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    Certified Scrum Master®️ (CSM®) Virtual Training Chennai

    The Scrum Master Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy will guide and prepare you to become a Certified ScrumMaster by making you proficient with Agile Principles and Project Management techniques in real-time practices. At end of this course, you will get well-equipped with key concepts like Scrum Lifecycle, Scrum Terminologies, Artifacts, Sprint, Scrum Roles, Burndown Charts, Sprint, Product Backlog, Sprint Planning & Review, and Sprint Retrospective that are required for CSM professionals in the workspace environment. The Scrum Trainers at FITA Academy teach you the intricacies and nuances involved while working with Scrum Framework and thus upskills your competence level efficiently to excel in your career.

    Course Highlights & Why Scrum Master Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy?

    The Scrum Master Certification Coursewares FITA Academy is curated in compliance with the core principles of Agile Principles and Philosophy
    The Scrum Master Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy aligned to cater to the standards set by Scrum.org
    A finer understanding of the Scrum and Agile methodologies
    Getting acquainted with Scrum Lifecycle and Scrum Terminologies
    A holistic understanding of the 12 Principles and the 4 major values that are enlisted in the Agile principles
    Demonstrable knowledge on the three pillars of the Scrum - Transparency, Adaption, and Induction
    Comprehensive coverage of the three major roles of the Scrum - Scrum Master, Product Owners, and Development Team Members
    Become familiar with the key topics of Scrum namely - Scrum Ceremonies, Scrum Artifacts, Sprint Execution, and Daily Scrum & Sprint Retrospective
    Able to help the team members to deliver quality products and services by abiding by the protocols of the Scrum framework
    The Scrum Training Program at FITA Academy supports the participants of the Program with necessary Career Assistance and Guidance

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    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai Details

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    Trainer Profile

      • The Scrum Master Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy are prudently recruited trainers to equip the students proficiently on the Scrum Framework
      • The Scrum Instructors at FITA Academy are Professionals who hold 8+ years of Expertise in the Agile Principles and Scrum Frameworks
      • The Scrum Framework Tutors at FITA Academy have worked on above 25+ Scrum projects
      • The Tutors imparts hands-on training of the Scrum terminologies and concepts
      • The CSM Tutors at FITA Academy also helps in uplifting the career prospects of the students by training and motivating them to take up the global certification exams conducted by Scrum.org
      • The Scrum Framework Instructors at FITA supports and encourage the students of the Scrum course by shedding equal attention on all the students
      • The CSM Trainers at FITA Academy help the students in the Interview Prep Process by sharing numerous Interview tips and Valuable insights with the students
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    Scrum Master Certification Training in Chennai

    About Scrum Master Certification Training in Chennai at FITA Academy

    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai Certification

    Scrum Master Certification Training in Chennai

    On accomplishing the Scrum Master Training in Chennai at FITA Academy the participants of the program would be rewarded with certification. This certificate accredits that the respective candidate has obtained the required skillsets and knowledge to work in an office setup. Demonstrating this certificate to your potential employer or in your professional network helps in accrediting your skills and profile. Apart from FITA Academy’s Scrum Master Certification that are other global certifications that help you to unlock wider career opportunities. They are,

    • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
    • Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO)
    • Certified Scrum Developer(CSD)
    • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

    Obtaining any of these global certificates aids you immensely to explore broader career horizons and to excel in your career.

    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing Scrum Master Certification in Chennai

    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai with Placement Support

    Today, Scrum Master is one of the popular frameworks that are being widely embraced by enterprises of different scales and domains significantly. The reason behind the increased acceptance of the ScrumFramework is due to the functionalities that it offers to its users. A Scrum is an all-inclusive framework that any organization would need for handling its projects. This tool helps Enterprises with required pre-defined sets of plans, tools, values, and guidelines to accomplish a project or goal. It is proven that if the Scrum concepts are implemented effectively then the enterprises could easily overcome the dysfunctions in their work and enhance their workflow efficiency. Because when a company adopts Scrum Framework it gives priority to people and interaction rather than just focusing on a specific process. The Developers and the Customers are always in constant interaction and this helps the organizations to get rid of miscommunication and produce the desired output in the desired time along without compromising its quality.

