iOS Training in Chennai

iOS Training in Chennai

Apple iOS Training Institute in ChennaiTo master in IOS app development techniques learn IOS Training in Chennai at FITA, Call @ 98404-11333 immediately to attend free demo session to our IOS Training Institute in Chennai.

Apple products are the latest buzz in the market since its inception in 2008. The esteem and the usage of Apple products including iPhone, iPod and iPad seem to be rapidly increasing year on year. This increase in usage has already led to numerous iPhone application developments in market and there are millions and millions of apps yet to be developed.

Every business owner and even corporate companies invest a lot in creating their own iOS application to reach their customers across the world. This created an enormous demand for iOS app developers in current IT industry.

To pursue iOS & mobile application training it is recommended to have knowledge on following programming languages: C or C++, Objective C which is again added by FITA as part of iOS training curriculum. iOS App development training at FITA is delivered to small group of trainees by trainers who have extensive capability in developing Apps with more than 8+ years of experience in IT industry.

FITA is the best iOS training institute in Chennai offering intensive hands-on lab exercises, deeper explanations on topics, with the very best instructors. Our trainers are iOS industry experts with vast experience which make it ease for us to teach people with any levels of expertise. By end this training programme you will be able to create native iOS applications, leaving you with immediate applicable skills and a fresh approach to iOS development.


We are known for the training we provide to our students. We get the best faculties for the wellness of our students career. We have a specialized team for providing the placement training. Our students will get enough opportunities to attend the interview. Thus, enroll yourself into our IOS Training in Chennai and get the complete knowledge over IOS.

Our faculties ae friendly in nature and very helpful by providing constant support even after the course completion. It is necessary to be updated in every field in order to sustain in the industry. And our faculties will fetch you all the necessary details from the industry.

Each and every material regarding the course will be provided to the student. IOS Course in Chennai is welcomed by many college students due to its increasing demand in the market amidst the leading organizations.

Why iOS is better than other OS

iPhone apps are first and better looking
Fast iPhone updates for all

-iOS 9-76 Percent
-iOS 10- All iPhone models from 5 will support

Works Great with all yours devices
No carrier bundled apps
Applecare + iPhone warranty
PDF viewers
Easy of navigation
Faster load of screens
IOS is more secure than other operating system.

To learn IOS application development no pre-learning language is required. Any graduate can learn this mobile app development. Having knowledge on any oops language is an advantage for you. So join FITA to get training on IOS Training in Chennai.

FITA is the one-stop centre for iOS Training in Chennai.

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iOS Training Syllabus at FITA

Set Up Your Development Environment & Xcode

Getting to know Xcode 5
Push, pull, and manage your code with Git and GitHub
Use basic controls, like buttons, labels and text fields

Learn the Basics of iOS App Development with Objective-C

Basic Objective-C Syntax – Numbers, Variables, Strings
If / Else Statements, Ternary Operator, Equality
Loops, Arrays, Dictionaries, Simple data types vs. Objects
Creating and building simple applications
Handling Basic Interaction
Creating basic view controllers
Monitoring events and actions
Creating advanced view controllers
Memory Management
Programmatic Interface creation
Integrating with core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc
Data: actions, preferences, files, and addresses
Debugging, testing the application
Core Data Integration
Advanced controllers – Navigation controller
Integrating with Core Services – Core Audio, Video
Push notification
Advanced Even Handling – Multi touch, Gesture Recognition
Maps overview and core location
Protocols and Categories
Communication with the Services
Using the Accelerometer
Bluetooth Programming

Scope of IOS

iOS is something gets updated on a regular basis according to the market requirements. The developers have to keep the recent trends available along with the ability to be ahead in the prevailing competition. The most sensation of the year 2018 was iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Hence, if you take up a career in such a moving sector this will provide humongous opportunity along with experience.

Even this year may be full of surprises for the iOS users as the developers working for this process are well trained. Thus, enroll yourself into our IOS Course in Chennai and get an opportunity to be placed one of the reputed organization.

This world have ravenous craving for betterment in the prevailing apps along with new apps. Moreover, when we are on a verge of bringing everything to our fingertip, the popularity of smartphones is keep on reaching the heights of sky. Thus, leading to a enormous job openings for both fresher’s and professionals. Join our IOS Classes in Chennai for being the first person to enter the most sensational sector.

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IOS Industry Updates

Technology is something, which has been evolving on a daily basis due to the expectation stuffed over it by the people. In the by gone days there were very few who kept updates related to technology but the picture is totally contradict to the past. Hence, organizations are bound to release new updates within few months in order to sustain in the competitive market.

