Oracle DBA Training in Chennai

Oracle DBA Training in Chennai

Oracle DBA Training in ChennaiFita Academy provides one of the finest Oracle DBA Training in Chennai; the courses offered are very informative and useful. The training which is provided is effective and efficient. The faculty who work with us are highly qualified and have hands on experience in the Industry. Our courses are designed according to the latest changes and upgraded trends in the industry.

Oracle Database Administration

It is Mandatory for every Business to keep Records, it is a very important part of the Business, keeping record of all the Customers, Employees, and other Data separately or individually can be very difficult and creates confusion. It is time consuming and some cases not reliable. when you have a lot of data, if you do not possess a good system for organising it, then finding the required piece of data can be time consuming and difficult. This is where the concepts of Databases come into picture. Database software program help you or allows you to Store and Retrieve Data effectively and efficiently.

Why Oracle DBA is Essential?

The Oracle Corporation is the top most platform provider for Database Management System, which is used by all the leading IT giants. Oracle Database Management capabilities helps to make the life of an DBA (Database Administrator) easy by providing solutions, encompassing change improvement of the unique management infrastructure, Oracle database provides wide range of Database management capabilities in the industry, which ranges from zero-OH (overhead) instrumentation to integrated self healing and business driven management. Oracle Database is one of the most trusted and extensively used relational Database engines. The system is build around a relational Database management framework in which data objects may be directly accessed by the users through Structured Query Language. Oracle is fully scalable and is used by all the leading enterprises globally and configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, subsetting, performance management and automatic tuning.

The Productivity of the DBA has been increased by 80% and the testing time is reduced by 90%. Oracle has created a revolution in the field of Database Management System, by building the industry’s first self management capabilities. Today after various successful releases and continuous

Career benefits in Orcale DBA

A career in Oracle DBA means you will have to work with or for one of the most complicated databases, which is intense and requires great skills and knowledge in oracle Database. One has to go through proper training. There are lot of Oracle DBA Training Institute in Chennai which provides Oracle DBA Training in Chennai. The role of DBA is huge and challenging and requires full commitment, before taking up an Oracle DBA Courses in Chennai; one should look out of academies which provide Quality Training with standard facilities. To establish a career in Oracle DBA, an individual must have basic knowledge in Oracle or prior experience in the particular field. This will enable you understand the course better. Fita Academy provides excellent Oracle DBA Course in Chennai; it is one of the finest in the industry.

Oracle DBA Training in Chennai Syllabus

Introduction to Database Management System

What is Database?
Oracle DBMS and other popular DBMS
Responsibilities and Task of a DBA

Relational Database Model & Installation

Designing a relational database using Entity-Relationship Modeling
Pre-requisites for Oracle RDBMS software installation
Installation of Oracle database software

Oracle Database Architecture

Creation of Oracle Database – Manual
Creating an Oracle database using the Graphical Tool
Startup & Shutdown of a database
Database memory and process Architecture
Job Scheduler


Oracle tablespaces and allocation types
Small files and Big Files
Data files with fixed size
Data files with Auto extend options
Control files
Oracle Redolog File architecture
Temporary tablespaces and temporary tablespace groups


Getting started with Oracle Net Service Components
Listener configuration
Dynamic & Static Listeners
Oracle database connections from other computers
Oracle listener administration

User Administration & Security

Create database Users
Set database profile limits
Unlocking User accounts
Enabling password management
Database roles

Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery Strategy
Cold Backup – Backup in Offline mode
HOT backup – Backup in online mode

Oracle Database Upgrades

Introduction to Oracle Version
How to upgrade a previous release to next release

Multitenant Architecture

Understanding Container database
How to create non-CDB database
How to create CDB database

Database Performance Tuning

How to handle performance issues in real world
Dynamic views for performance monitoring
Size the Oracle database memory structure for better performance
Oracle database wait events
Oracle TEMP space internals
Database sessions – DBMS_MONITOR and DBMS_SESSION packages
Format SQL trace files using the tkprof utility
Event Tracing

There are numerous job opportunities for DBA with highly attractive pay scale. When an individual completes the entire course, he/she will have a wholesome knowledge of Oracle DBA and will be ready to enter the job market which is growing rapidly. Join FITA for a successful Best Oracle DBA Training in Chennai and accelerate your career.

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