React.Js Training In Chennai

React.Js Training In Chennai

ReactJS Training in Chennai

Learn how to module bundle webpack by ReactJS Training in Chennai! Our boot training will give you maximum learning benefits. Get enrolled today in ReactJS Training!

ReactJS Training

ReactJS is the latest JavaScript framework which has captured the attention and hearts of front-end developers. It is a relatively compact framework which doesn’t take much time to learn. Start to learn from the scratch of JSX Training in Chennai. You will come to know the use of UI components using React Components. Developers love ReactJS since it is highly performant.

Prerequisites Of The Course

In order to get with ReactJS Training in Chennai, you should have solid knowledge of JavaScript concepts. For JSX, HTML knowledge will be helpful. Some conceptual knowledge on Single page architecture and MVC frameworks is also needed.

Modes Of Delivery

Training is delivered in three different modes. They are as follows:

Instructor-led Classroom Training
Customized and exclusive one-to-one training based on requirements
Up-to skill team training on ReactJS

What Will You Learn From ReactJS Training?

You will gain numerous benefits by ReactJS Training Course. Our ReactJS Training is aimed at developers for rapidly creating and deploying attractive websites and web applications.

ReactJS Training Course Agenda

Introduction To React & JSX

Origins of React
React.js Syntax
Overview of JSX and why you should use it
Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

React Components

React component Properties
Setting Properties
Component Lifecycle
Updating Components
Writing your first React.js component
Mounting Components


Expressions & Attributes
JSX Basics
Namespaced Components
Rendering HTML
Rendering React Components


Views & Controller-Views
Flux is not MVC!
Data Flow

Action, Dispatcher, Store & View
Flux Application Architecture

Event Handling In React

Key Events
Event Pooling
React.js Event Handlers
Synthetic Event

Creating a dynamic UI in React

Keeping components stateless
Event Delegation
React Stateful Components
Auto binding

Integration with other libraries

Gulp & Browserify
React with jQuery
React & AJAX

React Server Integration & Deployment


Who should attend this training?

ReactJS Course in Chennai is specially designed for developers to make manner of constructive and reusable user interface additives and intuitive. Using React developers can create constructive programs which makes you capable of creating React.js rich net packages.

What is the purpose of this course?

The main purpose of ReactJS Course lies within the fact that is fairly easy to clean updates and lets consumer interface components. Our expert corporation brings full-fledged instructor-led training. Training will take you from the basics of superior concepts of ReactJS.

At the end of the React js Course

Through our service, you will completely master the concepts of ReactJS at the end of ReactJS Training. You will obtain knowledge using React, Flux& JSX.

Deployment of Responsive UIs
Reusable components
High-Performance ReactJS Techniques
High-Performance ReactJS
Displaying Data
Elegant & Dynamic Forms Tooling

Doubts will be cleared with our practical and theory sessions. Our mentors and tutors are always by your side to help whenever you get stuck in your project.

Get started with FITA for building rich internet application using React, Flux & JSX Training Course! You will be mentored by our industry experts!

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