When compared to other sector the mobile industry has to be relatively ahead. Thus, it is not a surprise for many after the announcement of new release in iOS that is iOS 12.1. This release is considered more beneficial for those who are not satisfied with single SIM usage. As this supports dual SIM for both iPhone and iPad.

Some of the brand-new features other than Dual SIM are Group Face Time and new emoji. This iOS 12.1, facilitates the users with 70 new emoji’s out of which kangaroo, mosquito, bagel, lobster, salt, and cupcake are the most popular.

Next comes the new camera feature that will allow you in the adjusting the depth of field while clicking the picture, which will also be available in selfie portrait. It is embedded with eSIM feature that facilitates the users.

Another feature, which is likely to be more efficient for the iOS users, is Group FaceTime. In this user can connect with 32 people simultaneously in a video chat. Moreover, this can be updated for the users of iOS 11 by just checking the updates in their settings. On a whole, this will be encouraging new subscribers to iOS. Thus, enroll yourself into the iOS Training in Chennai at FITA with experienced trainers from the industry.

New Features In The IOS Phones

Keeping the phone updated with the software update is the very crucial thing to maintain the security and protecting the data of the phone. The change in the mindset of the users has good impact on the production of the Apps which marks there are more than 2.2 million Apps in the market now. The latest version for the IOS is 12.1.2 for iPhone 5, 12.1.1 for I pad Air and the same for I pod touch 6th generation. The updated version is difficult to hack and thus to safeguard from the hackers it is essential to keep the version checked. Let me view some of the new features in IOS which makes it to be the best mobile for many of the regular and formal operations. IOS Training in Chennai is designed to provide the latest programming language like swift and X code.


The new IOS phones are designed with an option to auto fill the OTP. It takes the OTP message and then paste the OTP to the concern app. Generally OTP is asked for payments, any banking processes and while sharing personal or sensitive data. This feature is available with the android phones also but the case is it reads all the messages which lead to the security issues. Reading particular message and linking the information with the app is carried out with the reasonable security measures in the IOS phones. Using the apps like the SMS spam prevention apps will make your OTP SMS as spam message and checking the app installation is also essential for utilizing the functions of the new IOS phones. IOS Course in Chennai provides the practical knowledge to build the apps and publish the apps in the Apple’s app store.

New gestures of the ipad, iphoneX

The gestures are like the sensory which makes the phones to respond. The two models like swipe down from the top to right or swipe from bottom to top are used for the control and the app switch in the IOS. IOS Training Institute in Chennai trains the learners for the development of the IOS and also help for the registration as App developer.

The identification to unlock the phone

It is already known feature that i phones use the face recognition for the unlock feature. The new option is that multiple faces can be registered in i phone for the face recognition. This can be done by changing the settings in i phone. Go to settings > Face ID and passcode option, then select the set up an alternate appearance, and multiple faces can be added like this. This setting is used to add multiple face recognition and if there is any problem in recognizing the face then it can be corrected by adding the passcode to your own face. IOS Course in Chennai is developed by the IT experts and the main focus is to help the learners to get placed in a reputed company or to start their own business as app developer.

The Camera options

The camera options are enhanced with the QR code scanner in control center. The options help to open the camera quickly in the IOS phones.

Software updates

Software updates are updated automatically and it can be enabled in the settings. Before doing the software update it is shown through the notifications in the phone. Join the IOS Training in Velachery to foster the job opportunities in the IOS domain.

Short cuts app or workflow app

The short cuts app or the workflow app are the apps for knowing about many functions in the IOS phones. For example, to take screen shot the word “show me Screenshots” is typed in the screenshots album in the photo app. The recorded phrases will appear under the settings of my shortcuts and this help to open the apps with shortcuts. The keyword “hey siri” works well even if the power is low in the IOS phones.

Photo app

The photo app of the IOS phones is remodeled and it shows the memory from the past like albums. It also displays the suggestions to share the photos to the group along with the trips that the owner of phone went recently. IOS Training in Adyar is the best training for beginners as the course is from the scratch and it provides the gate way to enter in to the software industry.

Message stickers

Apple made the messaging as an interesting part with the stickers and these stickers are used separately and also along with chats. It helps others also collaborate with the messages and do group chatting with the messages. IOS Training in Tambaram provides the real time examples and practical oriented class which aids for the intensive knowledge in to the subject.

