At present, Machine Learning is one of the trending choices. Both Machine Learning and Data Science fields are producing more jobs for the candidates. The Machine Learning scientist develops techniques for product demand, predicting product ideas, and searching Big Data to automatically select patterns.

Organizations are recruiting for positions like Machine Learning Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Sciences Lead, NLP Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Scientist. In this blog, we have discussed the skills required and the roles that are offered to Machine Learning professionals on completing the Machine Learning course.

Required Skills to become a Machine Learning Professional


The fundamentals of computer programming are important for Machine Learning engineers to involve data structures ( Queues, Stack and multi-dimensional array, graphs, trees, etc.), algorithms (Sorting, Searching, Dynamic programming, Optimization, etc.), Complexity and Computability (NP-Complete Problem, Big-O notation, Approximate algorithms, etc.) and computer architecture (Memory cache, deadlock, bandwidth, etc.).

Mathematical skills

Machine Learning is developed on complex mathematical components such as linear algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, and optimization. To learn more about machine learning, you must have basic knowledge of these complex mathematical skills.

Machine Learning Algorithms

If one needs to pursue a career in the machine learning field, then they should have good knowledge in the standard implementations of Machine Learning Algorithms. This algorithm is available widely through, Packages/libraries/ API’S. One should be aware of the relative advantages and disadvantages of different ways.

System Analysis and Design

Having strong knowledge in the concept of Software engineering and system design, are an important aspect for the best career in Machine Learning.

One should be able to create a proper interface for the component they create. Good knowledge of Software engineering including system design, requirements analysis, version control, modularity, testing, and documentation, etc. are useful for productivity, quality, maintainability, collaboration.

Machine Learning Job Profiles

The job profiles for Machine Learning in India and abroad include Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Mining Specialists, Data Scientist, Cyber Security Analysts, Cloud Architects.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer is one of the most popular job profiles in the Machine Learning field. A Machine Learning engineer is qualified for creating and executing machine learning algorithms such as classification, clustering, anomaly detection, or prediction. They should also focus on Scala, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript. They should be capable of making highly-scalable distributed systems.

Data Scientist:

The major role of Data Scientist is, by using machine learning and predictive analysis, to investigate, collect and interpret the huge amount of unstructured data.

Data Analysts

The Data Analysts give information to the companies by collecting data about individual topics and then perform by analyzing it. And the last process is to present their findings in comprehensive reports.

Many Companies are expecting Data Analysts with good knowledge in storing systems, data retrieval, data warehousing using ETL tools, data visualizations, business intelligence concepts, and Hadoop-based analytics.

Machine Learning Jobs Salary

The world is changing towards AI, almost all organizations like start-ups, big-tech giants are offering profitable salaries to Machine Learning jobs such as Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineers, etc.

The median salary of a Data Scientist with Machine Learning skills in India is around 9lacs and whereas in the US it is around $92,000.

Machine Learning Future Scope

The Future of Machine Learnings seems secure. There is a huge need for professionals who are qualified in AI and Deep Learning elements.

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