RPA Training in Chennai

RPA Training in Chennai

RPA Training in ChennaiLearn RPA Training in Chennai at FITA – leaders in RPA Course. Call 98404-11333 for complete details about Robotic Process Automation Training. Learn popular RPA tools like UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion and Openspan at FITA known for offering the best RPA Course In Chennai.

RPA is a new technology that has disrupted the technology industry and according to a recent research, RPA market will hit $2.5 billion USD in 2022.  The major reason cited for this rapid growth of RPA bots is mainly attributed to ease of doing business using RPA.


FITA is a great place to discover our skill and bloom your career by taking up the Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai. Robotics is a sector with lots of scope in the recent days as we are moving towards an automated world and this plays a vital role in the automation industry. Our trainers who have well versed knowledge in the industry will guide you until you are placed in a leading company.

There is a vast syllabus related to RPA and our trainers with hands-on experience to the students will cover all this. Thus, making it easy for them to experience the real-time scenario once they enter the industry. Hence, join our RPA Course in Chennai and make your knowledge more industrial oriented.

We have a separate specialist team for providing the placement assistance to every student joining us as per the current industrial requirements. Our faculties will be aiding you even after the course completion. Enroll yourself into our RPA Training Institute in Chennai and be a part of FITA. We are here to mold you and get you placed in one of the leading company around the world.

Why RPA is needed?

Though most of the process in the IT industry is matured, there are still many applications that do not talk to each other. A lot of repetitive tasks are manually performed for which millions of dollars is spent by customers.  RPA has the ability to automate most of these mundane tasks that are manually performed today. RPA has powerful integrations and automation abilities that can mimic human interactions with web applications and other desktop applications like Microsoft Excel. Eliminating Software Engineers to perform mundane tasks helps them to shift their time and energy on important things where emotional intelligence, logical reasoning and out of the box thinking are required.

Key Benefits of RPA

Increased Productivity as it can perform the work of thousands of software engineers
100% Accuracy which is not possible when tasks are performed manually by humans
Huge Cost Savings
Scalability: Additional Robots can be added and deployed in shorter time span handling the seasonal requirement in workforce needs.
Flexibility: RPA bots can perform large number of operations in parallel handing automation of desktop applications like Excel to applications running on Cloud
New job opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation
Faster ROI: Most of the customers who have adopted to RPA have started seeing positive ROI with in 12 months

Wide Range Automation: RPA is widely used in wide variety of industries like Banking and Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing and many more.

Powerful Insights: RPA provides powerful insights on the business process. Every RPA bot’s activity can be logged, interpreted and measured through reporting tools. Improved governance and compliance can be easily achieved as requirements are set in the automation rule logic.

Pre-Requisites for taking RPA Courses in Chennai at FITA

There are no prerequisites to take up this RPA Training in Chennai at FITA.  But if you have programming experience in any programming languages like .Net, Java or Python, it would be an added advantage to program in RPA. Learn RPA Courses in Chennai at FITA and Start a Career in Robotic Industry!

Who can attend RPA Training in Chennai?

Anyone who is looking to empower their career with a new age technology that has disrupted the industry should consider RPA Training in Chennai offered at FITA. There is incredible scope for every IT enthusiastic to look in the newly growing field.

Business Process Employees
Programmers who are into other programming language development
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Job Seekers

Industries where RPA is used

Financial Services

Lot of mundane tasks performed in Finance industry like account opening and closing, credit card fraud detection can be powerfully automated using RPA bots. If you already work in Finance domain, consider taking up this RPA Training in Chennai offered at FITA and automate the processes in your project using powerful RPA bots.


RPA bots can be used in automating tasks involved in Account Planning, Auditing and Transaction Reporting.

Human Resource

RPA Bots can be helpful in monitoring employee timesheet process and leave management process where lot of HR man-hours are wasted. If you are already a HR, you can apply RPA in your practise after taking up the RPA Training in Chennai at FITA  and enjoy great growth in your Career.


RPA bots can be used in in the healthcare industry for maintaining patient records and their claims.

Supply Chain Management:

RPA bots can be used in procuring, order management and shipment tracking.

Customer Service

RPA bots can be used for automating contact center tasks like uploading the customer documents, scanning the documents, verifying and approving the customer documents.

Robotic Process Automation Training in Chennai

RPA Certification certainly will empower you to grow in your professional career. Below is the list of Certifications offered by our UiPath Training. Unfortunately, most of these certifications require a classroom training to be attended at UiPath which is so expensive and rarely conducted in India.

Different tools used in RPA:

Automation Anywhere Tool:

The Automation Anywhere is the digital workforce to ease, automate and analyze the different process of work. The purpose of using the automation anywhere is to extract, input, compare data, validates data and for rule-based decision making.

