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If you are planning to jumpstart your career in RPA, consider learning Blue Prism Training in Chennai at FITA. Blue Prism is one the leading RPA tools in the market that provides increased business agility and productivity and decreased human errors. Blue Prism plays a vital role in enabling organizations including; Fidelity Investments, the Co-operative Banking Group, RWE Npower, the NHS, Shop Direct and O2 to quickly respond to company change through responsive back office operations and stimulating the next foremost transformation in the outsourcing business through the acceptance of Blue Prism Digital industry.

At FITA, students who undergo Online/Classroom Blue Prism training will get complete hands-on exposure to this powerful tool. Participants will undergo training with many live examples and case studies that will give a thorough knowledge of Blue Prism. By the end of the Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai, participants will get guidance on Blue Prism Certifications, Resume Preparation, Interview Handling supported by Mock interviews.

Blue Prism certification is one of the trending certifications and getting a Blue Prism Training Course Certification ensures that you showcase the skills that are required to perform and excel with various tasks in Blue Prism Tool. Advanced Blue Prism Training in Chennai at FITA delivers the right knowledge and skill to meet the demand for Blue Prism’s digital workforce.


Trainers with many years of Expertize in RPA tools and many years of working experience in leading Software companies.
Practical Training with numerous case studies.
More than 20,000+ students and professionals had the transformation in their Career after getting trained at FITA. Proven Track Record since 2012!
Smaller batches to ensure personalized attention to every student.
Unlimited Lab Usage.
Resume Preparation & Interview Support.
Branches at Velachery, Anna Nagar, Tambaram, T Nagar and Thoraipakkam (OMR).


Anyone who is looking to empower their career by learning RPA Training can consider Blue Prism Training Chennai. There is incredible scope for every IT professional to look in the newly growing field.

Business Process Employees
Programmers who are into other programming language development
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Job Seekers



Getting into the world of RPA
RPA Tools in the Market
Future of RPA
Comparison of Various RPA Tools
Job Market for RPA


Getting into the world of Blue Prism
Installation, Configuration and Activating Blue Prism
Blue Prism Architecture
Blue Prism Modules
Studio Module
Control Module
Dashboard Module
Release Module
System Module


Creating a Process
Naming Conventions & Best Practices
Working with Process
Validating a Process
Understanding Decision Stage
Understanding Calculation Stage
Working with Data Items


Working with Decisions
Working with Choice Stage
Working with Collection Stage
Handling Loop Stage
Circular Paths
Controlling Play
Set Next Stage
Pages for Organization
Layers of Logic


Data Item Visibility
Working with Input Parameters
Page Inputs
Inputs and Page References
Working with Stepping and Pages
Step Over
Step Out
Data Item Visibility
Local and Global Data Items
Visualising Data Items
Using Data Items
Using Data Types
Output Parameters
Start-up Parameters
Control Room
Process Outputs


Working with Object Studio
Mastering Business Objects
Revisiting Action Stage
Inputs and Outputs
Understanding the Process Layer


Creating a Business Object
Working with Application Modeller Wizard
Spying Elements
Working with Attributes
Understanding Launch, Wait, Timeouts and Terminate
Understanding Write, Read and Press
Understanding Attach and Detach
Action Inputs and Outputs
Data Items as Inputs


Exception Handling Basics
Understanding Recover
Understanding Resume
Working with Re-throwing Exceptions
Preserving the Current Exception
Understanding Exception Bubbling
Exception Blocks
Using Exception Blocks


Understanding Queue Items
Work Queue Configuration
Working with Defer and Attempts
Working with Pause and Resume


Working with Safe Stop
Collection Actions
Choice Stage
Process/Business Object Grouping
Log Viewer Usage
System Manager Features
Process/Business Object Grouping
Understanding Process and Object References
Working with Export and Import
Working with Release Manager Features including Packages and Releases


Undefined Collections
Data Item Initialization
Data Item Exposure
Code Stage
Run Mode
Initialize and Cleanup
Attribute Match Types
Dynamic Attributes
Active Accessibility
Application Manager Mode
Global Clicks and Keys
Environment Locking
Resource PC
Command Line


Mainframe Applications
Java Applications




What Makes FITA Unique?

FITA Blue Prism is getting highly attracting aspirants to achieve their career goals.

We make candidates feel unique by providing practical knowledge to our candidates.
We offer special key features with more reliable and easy way for learning.
Our tutors at FITA are dedicated to offer comprehensive skill and knowledge for each and every topic.

