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The Google Flutter Training in Chennai at FITA Academy expose students to this modern react-style framework to actively engage them in learning the development of highly expressive native applications. Students will also be taught about in-depth topics such as DART development tools, command-line tools, interop, and plugin APIs of the Flutter framework to train them under industry standards.

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Course Highlights and Why Google Flutter Training in Chennai at FITA Academy?

Google Flutter Training in Chennai Industry knowledge on Flutter framework through highly-capable trainers.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Learn all the Flutter programming languages C, C++, DART, and Skia and get a commendable knowledge on the OOPs concepts(classes, methods, variables), imperative programming concepts(loops, conditionals, etc), and 2D technology.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Learn the concepts of developing a high-quality user interface with Flutter’s built-in Cupertino’s widgets and rich motion APIS.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Become efficient in IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) and the ability to understand the different aspects of writing a software program.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Ability to improve your technical abilities and be cognizant of the debugging tools and testing framework of Flutter.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai A better understanding of Google’s Flutter Mobile SDKs and their uses.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Good grasp on the open-source community and open source languages and efficiently learn how to use it.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai High-level learning of the development of native applications through industry trainers.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Understanding the implementation of single-code usage.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Real-time training on the usage of the cross-platform framework.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Organized syllabus with more concentration on the concept of widgets as Flutter itself is a widget framework.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai More knowledge on Front-end development as DART is a front-end language for cross-platform native applications.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Learning of the world’s biggest corporations’ most sought front-end language.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai A good option for beginners as more start-ups are investing in the Flutter framework.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Additional information on the code editors such as Android Studio and VS Code which supports the Flutter framework.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Understanding of all the framework principles and features.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Real-time training on Flutter framework languages.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Real-time training with Live projects to work on.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai Learning of the difference between other SDKs and Flutter SDK.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai More importance on technical training.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai The real-time usage of Flutter framework in the tech world.

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Google Flutter Training in Chennai Batches

Classroom Training

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the at FITA Academy branches near you
  • Why Wait? Jump Start your Career by taking Google Flutter Training in Chennai!

Instructor-Led Live Online Training

  • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
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Module 1: Introduction to Cross Platform App Development

  • Overview of App Development 
  • Review of various App Platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Web - The Cost Challenge in developing apps for Multiple Platforms • Introduction to Cross Platform App Development 
    • Advantages of Cross Platform App Development 
      • Cost
      • One Codebase
      • Quick release
      • Common UI – easy for users
    • Introduction to popular Cross Platform app Development Tools Flutter 
      • Flutter
      • React Native, Ionic, Xamarin
    • Introducing Flutter 
    • Advantages and Features of Flutter 
    • Understanding Flutter's Platform Adaptation

Module 2: Setting the Development Environment

  • Downloading and Installing Android Studio 
  • Downloading and Installing Flutter SDK
  • Setting up Emulators 
  • Quick Walkthrough with Android Studio IDE 
  • Using Other editors for Flutter 
  • Setting up Configurations 
  • Sample Program and Execution

Module 3: Dart – The Programming Language

  • Learning about Dart
  • The Dart and Flutter Connection 
  • Advantages and Features of Dart Language 
  • Dart Compared with Other OOPS Languages
  • OOPS in Dart 
  • Understanding the Dart Programming style and elements 
  • Introduction to Dart Packages 
  • Creating a simple Dart Program 
  • Executing a Dart Program

Module 4: Dart - Essentials

  • Variables, Data Types and Operators 
  • Handling Strings and Numbers 
  • Performing Arithmetic, Relational and Logical Operations 
  • Working with Collections 
  • Introduction to Dart Core Libraries 
  • Using Dart Libraries – dart:core, dart:math, dart:convert, dart:html, dart:io
  • Handling Iterations and Decision Making 
  • Understanding Extension Methods 
  • Understanding Type Safe and Null Safety 
  • Learning the debugging and error handling features 
  • Introduction to Dart Packages

