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ReactJS Training

ReactJS is the latest JavaScript framework which has captured the attention and hearts of front-end developers. It is a relatively compact framework which doesn't take much time to learn. Start to learn from the scratch of JSX Training in Chennai. You will come to know the use of UI components using React Components. Developers love ReactJS since it is highly performant.

Prerequisites Of The Course

In order to get with ReactJS Training in Chennai, you should have solid knowledge of JavaScript concepts. For JSX, HTML knowledge will be helpful. Some conceptual knowledge on Single page architecture and MVC frameworks is also needed.

Modes Of Delivery

Training is delivered in three different modes. They are as follows:

Instructor-led Classroom Training
Customized and exclusive one-to-one training based on requirements
Up-to skill team training on ReactJS

What Will You Learn From ReactJS Training?

You will gain numerous benefits by ReactJS Training Course. Our ReactJS Training is aimed at developers for rapidly creating and deploying attractive websites and web applications.

ReactJS Training Course Agenda

Introduction To React & JSX

Origins of React
js Syntax
Overview of JSX and why you should use it
Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

React Components

React component Properties
Setting Properties
Component Lifecycle
Updating Components
Writing your first React.js component
Mounting Components


Expressions & Attributes
JSX Basics
Namespaced Components
Rendering HTML
Rendering React Components


Views & Controller-Views
Flux is not MVC!
Data Flow
Action, Dispatcher, Store & View
Flux Application Architecture

Event Handling In React

Key Events
Event Pooling
js Event Handlers
Synthetic Event

Creating A Dynamic UI In React

Keeping components stateless
Event Delegation
React Stateful Components
Auto binding

Integration With Other Libraries

Gulp & Browserify
React with jQuery
React & AJAX

React Server Integration & Deployment


Who Should Attend This Training?

React JS Course in Chennai is specially designed for developers to make manner of constructive and reusable user interface additives and intuitive. Using React developers can create constructive programs which makes you capable of creating React.js rich net packages.

The exposure to single page application architecture, knowledge on MVC framework, experience on IOS or android development, Knowledge about Java script, and type script is an added advantage for aspirants who want to learn React JS. Apart from technical aspects, there are some soft skills which are required to handle this job. Skills like communication skills, problem-solving approach, bold enough to handle the feedback from the user's as it deals with the front end technologies are some of the inborn personality traits needed to take up the job.

What Is The Purpose Of This Course?

The main purpose of React JS Course lies within the fact that is fairly easy to clean updates and lets consumer interface components. Our expert corporation brings full-fledged instructor-led training. Training will take you from the basics of superior concepts of React JS.

React JS is popularly called as the framework of Facebook. The usage is transparent by the products in which it is used. The design in alignment with the data, simple user interface, reusable components, clean architecture and fast operations with DOM are some of the pros which made the technology as the best one among the other front end technologies. Angular is HTML based whereas React is Java script based which brings perfection to the React JS over AngularJS. Both are the powerful products of the java script. Join the React JS Training in Chennai at FITA and the career path will show you that you have chosen the right one in the right time. Yes, it is booming to the top as the dynamic websites and front end technologies are presiding over the big space of the internet.

Career Growth In React JS

The architecture and the security features are making the React as a popular one. Mastering multiple technologies in the same domain is essential in the arena of software jobs. For instance, if you are a front end developer then languages like React JS, AngularJS, and react native is essential for career growth. Alongside, if you are a back end developer then Java, python, Dot net and ruby on rails are the right combination of your knowledge pool. Similarly, the knowledge is seen from a wide view for the testing, networking and designing portals. So, learning and keeping crave towards learning is essential in software jobs. The latest trend in Education is that the innovation and specification which brings multiple courses under the same head and likewise multiple technologies for similar sort of jobs.

What Are The Job Opportunities For The React JS Professionals?

React JS web developer

The web developers use the components for the browsers and the devices in which the website has been used by the user. Designs are translated into the code and the features are focused towards the users.

Mobile Application developer with React JS

IOS and Android phones are developed using the react native. Different architectures and functionalities are handled with the React JS

Full stack developer

These professionals handle the visualization of data, create a user interface, good in graphic designers, and handle the user interactions.

UI development with React JS

Translate the design into code, create reusable components using React JS, improve the user interaction with the high-quality websites.