Blue Prism Tool:

Blue prism creates a virtual workforce to automate rapid automation. Blue prism uses the flow charts, dot net and C# for the process of automating the back office operations.

Open span:

Open span is a Robotic process automation tool used for the .net framework and it is used along with visual studio. Open span automation creates a bulk of data within minutes and the automation created in such tools run in a dedicated system.

UI path tool:

UI path is used for the repetitive task and it makes use of coding very less. Very minimum part of Dot net and the scripting language is used in the UI path.

At FITA, we train the students with practical oriented classes and provide a real-time project towards the end of the course. After the course student gains the domain knowledge and the tool knowledge with the help of the expert trainers.

UIPath RPA Certifications

RPA Developer Certification
RPA Developer Advanced Certification
SAP Automation Training Certification
RPA Business Analyst Training Certification
RPA Infrastructure Training Certification
Orchestrator 2016.2 Training Certification

Interesting Facts about RPA

Average Salary of RPA consultant is $126,094 according to indeed.com data.

RPA Training Course Objective

After completing the RPA Course in Chennai at FITA, you will be able to:

Create a Strategic RPA Bot based on client requirement
Know about Robotics Process Automation and learn how to design RPA bots
Develop RPA bot using Coding
Identify and Assess the key considerations when designing an RPA solution for your customer
Work proficiently with one of the leading RPA tools like UiPath or Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere
Perform Data Manipulation using variables and arguments
Create RPA bots for an application running in Virtual Environments
Perform Web Automation
Scrape Web data from an eCommerce website
Perform Workflow related activities
Debug and handle exceptions in workflow automations

Job Responsibilities of RPA Consultant

As a RPA Consultant, you will be responsible for analysis, design, development, testing and orchestration of Robotic Process Automation bots that interact with external applications like SAP.

Analyze and Identify areas of improvement in existing process and provide solutions to automate the current process using RPA bots

Performance tuning of RPA bots for operational efficiency

Perform changes in the existing RPA bots based on the business requirement and provide ongoing support for defects that may be present in the RPA bots

Train the team members in RPA bots and process

Expected Qualifications for a RPA Consultant by most of the Recruiters in the Industry

1+ years of relevant experience in RPA bot development using any of the leading RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism or UiPath
2+ years of experience in programming languages like .NET, Java etc
Preferably experience in leading small teams

Demonstrated expertise with at least 1 full lifecycle Analytics or Systems integration engagement across strategy, design and implementation

Any Bachelor’s Degree or Master Degree
Ability to work independently
Good problem solving and logical reasoning skills

RPA Training at FITA will give the confidence to the students and help the students in clearing the authorized certification. RPA is suitable for the beginners and the students with less interest in the programming. At FITA we understand the core interest of the students and train them in the desired subjects with practical oriented classes. To understand the different types of web application and desktop application we provide the real-time examples and projects towards the end of the course which is very helpful for the students to hone their practical knowledge in Automation Industry.

Few companies who have partnered with leading RPA company Blue Prism are Auro, Ascension, AVO Consulting, Capgemini, Cognizant, DigiBlu, Genpact, HCL Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, KPMG, NTT DATA, Prodapt, PwC, Tata Consultancy Services and Virtusa. There are huge opportunities for these companies to work in RPA. Get start to learn robotics at RPA course fee in Chennai. We value your money.

 Enroll RPA Training in Chennai to enhance your skills and Learn at Top-Rated RPA Training Institutes in Chennai! Start your Career in RPA today.

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Students Testimonials

RPA Interview Questions


RPA is the latest tool which automates multiple processes with reasonable cost. The difference between RPA and automation is that the automation is the software tool which requires the human instruction to operate whereas RPA requires no human element. Automation is used to solve the specific problem whereas RPA is used to minimize the human work. Automation Anywhere, Blue prism, UI path, Open span, and work fusion are the five tools of the RPA. Learn RPA Training in Chennai as it is the widely preferred by most of the top companies and it completes the mundane processes with high level of quality.

There is huge competition in the IT industry for the RPA skills and to acquire these skills we make your search easy by providing the interview questions for RPA. Read about the RPA interview questions and keep your answers focused when attending the interview. Invention of RPA made industries like Banking, finance, BPO and health care as abreast to the quality of work and also it creates high profile jobs for the human operations.

Future of Business with RPA

Automation is going to rule the business world due to its robustness, efficiency and less time consumption. It is considered that the companies, which are equipping themselves with Automation engineers now, will dominate the industry in the near future.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has always been an amazement to humans.  According to a recent study conducted by Grand View Research, Robotic Process Automation’s growth is increasing drastically which may reach $8.75 billion by 2024. RPA Training in Chennai provides you with the best training and after course completion, we will guide you for the interviews.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology that generates huge data is acting as the bridge between consumers and devices such as electrical appliances, mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. RPA plays a very crucial role in the contribution of Big Data analysis, which marks the success of any business.

