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AWS Training in Chennai

Looking for AWS Training in Chennai with Certification?  At FITA, we offer comprehensive & practical AWS Course in Chennai. For details call us at 98404-11333 or walk into our AWS Training Center in Velachery or T Nagar or OMR.

AWS Certification in Chennai

AWS Training in Chennai

AWS Training in Chennai at FITA is designed to offer you the skills required to kick start your journey as an AWS cloud specialist. You will gain an in-depth knowledge in the major services in AWS. Apart from learning the storage, infrastructure aspect of the AWS cloud, the curriculum designed by the AWS Solutions Architects at FITA will help you to gain complete knowledge on how to design, plan and scale the applications within AWS.

AWS trainers at FITA are highly qualified, AWS certified and have got a rich domain and training experience.

AWS Course Syllabus at FITA:

Below is the High-Level Amazon Web Services course syllabus that can be altered to meet your needs. Please walk into FITA T Nagar or Velachery or OMR office for a detailed AWS Syllabus.


Objective of AWS course:

Gain knowledge about the values and benefits of the AWS platform.

Use the knowledge in understanding the robust security capabilities, controls, and assurances in place to maintain security and data protection.

Recognize the importance of the AWS platform in the cloud technology.

Analyze the best practices and the architectural principles in the AWS.

Make the organizational infrastructure scalable, reliable and highly available with the help of AWS managed services.

AWS Career Tracks:

  • AWS SysOps Training
  • AWS DevOps Training
  • AWS Solution Architect Training

Need Suggestion in Choosing the right AWS Cloud Track for your profile? Talk to our AWS Specialist for Guidance. AWS Training in Chennai at FITA will provide you the in-depth knowledge that is required for you to work in a real-time environment.

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If you undergo the AWS Solutions Architect Training in Chennai at FITA, you will be able clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification and you can be a proud AWS Certified Solutions Architect in 60 days.

If you undergo the AWS SysOps Training in Chennai at FITA, you will be able to clear the AWS SysOps Certification and you can be a proud AWS Certified SysOps Administrator in 60 days.

If you undergo the AWS DevOps Training in Chennai at FITA, you will be able to clear the AWS DevOps Certification and you can be a proud AWS Certified DevOps Administrator in 60 days.

AWS Course Duration and Timing

At FITA, we offer weekday and weekend classes for your convenience
We also offer fast track classes to meet your busy schedule


  • Preferably Good knowledge in Linux fundamentals
  • Preferably Good knowledge in Networking fundamentals
  • Preferably Good fundamental coding skills in any programming languages like PHP, Python, Shell Scripting or Java

Do not possess any of the above skills yet you would like to take the plunge? Walk-in to our office to see if Cloud is a good fit for your aspirations.

AWS Certification in Chennai

AWS Training in Chennai at FITA will be of great help to anyone who is looking to get into the AWS Cloud world. Whether you are looking to take up AWS Solutions Architect Certification or AWS SysOps Certification or AWS DevOps certification, our training modules will help you to get excellent score in the exam which is valid for a period of 2 years. Learn everything about AWS cloud via AWS Training fees in Chennai. 

FITA is rated as a leading amazon web services training institute in Chennai by experienced cloud professionals. We offer practical, real-time and placement oriented training to all our students to excel in cloud computing domain. Our customized course syllabus will assist students to learn at their own pace. As a leading Cloud Computing Training institute in Chennai, we are dedicated to providing quality education to all our students.

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Students Testimonials

Cloud Computing Industry & AWS Market Share:

The worldwide Cloud Computing market is growing at an average of 30%. According to a research by Gartner, spending on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service hardware and software is projected to reach $173B in 2026. SaaS and PaaS part of cloud hardware and infrastructure software spending are projected to reach $55B in 2026. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the major Cloud Computing market, achieving a worldwide market share of over 31%.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a group of cloud computing services that offer on-demand computing platform powered by AWS was first launched in 2006 to offer online services for client-side applications and websites. To ensure sturdiness and minimize the influence of outages, AWS is diversified based on geographical regions. It includes central hubs in Western USA, Eastern USA, Ireland, Singapore, Brazil, Japan and Australia. Each region is divided into small areas called availability zones.

Amazon Web Services offer large, quicker and cheaper computing platform for Clients to build an effective server farm. Nowadays, smaller companies to leading corporates adapt to cloud computing technologies and specifically AWS and there is massive demand for AWS Cloud architects, administrator, and developers across the world. Want to take AWS Certification in Chennai? Take Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai at FITA and get an edge in your career.