Statistics about the battery usage

The detailed report or graph of the battery usage with respect to the apps in the phones is shown in the IOS 12 phones. This is seen by clicking the settings then battery, then scroll down to see the detailed battery usage data of the apps.

Dictionary option

Dictionaries are used to give suggestions when writing something in the phones. This will not edit or replace the words but give suggestions for the words. To avail this option the user need to go to the settings, then general and then finally the dictionary option. Under the dictionary option the two types of dictionaries such as Oxford thesaurus of English and Oxford American English any one among the two dictionaries are selected.

The voice app

The voice memo settings in the IOS phones help to delete the voice recordings and it aids for redesigning the audio in compressed format. If you have the desire to join the Mobile Application Development training in Chennai then search the institute with good reviews and also demand for a demo class which makes you to know the impact of the good knowledgeable trainer.

The podcast

The options available in the settings of the podcast are to move forward and backward. This helps for the customization with the time span of the audio and it works with the head phones and car’s control also.

The Air quality check

The air quality is the biggest issue when travelling outside or to new place. The new feature added to the IOS 12 phone is the air quality checker which shows the readings of air quality of many states. Join the IOS Developer course in Chennai and gain the in-depth knowledge in to the app development.

Evolution of IOS

The operating system IOS was introduced in the year 2007 and went through many changes in the different versions. The imessage, App store, FaceTime, Siri, iCloud, and Apple pay are some of the way back vintage additions which made it still more powerful operating system. There are so many interesting apps designed for  ipad like the procreate, adobe illustrator draw, sketchclub, brushes redux, artstudio, inkist, art set, paper by fiftythree, autodesk sketchbook, and Graphic which provokes the drawing sense of the kids and makes an interesting hobby for the adults also. Apple pay available in I phone, I phone 6 and apple help to make the payment with full security. The cards can be added to this app and this helps to make the payment process easy. IOS satisfies the different age group with its unique features and very much helpful for the personal use and the official use. HTML5, objective-C, swift, C++, C#, and Java are the different languages used for the IOS.

How to decide the language?

If your app demands for the web-front and if it requires simplicity in the options then it is good to go with HTML5. The apps that are robust and scalable are suitable for the objective-C language. Swift is designed for the Apple’s APIs such as Cocoa and cocoa touch. Swift is the latest programming language and it is more secure language than objective-C. Depending upon the simplicity, security and other requirement it is wise to choose the right programming language for the IOS apps. Join the IOS Training in Chennai to catapult the business decisions and reach the ultimate customers.

Released, not released features of the Apple

From the purport of the earlier releases of Apple we tend to know that the big giant corporation is bringing in so many new features with the constant market search to satisfy the end customer. There are some devices and functions which are expected in the year 2019. Let me deep dive in to the topic to know more. IOS Training in Chennai help every individual to hone the technical skill and the one to one attention is beneficial for the long run to the students.


In the year 2016 air pods are launched and the successor to these device Air pods 2 is expected from the IOS system. This is expected to release in the year 2018 but now postponed to release in the year 2019. The trade mark fillings from the IOS producers say that this second version may be the second generation air pods and it is used as the health and fitness device. Join the IOS Training Institute in Chennai to get placed in the top companies with high package. The price of these phones is expected to be $159 or AU$229. It is expected in the October 2019 ipad launch event or September 2019 iPhone event or Apple’s WWDC event in June 2019. It is perceived that the IOS phones are designed with good wireless connectivity with the blue tooth 5.0 and W2 chip from the Apple watch3. The Air pod handles the wireless connectivity with the W1 chip.


The voice activation in the Apple’s voice assistant is available for the new version by uttering “Hey siri”. The water proofing is a part of the new version of Apple device as like the previous air pods. Join the IOS Course in Chennai to pursue a passionate career with good growth globally.

Heath parameters

The heart rates, the strokes volume would be calculated to give precautious measures to the owner of the phone. The sound handling is enhanced with a feature which makes you to listen to the music and respond to the sounds outside the phone. The new charging case of the apple supports for the wireless charging. iPhone X, iphone 8, iphone 8 plus and apple watch 3. Join the Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai and produce your own app to display in the apple store for sales.