It is evident that every company invests a lot in the outsourcing of their products and understanding the customers whereas the deployment of RPA in this process will make the reach more efficient.

Automation will enable the employees to allocate more time in the process of creating new plans to be succeeded in the industry. About 72% of the companies around the world are expected to enter the automated process by the year 2019 due to the expansion of Machine Learning, RPA and Artificial Intelligence.

The proper usage of the latest trends in the market reduces the cost and time invested in the tasks, which can be done swiftly with the automated tools.

Common RPA Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Explain the term ‘Robotic Automation’?

Robotic automation is used for the rule based tasks and the machine, computer or mimics are used to complete the tasks or process. Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai is suitable for the business people and technical people as demand is huge for the RPA in different industries.

  1. List out the Nature of RPA?

RPA does not require coding, requires less investment, used for IT and non-IT operations, Robots communicate with the user’s systems with controlled user interface, and it eliminates the risk on executing the operations.

  1. List some of the benefits of the RPA?

Some of the benefits of RPA are it is fast, scalable, aids for analysis, and saves the expenses.

  1. What are the industries which use the RPA tools?

Banks, insurance, healthcare, telecomm and communications are some of the industries which use the RPA tools. RPA course in Chennai offer quality education and creating its own revolution in the software industry.

  1. Explain the difference between human operations and RPA operations?

RPA complete the tasks of three employees which aids to achieve the targeted production level with 20 percent less time. Thus, RPA reduces the time and the human resource to complete the task.

  1. List the names of the popular vendors of RPA?

Automation Anywhere, verint, black line, open span, blue prism, nice, datamatics, kofax, edge verve, and help systems are some of the vendors in the RPA.

  1. Describe about blue prism Robotic Process automation?

The computer applications are handled by the human and blue prism is the tool of RPA which handles the application as like human with user interface. RPA is the combination of three technologies such as work flow automation; screen and the artificial intelligence and RPA Course impart knowledge in all the concepts of RPA.

  1. Is RPA is similar to the old technologies like screen scraping or Macros?

Yes, RPA is not similar to the old technologies like screen scraping or Macros.

  1. What is the difference between the RPA and old technologies like Macros?

The major differences between both the technologies are Robots are trained with the shared library to handle any kind of applications like mainframe, legacy, best spoke application, and web service enabled API hosted service whereas with the old technologies it is not possible to use the application as like the user.

  1. Describe about how blue prism integrates with the systems?

Blue prism is the technology adaptor for java, windows, web, green screen, main frame and even Citrix. Blue prism links with the technology and application to carry over the processes. With the technology backup new processes can be rapidly designed, built and tested without any changes in the current technology.

  1. Differentiate between RPA and traditional automation?

RPA and traditional automation sounds like the same but lays the difference in the following ways RPA is scalable and versatile and traditional automation is less scalable and not versatile, the interface of RPA is designed for the human actions and the traditional automation relies on coding and API’s, customization is possible in RPA, Customization is sometimes possible and sometimes not possible, integration part is excellent in RPA and integration part is average in automation. RPA Training in Chennai helps the beginners to enter in to the software industry and gain practical exposure through their job roles in the IT industry.

  1. Explain the process or life cycle of the RPA?

The four different processes of the RPA are the analysis, designing the robot for the requirements, test the performance, and deployment and maintenance of Bot.

  1. Explain the process of deploying the UI path?

Install the UI path studio, the key of the robot is taken from the orchestrator to provision the machine, enter the key in to the robot configuration board, find the URL in the admin area of the orchestrator, publish if you want to utilize the current procedure, create the environment, release the process and start the work with UI path.

  1. State the method to invoke a UI path workflow?

The work flows are the reusable part of the automation process for any given scenario. The workflows are the small pieces of the big process of the automation. To invoke the workflow using UI path the “invoke workflow” function is used and the template is saved in the UI path. If there is more than one work flow then it can be added to the UI path. RPA Training with the expert trainers help the incumbent to travel in to the different seasons of the technology and gain deep knowledge.

  1. Describe Citrix automation?

Citrix automation is virtualization technology in the UI path which is used for the data entry jobs. Citrix is used to access the application in the remote desktop and to fill the details to send it to the desktop again.

  1. Describe the methods to create a bot?

The method to create a bot is to record a task, implement the robot, test the bot, and upload the bot to perform the automation tasks. The automation anywhere or UI path uses these methods to create bots.

  1. Differentiate the task bot, Meta bot and IQ bot in RPA?


Task bot is used in the front end, Meta bot is scalable and integrate with next gen application, IQ bot is used for continuous process and automation.

Nature of task:

Task bot task is repetitive and rule based tasks, Meta bot is used for scalable process, IQ Bot is used for fuzzy rules. Join the Best RPA Training Institute in Chennai to land in your dream job.