AWS Industry Updates

As it is known factor that AWS is an upcoming technology that is widely getting popular in the recent years due to the immense ease of working with this technology. People who have priory worked alongside load balancers, firewalls, SIEM products along with WAFs, prefer it. Even the professionals who are well versed with the various cloud providers such as Bluehost, OVH and Arsys, favor AWS Cloud. As there are several updates released regularly by Amazon in order to make this access with ease. Thus, joining AWS Training in Chennai will be of great scope for you at present.

Even though initial process of installation is bit tough, user’s preference over AWS is much more than the other services due to its use of the service. In addition, gone are those days when Amazon services had unicast with respect to traffic along with ARP protocol.

Amazon’s primary focus has been always quickness along with the readiness in the delivering of any process. It is really important for any organization to maintain the uniformity in a consistent manner in order to reach the top. Moreover, AWS has been evolved by keeping this in mind for years. Thus, organization’s like Google are deploying this into their projects. Moreover, Google has devoted a huge amount of money over the tools that are to be deployed into its project with reasonable standards.

When considering Microsoft, its spotlight is to be enterprise-level accomplishment along with sustenance in the market. As the leading companies are making use of this technology, it is to be noted that there should be a definiteness in the code alongside with the power. Become a professional in the IT sector by learning AWS Course in Chennai.

When usage of any tool is considered, then its major risk is considered to be online attack such as XSS, SQLi or CSRF and installation of WAF is necessary. However, when it comes to the Amazon services, AWS includes AWS WAF that is helpful in lessening the vulnerabilities that are listed as top 10 for any web application. It is further combined with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) along with Amazon Cloud Front. This process accomplishes secured delivering of web services over CDN. Moreover, this helps the user to secure the various services across 3 or 4 layer.

Even with respect to the shares prevailing in market AWS is considered having the control over one-third of cloud infrastructure services as per the reports published by Synergy Research Group. It is witnessed that on an average 65% of the global enterprises are making use of AWS in order to execute their apps. The share present in market consists of services for the execution of application, raw computing along with storage and hosed private cloud.

When compared with Microsoft Azure is been utilized by only 45% whereas cloud platform offered by Google is deployed by just 18% in the market. Since, the usage of cloud computing is keep on increasing business that are at different levels the usage of AWS is already ruling market share. Along with its contribution to other organizations, it also yields about 56% of Amazon’s profit for e-commerce.

There are plenty of Amazon services available in the market among them some are Amazon EBS, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Directory Service, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS KMS and many more. It is also seen that around 50,000 employees are deployed in order to develop 788 apps on an average. Join our AWS Certification in Chennai and make your future blissful.

Amazon consist of SNS in order to help the multiple string by deploying anything-butoperator. Simple Notification Service makes the process simple for setting up of the messages after filtering. This enables the user in simplifying the pub messaging architecture that offloads the message along with filtering of the systems of subscribers. This also offers the number of operators that match inclusive of string whitelist and blacklist matching. There is something known as numerical matching operators that enables the accurate comparison along range comparisons.

Moreover, it is considered to be thoroughly sub messaging service. The user will be able to decouple the message consumers and producers along with the simultaneous distribution of messages to different endpoints namely AWS Lambda, email addresses, Amazon SQS queues, HTTP endpoints and also mobile devices.

Some of the top products related to AWS are:

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS data transfer
  • Amazon Elastic Compute cloud
  • Amazon Virtual Private cloud
  • Amazon simple storage service

AWS is such as a technology, which has to be productive and swift in nature. Thus, getting hands-on experience in this technology will be very helpful at AWS Training in Chennai.

Though Amazon is a cluster of various services, the speeding-up products are mentioned below:

  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service
  • Amazon Elastic container service
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon MQ
  • Amazon Athena
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • AWS Certificate Manager

AWS ground station

AWS re:Invent has declared the new service, AWS ground station which makes it simple along with cost-effective in nature for the customers while attempting to download information from satellite to the Global Infrastructure Regions. Moreover, it is making use of 12 ground stations for the purpose that are placed at various spots around the globe.

