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FITA is a leading Career & Leadership development organization based out of Chennai offering programmes on 120+ IT, Non-IT and Soft-skills courses catered to meet the global industry requirements.

At FITA, we are committed to provide quality trainings with right blend of knowledge, technology and expertise.

FITA is the one-stop institute when it comes to training for corporate sector and Leadership Training in Chennai. Training services can be customized for specific needs from massive industry standard training to focused training tailored for team members, managers and freshers. We feel happy in sharing that FITA has successfully trained more than 1200+ corporate employees in various technologies.

Imparting knowledge and impacting others has always been his passion and has been actively involved in conducting sessions on various aspects of leadership. He has also been coaching individuals and helps them achieve their objectives. We have offered leadership training workshops and coaching to more than 200+ participants in various organizations.

About Our Leadership Development Programs In India

Leadership is a rare skill seen and available today. Most leads today are assigned the role of leader without proper training and this causes them to struggle to do their job. “Awaken the leader in You” program addresses this gap by focusing on those individuals who have aspirations to lead or have assumed leadership position without much orientation and are looking for success. This program is a blend of concepts and practical tools that have originated from vast experience of leading 100s of people over multiple years and building organizations.

If you are an individual craving to be an Effective Leader, this 1 day program is exactly for YOU!!!

Our Leadership Training Is Recommend For

Team Leads
Project Leads
Project Managers
Senior Leadership Team
Any individual looking to become an effective leader

What You Will Get From This Program

Understand What Leadership is
Understand Why Leadership is Important for Better Career Growth
Understand How Great Leadership skills can benefit YOU and Your Organization
Understand the 5 levels of Leadership and identify where you are and how to move forward
Understand effectiveness and apply the 3 steps to be effective in your life
Understand and exploit to your advantage the brain functions required to be an effective leader
Understand your Leadership Quotient and leverage the tools to help yourself to achieve your dreams

The seed of Leadership is waiting to Germinate. Help awaken yourself to Lead and Conquer your dreams by being part of this Leadership movement!

Leadership Training In Chennai Course Agenda


What is Leadership
Differentiate Leadership and Management
Leadership Challenges
Nature Vs Nurture Are Leaders born or made

Levels Of Leadership

The 5 Levels of Leadership
How to identify where we are asses our Leadership Quotient
What are qualities depicted at various levels


What is Effectiveness differentiate Effectiveness and Efficiency
How to become personally effective 3 steps to become effective
Why is being effective important for leaders

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence
Why is EI important for leaders
IQ and EQ
Brain functions right and left hemispheres
Introduction to NLP and its role on self-mastery for leaders
How to invoke right hemisphere of brain and balance between both hemispheres

Pillars Of Leadership

Vision / Direction
Inspiration Communication and Action

Lead From Anywhere A.K.A 3600 Leader

Myths of Positional Leadership
How to lead from anywhere and anytime

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  • Above 20,000+ students trust FITA.
  • Smart classes with updated coursewares.
  • Flexible Course timings for students and working professionals.
  • FITA is present in the training field for more than a decade.
  • Extensive coverage of syllabus for all the courses with 60+ hours of training.
  • An Affordable fee structure for both students and IT professionals.

Trainers at FITA are industry experts who have 12+ years of experience in their field. They train students with real-time projects and case studies.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Provides Interview training and tips to the students.
  • Supports the students in Resume building.

Contact our support number 93450 45466 and enroll for training. You can also directly walk into our branch and enroll yourself.

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