Module 5: Flutter – Getting Started

  • Understanding the Flutter Architecture 
  • Learning the steps to build a Flutter App 
  • Understanding Templates and Scaffolding 
  • Building Blocks of Flutter – Widgets, Assets, Images, Box Constraints
  • Introduction to Flutter Layouts 
  • Learning the Material Design 
  • Creating and running a simple App using Flutter

Module 6: Flutter UI and Layouts

  • Understanding Widgets
    • Text Widgets
    • Row and Column Widget
    • Stack and Container Widget
    • Material App Widget
    • Understanding the key role of Widgets – everything is widgets in Flutter
    • Learning Layouts in Flutter
    • Introduction to the Widgets Library and Material Library
    • Exploring the Standard and Material Widgets
    • Understanding the Layout Widget
    • Learning to Add Layout Widget
    • Understanding Visible Widget
    • Understanding Parent, Child and Children Properties
    • Understanding the Row and Column Patterns
    • Learning to Align Widgets
    • Learning to Nest Widgets in a Layout
    • More on Containers
    • Exploring Grid Views
    • Understanding List Views
    • Working with Tab Layouts
    • Working with Cards and Stack
    • Working with Constraints
  • Building Responsive UI in Flutter
    • Introduction to Responsive Layout
    • Introduction to Adaptive Layout
    • Comparing Responsive and Adaptive Layout
    • Understanding the LayoutBuilder class
    • Understanding the MediaQuery method
    • Learning deep about Constraints

Module 7: Flutter – Developing App Interactivity

  • Adding and handling Input Widgets like Text, Buttons, Checkbox, Radio buttons, Sliders, Form
  • Creating and managing Forms 
  • Implementing Form Validations 
  • Understanding Widgets States 
    • Understanding Stateful Widgets 
    • Understanding Stateless Widgets 
    • Exploring Class StatefulWidget and State 
    • Handling Active and Inactive Widgets 
    • Managing State 
    • Handling Gestures 
    • Parent Widget and Child Widget in Managing Widget State 
  • Handling AlertDialog 
  • Working with Assets and Images
    • Understanding Assets and Types of Assets 
    • Loading Images 
    • Managing Assets 
    • Managing Platform Specific Assets 
    • Handling the Launch Screen 
  • Working with Charts and Tables

Module 8: Flutter – Handling Navigation and Routing

  • Understanding Configuration files 
  • Understanding Navigation in Flutter 
  • Using the Imperative Method for Navigation 
  • Using the Declarative Method for Navigation 
  • Exploring Navigation and Routing 
    • Understanding the MaterialPageRoute 
    • Understanding the Navigator.Push() 
    • Understanding the Navigator.Pop() 
  • Understanding and working with Named Routes 
  • Understanding and working with Deep Links 
  • Implementing Deep Linking on Android, iOS, Web 
  • Learning URL based Navigation for Web Apps 
  • Configuring URL Paths for Web Apps

Module 9: Flutter – Managing Data and Backend

  • Understanding how data handled in Flutter 
  • Learning App State 
    • Understanding the Declarative approach to manage App State ▪ Advantages of the Declarative approach to manage App State ▪ Other methods for managing App State 
    • Understanding the Simple method for Managing App State ▪ Introduction to the ‘provider’ package 
    • Building a simple state based App 
  • Understanding and Managing HTTP requests 
    • Introduction to the HTTP package 
    • Exploring web server requests in Flutter 
    • Understanding JSON 
    • Understanding and working with JSON Serialization 
    • Learning to use dart:convert
    • Learning Inline Serializing 
  • Introduction to Firebase 
    • Firebase as a Backend Services 
    • Exploring various features of Firebase 
    • Understanding the Firebase Database