In this, when the customer gets the data, it is possible to process it immediately with the help of Amazon EC2 followed by its storage into Amazon S3 and also apply the AWS analytics along with the various machine learning services in order to fetch insights. Here, Amazon network is used for moving data over the rest of the regions along with the facilities to process the data. I is very simple to initiate the process with AWS Ground Station an this takes few clicks for AWS management console in scheduling the antenna access time followed by the launch of Amazon EC2 in order to establish the communication with satellite. There is no need of any long-term assurance or any front-end payments. Even the ground infrastructure is not mandatory to be built. Hence, the customers have the freedom to pay-by-the-minute in order to make use of antenna.

Moreover, this is welcomed by the users as there is always need of antennas in order to download information across various countries but by the use of this technique they will be able to downloading data without waiting for satellite anymore for passing specific location. Further, the antennas used for the communication are considered to be initial process for the transfer of data as there are certain other needs by the users to be fulfilled namely storage, server along with network in their vicinity for the accomplishment of the whole process.

Thereafter, the process is handover to the users who create business workflows along with rules in order to structure, organize and also route the data to the employees prior to its delivery to the insight. For the entire procedure to come into existence a huge amount of investment is required for the smooth working.

Now, let us come to the point how can this benefit the user’s. About 80% of the cost spent on ground station cost that is deployed over antenna access time by the user can be cut down. When the point is regarding data regency it is bit crucial due to it fast-movement and tracking down on ground is difficult. This well-timed is purely dependent over the frequent communications that is established between satellite and the ground stations that can be accomplished only with the help of large antennas with global footprint along with the keeping up of contact with the orbiting satellites. Hence, with the deployment of AWS along with AWS ground station, users will be able to get data beforehand along with the delivering of the various products for the faster marketing without leasing, maintaining or even buying expensive infrastructure.

These ground station’s self-serve interface enables the process of identifying the location of antenna simple along with the communication window and also scheduling of antenna time. Therefore, user’s are able to review it in console followed by the rescheduling or cancellation before the scheduled contact time. As numerous ground station’s are located in the same vicinity with AWS region, and user’s come across low latency and local access to various service related to AWS for both processing and storing of data. For instance, user may use Amazon EC2 for controlling satellite along with the downlink of data and storage followed by sharing with Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS or even Amazon VPC in order to protect the communication happening amidst AWS ground station and Amazon EC2.

It is even possible for the AWS user’s to integrate the various abilities in order to build appealing applications that may deploy the usage of image recognition for the identification and protection of endangered species on the planet.

Backward AWS

Its been over 12 years now, since the launch of Amazon Web services and still it is amidst the top cloud platform that is being adopted by many of the leading companies across the globe. IT offers around 125 completely featured services for the process of computation, networking, storage, machine learning, databases, analytics along with artificial intelligence, security, virtual and augmented reality and Internet of Things, deployment and management through 57 availability zones present across 19 geographical regions.


FITA provides the best AWS Training in Chennai from leading MNC around the globe. Visit our institute and get the career guidance. We are situated at Velachery, T-Nagar and OMR in Chennai nearby you.

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AWS Interview Questions

1. Define AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides secure services for cloud, content delivery, computing power and database storage. Hence, enroll yourself in our AWS Training in Chennai.

2. What are the layers present in Cloud Computing?

  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service

3. What is the use of a buffer in AWS?

It is used in equipping of the system to manage the traffic more efficiently by synchronizing the various components available.

4. List out the issues that may occur during the connection to EC2?

  • Connection timed out
  • Server refused key
  • Unprotected private key file
  • Permission denial
  • Host key not found
  • No supported authentication method available

5. What are the different layers present in Cloud Architecture?

  • Walrus
  • Cloud controller
  • Node Controller
  • Storage controller
  • Cluster controller

6. List out the practices to be followed in Amazon EC2 for security purpose that are taught in AWS Training in Chennai?

  • Usage of AWS identity along with access management for controlling the access to AWS resources
  • Reviewing of rules in your security groups
  • Disabling of password-based login
  • Restriction of access by permitting only trusted hosts in accessing ports.
  • Open up permissions only when required

7. What comprises AMI?

  • Launch permissions, which is a decision maker for the availability of AMI.
  • Template for root volume.
  • Locking of device mapping which determines the volume to be present while launching.