Enroll for Blue Prism Training in Chennai at an affordable cost and enhance your RPA skills. Learn at No 1 Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai and Jumpstart your Career in the RPA today.

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Industry Updates

Latest Announcement done over Blue prism technology

There has been a tremendous evolution in the Automation industry in the past few years. In addition, Blue Prism is the leading tool used in Robotic Process Automation and it has recently conducted an event in London for the announcement of six brand-new intelligent automation skills, which are specific for digital workers. These automation skills are listed below, which may be helpful for students pursuing Blue prism Training in Chennai:

Knowledge and Insight: The recent development in Blue Prism software is the usage of pre-assembled integrations with the artificial intelligence platforms like Google, Microsoft, AWS in the identification of patterns through communication over text for the isolation of issues.

Planning and Sequencing: The robots associated with Blue Prism will be able to use identical logic to workflows.

Collaboration: In this collaboration of digital agents with humans through communication is possible with ease.

Learning: Blue Prism’s robots are able to cluster new information along with the integration of analytics.

Visual Perception: Now, robots associated with Blue Prism technology will be able to read, understand and inspect various visual information.

Problem Solving: This can be done more efficiently without the intervention of humans.

This new technology development will make the expansion of many other cognitive technologies, which in turn will lead to cost reduction and revenue gain along with an increase in transaction speed. Hence, it is the right time to choose Blue prism Training Chennai as an additional course to mark the beginning of your career.

Blue Prism digital exchange v6.4

Blue Prism is the course designed for the automation industry. This course is suitable for the developers, testers and beginners. The job opportunities are huge in the US, India and abroad. Blue prism course is offered for the three types of certification and they are developer certificate, admin certificate and architect certificate. Among these three types of roles, the developer role is a huge demand for companies. The flair knowledge about the blue prism is essential as it is the trendsetting technology. Let us discuss the new features and additions to the blue prism technology to keep the knowledge tuned to the pace of the market. Blue Prism Training in Chennai will train the students with practice sessions and real-time examples.

DX of the Blue prism

Blue prism DX is the link to buy and find the technologies of blue prism like the AI, machine learning, analytics and OCR.

Document processing

The deciphering of the blue prism is used for processing the invoice and the system for the accounts payable is created with this. The Artificial intelligence and machine learning used to process the invoices can be trained for the purchase orders, contracts and resume building for the HR activities. The AI research labs invented decipher of the blue prism as the first product from the research and this is headquartered at London. Blue Prism Training Chennai will clear the doubts related to the usage of technology and provide the dumps of a question and answer to refer during interviews.

The DX of the blue prism will post decipher for free usage to the users. The DX with automation is open to the customers, channel partners and the technology. Join Blue Prism Training and become an expert in technology. It can also be connected to the Google analytics to analyze the documents or assets which are downloaded. The private assets in the DX are used by the private users and available in limited downloads.

Call centers

The call centers are supported by the software from the RPA and blue prism. Now the partnership between the IP integration and blue prism will bring the new models for the call center handling. The IPI digital agent aid for automating the task, derive the customer insights and give the information’s needed to complete different tasks. Apart from the support for the contact center, the blue prism offers the text-to-speech, Chabot’s, voice recognition, analytics and biometrics to the clients to complete everyday operations. Join the best Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai FITA for your learning needs.

Future of Blue prism

In the year 2018 Blue prism sales report says that it had reached sales of 3 million and has plans to hire Indians for the job roles for the purpose of the expansion. The RPA companies are increasing in numbers and the demand for the blue prism is expected to increase in the future years. Blue prism reduces the risk, increases the return, and minimizes the data entry monotonous jobs. Blue Prism Training in Chennai is the best course for the beginners. Blue prism has a wide scope and grabbing a job in RPA technology requires skills. Understanding of the infrastructure, Java Access Bridge, installation, gain knowledge about the user, roles, permissions are some of the essential skills for a blue prism developer. Join the Blue Prism Course in Chennai at FITA to scale up the skills needed to procure the job.


  • Blue prism Course at FITA is designed & conducted by Blue prism experts with 12+ years of experience in the UiPath and Automation anywhere domain
  • Only institution in Chennai with the right blend of theory & practical sessions
  • In-depth Course coverage for 60+ Hours
  • More than 20,000+ students trust FITA
  • Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
  • Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview tips and training
  • Resume building support
  • Real-time projects and case studies

We are happy and proud to say that we have strong relationship with over 600+ small, mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have openings for Blue prism developer. Moreover, we have a very active placement cell that provides 100% placement assistance to our students. The cell also contributes by training students in mock interviews and discussions even after the course completion.