Air power

IPhone 8 has the option of wireless charging and Airpower is wireless charger from the Apple. The iPhones are used with special cases and to solve the concerns of the charger the new creative charger is invented by the apple. It will charge automatically and no need to plug in the phone. Electromagnetic field or induction is used to connect the device and the charger. Just placing the device straight above the mat will charge the phones without wires. IOS Training is the best training for the beginners. iphone8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X are used with the airpower charger. Some of the iPhones are not compatible with the airpower and they are suitable for the glass back which is more expensive. Apple watch series 3 works with the airpower charger. The original case of the Air pods does not work with the air power and the new air pod case is introduced in the iPhone X event. The ear buds and the case are used to charge with the new air power. MacBook laptop is not accessible for the airpower. The iPhone 8 and I phone X are compatible with the Qi chargers and non-apple qi compliant chargers are the future proposal of the apple. The integration of Qi-compliant and airpower phones is on process. The online apple stores and the apple authorized parties will sell this airpower after the production from the apple. Join the IOS Developer Course in Chennai and know about the different job opportunities in the job market.

Photo editing app for IOS

For the IOS operating system the new photo editing app is introduced by the apple and it is called as fuzion. This app creates images with multiple images and it uses the portrait mode to design the images. The selfie photos, portrait and the group or photos are designed with the editing options which work on the new IOS phones. The iPhone 8 plus, X, XR and XS are the new phones which are upgraded for this new option by the year 2019. The background choice, over lays option, silhouette detection, light leaks and color filters are some of the options in the new function of the IOS. This new function is released to the beta testers and expected to release by 2019. Join the Best IOS Training Institute in Chennai and it is known that FITA is the best among the institutes in the training.

Some of the latest functions released by Apple

The expected releases are planned in the year 2019 and let us take a tour to the latest releases with the system which are termed as the best one.

Pencil support from the Apple I pad

The display of this is 9 to 7 inch and the chipset is A10 fusion. This new feature was launched in March 18 in IOS operating system.

I Work

The iWork suite in the Apple work with the pencil integration in the pages, keynote, numbers, annotations, to authorize a book, sequence the numbers to the document, draw annotations, and add annotation to the key note.

Apple watches

The watches of the apple phones comes with the vibrant colours like denim blue, lemonade, red raspberry, spring yellow, electric blue and soft pink. These watches are designed with the sport, nylon, classic buckle design. It is attracted with the special nike and hermes models.

Animoji from IOS

As like the emoji the concept of animoji is inculcated from the IOS production. The first introduction was from the year IOS 11.3 and the four animals displayed are lion, skull, bear and dragon. Join the IOS App Development Course to take your career to the next level by practical oriented training.

Red Phone

The red edition of iphone 8 and 8 plus was introduced to show the fight against the HIV or AIDS in africa. It was introduced in the year 2018. Join the IOS Developer Training at FITA and become alumni of FITA which treats the students as the learning community.

Qualities of IOS 12

The qualities of IOS 12 are it is faster in the launch speed with 40 percent up, the key board performance is 50 percent up and clicking the photos performance is 70 percent up.

Features of MacBook air 2018

The new features the retina display, touch id, usb-c ports are empowered in the MacBook air. It is designed with 16GB RAM, 1.5TB of SSD storage and it has the 8th ben Intel core i5 processor.

ipad PRo

The ipad pro has 11 inch display, face id, home indicators, navigational gestures and multitasking facilities. It is designed with the A12X Bionic chipset.


FITA provides the best iOS Training in Chennai with the help of MNC professionals. Spend your valuable time to visit our branches in Chennai. FITA Academy is located at three main areas of Chennai, Velachery, T Nagar and OMR. People also search for

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iOS Interview Questions and Answers

Up surge of IOS phones

IOS 9 is the latest version in the operating system IOS. The difference between Android phones and IOs phones lies in the security and the compatibility. Join the IOS Training in Chennai to procure the knowledge needed to clear the interview and explore new inventions in the IOS development. There are so many types of i phones in the market like the 1 Apple iPhone XR, 5 Apple iPhone 8, 2 Apple iPhone XS, 6 Apple iPhone 7, 3 Apple iPhone XS Max, 7 Apple iPhone 7 plus and the 4 Apple iPhone 8 plus. IOS phones have market share in some of the foreign countries like Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Russia, Nigeria, US and UK. The market share of IOS is less in Australia where it is high in Malaysia. So, learning IOS course at FITA widens the job opportunities in foreign countries and we provide the constant support to the students after completing the course and till they get placed.