8. Mention various components for building Amazon VPC?

  • Subnet
  • NAT Gateway
  • Peering Connection
  • Egress-only Internet Gateway
  • Virtual Private Gateway
  • HW VPN Connection
  • Internet Gateway
  • Router

9. Define Autoscaling?

Auto-scaling comes into picture during the rush hours of business by creating duplicate instances. The two types of Auto scaling are:

  • Scale-Out
  • Scale-In

10. List the key components in Amazon Web Service?

  • Simple E-mail Service
  • Cloud Watch
  • Identity Management
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Simple Storage Device
  • Elastic Block Store

11. List out the various features of Amazon EC2.

  • Pre-configured templates
  • Virtual Computing Environments
  • Static IP address
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Firewall validation

12. Mention the popular DevOps tools.

  • Containerization Tool- Eg: Docker
  • Version Control System Tool – Eg: Git
  • Continuous Integration Tool- Eg: Jenkins
  • Continuous Monitoring Tool- Eg: Nagios

13. Mention the usage of Subnets in AWS.

Every network consists of Hosts and administering of all the hosts is very difficult. Thus, the network is divided into convenient subnets, which reduces the complexity of the whole process. Hence, this will be the right time to join our AWS Training in Chennai.

14. List out the various types of events generated by Amazon Cloud front.

  • Viewer Response
  • Origin Response
  • Viewer Request
  • Origin Request
  1. What do you infer from AMI?

AMI is nothing but Amazon Machine Image, which acts as a template for providing information that is required in order to launch an instance that is a image of AMI executed as a virtual server in cloud.  It is possible to launch various instances from multiple AMIs as per the requirement. Thus, enroll yourself into our AWS Training in Chennai at FITA. 

  1. What is the difference between spot and on-demand instance?

Spot instance consist of extra EC2 that are unused and can be bid for. When the bid surpasses the prevailing spot price the launch of spot instance happens. In addition, when the spot price raise than bid price, the instance might disappear anytime along with its termination in a period of 2 minutes from notice.

One of the good manner in deciding on optimal bid price considering spot instance for checking price experiences during the last 90 days present on the AWS console. The benefit of having spot instances is cost-efficiency. The usage of Spot instances is witnessed during the following instance:

  • For the accomplishment of task optional nice is present.
  • The requirement of extra computing for the improvisation of performance.
  • Workloads that are flexible in nature can be executed during the computing capacity.

Now, let us consider on-demand instance that are built accessible whenever the user is need of them, user requires to pay for the usage on hourly basis. Moreover, this can be freed when its usage is not required. AWS guarantees the availability of instances. In on-demand launching of couple instances is considered to be one of the best practice as this helps in maintaining minimum level of guaranteed the computation of resources. For further information join our AWS course in Chennai.

  1. How is an instance and AMI related to each other?

It is possible to launch numerous instances with the help of a single AMI. Every single instance type provide disparate memory capabilities. When the launch of an instance is done, instance acts as a host and interaction with it can be established.

  1. Name the automation gears that will be helpful with spinup services.

API tools can be deployed for various spinup services along with written scripts that can be coded using Bash, Pearl or any other programming languages as per the requirement. The presence of patterned administration along with the stipulation of various tools like improved descendant or dummy.  The usage of another tool namely Scalr can also be used.

  1. Explain the working of start, stop and terminate.

Start & stop- In this the interruption happens as a general power cut which gets change over as clogged position. The user is able to set up case in the later stage as all EBS volume related to Amazon persist to be attached with it.

Termination- In this case there occurs blackout when any instance gets terminated. Thus, EBS volumes that are hooked up will be removed other than the volume’s characteristic of deleteOnTermination is tend to be zero.

  1. Why is Elastic Block Storage deployed and can its performance be enhanced?

The accomplishment of EBS differs that is this can raise above performance level of SLA followed by a drop below it. The average disk input output rate is provided by SLA that can be responsible for the frustration amidst the experts whereas Virtual AWS behaves in a completely different manner. It is possible to backup the volume of EBS with the help of GUI such as elasticfox or even with the deployment of snapshot facility by API call. The improvisation of performance can be done with the usage of Linux software.

  1. How is vertical scaling different from horizontal scaling in AWS?

The prime difference between them is considered to be the addition of compute resources to the user’s infrastructure. When Vertical scaling is considered, addition of power happens to existing machine whereas in horizontal the addition is done to the system so that both processing and workload can be shared amidst various devices.

In a situation when the count of users using your application gets increase to 1000 or more, then the handling cannot be done with the deployment of vertical. Hence, the deployment of horizontal scaling is done. This can be accomplished by the distribution of file system, load balancing with the process of clustering.

