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jBPM is a flexible and open source Business Process Management (BPM) Suite, released under the ASL license by JBoss company. This suite is coded in java programming language that act as a bridge between business analysts and developers.

jBPM featured it dual roles, it offers effective process management features that delight developers and business users. Business process system allows developers to follow business goals by describing steps that need to be accomplishing the goal, using the flow chart. This suite significantly improves the agility and productivity of your business logic and results in high level specification that can be easily understand by business analysts and developers. JBPM is very flexible, lightweight and efficient workflow engine written in pure java that can be executed using BPMN 2.0 specification. This suite runs on nay java environment or deployed in your application.

FITA academy is offering jBPM training in Chennai by experienced business analysts with years of experience in handling this Business Process Management (BPM) Suite. We also offer corporate training and placement support to JBoss/JBPM training.

Who Should Attend The Course?

  • Our course is targeted for developers with zero to moderate experience
  • Developers who need to use business logic and integrate the rule engine with their application
  • Business analyst looking for improved business logic management suite

Prerequisite for the Course: 

  • Basic Java Competency
  • Familiar with Eclipse

jBPM Course Syllabus:

Module 1: JBPM and Drools overview

  • Getting to Know JBPM and Drools
  • Various Editions – Community Vs Enterprise
  • JBPM Console and Components

Module 2: Installation and Configuration

  • Installating jBPM and Rules
  • Configuring jBPM
  • Getting Started with Sample Project
  • Integrating with Eclipse (For Developer Track Only)

Module 3: Business Process Designing

  • Elements
  • Flow Elements
  • Connecting Elements
  • Data Elements
  • Handling Events
  • Handling Tasks
  • Mastering Gateways
  • Mastering Human Tasks
  • Real-time Project using all the Major Elements

Module 4: jBPM external integration (Only for Developer Track)

  • Architecture of external integration
  • Workbench integration
  • Creating Real-time Web Application using jBPM
  • Handling your project with Git repositories
  • Importing the project into jBPM
  • Handling Servlets
  • Remote API factory
  • Major Menus:
  • Authoring
  • Deployment
  • Process management
  • Tasks

Module 5: Handling Exceptions (Only for Developer Track)

Module 6: Mastering Drools 

  • Drools Overview
  • Rule Engine
  • Rules Language
  • Integrating Rules within Business Process
  • Business Rule task
  • Real-time project using Drools

Module 7:  Mastering Persistence and Transaction (Only for Developer Track)

  • Persistence and Transaction Overview
  • When to go for persistence and transaction
  • How persistence works
  • jBPM DB model
  • jBPM persistence entities
  • jBPM persistence & Transaction Dependencies
  • jBPM persistence APIs

Module 8:   Traditional programming and Declarative programming in Drools  (Only for Developer Track)

  • Traditional programming vs Declarative programming in Drools
  • Stateless sessions
  • Real-time project using Traditional programming vs Declarative programming
  • Getting familiar with Kie
  • Stateful sessions
  • Stateless sessions

Module 9: Execution control in Drools  (Only for Developer Track)

  • Agenda and Grouping Multiple Rules
  • Execution Control:
  • Rules matches & control
  • conflict resolution
  • Mastering Decision table
  • Guided Decision Tables
  • Guided Rule Editors
  • Rule set attributes
  • Rule table attributes

Module 10: Rule & Function  (Only for Developer Track)      

  • Rule templates
  • Authoring Rules using workbench
  • Using Data enumeration
  • Decision table spreadsheet
  • Handling Functions in Drools
  • Handling Queries in Rules

Module 11: Query, Monitoring and Dashboard

  • Understanding Domain Specific Language
  • Pros in using DSL
  • DSL Mapping of Fields
  • Adding Constraints to DSL
  • File Creation with DSL Rules
  • Real-time project
  • Business Activity Monitoring – BAM
  • Customizing Dashboards

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