Struts Training in Chennai

Struts Training in Chennai

Java is a leading programming language since it is launched in 1995 for developing web based applications, web services & desktop applications. Java’s durability roots from its object oriented programming methodology, platform compatibility and enduring frameworks & libraries that enables and encourages the developer to build a highly scalable application.

FITA offers a remarkable wide array of Java training in Chennai which includes Struts training in depth covering the usage, implementation & benefits of using struts. Struts being a powerful & popular framework for developing Java web application, trainees will learn how this power framework when used along with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern can create magical & scalable data driven web applications.


By end of the training students will have

  • Enormous knowledge on mechanics of Struts framework
  • Understanding of MVC design pattern
  • How MVC design pattern is best applied to develop Java web application

Students will also learn how to follow and prepare a perfect Structs architecture process to build/develop their own web applications.

Prerequisites : Students willing to undergo Struts training in Chennai program are expected to have prior knowledge on Java with Servlets & JSP.

Syllabus for Struts Training in Chennai @ FITA

Why Struts 2, Introduction To Struts Framework
Struts 1.x vs Struts 2.x Main Differences
Struts Execution Flow Diagram, How Struts Works
Configuring Struts2
Struts 2 Store User Input Details In Separate Java Bean
How To Use Resource Bundle In Struts2
Programmatic Validations With Resource Bundle In Struts2
Aware Interfaces of struts 2
Example on Application Aware Interface of struts 2
Example on Struts 2 Session Aware Interface
XML Validations In Struts2 With Examples
Struts2 Validation Rules and Their Syntax
How To Apply Multiple Validations On Same Field In Struts 2
Struts2 XML Validations Example, Declarative Validations In Struts
Struts 2 date time picker Example
Struts 2 Tabbed panel Example
Using Struts 2 Auto completer With Example
Struts 2 Iterator Tag Example
Working With Struts 2 Interceptor(s) With Example
Working With Struts 2 Tiles, Struts 2 Tiles Example
Struts 2 File Upload & Save Example
Struts2 Insert, Update, Delete, Operations Through JDBC [ Real Time Application ]
Struts2 Custom Interceptor Example, Struts2 Interceptors

FITA is rated as the best Struts Training Institute in Chennai offering quality training program with well-equipped infrastructure & lab facility. Trainers are from leading MNCs having more than a decade of experience in Java & Struts. In fact, they are more friendly & interactive so you can get all your clarification cleared before you step out of the class.

Do not wait anymore!Call us @ 98404-11333 to more about Struts Training in Chennai by FITA. You can also contact us by submitting the Quick Enquiry Form available on this page to know more about Struts Courses in Chennai.

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