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Oracle Database Administration

It is mandatory for every business to keep track of the records. It is very important to manage the records of the employees, customers, and other data. It is quite difficult to maintain a separate record for every individual, as it may create confusion and increase the complex probability. Some of the cases are slightly time-consuming and not reliable. When you have a large amount of data, and if you do not possess a good system to organize it, then finding the required set of data can be difficult. This is where the concepts of databases come into the picture. The database software program helps you to store and retrieve data effectively and efficiently.

Oracle DBA Training In Chennai Syllabus

Introduction To Database Management System

What is Database?
Oracle DBMS and other popular DBMS
Responsibilities and Task of a DBA

Relational Database Model & Installation

Designing a relational database using Entity-Relationship Modeling
Pre-requisites for Oracle RDBMS software installation
Installation of Oracle database software

Oracle Database Architecture

Creation of Oracle Database - Manual
Creating an Oracle database using the Graphical Tool
Startup & Shutdown of a database
>Database memory and process Architecture
Job Scheduler


Oracle tablespaces and allocation types
Small files and Big Files
Data files with fixed size
Data files with Auto extend options
Control files
Oracle Redolog File architecture
Temporary tablespaces and temporary tablespace groups


Getting started with Oracle Net Service Components
Listener configuration
Dynamic & Static Listeners
Oracle database connections from other computers
Oracle listener administration

User Administration & Security

Create database Users
Set database profile limits
Unlocking User accounts
Enabling password management
Database roles

Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery Strategy
Cold Backup - Backup in Offline mode
HOT backup - Backup in online mode

Oracle Database Upgrades

Introduction to Oracle Version
How to upgrade a previous release to next release

Multitenant Architecture

Understanding Container database
How to create non-CDB database
How to create CDB database

Database Performance Tuning

How to handle performance issues in real world
Dynamic views for performance monitoring
Size the Oracle database memory structure for better performance
Oracle database wait events
Oracle TEMP space internals
Database sessions - DBMS_MONITOR and DBMS_SESSION packages
Format SQL trace files using the tkprof utility
Event Tracing

Why Oracle DBA Is Essential?

The Oracle Corporation is the top most platform provider for Database Management System, which is used by all the leading IT giants. Oracle Database Management capabilities helps to make the life of an DBA (Database Administrator) easy by providing solutions, encompassing change improvement of the unique management infrastructure, Oracle database provides wide range of Database management capabilities in the industry, which ranges from zero-OH (overhead) instrumentation to integrated self healing and business driven management. Oracle Database is one of the most trusted and extensively used relational Database engines. The system is build around a relational Database management framework in which data objects may be directly accessed by the users through Structured Query Language. Oracle is fully scalable and is used by all the leading enterprises globally and configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, subsetting, performance management and automatic tuning.

The Productivity of the DBA has been increased by 80% and the testing time is reduced by 90%. Oracle has created a revolution in the field of Database Management System, by building the industry's first self management capabilities. Today after various successful releases and continuous.

Career Benefits In Orcale DBA

A career in Oracle DBA means you will have to work with or for one of the most complicated databases, which is intense and requires great skills and knowledge in oracle Database. One has to go through proper training. There are lot of Oracle DBA Training Institute in Chennai which provides Oracle DBA Training in Chennai. The role of DBA is huge and challenging and requires full commitment, before taking up an Oracle DBA Courses in Chennai; one should look out of academies which provide Quality Training with standard facilities. To establish a career in Oracle DBA, an individual must have basic knowledge in Oracle or prior experience in the particular field. This will enable you understand the course better. Fita Academy provides excellent Oracle DBA Course in Chennai; it is one of the finest in the industry.

Enhancements with Oracle 11g

The job of the Oracle database administrator deals with creating the database, maintaining the database with updates, testing the database for the quality; implement the system for backup of data and checking the security of the database. Let us shed light on the job of the Oracle administrator and see some of the features which favor for the job of the administrator in the latest versions. Join the Oracle DBA Training in Chennai at FITA to keep a constant record of the changes in the versions of the database management systems.

Making changes

The difficult task in database management is making changes with perfection. In most of the cases, the DBA administrator will use tools to add the changes to the database. The tools will demand the query and the parameter which makes the job as a tedious job. To come across such difficulties the database replay is used in Oracle 11g. The database replay captures the activities and replays the database in the same one or different one. This option is helpful in capturing the activities needed, replay the database along with testing, and gauge the change with constant testing. The functional part and the performance part both are optimized using this option.

The materialistic view

The OLAP cubes work with the SQL and make the materialistic view for the partition changes. As like the cube consist of many dimensions the data is connected with the dimensions for the view. The dimension can be one to one relationship or many to one relationship. These cubes are saved in the analytic word space of the database. In the 11 g version, the OLAP cubes are handled as relational one and not a native one. The query from the user is rewritten automatically in this new version. Oracle DBA Course in Chennai is the best course to excel in the job industry.

Upgrading the database

The new addition in the 11g which is the redefinition with edition base is used to upgrade the data in the application without any interruption to the users. This is to enhance the user experience with the efficient service of the database providers. The schema changes are needed to make the application with the adoption of the EBR. The editorial view and the old view both are shown when making the changes in the data. Oracle DBA Training in Chennai is place to explore and grow with the technology.