Task bot is used in human resource management, Meta bot is used in inventory management, and IQ bot is used to learn the behavior of the people at work and extracts languages from the data.

  1. Explain how RPA is integrated with different functions of different industries?

The credit card processing and the loan processing are the functions in the banks which are integrated with the RPA. Adding the information about the orders, finding out the fake accounts, and process the notifications regarding shipping are some of the functions in retail industry. Monitoring the feeds from the subscriber, fraud management and maintaining the data regarding the customer are some of the RPA functions in the telecommunication industry. Sourcing the candidate from job websites, verifying the background of the candidate, and automate the payroll management are some of the RPA functions in the HR department.

  1. Explain the process of screen scraping in RPA?

Screen scraping is the component in RPA which captures the bit map data from the screen and the verification information is stored in the Decipher of the RPA. This is to enhance the security of the processes. RPA Training in Chennai conducts training in the flexible timings and with an practical oriented approach.

  1. Point out the benefits from the screen scraping?

Screen scraping is suitable for application with code or UI frameworks, the Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to digitalize the text, this process gives accurate results and it is easy to implement the screen scraping.

  1. Mention the different frameworks in the automation testing?

Modular automation framework, keyword driven framework, hybrid automation framework, and data driven framework are the different frameworks in the automation testing.

  1. What are the components in the RPA solution architect?

ERP solutions, tools such as Citrix, web or desktop, scheduling, distributing and monitoring the execution of software bots, scheduling, distributing and monitoring the tools, infrastructure management and configuration management are some of the components in the RPA solution architect.

  1. Describe about the thin client and thick client in RPA?

Thin client is the client application which does not run on local machine and it runs only on virtual client or server architecture whereas the thick client is installed in the local machine only. The example of thin client is VM ware, virtual box and the example of the thick client is any apps like notepad and browser. Learn Robotic Process Automation at RPA Training in Chennai from the industry experts and join the top companies as RPA consultants, RPA developer and RPA trainee.

  1. What is the requirement to implement the RPA for the front end and the back end?

RPA is used for both the front end and back end work and the configuration requirement for the deployment is the same for the both front end and the back end processes.

  1. What is process studio in RPA?

The process used for the automation is easy to understand by anyone in the blue prism and these processes are known as process studio in Blue prism.

  1. When the automation process starts in RPA?

Automation process starts when there is multiple data sets, when there is repetitive tasks, for regression test cases, and for smoke test. These scenarios aid for the automation test using RPA.

  1. Where the automation test cases or scripts are written in RPA?

In RPA the automation is done with the help of an automation tool and the aim of this tool is to reduce the test cases to run the RPA manually.

  1. When automation test is good to avoid as per the agile method?

If there is massive documentation and the requirement is frequently changing then automation testing is good to avoid as per the agile method. The bugs and the repetitive work has to be considered before implementing automation.

  1. How to handle the application which is changing after each of the transaction?

To handle such applications static element is used and scrape relative functionality is used to extract the value.

  1. Describe the term session variable in RPA?

Session variable are the processes which continue at the same time and they both have same session variables but the session variable value is different to both the variables.

  1. Explain the method to identify the column in a UI path studio?

Column index and column name is used to identify a column in a UI path studio.

  1. Describe the accuracy property in image activity in RPA?

The unit measurement of 0 to 1 shows the minimum similarity between the image which is searched and shows the image accurately.

  1. Explain the control flow activity in UI path?

Control flow activity explains about the order in which the actions are performed in automation. The variables and activities are efficiently used to execute a proper control flow.

  1. Explain the Delay activity in the UI path?

The delay activity shows the pause of the automation for custom period of time. If the automation requires timing factor like to wait for an application or to wait for information then delay activity is used. RPA Training in Chennai is the best course for the beginners as it requires no programming language knowledge.

  1. Explain the break activity in UI path?

The break activity is used when there is a loop in the project. Here the activity is stopped and then continued with the next activity to full fill certain condition.

The above provided questions help to crack the RPA interview with abundant knowledge with all the latest concepts of RPA. Recently, RPA is the widely learned course and widely used technology all over the world. Utilize the opportunity and move yourself to the most interesting technology called RPA.

  1. List some of the benefits of RPA?

Rapid – Bots accomplish execution here therefore, the work is completed quietly faster.

Consistent – RPA does not interfere with other inherent systems and works consistently throughout the process completion.

Economical – Robots are used in operating the process thus, it helps in cost-cutting

Customer satisfaction- Accuracy level is high as everything is automated.

Quality – As the process is free from human error the quality of the product is good.

  1. Mention the crucial phases of the RPA Life Cycle?
  • Analysis
  • Development of bots
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  1. List a few RPA vendors in the market?
  • BlackLine
  • EdgeVerve
  • Datamatics
  • Blue Prism
  • Verint
  • Kofax
  • NICE
  1. Differentiate between chatbot and RPA?

