iOS Training in Chennai

iOS Training in Chennai

Apple iOS Training Institute in ChennaiTo master in IOS app development techniques learn IOS Training in Chennai at FITA, Call @ 98404-11333 immediately to attend free demo session to our IOS Training Institute in Chennai.

Apple products are the latest buzz in the market since its inception in 2008. The esteem and the usage of Apple products including iPhone, iPod and iPad seem to be rapidly increasing year on year. This increase in usage has already led to numerous iPhone application developments in market and there are millions and millions of apps yet to be developed.

Every business owner and even corporate companies invest a lot in creating their own iOS application to reach their customers across the world. This created an enormous demand for iOS app developers in current IT industry.

To pursue iOS & mobile application training it is recommended to have knowledge on following programming languages: C or C++, Objective C which is again added by FITA as part of iOS training curriculum. iOS App development training at FITA is delivered to small group of trainees by trainers who have extensive capability in developing Apps with more than 8+ years of experience in IT industry.

FITA is the best iOS training institute in Chennai offering intensive hands-on lab exercises, deeper explanations on topics, with the very best instructors. Our trainers are iOS industry experts with vast experience which make it ease for us to teach people with any levels of expertise. By end this training programme you will be able to create native iOS applications, leaving you with immediate applicable skills and a fresh approach to iOS development.

Why iOS is better than other OS

iPhone apps are first and better looking
Fast iPhone updates for all

-iOS 9-76 Percent
-iOS 10- All iPhone models from 5 will support

Works Great with all yours devices
No carrier bundled apps
Applecare + iPhone warranty
PDF viewers
Easy of navigation
Faster load of screens
IOS is more secure than other operating system.

To learn IOS application development no pre-learning language is required. Any graduate can learn this mobile app development. Having knowledge on any oops language is an advantage for you. So join FITA to get training on IOS Training in Chennai.

FITA is the one-stop centre for iOS Training in Chennai.

iOS Training Syllabus at FITA

Set Up Your Development Environment & Xcode

Getting to know Xcode 5
Push, pull, and manage your code with Git and GitHub
Use basic controls, like buttons, labels and text fields

Learn the Basics of iOS App Development with Objective-C

Basic Objective-C Syntax – Numbers, Variables, Strings
If / Else Statements, Ternary Operator, Equality
Loops, Arrays, Dictionaries, Simple data types vs. Objects
Creating and building simple applications
Handling Basic Interaction
Creating basic view controllers
Monitoring events and actions
Creating advanced view controllers
Memory Management
Programmatic Interface creation
Integrating with core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc
Data: actions, preferences, files, and addresses
Debugging, testing the application
Core Data Integration
Advanced controllers – Navigation controller
Integrating with Core Services – Core Audio, Video
Push notification
Advanced Even Handling – Multi touch, Gesture Recognition
Maps overview and core location
Protocols and Categories
Communication with the Services
Using the Accelerometer
Bluetooth Programming

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Technology is something, which has been evolving on a daily basis due to the expectation stuffed over it by the people. In the by gone days there were very few who kept updates related to technology but the picture is totally contradict to the past. Hence, organizations are bound to release new updates within few months in order to sustain in the competitive market.

When compared to other sector the mobile industry has to be relatively ahead. Thus, it is not a surprise for many after the announcement of new release in iOS that is iOS 12.1. This release is considered more beneficial for those who are not satisfied with single SIM usage. As this supports dual SIM for both iPhone and iPad.

Some of the brand-new features other than Dual SIM are Group Face Time and new emoji. This iOS 12.1, facilitates the users with 70 new emoji’s out of which kangaroo, mosquito, bagel, lobster, salt, and cupcake are the most popular.

Next comes the new camera feature that will allow you in the adjusting the depth of field while clicking the picture, which will also be available in selfie portrait. It is embedded with eSIM feature that facilitates the users.

Another feature, which is likely to be more efficient for the iOS users, is Group FaceTime. In this user can connect with 32 people simultaneously in a video chat. Moreover, this can be updated for the users of iOS 11 by just checking the updates in their settings. On a whole, this will be encouraging new subscribers to iOS. Thus, enroll yourself into the iOS Training in Chennai at FITA with experienced trainers from the industry.

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