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QTP is an acronym for Quick Test Professional. It is an automation testing tool which supports Visual Basic script to test a procedure and to control the applications which are under test. It was originally released by Mercury Interactive in the year 2006 which operates on Microsoft Windows. QTP is an automation testing tool which executes both functional and regression testing through the user interface. Mostly Quick Test Professional is used for User Interface test case automation and additionally, it can also automate on non-user interface test cases which include testing for web services, database and system operations.

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Quick test professionals can modify two views of test script such as Keyword and Expert view. This view permits QTP to perform integrated development environment during testing process. Keyword view is arranged in table format in which each row signifies a step that can be modified. In Expert view user can add or edit the coding part using Visual basic Script and transformation of test scripts can be altered through Keyword view.

High Level QTP Training Syllabus

Fundamentals of automation testing and Quick test professionals process
Basics of Quick test professionals screen, Recording & other key elements in QTP
Fundamentals of Object Repository
How to identify object configuration
Explanation of descriptive programming
What is check points and explanation about output values
What is parameterization and synchronization
What are actions and environment variables
What is transaction points and how to add comments
Fundamentals of debugging and batch testing
Brief explanation about quality center
Different types of operators and constants
Getting familiar with VBScript
Flow control using conditional statements
Flow control using loop
Fundamentals of user defined functions
What is built in functions
Library files & loading library functions
Excel object model
What is data base object model
Database connections
Error handling in QTP
How to use web script
Getting familiar with Frameworks
Various keyword driven approach & framework
Data driven framework in QTP
Hybrid framework in QTP


QTP Training in Chennai at FITA is designed with the comprehensive syllabus to match the industry standards. QTP training at FITA provides practical knowledge to automate the UI and non-UI based system.

The practical oriented training at FITA with the different environments like the windows, SAP, Oracle, People soft, ActiveX, terminal emulators, web services, visual basics, Siebel, and mainframe are covered with the appropriate examples.

The demo classes are conducted for small size group of students to maintain standards with quality and the demo class helps the students to know about the detailed UFT Training in Chennai at FITA.

The latest version called UFT is taught to the students with comprehensive knowledge on the challenges in the industry for the automation.

Comfortable timings and personal care to sustain a healthy relationship with the students mark FITA as the best institute. Join the Automation Testing Training in Chennai at FITA to experience high-class training.

The syllabus is designed with the required topics to cover all the aspects of the QTP. The coverage of topics and the exposure to real-time practices makes the student as a constant learner.

QTP is a tool which takes less time to learn when compared to the other tools and the best tool for the automation in the industry is the QTP with features such as object identification, object repository, and smart identification. Join the QTP Course in Chennai to become an expert in the automation industry.

The traits of a tester such as a flair to the quality standards, good communication and understand the requirement of the client with a focus to the detail.

Career growth of a QTP professional

QTP is the functional testing tool used by technical and non-technical users. It is easy to learn with less script creation and friendly software. Due to the support extended by the HP, QTP has been used in many of the banks and corporates. The quality center of the QTP will integrate the measures required for the quality in the application. The support of QTP for the frameworks and languages like Chinese and Japanese made it as demanding software in the software industry. Learning QTP will enhance the knowledge of the process in automation testing. QTP is used by branded companies and big apps for quality. The competitive tools in the market are dominating the market still QTP is the leader as it is the legacy software. FITA conducts the classes with immense care and holds the name as the Best QTP Training in Chennai.

Benefits of learning QTP

QTP is the tool which is beneficial to enter into the testing profession. We want our students to learn extensively and become a prominent professional through constant learning. After the course at FITA, we provide constant support to the students in the form of interview support and the counseling support provides the latest job market to the students. FITA standalone in the syllabus and named as best QTP Training Institutes in Chennai.

New Features In UFT

UFT supports the VB script, javascript, and windows shell script.
UFT 12.01 supports a wide range of technologies like JDK 1.8, XenDesktop 7, HyperV, internet explorer web UI for SAP, and Net weaver.
UFT test is used to test the different layers of the application.
QTP is used for GUI test whereas UFT is used for the API test.
UFT supports the Google chrome, internet explorer, firefox and Apple Safari.
The OS support of the UFT extended to the large numbers.
The installation of the UFT remains faster and secure when compared to the QTP.
All the actions of the UFT are shown in the canvas of the UFT. All the actions can be used through the drag and drop for running and debugging. Join FITA for the cadre of trainers with good teaching methodology and we have gained reviews as the Best QTP Training Institutes in Chennai.
The recording toolbar with insight recording makes the process of recording and recognition.
The new options for the debugging in the UFT have loaded modules, call stack, local variables pane, threads, console pane, watch, and debug pane.
UFT uses the stepwise command for the API testing
MSAA is used for the purpose of identifying Microsoft objects and create controls.
The debug information is printed in the integrated print window.
UFT provides a new type of window for the GUI, BPT, and APT. Join the QTP Course in Chennai at FITA and gain comprehensive knowledge with QTP.

