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FITA is an educational institute that offers multifarious courses for IT industry. Now we are approved one of the PearsonVue Exam Centers in Chennai for the conduction of various certification exams.


FITA has been successful in terms of gaining student's trust to join in diverse courses. Now, in order to facilitate our the students, we are into Pearson Vue Testing. It is crucial to be certified from the corresponding company to make your hold firm in the IT sector. So students join FITA for best Pearson Vue Exam Centers in Chennai.

Registration Process

FITA has been through the whole registering process for an examination and knows the difficulty students experience as we provide complete assistance in placement.
Hence, we ensure our students get the opportunity to accomplish their goals by writing the exam in an effortless and confusion-free manner.
Our watchword is “Knowledge leads to Success” which we ensure fits all our students' lives. We ensure all the facilities are provided to our students when they travel with us.

Exams Administered At Our Pearson Vue Outlet, Bangalore

FITA oversights examinations for a bunch of companies namely Cisco, HP, Linux, Sun Java, and the list continues. FITA has the authorization to conduct exams over Pegasystems, NetApp, Oracle, Adobe, Linux, CompTIA, Cloudera, EMC, Zend Technologies, Nokia Siemens and many more.

Precondition For Examination

Every authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center will be having certain requirements to be fulfilled by the students. We ensure all our students meet these and in case of any doubt, you can check by contacting us.

The candidates aspiring to write the exam must be having two recent government-issued identification proofs with photographs along with the signature. At FITA we consider the following documents as proofs:

Aadhar Card
Identification Card State/Country
Driver's License
Any membership card
School ID
Library Card
Credit Card
Work Badge
Military ID

Given, if the candidate is not having any of the above-mentioned ID proof then self-attestation with candidate's signature and recent photograph can be produced in which the seal must overlap the photograph.

Note: As all other exams conducted, study materials are not allowed into the examination hall.

Pearson Certifications At FITA

The software certifications for testing, business analyst's certification, Android ATC exam, Apple certification, block chain certification, blue prism certification, C++ institute certification, digital marketing institute, SAS, SAP, and Software certification administered by QAI are some of the certificates offered by the Pearson Vue. To obtain this certification at FITA the practical training and the online enrolment are taken care. The environment provided for the tests are of high security and we assure the quality in every aspect of the examination. The support tools, research details and the special promotional discounts are intimated to the students from time to time. The certification from the company like Microsoft, LPI, and VMware help to get placed in the top companies. Join the Pearson Vue Test Center in Chennai to get the help to procure the certification.

Why Students Are Successful At FITA?

The process of check-in for the exam and the automated online exam environment propels the test delivery to the students.

The service provided through the email support, phone support reduces the issues with the test takers. We support the students and explain them about the different courses available. FITA is the best Pearson Vue Exam Centers in Chennai to carry out your goals.

As this is authorized examination it is essential to check whether the right person is taking the test.

The registration system is taken care by the FITA center and advance bookings for the schedule are handled with flexibility to extend the dedicated service to the students.

FITA students enter the test center with confidence and complete successfully.

Benefits Of Professional Certification

To be competitive it is essential to possess certification. Pearson Vue Certificate will be a support to proceed to the high level in the career.

To hold the top positions in the companies and get the professionalism in the project management it is essential to hold the authorized certification.

It becomes easy to possess online certification as it can be pursued with the current working status.

Many companies, government organization and non-profits hire the certified professionals for the different job roles.

After completing the certification at FITA most of the students are successful and receive high salary.

Showing Up For The Examination

The candidate must register with FITA either through online or by directly reaching out to our any branch.
If online registration, follow the prompts displayed on your screen and finish registering.
Contact our counselors and get the necessary details for the exam prior to the date of the exam.

On behalf of Pearson Vue Testing Center, we wish you a glorious career in the future.