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Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

  Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment that can be deployed on the server side to execute Javascript codes. Node.js can be deployed on Windows, Linux or Mac Systems, thus making it a cross-platform solution. By allowing developers to write Javascript code which can be executed on the Server Side, Node.js provides the advantage of […] Read More

Pega Interview Questions and Answers

  Pega BPM (Business Process Management) is the leading Cloud Software tool for customer engagement and operations. Pega has been in the industry for more than three decades and it still occupies the predominant position in the BPM process. According to a recent survey it is stated that Pega has the highest market share in […] Read More

Networking Interview Questions and Answers

  Networking is a wider subject that is ever-expanding and also it is one of the emerging careers at present. Based on the survey report submitted by Bureau Labour of Statistics it is stated that the growth of Networking Engineer employment is going to rise at 6% from 2016 to 2026 when compared to other […] Read More

25 Important Interview Tips

  Having found your desired job from your dream company, you would have applied for it securely through the job portal sites. Now, that they have called you for a face-to-face interview you may presume that having the required qualifications and skill sets aids you in getting the job. But, you have to always remember […] Read More

Courses that you Must learn after B.Sc Computer Science

  Having completed your Under Graduate in the Computer Science stream you may be looking for a lucrative professional career in the IT Sector. Most of us knew and believe that having a degree with decent grades will help you fetch a job and there is no contradiction in it. However, having a mere degree […] Read More

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

  Salesforce is the global leader of the CRM Solution and it has above 40% of the market share when it comes to Cloud CRM Space and also it occupies a total share of 19.7% of the market share in the CRM space as of January 2020. Based on the report submitted by IDC it […] Read More

Best Data Science Tools

DataScience has to derive, organize, and generate a huge set of data to extract the value from them. The Data Scientist will handle and examine the large range of unstructured and structured data. In this blog, we described the main features and benefits of various data science tools. Join Data Science Training in Chennai, and […] Read More

Applications of Python in Real World

Python is a General-purpose High-Level programming language. Python offers various criteria like structural, object-orientation, and functional programming for software development. Python programming language operates on the cross-platform operating system. It is mostly used to develop a broad range of applications designed for text processing, enterprise-level using scientific, image processing, numeric and data from the network. Youtube, […] Read More

Top Networking job profiles offered after CCNA Certification

CCNA– Stands for Cisco Certified Networking Associate is an associate-level certification. Through this certification exam, you can gain more knowledge to create, manage and troubleshoot a small scale network. There are various tracks in CCNA like CCNA Data Center, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless and one can pursue any of this certification program to enhance […] Read More

Python VS PHP

Python was created by Guido Van Rossum, and the first version of python was created in 1990. It is Object-Oriented and a high level interpreted programming language. It is mainly used to develop algorithms and programs for different domains. PHP– Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, it was created in 1995. PHP is a server-side scripting language, […] Read More