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spark training in chennai

Apace Spark is created for in-memory computing for lightning speed processing of applications. Apache Spark is basically a processing engine built with the objective of quicker processing, ease of use and better analytics. Spark is a better alternative to Map Reduce where large amount of data can be processed with much lower latency than Map Reduce. Apache Spark supports Java, Python APIs and Scala unlike Map Reduce that supports only Java.

Spark can access diverse data sources like Amazon S3, No SQL databases like Cassandra, HBase and Hadoop Distributed File System.


Students will:

  • Understand purpose of using Spark
  • Use Resilient Distributed Datasets operations
  • Use Java to create and run a Spark applications practically
  • Create applications using Spark SQL, MLlib, Spark Streaming and GraphX
  • Configure Spark Applications
  • Monitor Spark Applications
  • Tune Spark Applications


Good understanding of Hadoop Fundamentals is needed. Please talk to our Student counselor to customize Spark Training in Chennai with Hadoop Fundamentals if you are new to Hadoop


Spark training intended for anyone who aspires to get into the field of Big Data and lightning speed processing of Big Data

Big Data and Hadoop Enthusiasts

Software Architects, Engineers and Developers with background in any programming languages like Java, Dot Net, PHP, Python or Scala

Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals


Module 1: Getting Familiar with Spark

Apache Spark in Big Data Landscape and purpose of Spark

Apache Spark vs. Apache MapReduce

Components of Spark Stack

Downloading and installing Spark

Launch Spark

Module 2: Working with Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)

Transformations and Actions in RDD

Loading and Saving Data in RDD

Key-Value Pair RDD

MapReduce and Pair RDD Operations

Playing with Sequence Files

Using Partitioner and its impact on performance improvement

Module 3: Spark Application Programming

Master SparkContext

Initialize Spark with Java

Create and Run Real time Project with Spark

Pass functions to Spark

Submit Spark applications to the cluster

Module 4: Spark Libraries

Module 5: Spark configuration, monitoring, and tuning

Understand various components of Spark cluster

Configure Spark to modify:

  • Spark properties
  • environmental variables
  • logging properties

Visualizing Jobs and DAGs

Monitor Spark using the web UIs, metrics, and external instrumentation

Understand performance tuning requirements

Module 6: Spark Streaming

Understanding the Streaming Architecture –  DStreams and RDD batches


Common transformations and actions on DStreams

Module 7: MLlib and GraphX

Spark Documentation and Resources

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