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LoadRunner is a performance testing tool used to check if the application handles the load during the peak time. LoadRunner Training at FITA is designed to provide a strong knowledge of Performance testing concepts and LoadRunner. With the growing number of internet users, it is important for product owners to ensure that the application can handle peak load efficiently. After undergoing the Performance Testing training in Chennai using LoadRunner, students will master Vugen scripting, Controller, Generator and Analysis.

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LoadRunner Course Syllabus

Performance Testing Concepts
Performance Test Types
Components of Loadrunner
Dealing with Parameters
Enhancing Vuser Script
Run Time Settings
Scheduling a Load Test Scenario
Result Analysis Using Analyzer
Report Types and Final Test Report
Project Evaluation
Pre-requisites of Performance Testing
Loadrunner Overview
Recording a Script using Vugen
Error Handling and Rendezvous Point
Creating Scenario using Controller
Monitoring Test Execution
Working with Graphs
Real Time FITA Project

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Performance testing is the process of effectiveness or speed of a computer, software program, network or device. This process involves quality assurance tests, measuring the response time at which the system under the test functions. Important factors like scalability, reliability and interoperability also be validated.

FITA is a no.1 LoadRunner training center in Chennai which offers you training through well experienced IT professionals. Practical oriented training will assists students to gain industry exposure. We provide best and high quality LoadRunner Training in Chennai based on current business standards. Training will be provided with live projects.

We are the best LoadRunner Training Institutes in Chennai, with branches in Velachery and T Nagar. Our Coaching center is well equipped with excellent lab facilities and air conditioned classrooms. To facilitate our students, we offer both weekend and weekdays class. Our customized course syllabus will assist students to learn LoadRunner Performance testing tool at their own pace. Once completing our LoadRunner training, we offer certification and placement assistance to all our students.

LoadRunner Industry Updates

The New Version Of LoadRunner

Load runner 12.53 and 12.60 are the new versions of LoadRunner. To optimize the search and to improve the customer experience the version change is streamlined in the performance testing. True web, VuGen, controller, analysis, technologies, and platforms are the different components of load runner. Load runner 12.60 is the latest version of load runner and it consists of many new features for the load testing. The truweb provides a lightweight, scalable, cross-platform solution for the javascript SDK engine and focus on the HTTP level. The new version of the TruWeb version of load runner has new elements like connections measurement, multiple scripts executions, masking or encrypting sensitive data, and HTML from encoding support. LoadRunner Training in Chennai at FITA help the individual to prepare for the interview and position the students with the highly competitive environment.

Components of TruWeb

Multiple scripts execution with parallel support on one machine is a new attribute to manage the load generator. The sensitive data will be encrypted and to replay the data when needed it is unmasked or decrypted. Javascript support for the HTML encoding in case of POST requests in the Truweb. The application forms URL will be encoded, multipart or form data, text or plain are supported in the true web. The digest and NTML authentication will be supported in the new TruWeb. Visual studio code is used to run and debug the truweb scripts. LoadRunner Training in Chennai is the best training to enter into the automation industry.

Additions in VuGen

Enhancement in the protocol of the web such as HTTP and HTML is made in the VuGen. For the run time setting HTTP, the section is used, Oracle NCA protocol is used and the pool support is synced to the bit map. The truclient browser has replaced the Firefox browser and the converted script are enhanced and replayed to review the variable values in the code. The truClient IE browser is used for the windows 10 and the onboard help, product tours help for the interactive guide. LoadRunner Training also trains the candidates in testing the applications in the cloud environment.


For the export scenario or JSON or influx DB, the load runner new load runner raw results explorer is used. The truclient browser is equivalent to the Firefox browser. The inspector panel in the TruClient is available with debugging facility and helps for the actions to code. It can also be used along with the windows. This function provides interactive walkthroughs and guidance. LoadRunner Training is designed with a motto to make the students realize about the value of the automation field.

Enhancements in the network

No need for the additional license in case of the network emulation and NV insights. It is easy to save the graph as an image for the analysis of the graph. The load runner scenario file or the XML input file is invoked in the command line interface. The DevOps oriented flows include the source control management by pulling the scripts, the docked load generators are allocated dynamically, and it helps for running the scenarios in the CI tool. LoadRunner Training in Chennai catapult the skills and knowledge needed to take up the automation job.