    To go by the above statement, based on the recent survey report gathered from the Scrum Alliance, it is stated that above 81% of the respondents strongly affirms that when an organization has adopted the Scrum framework and along with the leverage of Certified Scrum Master professionals, they were able to enhance the overall outcomes of the projects diligently. Further, it is also mentioned that not only Scrum is limited to the IT sector rather it has spread its wing on a range of sectors namely – Product Development, Financial Services, construction, Consulting firms, Advertising & Marketing agencies, Government offices, and Disrupters like (Airbnb and Uber). The reputed organizations that hire these professionals are from various sectors are as given below

    Information Technology – Dell, Philips, Allstate India, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Siemens, Intel, Capgemini, Informatica, Honeywell, Accenture, and Zensar Technologies.

    Telecom – Nokia Siemens Networks Ltd, Vodafone India, Techstar Software Development, ENGIE Insight, France Telecom, Rockwell Automation, Synacor, NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Frontier Communications Corporation.

    Federal – Applied Materials, Johnson Controls, and First Tech Federal Credit Union. These statistics clearly highlight the scope of skilled and Scrum-certified professionals globally. The different career paths that one could have after the completion of the CSM Training are – Agile Coach, Manager, Product Owner, Mentors, and Scrum Master.

    Having seen that the demand for CSM professionals is unprecedently higher in different industries, similarly, the packages offered for these professionals are equally higher. The basic level package for the CSM-certified professional in India is around Rs. 9,80,000 to Rs. 11,50,000 yearly. And now you think about the global packages. It is literally more than you could imagine. Thus, taking up the Scrum certification course will surely pave the way for a better career option. The CSM Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy incorporates the aspirants with the skills and knowledge that are immensely sought in the industry. The Scrum Trainers at FITA Academy are par excellence professionals from global platforms. We have recruited trainers who have profound and sound knowledge of the Scrum framework and Agile principles.

    Student Testimonials

    Rahul Eshwar

    I did my Scrum Master Training @ FITA Academy was so useful and I found the course interesting. My Scrum Master Trainer thought the framework in-depth with numerous projects and case studies. My Scrum Trainer was a skilled professional and he conducted the entire training program with life and made the learning path an interesting one! Thanks to my Scrum Trainer! Good Work FITA

    Marina Albert

    I took my Scrum Certification in Chennai @ FITA Academy! This program was recommended by a colleague. I was looking for a shift over. I am working as a Software developer! Thought I should something interesting and that which pays me off equally well. That's how I decided of taking the Scrum Training. To be frank this course was too good. It had the exact training approach that any learner would look for. Excellent coverage of the syllabus with Skilled & Efficient trainers helped me to complete the CSM successfully! I do suggest this program for anyone who really likes to learn about ScrumMaster!

    Rishab Jain

    Completed my Scrum Master Training @ FITA Academy! A very good program with a proper syllabus, training schedules, and experienced trainers. The concepts like Daily Scrum Review and the Roles that are involved in the Scrum were thought so profoundly that you wouldn't forget it again. Also, this program had very good assessment sessions to grow and learn our skills regularly! Thank you FITA for your excellent services.

    Pooja S

    I did the Scrum training at FITA (Chennai Branch). The trainers and the Support team had a very good approach. They were professional! Also, I must say, the training was up to my expectation. FITA Academy's Support team also helped me in the resume-building process and interview prep process. Overall this program is a perfect mix of all the things that a student would expect from a training program!