React-JS for SEO activities

React JS are not SEO friendly and hence it is a good choice to optimize the SEO activities.

UI tester

These personnel's test the GUI and cross-check the specification required for the effective web page.

At The End Of The React JS Course

Through our service, you will completely master the concepts of React JS at the end of React JS Training. You will obtain knowledge using React, Flux& JSX.

Deployment of Responsive UIs
Reusable components
High-Performance React JS Techniques
High-Performance React JS
Displaying Data
Elegant & Dynamic Forms Tooling

Doubts will be cleared with our practical and theory sessions. Our mentors and tutors are always by your side to help whenever you get stuck in your project.

React JS is the modern technology to handle the modern front end of the web pages. The traditional websites and the modern websites differ with respect to the content and the design. The traditional web designs are designed with photo shop and HTML. The modern designs are designed with a user based optimized content and designs from the front end technologies like AngularJS and React JS. Join the React JS Training in Chennai to transform your career.

Traditional websites deliver the messages related to the business and the modern websites deliver the messages relevant to the business and the user. The data flow in the Angular JS is two way and it deals with the Real DOM. React JS deal with the virtual DOM and provides the one dimensional flow of the data. React JS Training is the best course to have a blissful future.

Angular provides the framework of JS whereas React JS provides the library of the Angular JS. Framework is like the insertion of the behavior in to the coding. Library is like reusing the code with specific purposes. Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, what Sapp and Yahoo are the names of the popular companies that are using the Reacts JS platform in their front end? After learning React JS training at FITA the opportunities will knock the door and the dream to reach high in the job role will come true after the training. Let us see some key elements in the recent version of the React JS from the developers of the Facebook. React JS Course is the best course for the learning the concepts of front end technology.

Error Handling

Errors inside the code will break the app. The biggest challenge with React JS is to handle the errors from the Java Script library. The wrapper component is used to wrap the error from the child component. The new components works as like the catch block for the errors and efficiently catch the errors.

The render method is now updated with wrapping sibling element without using wrapping element. This is done by using an array and hence elements from the array receive a key prop. The server tenderer help for the streaming and it handles the client with sending the bytes quickly. The content in the server and the client server is different in case of React JS.

The HTML is used to take the details from the server and match the details at the client server. For the given time stamps the React JS will use the DOM for matching the client server. Thus React JS improves the server based performance. The number or the string in the react 16 uses the render method to return. The React JS Course Fees in Chennai is at designed par to the knowledge we derive from the course.


Inside the DOM tree a child element is inserted in different locations and outside the DOM tree with portals are used. The ‘div' with the proof for the id is used to check the DOM where the app details are rendered to the syllabus. Portals are used in case of overflow, Z-index or hidden to make the child comes out of its container for the rendering. React JS Training in Chennai takes you to the job which progress periodically with the software industry.

DOM Attributes

The unrecognized attribute or the custom attribute will be ignored by the React previously. But now these attributes are now rendered to the DOM. This will reduce the white list and improve the file sizes. The new option called Roll up is used to create a flat bundle. The size of the bundle is generally consistent in case of the Web pack, pre-built bundles and browser.

Handling The New Set State

To prevent the application from unnecessary updates and the values are checked in the new set state. If equal value then return null and will not render the particular component.

MIT License

React is now declared with the MIT license and it now free of concern for usage. Current version 16 and the previous version 15 both are available under MIT to use. So, using the latest version will keep your application with the pros of React JS. Join the React JS Training in Chennai and experience the support from the trainers enhancing the knowledge.

Changes In The Server

The hydrating container with the server rendering is needed in the latest version. For client side render option is used where as for the server side hydrate is used in the new version. The addons option is depreciated from the React JS and it no longer works. The Facebook team of developers is planning for an new version release of this add-ons tools. The latest method implies that the retendering of container in case of ref is not possible. The ref is not modified by react. Unstable batches take one extra argument for giving its service.

The new architecture of the “Fiber” is used in the React JS. The periodical execution to the browser is the strategy behind this and it is called as ‘async rendering'. This architecture helps to improve the performance as it will not block the main thread and process the information with right timing. The changes in the latest version will not lead to the break in the apps but it is essential to change to derive the benefits from the latest version. Join the React JS Training at FITA and become a constant learner of the updates from the technology with the constant support.

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