Changes in the supported technologies

The new version of load runner supports for the Java 9 and Java 10. The Microsoft visual C+ redistributable 2010, 2012 and 2013 are not required for the latest version of load runner. For the open SSL 1.10g support is added in the new version of load runner. The support need for the SAP protocol is added in the Load runner. SAP GUI 7.5, the control over the SAP GUI scripts on Windows 10 or Windows server 2016 are added to the new version of load runner. For the MQTT protocol, the support is added for UTF-8. Join the LoadRunner Training at FITA to gain intensive knowledge into the performance-based testing.

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Git hub

The GIT hub integration in VuGen is used for the script repository. The issues related to register and wiki is taken care by the GIT hub integration. The PC-over-IP the new GUI protocol is similar to Citrix and it is used to simulate the users from remote locations. Load runner support for the HTTP/2 and it was an early supporter of SPDY. In the AJAX technology, JSON was extremely used and it manipulates the new methods to JSON. Microsoft C runtime is used for the LCC compiler in the C interpreter. 64bit integers are supported by the LoadRunner in the latest version. LoadRunner Course in Chennai is the best course for beginners with a flair towards the automation industry.

Browser support

Load runner supports multiple browsers like Microsoft edge, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, chromium 46 and Firefox 40 are the list of browsers supported by the load runner testing in the latest version. IE9 is not supported by the load runner now. Select the Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai and start the first step towards leaning regularly for the improvement.

Other improvements

The REST GUI editor is useful to record the REST script. The packet capture is used to create a script and the different packet captures are PCAP, HTML, Archive, and SAZ. It checks the compatibility with the Linux load gens and good correlation and analytics with the VuGen. The descriptors are used to identify the object through the TruClient for the better object identification. Video streaming is possible with the HTTP and HTML 5. The new version supports the cloud storage also through the Amazon EC@, Microsoft Azure and graph titles. The background and the font size of the graph title are white by default. Performance Testing Training in Chennai is optimized by the in-depth syllabus and experienced trainer from the industry.

Benefits of performance testing as of 2019

The response time, reliability and scalability are the factors which demand the performance testing. Analyzing and setting the business goals are important before the performance testing. The geolocation, the number of users on the system is checked through the threads to the server. All the threads will check and then continue to hit the server for every 5 minutes to check the load. The test is focused towards the users and 100 users are added for every 30 seconds and it reaches up to 1000 users. Performance Testing Training at FITA is really conducive for the young learners from the software industry. Django is the framework of testing and the different framework are used for running the performance testing. To run the test suite in the load runner the attribute test suite is used. To apply different logic to the test this attribute is used. The discover runner is the attribute to cover a broader set of responsibilities. This is used to run the tests and prepare the report about the test. The discover runner. test loader is used to test the load in unusual ways.

The best performance testing tools as of 2019:

There are so many metrics to decide about the performance testing tool available in the market like the speed, reliability, effectiveness, scalability, interoperability of the system, computer, and network. These are the strategies which decide the tool of the performance testing. Let us see the different types of tools for performance testing in the market as of 2019. Join the HP LoadRunner Training to relish the passion of learning and growing in the automation industry.

Load UI pro

To create script less sophisticated load test Load UI can be used. These scripts are distributed on the cloud to monitor the performance of the server. The reports are presented on Jenkins, bamboo, TFS and another automation tool. The test case can be converted into scripts with easy scripts. The test cases are converted in to load tests with the help of the Soap UI and the detailed scripts are converted into a single line of the script. The features of this tool includes test the load without script, the baseline, spike, stress, and smoke are preconfigured with the load test templates, the drag and drop tests on distribution agents makes easy to test with cloud, analytics and statistics feature for reporting, and the functional tests from soap UI starts the quick conversation. The protocols supported by this tool includes HTTP, REST, IODocs, RAML, Swagger, JSON, JMS, API Blueprint, JSON schema, XML schema, MQTT and CoA, WSDL and WADL. Join the LoadRunner Training in Velachery and make your knowledge as a powerful tool to dominate in the job with the assigned job.


StresStimulus targets for the scenarios that are really difficult and it has autocorrelation feature. The variable usage patterns are recorded from the stress Stimulus records of user actions to replay them as usage patterns. The server infrastructure and the responsiveness are monitored with the load. The errors are tracked by the result analyzer which takes care of functional testing and the performance metrics. The Test Wizard explains well about the test results and makes the learning part easy. The multiple load generators are used to do cloud testing or on-premise testing. This tool works as Fiddler add on and the standalone tool in performance testing. When the visual studio record fails then exports script in visual studio is used. It supports the three scripting languages and manual scripting is not required.

