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Node JS is a Cross-platform environment and runs on the server-side. It develops both networking and server-side applications. Javascript applications written by Node JS can be run within the Node JS runtime engine. It supports the Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. There are tremendous job opportunities for Node JS Developers. Corporate Giants such as TCS , CTS, Wipro, General Electric, Uber, Paypal , Yahoo! , eBay, Wikipins , etc. Offer great opportunities to the Node JS Developers. It is the most trending and evolving technology. Hence professionals prefer to go for Node JS Training in Chennai.

Features Of Node JS:

The API's of Node JS provide event -driven approach and hence are non-blocking. So multiple requests can be guided at the same time.
The code execution will be very fast, since they use low level machine language.
It has a single threaded model with event looping, hence it is highly scalable.
It will not buffer any data, it will output the data in chunks.
It is Licensed under the MIT License.

Where To Use Node JS?

In the technology today, Single Page Applications are widely used. For creating Single Page Applications Node JS can be used to a greater extent. It is also used in the Data Streaming applications, DIRT Application (Data Intensive Real-time Applications), I/O bound Applications, JSON and API based Applications. It gives them the complete working practical knowledge on the Node JS Course.

Node JS Certification

Node JS Certification is a developer oriented certification Node.JS Certified Developer (NCD). It demonstrates the skill and knowledge competency of the professionals. It helps to identify the companies to recruit skilled professionals for their organization. Professionals are very eager to learn Node JS Course in Chennai. It helps them to clear the NCD certification, and also makes them technically competent.

Node JS With FITA

FITA is the Best Node JS Training Institute in Chennai. All the trainers are working Corporate Professionals. We offer classes with complete hands-on experience. We are the best in the industry to provide Node JS Course. FITA is known for its excellent training record. We have trained more than 12000+ students. To add the feather on the cap, we also provide placements to our students who are competent. We have close to 500+ tie up companies, to arrange for placements. That's why FITA is the No.1 academy in Node JS Training in Chennai. Here Node JS Advanced Training will be provided by the trainers.

Node JS Opportunities

Node JS is a “JavaScript Everywhere” paradigm, it uses a single language for programming for both server side and client side. Node JS Applications can be used to a greater extent for its fastness and robustness. Some of the Companies which uses Node JS Applications include eBay, Wikipins, General Electric, Uber, Paypal, Yahoo!, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, etc. Opportunities are wide, Grab them when you can!


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Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance to the students.
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