questions. The views can be changed by adding viz. The chart view or the graph view is best practices to analyze the data. The experiences of the employees can be changed as saved workbook which is used for the data-driven alerts.

The Mobile platform

The IOS and Android phones are introduced with a new design and this is for the purpose of supporting the powerful search. Join the Tableau Training in Chennai at FITA to become an efficient player in the field of data analysis and business intelligence.

Join FITA, the best Tableau Training Institutes in Chennai to gain more knowledge in business analytics. In Tableau Advanced Training you will come to know about the public integration with Big Data and R Programming.


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Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

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