Apache J meter

The performance of a variety of services of the web application is monitored with the J Meter. This tool is helpful to test the performance of the web and web services application. The single controller in this tool manages the load injectors and it does not demand the infrastructure to do the load testing. The HTTP, HTTPs of the web, XML, SOAP of web services, java based protocols, and FTP is the wide range of protocols supported by this tool. This tool is suitable for Java applications and cannot record HTTPS communication. The scripting part is less and cannot intercept the traffic for AJAX in the performance testing. The resource usage is monitored and the load is explained with a simple graph. The statistics of the application server is not monitored with this tool. Monitors with real-time support and the reporting framework have very minimum feature.

Neo load

This tool is suitable for agile projects and DevOps methodology. The component and system-wide load test are done with continuous delivery in this method. The test creation is faster and traditional way. The CI servers are integrated for the automated test runtime. The SAAS web interface or on-premise are used to collaborate the test scripts with reports in real time. The load generation manages over 70 global localizations with the hybrid on-premise and cloud load generation.

HP Performance Tester

The enterprise performance testing version of load runner is tuned towards global standardization and formation performance COE. The load runner supports all types of protocols and the cost of distributed load test is low. The licensed version is costly. The center of excellence consolidates the hardware, standardizes the best practices, and initiates the global testing resources. The enterprise load testing helps for the deploying systems which meet the performance requirements. The assessment of the system capacity helps for lowering the hardware and software costs. This tool helps to know about the root cause of the application performance quickly. Load Runner Training in OMR foster the job opportunities for the students of the training center with practical training and constant support.

Web Load

WebLoad is the tool which provides the analytics dashboard, IDE, load generation console and it has built-in flexibility. It supports the DevOps, web protocols, and network and server technologies. The test scenario creation is easy with the web Load, supports the major technology, the engine correlates the functions powerfully; the errors are automatically detected, and generate on-premise load or create a load for the cloud test.

Silk performer

It supports multiple protocols and it is an enterprise-class load, stress testing tool. This tool tests multiple applications and multiple user’s environments. It supports web, internet, terminal, database, and unit testing protocols. LoadRunner Training in Adyar makes your work easy and empowers your knowledge to take up the high profile jobs.

Rational performance tester

RPT is the load testing tool developed by IBM Corporation. The scalability and reliability of the web-based applications are analyzed with the performance-based test creation, execution, and analysis tool.


SmartMeter.io is an alternative to J Meter and it allows for script less performance testing. It is available for the windows, Mac OS and Linux. Join the LoadRunner Training in Tambaram and gain intensive knowledge into the load runner.

App Loader

This tool test the application with the same user experience from different access points like a thin client, fat client and web portals.

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Top Load Runner Interview Questions

 1. What do you infer from LR?

Load Runner (LR) is used for the accurate measurement and the examination of system performance along with the functionality. It is incorporated for testing purpose when load is expected to be critical, which is impossible to be performed manually. Hence, enroll yourself into our LoadRunner Training in Chennai.

2. What do you infer from scenario?

A scenario is an event, which occurs for every single testing session. A scenario defines:

  • Action to be performed
  • Number of users
  • Virtual machines system

3. How can you develop a Vuser Script?

  • Recording of Vuser script
  • Enhancing or playback of the already recorded script
  • Defining various runtime settings
  • Incorporation of the script in LR

4. List some of the advantages of Load Runner.

  • It records the performance automatically in concurrence with testing.
  • It is deployed for checking the occurrence of delay in a network.
  • LR is employed for the monitoring of network in order to improvise the performance.

 5. Define performance testing.

For any application performance, testing is done for the evaluation of its performance under stress and heavy load conditions.

6. Mention the various components used in LoadRunner.

Vuser generator – Used for the generation of scripts.

Controller –Used for the creation and execution of scenarios.

Analyzer – Used for the analyzation of results.