Module 10: Flutter – Animations

  • Introduction to Animations in Flutter 
  • Understanding the Use Case for Animations 
  • Understanding Tween type of Animations 
  • Understanding Animations based on Physics 
  • Understanding Implicit Animations 
  • Learning about Explicit Animations 
  • Understanding and using the Animation Controller 
  • Learning and implementing various Animation Classes 
    • Ticker Class 
    • Animation Class 
    • CurvedAnimation Class 
    • Implementing HERO Animation 
    • Understanding and implementing Staggered Animations

Module 11: Flutter – Advanced: Packages and Plugins

  • Understanding Packages 
    • Understanding Packages and Plugins 
    • Learning more about Packages and Plugins 
    • Comparing Packages and Plugins 
    • Advantages of Packages 
    • Learning to use Packages 
    • Searching and Adding a Package to the Project 
    • Understanding Package Dependencies 
    • Resolving Package Conflicts 
  • Creating New Packages and Plugins 
    • Understanding Package Types 
    • Understanding Dart Packages and Plugin Packages 
    • Creating and Implementing Packages 
    • Handling Package Documentations 
    • Publishing Packages

Module 12: Flutter – Advanced: Debugging, Testing, Hot Reload, Hot Restart

  • Learning to Debug Flutter Apps 
  • Learning about DevTools for debugging 
    • Starting with browser based Debugging 
    • Understanding Source Level Debugger 
    • Understanding and using Widget Inspector 
  • Working with Android Studio and IntelliJ for debugging
  • Working with Flutter Inspector 
  • Using Breakpoints 
  • Troubleshooting common errors 
  • Handling Errors 
  • Working with Hot Reload 
    • Understanding Hot Reload 
    • Advantages of Hot Reload 
    • Performing Hot Reload 
  • Working with Hot Restart 
    • Understanding Hot Restart 
    • Comparing Hot Reload and Hot Restart 
    • Performing Hot Restart 
  • Understanding Testing 
    • Learning the Testing methods for Flutter Apps 
    • Understanding Unit Testing 
    • Learning to Test Widgets 
  • Introduction to Integration Testing
    • Understanding Integration Testing 
    • Using the ‘integration_test’ package 
    • Understanding the ‘flutter_driver’ package 
    • Executing Integration Testing

Module 13: Flutter – Advanced: Performance Optimization

  • Understanding the importance of Performance 
    • Learning why Performance is Important 
    • Learning to optimize key parameters – Speed, Memory and App Size 
    • Learning to optimize Rendering Performance or Animation Performance ▪ Working with Performance Metrics

Module 14: Flutter – Advanced: Deploying Flutter Apps

  • Understanding Deployment 
  • The pub spec file 
  • Performing Build and Release 
    • For Android 
    • For iOS 
    • For Web 
  • Deploying Flutter App 
  • Understanding Continuous Deployment

Trainer Profile

  • Flutter and DART trainers at FITA Academy are industry professionals who are in the mobile as well as web application development process with a minimum of 10+ years of experience.
  • Flutterand DART trainers at FITA Academy have worked on several projects in their respective field and built many applications
  • Skilled and Competent trainers at FITA Academy who have provided training for more than 25 batches.
  • Trainers personally provide individual mentorship and career advice.
  • Flutterand DART trainers at FITA Academy help you to prepare technically as well as academically to face the interview process with a confident gesture.

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Google Flutter Training in Chennai Details

Features of Google Flutter Training in Chennai at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

Why Learn Google Flutter Training in Chennai at FITA Academy?

Live Capstone Projects

Real time Industry Experts as Trainers

Placement Support till you get your Dream Job offer!

Free Interview Clearing Workshops

Free Resume Preparation & Aptitude Workshops

Google Flutter Training in Chennai Certification

Google Flutter & Dart Certification Course in Chennai

The Flutter and DART Certification Training is a highly in-demand certification that can help you place in big corporations with a surprising package. FITA Academy&rsquo’s Flutter and DART Certification enhance your technical as well as soft skills which are the fundamental traits to get into the corporate environment. Flutter and DART Certification at FITA Academy will empower you with sound knowledge on the application development process and its usage in varied industries. At the end of the training, each student will be able to apply the Flutter framework’s concepts in their respective field and be an astounding Flutter Professional.