    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai FAQ

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    Scrum Master Certification in Chennai Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    A Scrum is nothing but a framework that is used for executing the principles of the Agile development model. The word scrum is not any acronym rather this word was first originated in the game Rugby by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi in the year 1986. This name was borrowed from the Rugby game to connote the importance of a team's performance/role in a complex product development process. And it was used in the context to imply the complex product development in general and not specific to any software. In short, the term "Scrum", is nothing but something that involves complexities.
    A Scrum Master is nothing but a framework that is used for executing the principles of the Agile development model in a team. A Scrum is an approach that permits the team to perform a quick self-evaluation and self-organization in adherence to the Agile principles. Over here, the Scrum Master handles the process of how information and ideas are being exchanged. The thing to be noted here is that the Scrum Master was created as part of the Scrum framework. In actual a Scrum Master abides by the standard procedure or guidelines that are set by the Scrum Framework and that a Scrum Master is not someone who has any actual authority.

    The Role of Scrum Master includes,

    • Clearing the Obstacles in the process
    • Creating an environment where the team could function effectively
    • Act as a shield to the team by protecting them from distractions and interruption
    • Promoting Team Dynamics
    • Establishing cordial relationship among the team and the product owner and also with the outsiders
    Currently, the Agile being a benchmark principle or standards that are being implied in most of the companies and the Scrum Master is truly on the verge of reaching unprecedented heights. Based on the recent survey report collected from the popular Job portal sites it is anticipated that the overall adoption of the Scrum framework shall raise to 24% between 2019 and 2026. The reputed companies that seek the hire Scrum Master Certified professionals are IBM, Deloitte, Capgemini, and Bosche. The average package offered for these professionals in India is Rs. 9,50,000 to Rs. 12,50,000 yearly.
    The Scrum Master Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy is ideal for any Novice and Experienced professionals like Software engineers, Business Analysts, Tester, Leads, Product Managers, and Project Managers who desire to build their careers as a Scrum Master. Also, the Scrum Master Training at FITA Academy does not ask for any specific prerequisites.
    Yes, you have the feasibility of choosing only the weekend sessions for the CSM Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy.
    • You are just one call away from joining the CSM Training in Chennai at FITA Academy. You can just give a call to 93450 45466. 
    • Or you can even directly step into any of our branch offices in Chennai - Velacherry, OMR, Anna Nagar, Tambaram, and T Nagar.
    In case if you miss any of your CSM Training sessions at FITA Academy you can reschedule the missed up sessions by contacting our Support team or the Coordinator.
    The Scrum Master Certification Training in Chennai provides both Scrum Master Certification Online and Offline training for the students.
    The Scrum Master Course in Chennai at FITA Academy provides the students with different training schedules like - Weekdays, Weekend, and Fast Track Scrum training to cater to the learning convenience of the participants.
    The Scrum Master Instructors at FITA Academy are assigned to the students only after a tough evaluation and screening process. Also, we choose the trainers only who have at least 8+ years of experience in the Agile development model.
    • Yes, FITA Academy provides the required Career Mentorship for all the participants of the Scrum Certification in Chennai.
    • FITA Academy has a strong and well-connected Placement Network with above 1,200+ Entities of different scales. 
    • FITA Academy has a Special Placement Officer who assists the students relentlessly with different job openings. 
    • We have also helped over 30,000+ students to pursue their dream careers in the IT domain.

    Additional Information

    Scrum is one of the popular Agile Frameworks that focuses on the principle of “incremental product development” in the software development field. Scrum is the crux of iteration which repeats until the product needs have been met and implemented. Firstly, to comprehend the term Scrum, you should learn the meaning of the Agile concept. Though these terms are used interchangeably however there is a significant distinction between them. The term Agile is the compilation of practices and methods that are based on the principles and values that are specified in the Agile Manifesto and it includes the approaches such as self-organization, collaboration (teamwork), and cross functionalities between the teams. Whereas, Scrum Master is the framework that implements the principles of Agile and it could be used for handling all kinds of incremental projects and iterative. Similarly, an organization or a team can still be Agile without practicing ScrumMaster. A Scrum is only a framework that implements the Agile principles in the project or an organization. Scrum is just one of the means or methods to develop the agile process and that it is more specific on the approach of the team management at the time of software development.