  1. What do you infer from Connection draining?

This service is a part of Elastic Load Balancing used for monitoring the instances. Its usage can be witnessed when there is occurrence of failure of any instance, in which Connection draining aids by pulling down the traffic from the specific instance along with re-routing of traffic.

  1. What do you mean by Amazon CloudFront?

This service is deployed for speeding-up the transfer of both dynamic and static web content like IMAGE files, HTML files and many more. It aids in the delivering of the user’s details through data centers that are present worldwide called as Edge Locations.

  1. Illustrate the importance of Elastic IP.

It is related to any instance till it is terminated Only and is static in nature. Whenever the instance I terminated, the Public IP related to this will vanish in an automatic manner followed by new IP assigning. Hence, in order to resolve this issue elastic IP was deployed that remains until user detaches it manually.

AWS Job Openings

Job Title: Micro services developer

Responsibility: Design, identifies, and apply appropriate design pattern, develop large features, leaves code in a better state. We want candidates with 4 to 9 years of experience and immediate joiners.

Job Description: The candidate should have knowledge in java, Micro services, AWS, IDE, implement a project from the scratch without assistance, do the test drive without any issues, find the complex problem and fix them with technical assistance, produce the POC’s with quick time, knowledge of database and expertise in applying the other technologies.

Company Name : BCT Consulting Private Limited

Location: Bengaluru

Contact Details: BCT Consulting Private Limited

Date of Interview: Apply for the job and they will send the interview schedule.

AWS Sample Resumes

AWS Tutorial

Amazon Web services is a part of Cloud computing technology that is the most prevalent amidst the IT industry. It is the web-hosting platform for Amazon offering flexibility along with reliability and cost effectiveness. In the year 2006, AWS came into existence in web services model.

With the help of this, it is not necessary for the prior planning of servers that consumes a lot of time. Hence, is made use in over 190 countries all over the world. For more clarity in this technology join our AWS Training in Chennai.

What do you infer from Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is completely an Internet based service, which offers various remote servers to get into a network and enable data storage in a centralized manner. This technology has made sharing of stored data from one to another system very simple. There are many more features added to this technology, which makes its use so vital. Some of them are listed below:

  • Resource may vary in an automated manner.
  • These resources are available over any network along with appropriate security.
  • In this, the clients are charged based on their usage.

Different types of Cloud

Cloud can be classified into three types – private, public and hybrid. All these topics will be covered under the coaching of AWS Course in Chennai at FITA.

Public cloud

In this, all the service under third party providers make their services accessible to their client with the help of Internet.

Private Cloud

It is very similar to public cloud, the only difference is that here services and data are maintained by either the organization itself or third party for the client.

Hybrid Cloud

This is a blend of public and private cloud. It is crucial to decide whether to run over either public or private cloud is always dependent on different criteria’s such as industry standards, sensitivity of data and many more.

Cloud Service Models

Various service models present in Cloud are listed below:

  • IaaS – stands for Infrastructure as a Service, which enables the user with capability in order to process provision along with network connectivity.
  • PaaS – Refers Platform as a Service. This service provider accommodates numerous services such as workflow engines, e-mails, databases. Clients can make use of components for building applications.
  • SaaS– It refers to Software as a Service, and the third party provides the end-user with applications to the customers.

Benefits of Cloud computing

AWS Certification in Chennai will be beneficial for you career. The advantages of having Cloud computing are listed below:

Cost-efficient– It is a cost-efficient as the customers are asked to pay only for the usage they made. AS it building up of new servers takes a lot of time and it is high-priced beginning from the installation along with configuration.

Trustworthiness– This provides a managed along with consistent service than an in-house IT infrastructure.

Boundless storage– It provides immeasurable capacity so there is no worries of space for storage.

Backup and recovery– Storage of data in cloud and backing it up along with restoring of it is simple than storing in any physical device. You can recover your data at any point of time.

Easy Access– It will be easy for the client to access the account soon after registering in cloud.

Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Even though there are many advantages, there may be presence of drawbacks in Cloud computing. Our trainers will shed more light on this once you enroll yourself into our AWS Training in Chennai. Some of them are:

Security related issues

For any organization security is the main concern, as they want their plans to be maintained confidentially. Cloud service will be a better option for you to establish that confidentiality amidst the prevailing competition. Still it will be risky if you store data in any external service providers. Along with security, it is also highly flexible and reliable. Thus, making its presence predominant in the IT sector.