ChatBot – In this, a programmed solution is recommended to the user by the bot for a specific issue, which is already fed to the bot initially.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – A bot programmed to automate a manual business process of executing a task or an activity within a business function.

  1. Mention some of the limitations of Robotic Process Automation?
  • RPA is not a logical, computing’s solution. It cannot learn from experience and therefore has a ‘shelf life’.
  • Non-electronic with unstructured inputs cannot be read by RPA.
  • Enterprises need to be aware of various inputs coming from numerous sources.
  • The efficiency of the company is enhanced by running monotonous human effort.
  • RPA is not a Business Process Management solution and does not bring an end-to-end process view.
  1. What do you infer from UiPath Automation?

UiPath aids an organization in providing a platform for software. In addition, it is a part of the Robotic Automation Process, which is mostly preferred by the companies in the industry. Hence, join into our Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai.

  1. Differentiate between UiPath and Selenium?

Selenium is particularly designed for testing web application and could not interact with many applications whereas UiPath is generated for the automation process in Robotic Automation Process.

  1. List a few properties of UiPath?
  • The process can be done automatically.
  • Even if there is an error, the process can be continued.
  • It has both delay after and delay before included.
  1. What is the recording requirement in UiPath?
  • Citrix –used in the virtualized environment
  • Basic –used for full selector generation
  • Web – used for web pages
  • Desktop – used when multiple desktop apps are recorded
  1. What do you infer from Automatic Recording in UiPath?

Automation recording helps in using time in an efficient manner. It provides a skeleton for the business on a whole.

  1. List out the benefits of using RPA?
  • Cost efficient –  Repetitive and manual tasks are reduced to a great extent
  • Accurate result- As it is automated the occurrence of mistakes reduces
  • Code free- There is no need of coding
  • Simple to learn- Automation process is easy to learn

Advanced level interview questions for experienced candidates

  • Can you shed some light on attended and unattended automation?
  • How you will, you test your RPA automation task.
  • What are the most common buzzwords used in the RPA world?
  • Explain about your recent project in RPA.
  • How to get the last amended file from folder by deploying RPA Tool?
  • List the steps in order to achieve the Email Automation.
  • How is it possible to pass data from one system to another or even from one RPA Tool to another?
  • How do you handle the String Operations in RPA Process?
  • How can you update data into two application simultaneously with the use of RPA tool?
  • What are the steps in sending alert to user when any new file is generated in a shared path by deploying RPA Tool?

Scenario based questions

  • How can Clients be added or removed in control room?
  • How are IT management and support in accordance with RPA tools?
  • What do you mean by ExcelConnector in OpenSpan?
  • What do you infer from development and run time client?
  • What do you mean by Recruitment with respect to RPA tools?
  • Differentiate between Object Cloning and Manage Windows.
  • How can be the String Operations handle in RPA Process?
  • How good are you at the organizational analysis process and also impact of robotics on work?
  • How can be format or processed Excel Data written into a particular forma PDF?

Cognizant interview questions

  • What is volatile?
  • How GC algorithm works?
  • What is callable and future
  • Design Object oriented Chess.
  • Design e-commerce based micro services.

Automation anywhere Interview questions

  • List out the elements that are important for a standard script in Automation.
  • Explain the working of Selenium.
  • Distinguish between Sikuli and Selenium.
  • What is the main objective of web recorder?
  • Mention the features of potent framework in Automation Anywhere.
  • Why is secure recording used?

RPA Job Openings

Job Title: RPA Team leaders

Responsibility: Knowledge of dot net is mandatory for the candidate, should have two years  experience on RPA blue prism, 15 years of formal education, 7 years of experience is required.

Job Description: 12 positions are available with tech Mahindra on permanent and full time basis.

Company Name: Tech Mahindra

Location: Mumbai

Contact Details: 8667681138

Date of Interview: Send the resume to MG00538549@TechMahindra.com or call the number to get the interview schedule.

Job Title: RPA Developer with UI path, Blue prism and Automation anywhere.

Responsibility: Handle the automation with VBA Macros or RPA automation anywhere. Candidates who can join with 15 days of notice period is required.

Job Description: Trigent software is CCM level 4 companies with headquarters in Boston (USA). The position is for the candidates with one to two years of experience.

Company Name: Trigent Software Ltd

Location: Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai

Contact Details: Swetha KR, 9844678191

Date of Interview: Send the email to rekha_c@trigent.com

RPA Industry Updates

RPA has acquired a great place in the industry. It is opted by organizations worldwide in order to make some profit by finishing the projects prior to the assigned time. It is mainly deployed for the capturing and analyzation of data in order to simplify the overall transactions along with establishing a good communication with the digital media. Join our RPA Training in Chennai and get your hold firm in the industry.