You can contact our support number at 93450 45466 or directly walkin to one of the FITA branches in Chennai or Coimbatore

The syllabus and teaching methodology is standardized across all our branches in Chennai. We also have a FITA branch in Coimbatore. However, the batch timings may differ according to the type of students who present themselves.

We are proud to state that in the last 7+ years of our operations we have trained over 20,000+ aspirants to well-employed IT professionals in various IT companies.

We have been in the training field for close to a decade now. We set up our operations in the year 2012 by a group of IT veterans to offer world class IT training.

We at FITA believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each blue prism batch to 5 or 6 members.

Our Blue prism faculty members are industry experts who have extensive experience in the field handling softwares and completing mega real-time projects in related areas like UiPath and RPA in different sectors of the industry. The students can rest assured that they are being taught by the best of the best from the Blue prism industry.

Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Blue prism. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students’ time and commitment.

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.



FITA offers the best Blue Prism Training in Chennai with experts from the industry. Make a visit to our branches and get guidance from our specialists. We have numerous branches in Chennai nearby you, for your convenience.

Blue Prism Training in Velachery
Blue Prism Training in Tambaram
Blue Prism Training in Anna Nagar
Blue Prism Training in T Nagar
Blue Prism Training in OMR
Blue Prism Training in Porur
Blue Prism Training in Adyar

There may be numerous courses present in the overall market, still blue Prism has its own importance amidst the various leading companies. Blue Prism Training in Chennai is welcomed by most of the youngsters who are in need of an entry ticket to the IT industry. This will be really a challenging field for you to explore yourself and get in-depth knowledge on a regular basis.

How Blue Prism does benefits the organization?

Blue Prism is something that is more related to the automation industry. Moreover, this technology helps in deploying both internal along with external encryption keys. Blue prism also helps in providing Audit logs. In the overall process of automation .NET code is deployed for the high strength required.

Differentiate between object studio and process studio.

Object studio:

  • It is considered to be the place where the interaction of object that are present in any application takes place.
  • In this the page will be able to execute only the current page.

Process studio:

  • This acts as the workplace for the process flow is characterized.
  • Whenever any page is being executed it begins from the main page regardless of which page the user is in.

List some of the advantages of VBO.

VBO stands for Visual Business Object and its benefit are listed below:

  • It is scalable as well as consistent in nature.
  • The creation of Bot is known for the subsequent process.
  • The changes is required to be done in any one location rather than updating every process.
  • Both maintenance and working is easy.

How is Work queue important?

These are deployed in order to cut down huge volume into smaller volumes along with different bots that are deployed for the reduction of time consumption.

List out the stages in object studio that are exceptional from process studio.

  • Write stage
  • Navigate stage
  • Read stage
  • Wait stage
  • Code stage

Define Session variable.

These are made public similar to Environment variable. When running process is considered the, these session variables are very particular. For instance if two instances are been executed at the same time, then both will have variance in values.

It is not necessary to set up session variables in system manager. In addition, session variables can be modified within control room. Data items can be written and are exposed as the session variable. Blue Prism Training Chennai will be helpful to learn everything about this tool.

Mention the types of modes that are available to an object.

  • Exclusive mode
  • Foreground mode
  • Background mode

Explain the function of Log viewer.

Its usage can be witnessed during the process of inspection of log of any session. This can be deployed either during execution or even after its completion. This aids the user in tracking issues along with review of work. This is supplied with search function that helps the user to see the visibility of both rows and columns of any log.

List the various security present in Blue Prism.

User- They are able to assign updated user information.

Credentials- User can hide crucial information.

Options- Certain rules should be followed in order to set the password.

What do you infer from Environment variable?

  • In this value can be modified as per requirement of any data item avoiding the opening of processor object.
  • It is accessible in System lab.

What do you infer from Priority Input Parameter present in Blue Prism?

It is necessary to set up this during the establishment of Add To Queue motion. Initially, functioning started for the lease prioritizing of number. If input parameter is not given priority then the value automatically turns to be 0.

Define Session variable.

  • It is considered to be the exposure for any data in which the modification of value is possible even during the process of running.
  • There is chance of changing the session variable in control room.