7. List the various goals in Goal-oriented scenario.

  • number of hits per second
  • number of concurrent Vusers
  • number of pages per minute
  • number of transactions per second
  • transaction response time

8. List out the different methodologies used for performance testing?

Under the load and stress conditions, the performance test is conducted for single or multiple transactions. The different types of load testing methodologies are load, stress, and capacity. Load test deal with the number of users, stress test examines the behavior during the peak usage of the application, and capacity to measure the response time of the capacity. LoadRunner Training in Chennai at FITA will help for understanding the different types of performance testing.

9. List out some of the testing tools used for the performance in the space of the testing?

Load Runner, Silk performer, QA load, Rational performance tester, and WebLoad are some of the testing tool used for performance testing.

10. How the performance scenario is executed in the load runner?

The process of the load test scenario includes the test plan, V user script, explain the scenario, run the scenario, check the performance and finally analyze the results of the test. Loadrunner Course in Chennai will provide the practical project to know about the performance scenario for the execution of the load runner.

11. Name the component which is used for recording the performance of the test scenario?

The VuGen is the component used for the Vuser scripts which use a variety of protocols for the communication.

12. Explain the term Rendezvous point in Dot net?

To handle the multitasking the V users are trained to wait for the heavy user load and such tasks are handled with the rendezvous point. In case of Facebook or e-commerce application, the same application is used by 1000 plus users to see or buy the product. In this case to handle the users the rendezvous point is used. FITA is the Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai where the students learn intensively.

13. What are the parameters which decide the size of the load test in the VUsers?

The system which is tested that is SUT, network configurations, operating system type, settings of the hardware, and memory are the parameters used for the VUsers for the load testing.

14. Explain the pros of using process method for the V user?

If the Vuser is used as a process then it uses a big amount of memory and also the number of users in the single generator is limited in numbers. In case the multi-thread mode is used then more users are used in a single generator. Join the Performance Testing Training in Chennai at FITA to know about the advantages of performance testing in the big corporates.

15. Explain the relationship between the throughput and the response time?

When testing an application it is essential to check the capacity that it can handle and it is called as the throughput. Response time is the time taken to give a response. If the throughput and the response time is compared then it is known that both the things decrease. The peak time for the throughput and the response time are calculated and it is approximately the same timing. Performance Testing Training will give a detail description of the relationship between throughput and the response time in load runner.

16. List out the protocols supported by the load runner?

The Citrix protocol is used for the application deployment, DB2 CLI, MS SQL, DNS, ODBC, Oracle, Sybase Dblib, Sybase Ctlib, and windows sockets protocols  which aid for the client and server applications, Visual basic templates, java templates, javascript, VBScript typescripts, and C templates are some of the protocols for the customization, COM, DCOM, RMI-java protocols, and CORBA-java are used for the distributed components, FTP, Palm, Web, LDAP, and web services are some of the protocols used for the E-business, Rmi java and EJB testing are the protocols for the enterprise java beans, Baan, NCA, Oracle, Peoplesoft-Tuxedo, SAPGUI, Peoplesoft 8, SAP-web, and Siebel are the protocols for the ERP applications or CRM applications, RTE is used for legacy application, POP3, IMAP, Ms. Exchange, and SMTP are the protocols for the mailing services, Tuxedo and Jacada are the protocol for the middleware, Realplayer and the Media player are the protocols for streaming with the load runner.  HP LoadRunner Training is the best training to enter into the testing domain.

17. Explain the four-step process of developing a Script with Vuser?

The four steps for developing the Vuser script are Record the script, playback or enhance the script, check the settings with the run time, and add the script to the scenario of the load runner.

18. Explain the importance of the element "Vuser-init"?

The initial part or the preoperational part is called as the "Vuser-init". Here the operations are recorded before the run of the actual application. Join for the Best LoadRunner Training in Chennai and understand about the different components in load runner.

19. Explain the concept of the extended log?

The information gathered like the return data from an advanced trace, substitution of the parameter, and other information are saved in the extended log. The information depends upon the settings with the run time options. Join the Loadrunner Training at FITA to become an expert in the automation industry.

Job Title: Performance tester

Responsibility: Take care of the test plan, test analysis, test design, construction and verification, testing cycles etc.

Job Description: Should have 1 to 1.5 years of experience in white box, black box testing, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, compatibility testing, regression testing, handle the test management tool, should be experienced in automated testing tools, should be capable of creating, executing, and maintaining automated testing scripts using suitable automated testing tools.

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Job Title: Performance tester

Responsibility: The desired candidate needs to take care of the performance testing process of the company.