Robotic Automation Process also aids a hand in reducing the tiresome job of repetitive work that consumes ample amount of human’s time. The compound annual growth is estimated to be 29% during the period of 2018-2023.

According to the recent report published by Market Research Future Reports, this is the only technology that is estimated to turn over around $ 2,700 million by the year of 2023.

Overall, regional wise survey, North America tops the list in Robotic process automation. This tool go a wider reach amidst companies and sectors like healthcare, IT & Telecommunication along with BFSI and media. Thus, getting into this industry will be an awesome opportunity for you to grow in your career. Hence, visit our institute for RPA Course in Chennai for a blissful future.

The services section for the complete revenue share in RPA accounts for about 70% in 2017, which is expected to persist its dominance for the period that has been forecasted.

European market is the second top market for RPA technology due to its demand whereas Asian region is observing a steady growth arising as the flashing market with respect to Robotic Process Automation. RPA Training in Chennai is of great scope.

Some of the organizations that are in demand of this technology related experts are specified below:

Blueprism: There are many intentions to make the system completely automated as the market is in search of technology that can finish the job before time in a more appropriate manner.

Cognizant: The automation industry as been always playing a very important role in the transformation of the operations commenced in various companies.

UiPath: It is amidst the leading RPA vendor that provides an overall platform for the automation of software. In addition, it is also considered as a flexible technology.

Automation anywhere: This is responsible for the creation of various software robots for the company’s benefit.

Worksoft: It is the global provider of various software for the automation of business process. The leading organizations around the globe make use of their innovation in order to improvise the quality along with reduction in the cost.

Symphonyhq: It is cluster of experienced people who are practitioners known for their innovations. In addition, they are well known for their work in the industry.

Robotic Process Automation technology is something that aids various organizations in creating self-developed robots in order to automate along with streami9ng their administrative and business process. These bots can be deployed into various operations replacing humans. They are designed in such a way that they are capable of triggering responses along with interpretation for numerous applications.

When compared to 2018, RPA has a greater demand in 2019. Robotic Process Automation always gains its importance when it is merged with various technologies to bring out the best out of it. Thus, RPA Course in Chennai will be of beneficial for you at a later stage of your career. Some of the expected changes are:

  • As of now, RPA was deployed only by the private organizations whereas from 2019 it is expected to be implemented in the public sector to make the process simple and stable.
  • Almost all the leading companies adopted outsourcing and there is consistent decline in this for the past 2 years. In addition, RPA will make tragic stop in the upcoming deals.
  • RPA is going to get into the mainstream more quickly than artificial intelligence.
  • It is considered to be a significant rise in attended robots hat are nothing but the bots that are capable of working alongside humans for the increase in productivity.

Impact of RPA with other technologies

The RPA is growing at a fast pace in the IT industry due to the pressure over the deliverables; demand to maintain the quality, and error free work. Let me look in to the different technologies which support RPA for its growth in the year 2019. In the year 2019 the artificial intelligence and the RPA are integrated together for the majority of the work processes in the banking industry and BPO industry which led to the rise of intelligent process automation (IPA). This new form of platform is to create the digital work and employ the digital workers. RPA Training in Chennai at FITA improves the conceptual knowledge and the practical knowledge.

Managerial changes happen due to automation

As automation is bringing in digital work force and digital work models it becomes highly competitive for every big enterprise to have their own automation centers at office. As like data center or cloud product takes a big role by the big companies the automation part takes the big role in the organizations. Cloud and automation are handled by less number of employees with big process of work. Join the RPA Course in Chennai at FITA to explore about the automation tools like blue prism, automation anywhere, and UI path.

Government organizations use RPA

The government across the states is collecting the citizen centric data and with the help of these data the process in the government organizations will be RPA based. The domination of RPA starts from the private sector, MNC’s and then now it is expected to join the public sector also. Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai is expected to bring changes in the private and government job industry.

Rise of unstructured data

The unstructured data are used by the AI technologies and it is structured to process the work. Now the structured data as well as the unstructured data becomes more important part of work.

Increased usage of chat bots

Chat bots are used for the customer service to answer the customer calls and handle the common questions of the clients. In the year 2019 there are expectations to further use more chat bots with different models to handle the end customers and memorize the corporate data regarding the client services.

Increases competition among companies

The banking products are customer centric products and communication is the base for the customers. There are insurance products which provide the calculator to know about the return and the investment which makes the customers happy. If the customers are happy it is easy to reach and do the sales. This is applicable to the finance and insurance companies. Thus the RPA will satisfy the customers and increase the competition among the employees. Join the RPA Training in Chennai and hold the top positions in the MNC companies.