What do you infer from Web service in Blue Prism?

This is nothing but an application component for the establishment of communication. It is also deployed in interoperable mission communication, interaction method amidst two devices along with collection of standards in order to exchange data.

What are the major difference among global send keys events and global send key?

The former acts as low-level interface that mimics the strokes of keyboard within the operation system whereas global send keys is considered to be a high-level interface. Enrich your blue prism skills via Blue Prism Training in Chennai.

How is Blue Prism professional services benefiting in Blue Prism?

It is deployed for the purpose mentoring along with supporting the delivery with the help of cutting-edge automation. There are many benefits related to the business perspective. It may also be said that the whole technology is dependent on the skill possessed by the user.

What do you mean by environmental locking?

This is responsible for the prevention of collision of different bots due to access of same path in a simultaneous manner. In this, a token is created that enables any particular bot to access the path.

List out the various modes that is available in object spying. 

  • WIN32 mode
  • HTML mode
  • Region mode
  • UI automation mode
  • Accessibility mode

How can session and environment variables be declared?

It is possible to declare session variable within any object or process just by picking out the exposure to session.

The latter is declared in any system that is present outside the process, when it is declared the variable is required to pick up exposure along with the selection from drop down list.

What can be incorporated for the Robotic Automation in Blue Prism?

There are various technology that has been integrated with software. In addition, this is robust and reliable in nature that are well secured. It was employed along with green screen, web, presentation layer, windows, and citrix as well.

Mention the various debugging techniques that are available in Blue Prism.

Step out- This is used for the execution of all the data present on prevailing page.

Step- This is considered to be an step-by-step process.  This is deployed when the process is enters and gets executed without any issue.

Step Over- his also enables in the execution of all the page. The difference between step and step over is for instance, when there is an action or process that is not able to enter but is able to execute on the very page.

List out some of the best practices prevailing in Blue Prism.

Exception handling- It is to be used efficiently in order to manage the error at every possible instance as per the necessity.

Work Queues – Its usage is huge for the reduction of time consumed.

Wait stage – In the region mode, there is wait stage, which is used when there is a change in the screen.

Anchor stage – It is deployed for making the processor object readable in nature.

Job Title: RPA Developer

Responsibility: RPA developer should know to use the automation anywhere, blue prism, UI path, and IP soft. Knowledge in database programming with SQL server is required.
Job Description: Use automations tools effective and design the solutions.
Company Name: Incede Software and Consulting (OPC) Pvt. Ltd
Location: Chennai
Contact Details: Send an email to the management and is the email id of the management.
Date of Interview: Send the email along with the resume and get the details of the interview.

Robotics has immense popularity in the market due to its re-programmable, multi-functionality along with industrial machine that is automatic in nature. Even though there are, various software related to Robotics in the market, Blue Prism has a special place due to its vast features. Now, let us start our tutorial related to Blue Prism. Thus, join our Blue Prism Training in Chennai.

What do you infer from Blue Prism?

This tool is makes the various business operations more efficient by reducing the cost invested, as they are repetitive back-office process along with agile updating. The digitalized bots are secure and more consistent in nature.

Blue Prism's usage has been increased due to the tremendous evolution in the automation sector especially in the Robotics industry. It is human nature to find a solution in order to make daily mundane easy. Thus, Blue Prism is on its upsurge and make it simple for the user.

It frees skilled people from tedious job and allows them the utilize their skills in much more efficient work. Thus, robots will perform the job that is repetitive in nature. Get a step ahead in your career by enrolling yourself into our Blue Prism Course in Chennai.

Characteristics of Blue Prism

  • It acts as an outright solution for every automation process that produces the outcome as the distribution of work along with the management of queue.
  • With the deployment of it is possible to automate various files such as XML, csv, Excel and many more.
  • In addition, this tool comprises of multiple spying modes.
  • It consists of some features that are robust in nature namely encryption, balancing and audit.
  • It is possible to automate software that has been priory developed in Java, Web-based, Mainframe, and also Windows applications.
  • It is not necessary to write code when the processing is done with the help of Blue Prism tool.
  • It is considered to be a secured and scalable management of workforce that is virtual in nature.
  • Screen capturing can be done by making use of exception stages.
  • Blue Prism 6, which is the recent update of this tool, supports AWS along with its cloud deployment patterns and MS Azure. For more knowledge in this, visit our Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai.