The security of the data is emphasized from the olden days and till now it is given higher priority. The passwords with case sensitivity, the encryption with transparent tablespace help for improved security and there are more controls for the access in the 11 g version. The dictionary view will provide the default cross-check of the passwords. The payment related industry will demand a case sensitive password to be precise. In the 11g version, the auditing part is handled with object, privilege, statement and without the processing of the database.

Interesting features of Oracle 19C

Oracle has been used for the RDBMS and it is the traditional database management system. There are new features to enhance the security and flexibility of the Oracle database. Let me discuss some of the new additions. Oracle DBA Training in Chennai will provide the training to help the students and grow with the institute towards accomplishing the goals.

Social media and cloud

The application express is the part in which the authentication for the social accounts are created, REST support makes the application as a basis for creating the interactive reports or classic type of reports, the SQL statement or SAL net are defined with the links in the Oracle, and the JSON work with the HTTP and HTTPS to integrate the application with the cloud. Join the Oracle DBA course in Chennai at FITA and get notifications from the top companies to attend the interview.

Application wizard

The new wizard help for creating applications with less code, focused user experience, modernized outlook, easy to create dashboards for the database, create master details, support for the general frameworks, the general features like the control over the application, reports for the activity, theme selection are well designed, and options to design improved user interface. These options are designed for the use of modern applications.

Wizard for the page

Classic reports can be created using the wizard by the right panel and the left panel. The left panel is for search option and the right panel is for the display of the master record. The sample dashboard gives an idea about the different designs. The page designer with advanced options helps for updating the sample charts with the wizard. Additions with the frameworks, emails, job reporting is possible with the new model. The new page can be created or old page can be used for the administration page of the Oracle. Oracle DBA Training in Chennai will promote the skills with the employees in a wise manner.

Web source

The external data for the database are handled through the web source modules. The response data are mapped and a table with rows and columns are created virtually. For the JSON data and REST API's the declarative method is web source modules. Application Express, SQL plus, SQL developer, and SQLcl are some of the tools which are used to handle the REST services. ORDS repository is the place to save all the REST web services details. Oracle DBA Training in Chennai was designed to help the unknown students.

Web Source is the module which can be used for all types of reports except the interactive grid. For the calendars, charts with JET, Trees, processes with PL/SQL these modules are used. These modules process the details with SQL and then give the details to the Oracle application. The manual process of defining the SOAP and REST services to the Oracle is a time-consuming one. The discovery of the web module takes care of the structure of the web services connected externally to the database.


The new state's option in the new version for the management of Java improves the transparency or the third party connections and there is no need to make changes in the code.


If the Oracle log size increases then it can be mentioned in the Oracle network segmentation. Here the configured values will be used for the components like Oracle Net listener, GSM, and CMAN. The concerns with the network for the out of band data are handled with the SQL parameter in the new version. The usage of the out of band data leads to data corruption or TNS error. This is resolved with the settings in the SQL parameter and needs to turn off the out of data band manually. DBA Couse in Chennai is the best course to enter into the passionate profession and possess high-level of knowledge. Join the FITA courses to enlighten your brain and become a social marketer after understanding the demand and the benefits of the job.

Skills Required For An Oracle Database Administrator As Of 2019

Practical learning is part of learning which ramps up after education and when starting the journey of professional life. The database storage happens with the system and it interacts with subsystems like OS, firewalls, network, storage systems and server hardware. Before searching for an Oracle job let us provide the learners about a detailed view of the skills required for the Oracle administrator. Join the Oracle DBA Training in Chennai to enrich the knowledge on the database management.

Installation of Oracle

Installation knowledge with the operating systems like the windows, Linux, and UNIX is necessary. The requirement of the system and process to be handled is the essential skill to start using the database. Oracle DBA Course in Chennai at FITA gives a comprehensive knowledge and a challenging skill to face the interviews.

Monitoring and editing skills

The performance of the database is judged with the query performance, capacity to save the data, NoSQL databases, configuration, and transactions of the business, conflicts with the query, and conflicts with the user. Understanding these areas of the database is a very essential part of the database management system. Checking the index, rebuilding the index, and using the common waits are some of the tactics followed to improve the performance.

Recovery of the database

The performance is analyzed with the speed and the recovery or continuity is a valuable factor to be analyzed. The KPI based on the availability of the meantime is used by the companies for the performance of the DBA. The Oracle features and third-party tools are used to back up the data. Oracle DBA Training in Chennai is the best training to have a great future with potential growth.


The basic system security is an important aspect of Oracle security. The user accounts, profiles, roles, objects, SQL injection, and system level privileges are some of the areas where the database administrator should check the security.

Database design

The normalization of the DBA up to the third form is essential and de-normalization of the database in a specific scenario with redundancy is essential.

Package knowledge

The knowledge about the packages of the Oracle DBS series is essential to understand the utility and functionality of the package.

Good knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL

PL/SQL is the skill set of the developer but the basic knowledge to create jobs, store the procedures and query the tables are essential to check the performance of the database. SQL with DDL and DML statements are essential to use the database effectively for the business. Join the Oracle DBA Course in Chennai at FITA and experience the power of knowledge in the field of job opportunities.

There are numerous job opportunities for DBA with highly attractive pay scale. When an individual completes the entire course, he/she will have a wholesome knowledge of Oracle DBA and will be ready to enter the job market which is growing rapidly. Join FITA for a successful Best Oracle DBA Training in Chennai. Also, learn the entire concepts of oracle by joining Oracle Training in Chennai and accelerate your career.

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