New creations with RPA

Automation anywhere one of the product of the RPA is initializing the digital platform for the access for the users of RPA, IQ Bot, Bot store, Bot insight the embedded analytics. The down load of the RPA bots with pre configuration is available with the automation anywhere. The developers and deployment professionals are grouped in the community edition to spread the changes with speed and use the new features to prosper the business. The community edition from the global leaders are available for free to ease the technology. RPA Course in Chennai at FITA is tailored for the beginners and the expert set of trainers give the practical and real examples to mold the students.

The automation is taking the center of stage to eliminate the low profile jobs and to enhance the high profile jobs. The networking and the cloud technology have brought in notable changes in the domestic and global market. Likewise the automation is incorporated in the big companies and the job roles and the management processes are going to initialize a drastic change in the IT industry.

RPA Tutorial

Robotic Process Automation Tutorial

What is Automation?

Automation is a technique of equipping the device or a system to function automatically in order to reduce the work burden, which is employed on the humans. Automation is categorized into four different categories:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Macro recorders
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Application-level macro recorders

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotics Process Automation lets the organization to automate any task similar a human being was doing them across application and systems. Robotic automation connect with the prevailing IT architecture. Thus, join RPA Training in Chennai and get you job secure.

The usage of RPA is on its upsurge due to its wide usage in automation of workflow along with back office process. Robotic Process Automation is a type of software that can be executed in PC, mobile or laptop in which the commands are executed by the bots present. In this, bots are able to communicate with website, in-house application or user portal.

RPA is in use for the avoidance of repetitive tiresome clerical job done by humans. It doesn’t require the buildup of codes along with access free from database of various applications.

Lifecycle of RPA

RPA is the sensation occurring in the IT sector due to its wide usage by the leading companies. Thus, RPA Training in Chennai will fetch you the correct opportunity job to get into the IT industry.

A classic life cycle of RPA consists of four phases. They are Analysis, Development of Bot, Testing, and Support & Maintenance.

  • Analysis – RPA Architects along with Business teams work hand-in-hand for the analyzation of business process for the development of RPA.
  • Development of Bot – The team of developer start working on the development of automated workflows for requirements in a definite development environment.
  • Testing – Execute the testing cycles like SDLC in order to analyze the correct defects and quality.
  • Support & Maintenance –Soon after the completion of development & testing phase, a bot has to be maintained along with consistent support that helps in resolving of defect when raised in case.

After getting the knowledge over the methodology, one should know the implementation of RPA. And this can be done with the numerous tools available in market for the usage of RPA amidst the leading companies.

Best Practices to be followed during the RPA Implementation

  • Consideration of business impact is very important before choosing RPA process.
  • Characterization and the target on the desired ROI is necessary.
  • Large group of audience should be spotlighted.
  • Both attended and unattended RPA should be combined.
  • Destitute design can create havoc.
  • Administration of project is prime thing in RPA process.

RPA in Enterprises

As per the report released by McKinsey and company, the prevailing automation technologies like RPA will gain its economic importance around $6.7 trillion by the year of 2025. Robotic Process Automation occupies the second largest economy in the market due to the arise of mobile based Internet.

The usage of RPA is not restricted to automation of repetitive tasks but further extended to the processing of data, migration of data along with copy paste tasks. The research done by Transparency Market Research team revealed that RPA is foreseen to raise the growth rate by 61% by the reach of the year 2020. Hence, RPA Training in Chennai will fetch you the needful information to enter the corporate.

Thus, getting a complete guidance in RPA Course in Chennai is indeed necessary for a person who aspires to get into leading IT company.

Hence, this tutorial will be helpful for you in the creation of next-gen digital application. At FITA, you will be getting the complete satisfaction with aspect to the RPA Training in Chennai. Every topic is has been updated as per global standards for your convenience.

Robotic Process Automation tools

There are four parameters, which has to be took into consideration before the selection of any tool for the process of automation in RPA technology. They are listed below:

Data: Easy to read and write the business data into multiple systems.

Tasks performed: Ease of configuring the process that are based on rules or knowledge.

Interoperability: Tools are expected to work across multiple applications.

Artificial Intelligence: Built-in AI in order to mimic human users.

Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai is the most preferred course by students and professionals. The most familiar Robotic Automation Tools in the market are listed below:

1.Blue prism

Blue Prism is one of the familiar Robotic Process Automation software that provides organizations an agile digital workforce. It is deployed in order to perform repetitive tasks that are accomplished by humans on a daily basis.

2) Automation AnyWhere

Automation Anywhere is one of the robotic process automation (RPA) software for testing. This is a Web-Based Management System that makes use of Control Room in order to run Automated Tasks. It is easy to automate end-to-end business functions for various companies.

3) UiPath

UiPath is a type of Robotic Process Automation tool. This allows automation of repetitive office tasks, which are boredom for humans to perform. The various products offered by UiPath are UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Robot.