Job Description: This is for immediate joiners and urgent job opening. Future Focus Info tech is a pioneer in India's IT staffing business.

Company Name: Future Focus InfoTech

Location: Gurgaon

Contact Details: shobhna.l@focusite.com

Date of Interview: Send the email to the contact email and they will intimate the interview date.

Importance of LoadRunner

The internet and the engagement of the users are radically increasing which demands for the load test for the applications. Websites where the load is ironically high need to be tested and example for the high user base applications are like Facebook, linked in and any banking website.  Join the LoadRunner Training in Chennai to get comprehensive knowledge in the testing tools.  As the load is more and constantly increasing it has to be tested with performance testing tools. Load runner is invented in the year 1999 and it was later acquired by HPE in the year 2006. In the year 2016 the ownership of the load runner was taken over by micro focus. Load runner supports many protocols and it is the best tool for the performance testing. The market share of the load runner tool in the software testing market is 85 percent. Join the LoadRunner Training in Tambaram and equip yourself for the interviews.

The rich applications from the internet are supported by the load runner tool. Web 2.0 applications like HTTP, HTML, Ajax, flex and silver light are the applications where the load runner is used. Load runner can be connected or integrated with the other tools like the QTP or ALM to complete the end to end testing process. Load runner creates the virtual users and these virtual users create the request and response of any transaction. In case of Web 2.0 websites the end customers are valued more and if it takes time to load the website then ultimately the popularity of the website goes down. Being a static web site it is essential to interact with the customers or users to provide the information or service they require.

Architecture of LoadRunner

The architecture of the Load runner is the virtual users create the real transactions with more numbers to check the load of the website. The controller takes the center place in the testing and it manages the load test. The monitors send the performance information to the controller. The results of the transactions are stored in the database for the lateral view of the customers. Users, monitors and the controller are the three main components to perform the performance testing. Join the LoadRunner Course in Chennai to know about the latest standards in the industry for the automation.

The internal architecture of the load runner is application servers which are under stress, the driver process mdrv.exe and the r3vuser.exe performs three actions. The three actions are C language preprocessor, cci create a file with the ci file, the driver is used for the execution of the protocol technology, V Users run the same script on different load generators, load generators and client machines are connected, the agents has an execution log, for each V User a sequential file will be created, during execution the user file is displayed, the test session scenarios are tested by the controller machine, each agent launch the RCL on load generator machine, each agent connects the scenario and the Vuser groups. LoadRunner Training in Velachery promotes the students and transform them as professionals in the automation industry.

Agents check the scenario definition files and connect the scenario to the host in the machines. Only one instance will run using the LoadRunner. So, the controller will use the windows OS folder to invoke the parameter values. The results from the execution are saved in the results folder. If the settings with creating the default results directory for each scenario is set then the name of the results are saved with the name after the scenario runs. Remote performance monitoring (RPM) for the load runner monitoring will be installed in the windows 2000 server.  After installing RPM it becomes easy to see the results in the web browser. Join the LoadRunner Training in Adyar and know about the different measures required to use the load runner tool.

Components of LoadRunner

The user generator, controller, injector and analysis are the four components of the load runner. Load runner can be rivaled of multiple users and these threaded users share a common memory pool. For the web servers like Apache, IIS and Netscape no license is needed whereas for the SOAP and XML separate license is needed to monitor the protocols. The Vugen use the non-GUI API with the same protocols and the GUI VUsers have keystrokes, mouse clicks, and the user interface for the multiple type of tests. The GUI user test from the same machine and the terminal server agent is enabled. The status of the Vusers is running, ready, finished and pass or fail. If the load generator is overloaded then the VUser is stopped. Join the LoadRunner Training in Tambaram to learn from the industry experts about the automation and the challenges in the job of an automation engineer.


VuGen is a coding editor with recording option. It records the client server in form and replicate system under load. The different pages of a website are recorded to create the virtual user. Home page of the website, the main page of the product, payment page of the product, and my account page are the different pages of the website where the load is recorded in the form of VUser script. After recording the VUser script the next step goes to the controller.


Controller is used to simulate the load and manage the load. The information like the number of VUsers towards the number of business process or VUser group are mentioned here, the behavior of the users like simultaneous nature, concurrent nature, ramp down and ramp up, nature of the scenario in the load like the real time scenario or the goal oriented scenario, the number of injectors against each VUser, the results to be collated periodically, IP spoofing, error reporting, and the transaction reporting are some of the functions of the controller in the Load runner. LoadRunner Training in OMR flourishes the future of the students and help them to get a job.