Learn the best Course in the market from the industry experts and training pioneers to get placed in the top companies. Training is more dealt with the knowledge of the trainer whereas interview preparation is dealt with the tips and materials from the trainers. So, Find below the IOS interview questions and answers to help the students from the interview point of view and by learning these questions the students stand out of the crowd in the huge competition for the IOS developer jobs. IOS Training Institute in Chennai at FITA offers the courses with an focus to impart quality education to the students in IOS development.

  1. Which Framework is used in IOS phones?

JSON Framework is used in IOS phones. SBJSON is a parser and generator of the objective-C. Dynamic runtime is provided by this object oriented framework. The handling of the JSON is easy as it provides the flexible APIs and additional control when developing the application. Join the IOS Course in Chennai to get connected with the experts and clear the practical doubts in the IOS development.

  1. Which attribute help for the live updates in IOS?

The attribute @IBDDesignable lets interface builder is the attribute used for the live updates on particular view. Init frame is required for the IBDesignable and in UIView class. There is huge demand for the Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai and after learning the course students get a bright future.

  1. Differentiate between Synchronous and Asynchronous task?

The tasks performed with ‘synchronous’ waits until the task is completed and tasks performed with ‘asynchronous’ complete a task in the background and notify after completing. IOS Training is the best course to join and travel with the hi-tech community of IOS developers.

  1. What are the conditions for the compilation in the IOS development using Swift?

In Swift conditional compilation is conditioning the compilation of the code or to exclude the code.

  1. Mention the three parts of NSError object?

NSError object consist of a domain, an error code and a user info dictionary. The domain in the NSError shows the category from which the error comes.

  1. Describe the term ‘Enum’?

Enum shows a group of values which has relativity factor among values. It is not possible to create a ennum if the ennum is case less enum.

  1. What is the measurement of the bounding box?

Bounding box measure is the smallest measure used in the Geometry and it set points with in the area or volume. Join the IOS Developer Course in Chennai and widen the knowledge in the IOS Development.

  1. Why Enums are not specified with strong or weak?

We don’t specify strong or weak in the Enums because enums are not objects in the Objective-C.

  1. Explain the term synthesize in Objective-C?

The getter and setter methods for your property are generated by the synthesize.

  1. Explain the term @dynamic in Objective-C?

Dynamic is used for the sub classes and it conveys the compiler that the getter and setter are implemented somewhere else. It is used in the NS Managed object in the Objective-C. Best IOS Training Institutes are known from the reviews, syllabus and the demo class from the trainer. Join the Best Institute FITA and reach the heights of the profile from the knowledge derived.

  1. Explain the strong, weak, read-only attributes and copy attributes in IOS?

Strong, weak, read-only and copy attributes show the property of memory. The reference count and the reference will be maintained in case of the strong property. When creating a parent-child relationship the weak property is used. Weak property is used on var every time, optional type every time and it changes itself automatically.

  1. Which framework is used to build the user interface in IOS?

UIKit framework is used to build the user interface in IOS. Join the IOS App Development Course to study the subject intensively.

  1. Explain the UIKit framework in detail?

The application’s user interface is used in UIKit. UIKit provides an interface for the event handling, drawing model, windows, views and controls. The window and view architecture to manage an app’s user interface, app model help in running the loop and interacting with the system and the event handling helps to respond to the user input.

  1. What are the additional features in the UIKit?

A view controller model to encapsulate the content, to handle the touch events, support the iCloud integration document, support graphics and external displays, support the apps, support the printing, customize the appearance in the standard UIKit controls, use the URL schemes and framework to integrate, support accessibility for the disabled user, useful for animating the user-interface content, customize the appearance of standard UIKit controls, used for the cut, copy and paste option, it is useful for the text and web content, aid for the apple push notification service, do the PDF creation, support the custom input views, aid for creating custom text, and aid for sharing the content through email, twitter and Facebook. Join the IOS Training in Velachery to know about how to develop the IOS app and become a successful developer.

  1. Explain the new features in IOS9 version?

Intelligent search and siri, deeper search capabilities, built-in features are improved, the font of Sanfrancisco is updated, it supports the wireless car play support, and security is enhanced with the optional iCloud Drive app.

  1. Explain the new feature intelligent search and siri in the IOS9 version?

Intelligent search and siri learn the user habits and save the information of the user. It acts by default and open the apps that we use regularly. It gives suggestions also regarding the places and for the day to day lives. It gives suggestions like the location for the restaurants near us, and the important news. IOS Training in Adyar offers the training to students in and around Adyar with convenient timings.