Advantages of usage of RPA

There are enormous benefits by the usage of RPA:

  • By deploying RPA, you will be able to automate multiple processes at the same time.
  • Cost efficient technology and improvises resource optimization.
  • User is independent of prior programming knowledge.
  • Easy to model, and deploy the automation process.
  • Supports and allows regular compliance process, with error-free auditing.
  • Tracking of error is simple.
  • Constant builds & release management.

It is relatively a known fact that in the last few years, RPA has evolved as one of the most confusing technology prevailing in the market. So, let us get some extra knowledge on this.

What’s So Great About What We Automate?

“Autonomics,” as popularly amidst the organizations, gives any work process that is definite, based on rules, and repeatable in any business process along with assigning of a robot in order to manage the execution of process. Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai will make you stand oput of the crowd during the process of screening in any job interview.

RPA technology is free from company’s information technology infrastructure still occupies its top. RPA technology, was not designed to be business application, rather than designed to be a proxy for human employee in order to operate business applications.

Welcome to the Future Robotic Process Automation Is Here to Stay

Experts in both BPO and IT industry know that robotic process automation has the ability to revolutionize the way we do business. Usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, computing systems are trained, rather than being programmed, to operate as the human brain.

Cognitive computers are developed with the intention to work with human’s hand-in-hand and support them in decision-making. There is always an old saying that dull and unfulfilling tasks consume about 80 percent of people’s day-to-day lives. Moreover, it is same case with work, which are repeated regularly due to its need. Thus, by the usage of this technology, human behaviors can be mimic and accomplishment of task is possible in no time. Companies are looking for candidates who are trained in Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai.

The future of IT industry is dependent on AI and bots due to the huge data that has to be worked on a regular basis. In future the work has to be split between machine and human in order to get it accomplished on time. Creative work can be handover to humans whereas repetitive work can be moved to bots, which will definitely get the company to complete the project on time and get more profit.

It is different from traditional automation, as this requires human expert in order to hard code a script into a system, cognitive computers are able to process the natural language along with unstructured data.

In Review What to Take Away from RPA Training

  • This technology takes the automation technique to the next level.
  • Companies are in search of is a good candidate trained in RPA Course in Chennai who are able to handle complicated problems as well. The healthcare, insurance, finance, and banking industries are some of the sectors who are in need of RPA experts.
  • It offers leading companies an alternative for outsourcing that results in minimum operating costs, boost up in productivity and reduced cycle times.
  • RPA technology aids in the tracking and monitoring of tasks that are automated, hence it enables companies to become more regulatory compliant.
  • It is crucial to optimize any business process before automation. Hence, join RPA course and get your future flourished.
  • It is expected that automation software will end up replacing over 140 million employees worldwide by the year of 2025, and many high-profile jobs will be created for those who are improve RPA software.
  • As the number of companies adopting RPA is keep on increasing, it is necessary to be combined with other technologies in order to optimize the benefits that is yielded. With the evolution of time, this technology has the potential to optimize along with improvising the whole process throughout the entire business world. Thus, taking up a career in RPA Course in Chennai will definitely be of great use for you.

As organizations are keen to know about any recent emerging technology, and get to know its efficiency if it is learnt by their employees. These days companies are in search of candidates with RPA course.

There is no much wait when a day will arrive when task will be blended with both human and robot blend, enabling humans in the creation of new work. Hence, be smart and get Robotic Process Automation Certification by joining FITA. RPA would operate similar to a human brain and maybe even beyond it due to the technological evolution in future.


Why should I learn RPA Training Course at FITA?

  • RPA Training Course at FITA is designed & conducted by RPA Training experts with 10+ years of experience in UiPath & Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere domain
  • Only institution in Chennai with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
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Will FITA help me with placements after my RPA Training course completion?

We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for RPAProfessionals. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

How do I enroll for the RPA Training course at FITA?

You can contact our support number at 98404 11333 or directly walkin to one of the FITA branches in Chennai or Coimbatore

Can I enrol in any of the FITA branches in Chennai?

The syllabus and teaching methodology is standardized across all our branches in Chennai. We also have a FITA branch in Coimbatore. However, the batch timings may differ according to the type of students who present themselves.

How many students have been trained by FITA up till now?

We are proud to state that in the last 7+ years of our operations we have trained over 15,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

How old is FITA?

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training.

What will be the size of a RPA Training batch at FITA?

We at FITA believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each RPA Training batch to 5 or 6 members.

How equipped are the RPA Training faculties at FITA?

Our RPA Training faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in the field handing real-life scenario and completing mega real-time projects in related areas like UiPath & Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the RPA Training industry.

Will I be given sufficient practical training in RPA Training?

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in RPA Training. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

What are the payment modes accepted at FITA?

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.


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