FITA offer you best and high-quality QTP training in Chennai by our well-experienced professionals. You can work on real time projects to get keen knowledge about VB script and test cases. You will get 100% knowledge about QTP and UFT.

Three Types Of UFT In The New Version

UFT 14 the new version of UFT divides the UFT into UFT ultimate, UFT Pro and UFT enterprise. If the client is using the UFT license then it will be accessed in the name of UFT enterprises. UFT Pro is supported by multiple platforms like Mac OS systems, Linux, web application testing and mobile testing. UFT pro supports selenium to aid for the production of the robust application. UFT pro-aid for the object identification and make use of the built-in utilities. No need to implement the utilities. FITA is the Best QTP Training Center in Chennai for the QTP training.

UFT pro

UFT pro comes with a new Java library which works with additional locators and utilities in the Web Driver API. IDE plugin with the UFT pro for the IntelliJ and Eclipse provides the template for the IDE project; by using few clicks in Selenium automation the projects are created. QTP Classes in Chennai give regular updates through training to the students. UFT pro is the spying tool used for the identification of the object, validate the object, create the code for the identification with ease, improves robustness and minimizes the test creation time. UFT pro is also called as LeanFT.

UFT Enterprise

UFT Enterprise is the TCG tool and this aid for working with the test data, the information’s are configured after the data analysis, this tool help for the combinations of data or parameters and values, combine the paths, algorithms, and expressions. This tool is used to create the different combinations of the test and data which saves the money and time of the project. The new changes are introduced to satisfy the need and anticipation of the followers of the testing tool. Search for the best QTP Training Institute in Chennai with Placement and your search will take you to one of the best institutes which is FITA.

UFT ultimate

UFT ultimate offers the new edition and this works with the GUI and API layers, this tool is available as a concurrent option, for the purpose of the functional test it includes the mobile center, sprinter and the BPT. UFT, UFT pro, sprinter, BPT, and Mobile center are the product names and UFT ultimate, UFT Enterprise and the UFT pro are the license names provided to the products for automation. QTP classes provide the best trainers and a friendly environment to learn with interest. QTP Training in Chennai train a good number of students for the job industry. The best training centers like FITA bridge the gap in the knowledge and place a good number of students.

Interview question and answer for UFT

Explain the process of sending email from the outlook for UFT?

set the outlook, write the dim message, write the set message, write them with a message, write the subject, write the HTML body, add the recipients, set the originator as zero, send and finally write end with. The syntax with the coding should be followed and these are the steps to send the email with the UFT. UFT Training in Chennai will prepare the students for future automation tools.

What types of codes are used in UFT for getting the files from FTP server?

Put, Get, mget, mput, and delete are the different codes used to deal with the files from the server.

What are the ways used to prevent the UFT from locking?

The coding is written to create, run the VBS file, the creation of the VBS file works with the num lock key and the registry key is edited to disable the system of locking.

Describe the descriptive programming in the automation tool UFT?

Descriptive programming helps for the identification of the object through the property name and property value. If there is difficulty in identifying the object from the object repository then descriptive programming helps for the identification. Join the Automation Testing Training in Chennai and learn the different automation tools used for the testing.

List out the differences among the VBS files and Qfl?

Vbs is the file for the vb script from the Microsoft. Qfl is the library file for the Quick test function. Vbs comes with executable option whereas Qfl comes with a non-executable option. The execute file statement is used for using the file in Qfl file.

Explain the process of creating the TSR file in UFT?

Object repository is opened, go to the file menu, search for the export local objects and finally select it. In the final process, the UFT will ask for the path to save the file.

How to get connected to the QC directly from the UFT GUI directly?

The process starts with the file menu, then search for the quality center, the system will ask for the QC URL, enter the details of the user id, project details, and the password. These steps will take the user to the QC in the UFT.

Explain the different types of frameworks in Automation?

Linear, data-driven, BPT, Hybrid, and keyword-driven are the different types of frameworks in automation. Under the linear method one single program is developed without modularity and it is easy to create the test. Under the method of keyword-driven, the target is towards the keyword. The different operations are aligned with a different set of keywords in the code. The data are stored in different files and sometimes the operations are the same but the file names are different. For these types of cases, the data-driven framework is used. BPT is the method in which the business and the programs are connected. After breaking the business components, any of the suitable frameworks are used. Hybrid is the method which uses both the keyword driven and the data-driven. The best QTP Course in Chennai prepares the students for the advanced course.

Explain the term “settoproperty” in UFT? How this concept is used in UFT?

The object values, as well as the property values, are temporarily changed using the UFT. The term set to property means the value change settings of the object and the property. Find the Best QTP Training in Chennai with the demo classes and the detailed syllabus. Training is the base for practical knowledge and updated knowledge.

Explain the work of the optional step in QTP?

The work of the optional step is it not executed in all cases. If it has GUI then it is executed otherwise it is not executed.

Which feature of the QTP aid for finding the broken links?

The page checkpoint helps for knowing the valid and invalid links with a single page in the QTP. Join FITA for the life-changing training as FITA is rated as the best QTP Training Institutes in Chennai.

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