  1. Differentiate retain and assign in IOS development?

The count in the source is kept the same and a reference is created from one object to another object. It is called as assign. The count in the source increases and the reference from one object to another is created. This is called as retain in the IOS development.

  1. List out the elements used to specify the layout in the UI view?

Interface builder in UI is used to add an XIB in your application code and it is also used to create a story board in the application. The NSLayout constraints also help for the auto layout. The CGReacts with exact coordinates can be created to pass them to UI views. Join the IOS Training in Tambaram and raise your standard as a IOS developer.

  1. List out the differences between the atomic and non-atomic properties?

The atomic properties have fully initialized object, to remove the confusion it is good practice to add atomic properties, the atomic property and performance are inter-connected, and if retrieving uninitialized value is not a risk for a property then it can be set as non-atomic property to boost the performance.

  1. What is managed object in IOS development?

A managed object infers to the temporary scratchpad of an application and this object is used to view one or more persistent stores. If the object is single managed then it exists in one context and the copy of the object exist in different contexts. Join the IOS Training in Chennai to learn with peer approach and practical approach which retains the interest of the students for a relatively long time.

  1. What are the functions of the managed object context?

Life cycle management, notifications, concurrency are the functions of the managed object context.

  1. What is a singleton class?

Singleton class is created in the application with only one instance.

  1. What do you mean by bounding box?

Bounding box is  nothing but a smallest measure beneath which accustomed with set of points.

  1. What is the importance of TestFlight?

There are many important factors for the deployment of TestFlight and some are listed below:

  • Public Link
  • Multiple builds distribution
  • Internal auto distribution
  • Tester metrics
  • Testing groups
  • Increased to 10,000 test users
  1. What do you mean by OAuth?

This stands for Open Authorization and is not deployed for the purpose of authentication. It is purely authorization protocol that deals with third party authorization for the accessing of user data. Joining the IOS Course in Chennai will be very helpful for you to get a blissful career

26. How is it possible to compile usability in design?

  • It will be simple if the thought process is similar to a user before designing.
  • It is necessary to work on every utility of the app.
  • Prior to the promotion of any app do consider every situation in order to make it useful.
  1. How is the design pattern important?

Design patterns are the templates that are designed in order to aid the user in writing code and are reusable for various problems for software design. Some of the Cocoa design patterns are:

  • Structural- adapter, façade, and decorator
  • Creational- singleton
  • Behavioral-memento and observer
  1. What do you mean by plist?

It is the property list, which organizes data to the named values along with various list consisting of values. It provides the path in producing meaningful data that are transportable along with structure and accessibility. It is basically used by the applications that are executed over iOS and Mac OS X. this acts as the interface between Core foundation and Cocoa by allowing the user in the conversion of a hierarchical combination of the structure.

29. What do you infer from façade design patterns?

This help in providing a single interface for the complex subsystem. It makes the work simple by exposing it to anyone unified API rather than a set of classes.

30. What is iBeacons?

It is related to Apple’s technology that enables the mobile apps in listening to the signals present in the world followed by the appropriate reaction. In addition, they aid in the understanding of the position over the micro-local scale.

31. What do you mean by Memento pattern?

It is considered to be an externalized state that can be redeemed without any violating encapsulation. The special implementation of this pattern is considered to be archiving other hand iOS.

32. List the advantages of deploying Guard.

One of the greatest benefits of this is preventing the pyramid of doom and the other is considered to be the early exit of any function.

33. Explain the autorelease pool.

Whenever there occurs drain in any pool, the next process is considered to be released to every object present within the pool. Moreover, every time this is combined within the inner-most pool.

iOS Job Openings

Job Title: IOS Developer in Chennai

Responsibility: Bahwan Cyber Tek is the CMM level 5 company and the desired candidated should have 8 to 15 years of experience. 5 plus years of experience in IOS projects is essential. He or she should be capable of handling architectural patterns like MVC,MVVM, MVP and Viper. Should have experience in mobile projects and long term projects.

Job Description: knowledge in OOPS concept, knowledge in following, Core data model handling, multi-threading like GCD, NSOperationQueue, Memory management and UIKit which deals with designing using the UI components is required. Knowledge in Swift, RMSDK is desirable.

Company Name: bahwancybertek

Location: Chennai

Contact Details: Bahwan CyberTek IT Park 7th Floor , 148, OkkiyamThorapakkam, OMR Road, Chennai-96

Date of Interview: Send the resumes to then they will schedule the interview.

Job Title: IOS Developer with experiece

Responsibility: Take care of UI development and back end development in IOS and knowledge in objective C and swift.