Object Studio

This is something that aids the user in the creation of Visual Business Object (VBO) for the interaction amidst applications. Object studio is bit different from Process Studio in the following ways:

  • The former proposes some 'stage' that are unavailable in the latter.
  • Object Studio is lagging in possessing main page whereas Process Studio comprises of default pages by default.
  • In Object Studio, the organization of pages is done as flat group unlike the hierarchical manner in Process Studio. Our trainers will help you all the topics related to Blue Prism Training in Chennai.

Advantages in the development of VBO:

  • Regularity and expansible.
  • Minimal creation time for bot
  • Easy maintenance

VBO is dependent on three components namely:

Connector: Standard library in order to establish communication with any particular application’s user interface.

Application Control Interface: used for exposing the elements of target with the deployment of VBO’s connector.

Pages: The number of pages involved may vary for the implementation of certain operations.

Selection of Connector:

Connector is accountable for managing low-level cooperation with target. There are numerous connectors present in Blue Prism, some of them are discussed below:

HTML connector

Used for commencing the interaction with various browser interface.

Java connector

Used for working with various user interface such as AWT, Oracle and many more.

Mainframe connector

Deployed for connecting through various terminal emulators from the available vendors such as Micro Focus, Attachmate and many more.

Citrix connector

Used for the establishment of connection with application's user interface through MS Remote services.

When the Object Studio is compared with Process studio, it has five stages namely- read, navigate, write, code, and wait. Thus, Blue Prism Training in Chennai will be of great scope for you.

Control room: Execution of already created process with the help of Process Studio can be done here. It consists of three sessions:

  • Queue management
  • Session management
  • Scheduler

Release manager: If the user in need of sending code for UAT testing at that point help of release file is taken that is available in release manager.

System: The credentials are created in this component.

Process Studio

This is nothing but the definite area in which the complete process is being created. Some of the features related to this are logic, object calls, control loops and variables that can be tested along with sequencing within any business flow without any flaw. This is very much alike to the traditional flowchart. In addition, process is nothing but the illustration of the user, which can be set as steps in a sequential manner.

In this the implementation of robot's logic is based on software. Moreover, it is like the personal communication that is established amidst the various applications for the accomplishment of string of steps that is able to call upon actions for the accomplishment of same steps.

Process diagram:

  • This comprises of multiple stages that are interconnected with the use of links in order to form the logical structures.
  • The selection of stages is done from toolbar that are placed over diagram with the help of mouse.
  • The process of resizing, selection, formatting, copying, paste along with the deletion can be done as per the user's wish.
  • The stages consist of various properties, which can be used just by double-clicking.
  • Link tool is deployed for the creation of link just by dragging mouse from one stage to another.
  • The user can drag the link tool in order to make use two or more stage in a simultaneous manner.

Benefits of Process Studio

  • There is not much difference between business and process object.
  • Every process is described with the deployment of pages.
  • Every single page consists of multiple data along with stage.
  • This always starts from its main page.
  • Every page comprises of individual tab that enables the user to segregate process within logical groupings.
  • In this, process is similar to a humane user with respect to the action performed.
  • User should publish every process to the Control Room alone.
  • In addition, process studio enables the user to design logic by means of assembling the surface tgat is to be designed.

Business Objects

This is nothing but a diagram that is totally different from certain process diagram which acts as the interface to any application. This cannot be set up in Process Studio and can be only set up on a specific environment that is named as Blue Prism Object Studio. Its purpose is considered to be providing interface to the various business application. Join our Blue Prism Course in Chennai and get the in-depth knowledge.

For the implementation of RPA system within any company, real process will be in deed for the accomplishment of certain tasks. An application never consists of the interface within the process diagram, instead it is separately called Business object.

The configuration of business object is not done in the Process Studio, instead it is done in a definite environment namely Object Studio. In addition, its aim is providing interface for any single application that is not made public.

Advantages of deploying Blue Prism

  • There is no need any specific IT skills to be deployed.
  • The implementation period is very short for instance 4-6 weeks.
  • This automates the control of any application, regardless of the onscreen position in order to boost up the bot's speed.
  • It aids in the custom digital front end integration with the agents in the front office.
  • Robustness is one of the primary feature.
  • This consist of double-byte character that supports enables the user in expansion of Robotic Process Automation to system process.
  • It helps in building a highly efficient along with automated business process.
  • The improvisation of control room is offered by this.

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