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If you are an app enthusiast wanting to code top-of-the-line native apps across all three platforms Android, iOS and Windows, it is a good idea to learn Xamarin. FITA is perhaps the best choice for learning Xamarin Training in Chennai, which offers the most experienced and best trainers for the cross-platform development tool.

Xamarin Training Course can be attended by web developers, programmers, and app developers.

Why Xamarin?

As a mobile developer, you would want to run your app on all available platforms and mobiles. However, the thought of learning a new language, APIs and other stuff every time may just want you to stick to one single platform. This is where Xamarin can help you out.

For any app, the native design is always the preferred solution. Xamarin tools aid developers to write native iOS, Android, and Windows apps, along with native UIs (user interfaces) and then share this code across multiple platforms. In addition to native UI, app logic is shared across multiple platforms in a unique way that it makes Xamarin a must use. Xamarin also binds the same UI controls and APIs that are used to build Mac, Android and iOS apps in platform-specific languages. A few lines of code are enough to access numerous libraries of the different platforms, paid and free components, and third-party services.


Xamarin courses are available at different levels: beginner basics to advanced levels. However, there are some pre-qualifications that a student will have to satisfy before enrolling for Xamarin Training. They are:

A thorough understanding of the basics and programming concepts of C# and .NET
A good understanding of the basics of OOPS
A basic idea of OS X navigation and usage would help

Other Mobile App Development Tools and Xamarin's Key Differentiator

Though there are a number of cross-platform mobile development apps such as PhoneGap, React Native, etc., the primary reason why Xamarin scores over other cross-platform development software is that code can be reused to one hundred percent across the different platforms. Moreover, other major advantages being able to use Xamarin Test Cloud to fix the bugs, support to both MVVM and MVC patterns, there is no need to develop additional plug-ins thus saving time and resources, and Xamarin meets the need to build large and complex projects.

Detailed Curriculum For Xamarin Course

The course curriculum is designed to traverse from the very basics of Xamarin to understanding and using advanced concepts such as XAML, data binding and its controls. The course includes in-depth hands-on sessions conducted by industry experts. These will help students to gain the maximum amount of exposure in terms of being able to install the software, configure it and learn extensively about the different web services and controls.

The student will learn the reasons why Xamarin is so popular mobile apps development across the different platforms, learn to build native mobile apps across Android, iOS and Windows platforms and optimize mobile app development strategy, write UI code for different platforms and run the apps, learn XAML, data binding and controls, how to use these within applications that use Xamarin. Forms.

Xamarin And Mobile App Development

Xamarin overview
Windows Universal apps
Windows phone apps
Solutions Architecture - Cross Platform development
Shared code project creation
Portable Class libraries
MVC design
Service-oriented architecture
Windows Universal and Windows Phone apps
Layout controls
Form Controls
Navigation Controls
Windows Universal apps
Windows Phone apps

Xamarin Android App Development

Test, debug, and fix Xamarin.Android apps
Set up Android development environment
Create Android Views
Activities, Intents
Call Android Services
Oauth 2

XamariniOS App Development

Test, debug, and fix Xamarin.iOS apps
Set up an iOS development environment
Create iOS Views
iOS Controls
Table Views
Navigation controllers

Cross Platform Development Using Xamarin.Forms

Understand XAML
Page Views
Layout Views
Scrollable Views


Master-Detail Views
Tabbed Views
Modal Views
Navigation patterns

Data Binding

Data Binding - SQLite Database
XAML Data Binding Syntax
MVVM Design Pattern
Data Access Classes

Access And Use Of Web Services

Access Services
Using Web API to build services

Deployment Of Cross Platform Apps

Deploy Android Apps to Google Play Store
Deploy iOS apps to App Store

High-quality Xamarin Course material provided to the candidates function as useful reference material for working on future assignments in their professional career.

Hands-on exercises for the candidates include real-life apps that will help them to hone their cross-platform app deployment.

The candidate will be given a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Job Opportunities

Senior Software Engineer
Xamarin Developer
Cross-Platform App developer
Dot Net - Xamarin Developer
Mobile App Developer
Xamarin Consultant
Enterprise Mobile Apps Developer
Senior Software Developer
Software Engineer

Company Expectations

Apps developed by the Xamarin developer are expected to work on Android, iOS and UWP. The employers would expect to just open a finished app and know how it works. This means that the app has to be easy to understand and navigate through. The features of the app are expected to be seen at the same place in the app no matter whether the device is an Android not end by just showing droid phone or an iPhone. Value-added features for an app are a must. As an example, a recipe app should not end by showing the recipe. It would be best to add a cooking timer and also a facility to post the finished recipe's post on social media. Apps are expected to multi be multi-cultural, work well in English as well as other languages. Apps are also expected to function as efficient multiuser systems with only requisite permissions for different users (while using the same app). Most apps are required to have walk-through help screens.

Course Objectives

At the end of the Xamarin iOS training course, participants will be able to do the following:

Become aware of and appreciate the challenges of building native and cross-platform mobile applications
Leverage both Xamarin and C# to create new cross-platform applications
Build complex view screens using advanced controls and layouts
Create screen layouts using Xamarin.Forms (for Android and iOS devices)
Create Scrolling Lists
Learn to bind data to forms
Control app navigation
Deploy apps to Google Play Store and App store


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Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
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  • Provides Interview training and tips to the students.
  • Supports the students in Resume building.

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