Job Description: Knowledge and experience in Objective C, swift, expertise in core functions like audio, video decoders, image processing, networking on mobile, developing APPS communicating with embedded platform will be an added advantage.

Company Name: Jasmin Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Chennai

Contact Details: Jasmin Infotech Pvt Ltd, Plot 119, Velachery, Tambaram Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai-101

Date of Interview: Call 7708803389 and schedule the interview.

iOS Sample Resumes

iOS Tutorial

IoS Tutorial

Even though there are many operating system available around the globe the two widely used OS are Android and iOS. iOS is known for its deployment in mobile phones that was developed by Apple Inc in the year of 2007. It usage was not restricted to only mobile but is extended to iPod Touch along with Apple TV. IOS Training in Chennai is of excellent scope in the market.

It has been derived from the OS X. The first release of iOS was only for iPhone and iPod Touch, which extended to iPad in the year 2010 followed by its extension to iPad Mini in 2012. Its continuous evolution was the reason for the updates released among other OS.

It is also evident that iOS has released updates every year in order to fulfill its consumer’s expectation and with uniqueness in the market. Its latest release is iOS 12 that includes FaceTime calls amidst 32 people along with new emoji’s and many more features that attracts the consumers all over the world. Thus, making its presence everywhere.

Its evolution is done frequently, which in turn sustains the previous user along with new users. For instance SDK’s evolution can be witnessed from 1.0 to 6.0. The top features present in iOS are listed below:

  • Maps
  • Camera
  • Siri
  • Reminders
  • Multi-Touch
  • Accelerometer
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Powerful APIs
  • In-App Purchase
  • GPS
  • High end processor
  • Safari
  • Game center

The count of mobile phone users have been keep on increasing in the last few decades due to its necessity. As the technology is evolving simultaneously we human beings are also updating ourselves. And the most evident example for this is usage of smartphone by nearly 75% of the entire population.

Now-a-days it is considered to be more than a gadget and its absence makes the life of many void. Thus, any change in the mobile sector is the first to reach the audience out there. Our experienced faculties will train thoroughly in the IoS Course.

After seeing the count of smartphone user’s number of operating systems in the market also increased drastically. There may be numerous OS available iOS and Android are dominating the market. Hence, if you are keen to join mobile sector learn IoS Training in Chennai at FITA. Moreover, the vast extent of gestures available in iOS makes the cunt of iPhone and iPad users increase to a great extent. Thus, creating a great scope of opportunity to students who are well trained in applications based on iOS.

In addition, developers have the scope of creating both free and paid apps for iOS devices, as there is space for both of them to be installed and used in iOS devices. In order to do this the developer has to be registered with iOS developer program that is around $99/year.

Some of the features that iOS devices are equipped with are:

  • UI elements that can be included with the help of codes along with interface builder.
  • Usage of Objective C can be deployed for the generation of iOS codes.
  • Registering with the iOS developer program is considered to be necessary in order to secure it from the various junk applications available in the market.

Suggested audience

  • Both entry-level programmers and experienced professionals.
  • System Designers, Programmers , Professionals, and Web Developers who are included in designing of system.
  • Students who are interested in development of Mobile apps along with the passion to learn more about Apple iPhone.

How to register as an Apple developer 

Apple ID is something crucial in order to be a developer of Apple device. This does not cost the user any money but is completely free. There are certain advantages of having this ID:

  • You will be able to access the development tools.
  • And also access to Worldwide Developers Conference videos.
  • You will be able to join any iOS developer program team.

iOS simulator

This consists of two various types of devices called as iPad and iPhone. The user can able to simulate location in any of the iOS simulator in order to play with both longitude and latitude. It is possible to simulate memory warning along with call status. Its deployment can be witnessed in many fields such as accelerometer.

iOS – Actions and Outlets

Both of the above mentioned are known as the ibActions and ibOutlets in which ib is interface builder that are allied with UI elements. IOS Training in Tambaram may fetch you the appropriate job for you.

Apple iOS developer program

The first question that would arise to a new developer is – Why should I register for an iOS developer program? The answer is quite simple; Apple always focuses on providing quality applications to its user. If there was no registration fee, there could be a possibility of junk apps being uploaded that could cause problems for the app review team of Apple.

The benefits of joining the iOS developer program are as follows −

  • Run the apps you develop on the real iOS device.
  • Distribute the apps to the app store.or
  • Get access to the developer previews.

iOS – UI Elements

These are nothing but the visual elements, which are visible in the application. Amidst them some are respondent to buttons, informative elements and also text fields.