Google Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai will help you to get a grasp on the object-oriented concepts as well as scripting concepts as DART is both an object-oriented and scripting language. The DART certification training covers all the features and advantages of learning the language, therefore making sure that a student is completely trained in a corporate aspect. The certification training will open the gates to numerous job opportunities as it is a tech giant innovation therefore the demand never gets less.

The training provides comprehensive knowledge on the software application and its future uses in the tech world. The certification also guides you in the correct career path enabling you to build a stable and progressive professional career with our mentors sharing their career advice as and when required.

Furthermore, our trainers at FITA Academy will explicitly guide students even after the completion of the course if they want to pursue or gain more knowledge on the domain.

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Have Queries? Talk to our Career Counselor for more Guidance on picking the
right Career for you!

Placement Session & Job Opportunities after completing Google Flutter Training in Chennai

Google Flutter Training in Chennai with Placement Support

The Flutter Framework is an in-demand software that undoubtedly widens the job opportunities for developers who want to pursue it. Another perk of learning the Flutter framework is that it is developed and backed by the world’s top tech giant Google so the demand never gets shorter. Moreover learning of this cross-platform, native app development software will broaden your programming knowledge and skill and your ability to understand the working of IDEs in general. Also, this framework runs on all kinds of platforms, so learning this single framework will help you to leverage your performance professionally. There is also a possibility that top tech giants will be investing in this software in some time, therefore you will have high chances of working in any one of your dream organizations.

Flutter framework was released in May 2017 and it denotes that the software is almost 3 years old. Though the number is comparatively less to the origin of other frameworks or software, it is finding its place in the software field with its latest stable release in March 2021. Due to this reason, many companies are starting to invest in the framework along with its given features and advantages.

Some of the popular job opportunities that Flutter provides are

  • Flutter Android/iOS Software Engineer
  • Flutter Engine Engineer
  • Flutter Ecosystems and Plugins Engineer
  • Flutter Consultant
  • Flutter Mobile Application Engineer
  • Flutter Developer
  • Flutter Engineer

Some of the popular tech giants that moved to use the Flutter framework are Google, eBay, Alibaba, Hamilton, Reflect, etc. So it is assumed that if you earn a certification in the framework you have more chances of working in any of the above-mentioned companies. You can also be certain that in the coming years, many companies will move to the Flutter framework and thus providing job opportunities for more Flutter Enthusiasts.

A popular job portal company has released stats on the salary package of Flutter developers. In the US, an average Flutter developer earns an amount of $130,000/year. In India, an average Flutter Developer earns Rs 5,75,000 per year. Beginners in the software tool kit are given a package of Rs 3,00,000 per year and experienced professionals are given up to 1,400,000 per year.

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Student's Success Story of Google Flutter Training in Chennai



I opted to learn Google’s Flutter software at FITA Academy and it is the best decision I made. The training was completely interactive with more practical knowledge provided on the course and it is entirely corporate based. All the placement details were shared at the end of the training session and it was more useful in understanding the demand for the course.



As a person interested in application development I choose to learn Flutter although I am a working professional in a different domain. FITA Academy had its own syllabus and skilled trainers to teach students in a practical way. Understanding the development concepts was easy and the classroom training was more informative than imagined. Planning to move into the software domain and thanks to FITA Academy for the best Google Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai and for giving me a beginning.



I joined FITA Academy after hearing positive reviews from my friend. I didn’t get disappointed as they concentrated on giving more quality training through experienced professionals. FITA’s training on the Google Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai was very interesting and educational. As a fresher with no prior experience in the software field, I was able to understand the topics and was able to test them on my own. Thanks to FITA Academy for this wonderful experience.