    Based on the original definition, Scrum is the framework in which people could address all the complex and adaptive problems while creatively and productively rendering the products at a higher value. The thing is the creators of Scrum labeled it as the framework rather than referring it to a process, technique, or method.

    When an enterprise embraces the Scrum Master Framework to accomplish a project, then the complete project is completely divided into smaller chunks for different teams and is executed promptly. With Scrum, the enterprises could deliver even the smaller work of the software product to its stakeholders and receive the suggestions and ideas to enhance or modify the product based on response. And this is one of the core values of the Agile Approach. The reason to use Scrum is that it is more flexible to use the Scrum Master framework than the traditional “waterfall approach” for project management.

    Scrum helps the team better to be more flexible to meet the growing business needs and the altered requirements in a process. When an enterprise follows a Waterfall approach it can only comply with the sequential process of the designs. And over here they have to complete one entire stage of the process before progressing to the next step. One of the major downsides of using the Waterfall model is that it highly lacks the feature of flexibility. Also, the rectification of errors with this process is tedious and the developers can not step back once they proceed with the next one.

    However, with Scrum Master, it is not like that. It supports immensely the productivity and flexibility of a team, as it allows the developers to check the flaws at any time and that the teams could easily rectify its errors in this process quickly. The key highlight feature of the Scrum Framework is that it is transparent, collaborative, and flexible. Now, let us understand the key functions of the Scrum Framework.

    A Scrum has three major roles and they are,

    • Development team
    • Scrum master
    • Product owner

    Development Team: This is exactly like how it sounds. This team may be a set of Testers, Designers, Developers, and Operation Engineers or a team of all together. This team discreetly works on the development process to execute the goal or the assigned project successfully. Also, the Development team has all the liberty to organize or handle their work for maximizing the overall team’s efficacy.

    Scrum Master: The Master is responsible to help all the team members to abide by the Scrum rules, theories, and practices. The Scrum master is held responsible for completing the work, removing the roadblocks which occur in the progress.

    Product Owner: The Owner is accountable for the functioning of the team and the owner should check whether the work is being accomplished within the specified period. Also, the Product Owner is always the single person and not a group or a committee. These owners can get input and suggestions from others when it is regarding the decision-making process and then the Product owner could sum up the final decision.

    Scrum Events

    The Scrum Framework is eventually summed up by five major events and they are as follows.

    Sprint: The Sprint is the specific time ( generally one week or one month) during which the Scrum team produces the product. It could be series of reports, a version of the application, multiple smaller projects, and much more

    Sprint Planning: It is the meeting where the work that has to be accomplished during the sprint is summarized. At this meeting, the complete team defines or expresses the deliverables of Sprint and then assigns those work that is important to reach the goal.

    Daily Scrum: At times it is also called “Daily or Stand-Up”. This meeting is conducted daily for 15 minutes where the team has an opportunity to share their work plan for the next 24 hours. Also, the Work of the previous day is discussed and analyzed here. They also discuss the recent changes and updates.

    Sprint Review: It takes place right after when a Sprint is completed. At the time of the Review, the Product Owner could explain whether the planned work has been accomplished or not during the Sprint. The team also presents the work that has been completed and compliments whether if the work has been performed well or not.

    Sprint Retrospective: This takes place right after the Sprint. The Retros are the dedicated forum that supports the team for analyzing their process at the time of the previous Sprint and also implement the suggestions as provided.

    This the cycle of the Scrum Master framework and it is s repetitive process. To conclude with Scrum the organizations were able to deliver their performance within the allotted budget, timeframe, and also meet the quality guidelines of the organization. Upon adopting the Scrum Framework the organizations could significantly increase their sales and reduce the other support cost that is involved in the process. Also, the Errors or Bugs could be fixed then and there, rather than prolonging it till the end. Thus, the Scrum Master Framework is used as one of the important tools in the industry for Project and Software development. The CSM Certification in Chennai at FITA Academy trains the concepts of the Scrum Master Framework proficiently under the mentorship of Expert Scrum Master professionals.