How can be UI elements added

User can add this within a code by deploying interface builder that depends on the requirement.

 iOS – Universal Applications

It is designed in any single binary that can be used for either iPhone or iPad which allows the reuse of code along with quick updates.

iOS – Camera Management

The very important feature that is considered in mobile by the user of any age is camera. It replaces the camera as mobile phones are handy in nature and occupy a very less space.

iOS – Location Handling

Now, it is quite easy to find the location of user with the help of iOS as there is access to the location framework with the user’s permission, which accomplishes the task.

iOS – SQLite Database

This is deployed for the proper handling of various data with the help of sqlite queries.

iOS – Audio and Video

This feature is common usage in any mobile device as this acts as an entertaining factor. It supports AVFoundation.framework for audio along with MediaPlayer.framework for video.

iOS – File Handling

It is not evident to the user as it is an inbuilt process and only reading is possible. Modifying the files is impossible task to be accomplished.

iOS – Accessing Maps

These are deployed for the access of location of the user with the help of MapKit.

iOS – In-App Purchase

It is made used for the purchase of additional content or even for the upgrading process.

iOS – iAd Integration

It is used for displaying ads that are served by apple server and also aids in earning revenue from any iOS application.

iOS – GameKitAuto

This framework provides the leader board along with achievements and many more application present in iOS.

iOS – Storyboards

These came into existence in iOS 5 for creating all screens of any application along with the process of interconnection of the screens into one single interface namely MainStoryboard.storyboard. It also aids the user in reduction of presenting view controllers.

iOS – Auto Layouts

They were introduced in iOS 6.0 for the creation of interfaces, which can be used for different orientations along with multiple devices.

iOS – Twitter and Facebook

Both the integration of Twitter and Facebbok happened in iOS 5.0 and iOS 6.0 respectively. IOS Training will be of great help in the digital world.

iOS – Memory Management

This was generally a non- Automatic Reference Counting for retaining along with the release of objects. It also aids ARC which made the user free form retaining and release of objects.

Issues related to Memory Management

Get the current market trends updates from the industrial experts by joining our IOS Course in Chennai. Two issues are critical in memory management:

·         Overwriting also known as freeing of data that are still in use that causes corruption of memory along with the malfunction of the given application such as crashing, corrupted data and many times worst scenario than this.

·         Not clearing data that are no more in use may lead to memory leak. It is necessary to free the memory allocated for any data that is idle for time being in order to accomplish the other process smoothly. If not done on time this may lead to poor performance of the system and further affect the whole process.

Memory management rules

·         The objects we create are the ones we own followed by its release when there is not any more requirement of this.

·         Deployment of ownership when we do not create the object.

·         Avoid release of objects that are not owned by you.

Handling Memory in ARC

It is not necessary to release along with retention when the object is not under usage. Thus, every single view controller is released during its removal. In a similar manner, sub-objects belonging to any object will cleared when its cleared on a whole.

Memory Management Tools

It is possible to analyze the memory usage with usage of Xcode tool instruments that consists of tools namely Allocations, Zombies, Activity Monitor, Leaks, and many more. Get thorough information related to IOS by joining Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai.

iOS – Application Debugging

It is usual to commit mistakes as we are humans and committing mistake is our nature. When the mistake occurs during the process of developing of any application, it may lead to various errors. Thus, in order to fix the errors it is necessary to debug the entire application, which will lead to the proper functioning of the application.

Selection of a Debugger

The Xcode consists of two debugger called GDB and LLDB. The GDB is considered to be selected by default. The selection of LLDB debugger is a part of LLVM open-source compiler. Here the user is able change debugger by simply making use of “edit active schemes” option. Enroll yourself into one of the leading IOS Training Institute in Chennai.

How to Find Coding Errors?

In order to locate errors related to coding the user need to build any application that will be able to compile the code. In such case code consists of errors, and the compiler is able to display all errors, messages, along with warnings with possible reasons.

Setting up of Breakpoints

The deployment of Breakpoints help the user to know various states of any application objects that aids the user in identifying several flaws that includes logical issues as well. The user needs to click the line number in order to create breakpoint. For the removal of breakpoint user just needs to click and drag it out.

Exception Breakpoint

The presence of exception breakpoints is to trigger any application in order to stop the location in which the exception takes place. Thus, join IOS Training in Velachery for further clarifications.