The training I took at FITA Academy for the Flutter framework course was very satisfying. All my doubts were cleared and the people involved in the training made sure the classes went interactive and descriptive. The training covered all the topics related to the framework and the classes were very knowledgeable. App development is my profession and I gained more insights about this new Framework which will help in my professional growth.

Our Students Work at

Google Flutter Training in Chennai Reviews

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Google Flutter Training in Chennai

Anyone interested in the application development process can learn the Flutter framework. Flutter is developed and maintained by Google so being a part of this huge active community will only add more advantages in learning the framework.
DART is the official language developed by Google for the Flutter framework. Besides DART, C, C++, and Skia Graphics Engine are also used.
According to Google, Flutter is currently used as a front-end language for developing cross-platform native applications.
Flutter is the modern react-style framework in which more startups and big corporations are investing. Big MNCs like Alibaba, eBay, Groupon is moving towards Flutter for its easy and cross-development feature. So if you are a beginner, you can confidently opt to learn the language as there are more Flutter professionals, required by Software corporations.
There are no such things. Any freshers or beginners who are interested in learning the Application development process can join the course and learn at FITA Academy.
FITA Academy team has thoughtfully crafted the syllabus according to global standards, with more concentration on industry practices, seasoned training, to bring a real-time corporate environment during the training.
FITA Academy believes only in providing quality training to its students. Trainers are selected only after a tough interview process and technical evaluation. We ensure the trainers we select have extensive and practical industry knowledge but as Flutter is only 3 years old our preferences are mostly given to trainers who have a maximum experience of 8+ years in mobile as well as web application development.
Yes! Flutter is extensively used for web development too apart from developing mobile & desktop applications.
Students can avail both online and classroom training sessions, whichever seems convenient for the time.
Yes, we do. We provide both weekdays as well as weekend classes for students and students avail the same by contacting our respective branches.
FITA Academy provides rescheduling options for students who missed any of their classes. Here a student is required to contact our support team who will be of more help in rescheduling your missed classes.
Students can contact us through the customer service number 93450 45466 or directly walk-in through any of our branches.
Google Flutter Training in Chennai

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI Software Development Kit to develop sophisticated interactive native applications for a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows and Google Fuschia. Flutter SDK is a cross-platform framework where only a single code base is required to write programs for all kinds of OS and DART is the official programming language used in the Flutter framework.

The language used in the Flutter framework, DART, is a client-optimized front-end language to develop mobile, desktop, web and server applications. Though the language is new and unfamiliar to the tech world, it is gaining popularity due to its creator Google. DART is a simple, modern and productive language to learn as it is similar to other object-oriented programming languages like C, C++. So any person with extensive knowledge of C and C++ will easily grasp the language with no pain. DART is also faster than the front-end language JavaScript and that is the reason programmers feel more connected with DART when building applications. DART is also an efficient language known for solving problems quickly more than JavaScript.

DART has all the advantages that a programmer looks for in a language. It&rsquo’s pretty simple to use, time-saving, robust(reliable), and clear. It is also a general-purpose language so it has a fast compiling time. DART is a compiled language like C and is faster than its counterpart object-oriented language Java. DART is a productive language with strong built-in support, giving way to develop large projects with its huge collection of libraries and frameworks.

Another advantage of using DART is it is an open-source framework. It already has an active developer community where beginners can upgrade their knowledge of the language anytime. DART is a functional programming language as well but there is no additional information on it. DART can be used as both object-oriented and functional language as well.

DART is similar to C# and Java in Syntax and it provides the best of both worlds. It is also a type-safe language (like C# and Java) as well as a scripting language(like Python and JavaScript). 

Also, there is an interesting fact that React Native Devs are finding it easy to work with DART as both languages are translatable.

Google Flutter and Dart Course in Chennai at FITA Academy will precisely elevate your performance in the development field and assist you with the best work opportunities.

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