How to handle 3500 Users

To handle such scenarios the ratio can be like initiate 5 V Users for every 2 seconds and till a load of 3500 VUsers, iterate for a time period of 30 minutes, cancel the iteration for 25 VUsers, then again restart the process for 20 Vusers, add 2 users for every second which is the time for checking the three pages, Machine A is used for generating 2500 VUsers and machine B is used for generating 2500 VUsers.


Each VUsers need hardware resources and memory. Keeping the user and the controller will not show the right results. To overcome this problem the VUsers are transferred to wide range of various machines. These machines are called as load generators or load injectors.

To get better results the controller is placed in different machine and the load is simulated from other machines. The protocol from the VUser scripts and machine specifications decide about the number of load injectors can be used for the simulation. LoadRunner Training in Porur help the students to gain the knowledge from the scratch and clear the interviews in the automation industry.

For HTTP script the V Users will require 2 to 4 MB per VUser for simulation, the requirement for the machine will be 4 and the memory will be 4 GB. This requirement is needed for 10,000 VUsers.


After executing the scenarios the analysis regarding the performance is initiated. The results are in raw form like the version of the load runner and the configurations of the load runner. The analysis is the component in the load runner which runs the database in the Microsoft access with all the errors and exceptions. The analysis part in the load runner takes care of the analysis with the graphical representation of the data derived.

The errors and failures are well understood by analyzing the graph. The reason behind the errors is shown and the optimizations are done in the form of SUL, server, J Boss, oracle and infrastructure. If the web server is 1GB capacity and the capacity of the traffic is high than the server load then the role of the performance engineer starts from here. The application behavior is analyzed to check the traffic load and the server load. Accordingly the required changes are made to manage the traffic and the server load in a static website. LoadRunner Training in T.Nagar is designed to make the automation career as an interesting one. The real time projects make the students to take up the challenges in the industry and reach high positions in the job.

Summary of performance testing

The process of the performance testing can be divided in to five types and they are planning the test, creating the virtual user, creating the scenario as per the business requirement, executing the scenario with the user and the controller, and finally analyzing the results to make changes in the application or server. Let me see all these five steps in detail for the knowledge of the practical challenges in the process.


The different types of testing are performance testing, system integration testing {SIT}, User acceptance testing {UAT} and web application testing. The planning part is different for all these testing. The different roles of the performance testing team are project manager, business analyst, performance test expert, system architect, system administrator, web developer and SME. The project manager takes care of the whole process from time to time. The business analyst provides the functionality of the website in different scenarios. Performance test expert creates the scenarios and execute the tests. The system architect handles the network problems and provides the blueprint of the SUL. Web developer maintains the website and monitors the website to fix bugs. System administrator takes care of the server throughout the test process. LoadRunner Training in Anna Nagar help the students to land in their dream and join the big community of testers to bring development in the testing industry.

Objective of test

The business objective or analyzing the business process is crucial step in the load test. For example to analyze the functions in the website or system first prepare a chart of time table for the website or system. From time to time know the users for the application, maximum number of users and total number of users to the application.

Management procedures

The business processes are highly complicated to understand. The process and hierarchy of management shows the usage of the application. Analyze every scenario with the management procedures because the real time process and the management process are sometime differ with some small differentiation.

Hardware requirements

Check the hardware requirements of the system because the hardware change will have a great impact on the performance testing. Processors, RAM, Web or APP server, Database server, network bandwidth for the utilization, in case of clustering internal and external NIC, load balancer, the data movement from the client and server which is called as data flux, Data flux is calculated. These details are very important before conducting the load test. This aids for the successful completion of the load test. Join the Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai, FITA and realize the value of choosing the best training when pursuing the job.

Change the number of users

Monitor the process from creating the VUGen scripts, creating the load scenario, and execution with appropriate measures. The number of Users are increased and decreased when testing the load in the server. This gives an idea of stress and abnormal behavior of the application. The results are derived and then analyzed.

Graphical representation

Time to the first buffer, average transaction response time, transaction response time, hits per second, errors statistics, windows resources, and transaction summary are some of the graphical representation of the test result for the analysis by the HP tool.

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