Technical issues

It is normal to have technical clinches on a vast network based technology every now and then, as the amount of data stored and retrieved from the cloud service is humongous. Hence, it is necessary to make sure these does not affect the business for a long time. Nevertheless, at times it happens due to some serious issues, which are unavoidable.

Switching of service providers tough

Though cloud service providers are of great importance due to its wide usage among various organizations across the globe. However, if the user is planning to switch cloud service then it will be a tough job.  As there may be occurrence of operating on different platform for which it was not developed. There may be arise of new issues such as interoperability and support.

AWS architecture

The fundamental structure of Amazon Web Service consists of EC2 that stands for Elastic Compute Cloud, which enables the user to make use of virtual machines with different configurations according to the requirement. It also enables different configuration options such as mapping of server, along with the pricing options and many more. Get the in-depth knowledge by joining our AWS course in Chennai.

Load balancing

It is the process of loading either hardware or software over various web servers. Hardware load balancer is considered as a very ordinary network appliance that is used in the architectures of traditional web application. Enroll yourself at FITA into AWS Training in Chennai and become a professional.

Amazon Web Services also provides elastic load balancing along with distribution of the traffic over EC2 for various sources. Elastic Load Balancing does both expansion and shrinking of the load-balancing volume in order to adjust traffic demands along with providing support sticky session.

Amazon Cloud-front

This handles content delivery, which is deployed in order to deliver website. This may consist of static, dynamic, along with streaming of content by making use of a global network of edge regions. If the user is requesting for any content then it is routed in an automated format to the nearby location of edge for making improvisation in the performance.

It is shaped up in order to work with the rest of the Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. This works fine along with the non-AWS basis server along with making space for storing the original files. The user is free from any sort of monthly commitments and contracts, so the user will be paying only for the content they make use of.

Elastic Load Balancer

This comes into use in order to keep the traffic in control amidst the web servers and also boost up the performance.  Amazon Web Services is the one, which provides Elastic Load Balancing service that does the job of traffic distribution to the EC2 instances on multiple zones.

Security maintenance

EC2, which is an element of Amazon Web Services supports a specific feature called security groups that is very much like an inbound network firewall. In this user have to mention ports, protocols, along with the source IP, which are acknowledged to reach the EC2 instances.

Every EC2 instance in AWS can be accredited for one or more group of security, which routes suitable traffic for every instance. These security groups can be set up using IP addresses or definite subnets that limits the access of EC2 instances.

Elastic caches

It is a web service, which administers memory cache in cloud. In the management of memory, cache has very crucial role and aids in reducing the load on services, and also makes improvisation in the performance along with the scalability on database tier by caching information  that is frequently used.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service lends a very similar access such that of Oracle, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL database engine. The patch up process takes up automatically with the database software along with the managing of backups according to the user’s requirement. It also aids in point-in-time recovery of data. There is no need of any up-front investments, and user can pay only for resources they made of use.

Hosting of RDMS

They allow users in installing Relational Database Management System of choice such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 on EC2 instance and also manage as per the requirement.

Amazon EC2 makes use of Amazon Elastic Block Storage that is similar to the network-attached storage. Every data and logs that is executed on EC2 instances that should be placed over the Amazon EBS volumes that will be accessible even though the database host ends into failure.

Amazon EBS automatically provide repetition within availability zone that increases availability of simple disks. In addition, if volume is insufficient for the required databases needs then volume can be joined in order to increase the performance for database. With the use of Amazon RDS, the service provider administers storage.

Storage and backups

AWS cloud enables numerous options for accessing, storing, along with backing up the web application data. The Amazon Simple Storage Service enables a web-services interface, which can be made use for storage and retrieving of any amount of data, at any point of time and from anywhere on the web.

Amazon S3 helps in the storing up of data as objects not beyond resources that are referred as buckets. The user can also store as many objects as per their requirement inside the bucket, and read or write and delete objects as well from the bucket.

Amazon EBS plays an important for data, which is to be accessed as the block storage and also requires perseverance beyond life of the executed instance, like database partitions along with application logs. Its volumes can be expanded up to 1 TB, and also can be striped for huge volumes along with increase in performance. Amazon EBS presently aids up to 1,000 IOPS per volume.